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Located three miles west of Appleton City, in Bates County, Missouri


It All Started With A Tornado, Wilbur A. Zink:
Hudson was located about three miles west of Appleton City. It was first called Hudson City, but the name “City” was later dropped. Rev. Israel Robards, who was a Missionary Baptist preacher from New York, settled the land. He came to the area in the spring of 1843 and built a two-room log cabin. In 1867, Rev. Robards’ son, Judge Charles I. Robards, purchased 120 acres of land to develop the city of Hudson. Twenty-one other men had paid $100 each for a share in the new city, and 35 blocks and streets were laid out and named. The land was surveyed and recorded at the county seat of Bates County, which was Butler, Mo. The date was May 10, 1867. Judge Robards built the first home. Sixty homes and businesses were built within three years, and it became a thriving community. The first postmaster was Joel Pratt.
The stagecoach stopped three times a week. Railroad tracks were built three miles east of Appleton City. There was a mass move from Hudson City to Appleton City in the year 1871. Oxen moved 25 residences, two business buildings, and one church to the new city of Appleton City. The church was the Hudson Presbyterian Church, which was cut in half so it could be moved into Appleton City. The first half was pulled across the prairie by oxen into Appleton City. The second half was loaded and taken to the edge of Panther Creek, just east of Hudson, for the night. They had planned to haul it into Appleton City the next day, but during the night it burned.
There are still a few houses in Hudson, including the community building which was formerly Brown’s Chapel. There are still houses in Appleton City that were among those moved from Hudson. C.F. Younger, a relative of the famous Younger Brotheres, lived in a home on 4th Street & Beech in one of the houses that were moved.
Hudson is still recognized as a community, and those living in this eastern Bates County village and school district have their own grade school, known as Hudson School, which is part of Bates County R-9 School District. After being settled for over 200 years, the Hudson community and area is still a good farming area. In early years there were several cases of horse thieves, and the Hudson Vigilantes were formed in an effort to catch them.