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Monegaw (town) (city)

Also known as Monegan, and Monegan Township.

Monegan/Monegaw had a Post Office during the years 1847-1864; and again in 1866-1871.


St. Clair Co., Missouri History 1883:
In January, 1860, Osceola was given three voting precincts, Monegaw and Speedwell two and the other townships remained with one each. Osceola took two sides of the courthouse and the Old Snyder Mill, so called on Muddy Creek, then owned by James Addington. Monegaw at Boots Mill and at the town of Manoa


St. Clair Co., Missouri History 1883:
As a town it was rather slow to grow, but Mr. Houck seems to have made more extensively known the famous medical properties of the waters. He was the first to start the embroyo city of Monegaw, and started in as the first merchant. He worked hard to let the virtues of the springs become known and by 1856 and 1857, the city of Monegaw had a population of some 400. It was not, however, very easy to access, and the Civil War ended the town for it has since then ceased to exist. A good hotel building is there, and the famous springs still bubble up. But that is all that is left now. A company has been formed to resurrect the dead city, and is to be made a summer resort.