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On the left side of the page, as well as the bottom and side, are grandchildren of Alfred L. and Mary Jane (Adams) Davidson. On the right side of the page are the maternal grandfather, the parents, and the brothers and sisters of Mary Jane (Adams) Davidson. Her mother was Nancy (Hines) Adams.

Myrtle Davidson is at the very bottom of the page, birth date illegible (found on her death certificate).

John W. Davidson born Februay 13 1870
Alexander B. Davidson born Februay 13 1870
Othena C. Puckett born October 15 1866
Alfred N. Puckett born November 18th 1869
William A. Davidson born August 29th 1867
Mary Jane Davidson born February 6th 1869
Alfred Clement Hargroves born October 29th 1872
Alfred Love Davidson born September 30th 1872
Rosa May Davidson born January 18 1872
John Hines was born in the year 1771 October 21st, was married 1795 March 19th and died July 30th 1853.
Clement Adams was born in the year 1792 May 15th Nancy Adams his wife was born in the year 1800 Sept. 17th
Henry Ann Adams born December 15th 1822.
Sarah E. Adams born Sept. 27th 1824
John C. Adams born July 14th 1828
Samuel D. Adams born Oct. 4th 1832
Caroline Adams born April 20th 1830
Glenn Calhoun Davidson born February 9th 1894 (along edge)
Donis Irene Davidson was born November 9th 1896 (along edge)
Mirtie May Davidson (illegible) (at bottom of page)

Submitted by Dave Davidson