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State of Missouri
County of Ste. Genevieve

This day personally appeared ___?__ Mead the constable of Jackson Townswhip in the county & state afore said and gave information to the undersigned an acting Justice of the Peasce that there was a man lying dead in the Mississippi River near the mouth of the ?Shelving? rock hollow in said county and upon the above information There being no coroner convenient a warrant was issued on the 13 instant for six good and lawful men of the Township to the ?constable? retrievable on the 24th of April 1849 – which was returned by the constable with the following names endorsed thereon as ?said? John Lee, Wm. Morris, ?H? McMullin, ?J.F. Miller?, C. Ohaver, and W. B. ?Meggith? who after being sworn according to law we the jurors make the following report from examination to wit: About five feet 6 or 7 inches high, black hair with heavy black whiskers newly shaven down to the point of the chin – two teeth missing one above and one below in the front part of the mouth had on a wollen nit shirt and blue striped calico shirt brown ?janes? pantaloons lined through with white factory had on boots and wollen socks then was found in a watch fob in cash 80 cents and a small role of thread flax thread supposed ___?___ came to his death from drowning & buried by the officer ___?___. The above is a true report from the procedings had on the __?__ which I do certify – April 24th 1849

Wm. ?Meggith? Justice of the Peace

From: Ste. Genevieve Archives – file # 1146

Submitted by: Esther M. Ziock Carroll" <>