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Okay, I admit it, I have been remiss in updating this page. Sometimes I get really busy and mean to come back to do the "what new" page and then I have brain fade and forget<g>. This year (2006), I vow to do better.

The page of the site has been added as much for me as for you. It helps to be able to track what has been added to the site. So, if you have submitted something to me and don't see it here after a month, please let me know. Mail your submissions to Katy.

File Record Submitted By:
Added new sites to links page   Kathy Grant
Jan 2004
map.html Ste. Genevieve Map Lisa Buese
foundation.html Foundation for Restoration of Ste. Genevieve   
ste_soc.html Places of Interest   
  Wrote letter to the Historical Society of Ste. Genevieve requesting publications and membership information   
Nov 2004
scott.htm Obadiah Scott  family home Buddy & Linda Harbin Grubbs 




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11 Nov 2004 01:13:52 PM

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