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by Alice Murphy Sturgess
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          It has been given to some men to figure largely in the upbuilding of a great nation. The financial and political history of Missouri would be very incomplete and unsatisfactory without a personal and somewhat extended mention of those whose lives are interwoven so closely with its development.
          Along the lines indicated, the Murphys find an appropriate place in the records of those men whose force of character, whose sterling integrity, whose good sense in the management of complicated affairs have contributed in an eminent degree to the development of St. Francois County, Missouri.
          When the final word is written, due recognition must inevitably be accorded to those men who with big brain, big heart, and sturdy courage, led the way in southeastern Missouri, and opened up a vast domain to the people, enlarging the opportunities for the homeseekers, and touching in an ever-widening circle, the activities of all professions, trades and callings. These men, the pioneers upon whom fell the brunt of initiating great enterprises in untried fields, and who were truly representative of the American spirit of enterprise and successful achievement, have largely passed away, but their descendants are still living, many following in the footsteps of their forefathers.


Chapter Page

I. Rev. William Murphy

II. William Murphy, Son of Rev. William Murphy, and His Descendants

III. Sarah Barton Murphy

IV. John C. Murphy, Oldest Son of William Murphy, and His Descendants

V. Elizabeth Murphy Walker and Her Descendants

VI. Ketturah Murphy and Cravens and Her Descendants

VII. Sallie Murphy and Her Descendants

VIII. David Murphy and His Descendants

IX. Henderson Murphy and His Descendants

X. Capt. Dubart Murphy and His Descendants

XI. Joseph Murphy, Brother of William, and His Descendants

XII. David Murphy, Eldest Son of Rev. William Murphy and Sarah Barton Murphy, and His Descendants

XIII. Walter Evans and His Descendants

XIV. Dubart Murphy, Brother of David and Sarah Murphy and His Descendants

XV. Story of Earlier Years and Short History, Farmington, Mo.

XVI.Founding of St. Francois County

XVII. Our Soldiers

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