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The photos below were submitted by Nancy Apple. She believes these folks are from the following St. Francois County families:  Turley, Cruncleton, and/or McCulloughs.   All these photos were found at the Edward McCullough and Stella (Cruncleton) McCullough farm.   

boy_about_5yrs.jpg (30885 bytes)

mother_son.jpg (35495 bytes)
Definitely a resemblance between this woman and child  in first photo on left.   Possibly younger photo of boy pictured above with woman who we presume to be his mother.  

unknown_mo_family.jpg (50382 bytes)
Nancy thinks this is an early photo of  family William and Caroline (Ashburn) Cruncleton, but would like confirirmation.

unknown_young_man.jpg (31990 bytes)
Could this be later photo of boy featured on top row above?

2nd_mo_family.jpg (30446 bytes)
The woman seated appears to possibly be Caroline (Ashburn) Cruncleton since she looks like woman in family photo above.     The woman & child may be the same ones which are in next to last photo below.    The man seated above with beard may be Wm. Cuncleton or may be the same man pictured with woman and child in next to last photo below,  with moustache and no beard.

young_mo_woman.jpg (35563 bytes)
I think this woman appears to maybe be a younger version of the woman on the right  who Nancy indicates is a daughter of  Aaron Pinson Turley. Notice mouth, eyes and ears.   However, she appears also to be same girl as pictured in above family photo (standing directly behind father) which was also taken at "Trappe" studio.   Don't know that there is any reason why Aaron Pinson Turley's daughter would be in photo unless she was possibly living with family at the time.

unknown_daughterof_aaron_pinson_turley.jpg (40695 bytes)
This woman is known to be a daughter of Aaron Pinson Turley and a sister to Cassander Jane Turley Cruncleton.  Unfortunately, Nancy doesn't know which sister.

young_couple.jpg (40261 bytes)
The woman in this photo appears to be same woman who is in center of back row in family photo below.

Mystery Solved???

rosa_iona_cruncleton.jpg (4247 bytes)
Nancy just discovered this picture in the collection that is marked on the back - "Iona".  One of the daughters of William and Caroline Cruncleton was named Rosa Ione or Iona  Cruncleton.  She later married Fred Joseph Landolt and became Rosa Landolt.   She thinks the woman in the picture above is the same woman as in the white dress in the picture on the left.  If so, the picture on the left could very well be the wedding photo of Rosa Cruncleton  & Fred Landolt.    If you can help Nancy out, please e-mail her using link below.


baby_fur_blanket.jpg (38755 bytes)

wm_caroline_cruncleton_poss.jpg (23994 bytes)
Nancy Believes this to be a later photo of the family of William & Caroline Cruncleton.  Below is photo which was published in the book on Farmington along with an article on the Wm. Cruncleton family.  It appears to  be the same couple as in center of above photo, only older.   

cruncleton.jpg (148318 bytes)

ma_pa_child1.jpg (26001 bytes)

curly_bangs_friend.jpg (32688 bytes)
This appears to be same "curley banged" woman as pictured in "Trappe" picture above. 

unknown_bt_couple.jpg (34432 bytes)
This "mystery" couple had their photo taken at Thompson's Studio in either Bonne Terre or Flat River, Missouri.  I think the woman in the above photo looks like she could possibly be the daughter on back row, far right,  in above family photo

Anyone with information or thoughts on any the above photos should e-mail Nancy Apple directly by clicking HERE.    If you have trouble with that link, her e-mail address is: .   Thanks for your assistance.

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