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Aerial Photo of Bismarck (circa 1968)
First Came the Trains - A History of Bismarck
Bismarck - A Brief Authentic History
Mayors of Bismarck
When Bismarck Changed Its Name to "Loyal"
Bismarck in Squable Over Name Change
The State Championship Days
Dent's Settlement (South of Bismarck)
Bismarck Seeks to Preserve Depot (2002)
Citizens Band Together to Save Depot (2002)

Misc. Social Items & Happenings

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Bonne Terre - A Brief History
Settletown - A Brief History
Charles B. Parsons - Father of Bonne Terre
Bonne Terre in 1857
Misc. Views of Bonne Terre (late 1800's)
Bonne Terre Old Timers
Bonne Terre Library History
History of Bonne Terre Hospital / Parkland Health Ctr.
In the Land of Good Earth (Bonne Terre, MO)
Old Plat Map of East Bonne Terre
Dr. T. A. Son - Beloved Physician
Dr. Lee Turley - Delivered Over 6,200 Babies
Fond Memories of Bonne Terre (By F. Dunn)
Maud Roux - Bonne Terre's Sr. Businesswoman
The Old Lyceum Theater
Old Advertisements from Bonne Terre
Cash & Carry Store to Close (1947)
Weems Closes Store After 47 Years (1993)
Bonne Terre Landmark Burns (1993) 
Frank Marchand Reminesces About Early Bonne Terre
Miniature Bonne Terre Created by Don Jaster
Moon Pool Novel Set in Bonne Terre, Mo.

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History of Desloge
Remembering Desloge Businesses
Community of Gumbo (N.W  of Desloge)
Historic Bridge Near Desloge
Remembering Harry Cantwell, Sr.
The Grand Theater/KFMO Barn Dances
History of Desloge Post Office
Dunk's Pool Hall-Home of "Dunk" Burgers
Cantwell - A Brief History
Remembering the Mayors ( thru 1987)
Desloge Votes Against Consolidation (1992)
Miner's Lumber Company Closes (2004)
Desloge Purchases Miner's Building (2004)

Misc. Social Items & Happenings

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History of Elvins, Missouri,
by John L. Sullivan, 1964, The Lead Belt News
Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5  
Part 6    Part 7
Hotel de Smith (photos and history)
Laird Constructs New Building (1923)
Library Founded by Women's Club (1932)
Tlapek Moves Store After 27 Yrs. (1939)
Historic Consolidation (1992)
History of Rivermines
Elvins Police Dept. (late 1960s or early 1970s)
Elvins Business District Looking East (1971 LBN) 
Elvins Business District Looking West (1971 LBN) 
Elvins City Hall (1971 LBN)
View of Old Elvins High School  
Elvins Firemen (1971)

         Misc. Social Items & Happenings

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Esther - A Brief Authentic History
Photo of 1913 Esther Baseball Team 
Ray Larkin - Long-Time Esther Mayor
Esther Receives New Police Car (1971)
Historic Consolidation (1992)
Community of Benoist

Bates & Palmer, Contributed by S. Sticht



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Looking East on Columbia Street

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Main Street, Doe Run

Early History of Farmington, Missouri (1965)
Tetley Real Estate & Lumber Destroyed by Fire (1905)
Long Memorial Building Damaged By Fire (1924)
Tetley Jewelry Store in 70th Year (1938)
The Davis Music Store (1923,1938)
Recollections of 20th Century Farmington (letter written 1969)
Only a Building Can Give True Feeling of Past (1979) 
Vincent Kinkead House Built by Slaves
Many Small Towns Add to Farmington's History (1979)
Courthouse Removal Sentiment Is Growing (1917)
Murphy Heirs Would Not Profit By Removal of Courthouse (1917)
Electric Place, A Brief History (1935)
Inmates of County Infirmary Express Appreciation (1923)
Fire Damages Woods Drug Store (1941)
Farmington Trolly Makes Last Run (1947)
County Infirmary To Be Closed, Land & Improvements to be Sold (1951)
Orphanage Building (former Elmwood Seminary) To Be Wrecked (1952)
History of First State Community Bank.
Karsch Family In Shoe Business Since Early Days (1945)
Owner of Wood's Drug Store Commits Suicide (1961)
St. Francois County Electric Railroad Was Link to County Progress (1979)
Old Plank Road Was History Link for Farmington Area Communities (1979)
Story of Farmington Founding Is One of a City Bound to Grow (1979)
Farmington State Hospital Plays An Important Role In City's Past (1979)
Mayors of Farmington (1979/Supplemented 2003)
Reflections on Farmington State Hospital (1987)
Ethelean Cayce Loves the Town That Has Always Been Her Home (1992)
Tillman House Still Stands After 200 Years (1994)
After Serving Community for Almost 100 Years, Doe Run Store Closes (1994)
Tetley Building's History Uncovered During Remodeling (2003)
Cecil Hulsey Agency (formerly known as Gower Insurance Agency)
Doe Run - Old Photo Feature
Old Cars On Parade in Downtown Farmington (Photo)
Kinkead Herefords Recognized As Missouri Century Farm (2004)

History of Bonne Terre Hospital / Parkland Health Center

Misc. Social Items & Happenings


(Flat River is now known as Park Hills)

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To Incorporate Flat River (1917)
Petitions Being Prepared For Incorporating Flat River (1917)
Flat River Census Being Taken (1917)
Commission Form of Government (1917)
Miller Bros. General Merchandise (1915-1965)
Sigman and Matthews Purchase Rhea Variety Store (1920)
W. A. Karsch Opens Shoe Store (1923)
Main Street Landmark Being Removed (1923)
Barry Phillips Purchases Variety Store (1923)
Basement Barber Shop To Change Location (1923)
Fire at Flat River Ice and Cold Storage Plant (1923)
Destructive Fire Sweeps Through Flat River Business District (1924)
Horton and Burns to Operate Drug Store (1928)
Plans to Move Old Flat River Bridge (1928)
The New National Hotel (1929)
Henry Hugh Rinke, Undertaker and Businessman (1929)
A Brief History of Flat River Missouri (1936)
Dennis Hope Remembers Early Years of Flat River
The Davis Music Store (1923, 1938)
Flat River - 40 Years of Progress (1938)
Higgins Drug Store Sold to Bowlin (1941)
The Miners Supply Company (1941)
Gift Chest Jewelry Store (1942)
Karsch Family In Shoe Business Since Early Days (1945)
Nancy Jane "Aunt Nan" Dosing's Memories of Flat River (1949)
Calvin Mullins, a/k/a Blackriver - "Hey Mister, can you spare a dime?"
The "Berryman House" on Owl Creek Near Flat River
Flat River's Columbia Park Gets Jet Fighter Plane (1962)
Hood Funeral Home Bought by Murphy Sparks (1963)
The Phoenix Building - Downtown Landmark 

Dennis L. Hope Remembers Early Years in Flat River (1965)

Flat River Has Second Song Written About It (1969)
Flat River Gets New Police Car (LBN, April 5, 1971)
Honbeck's Store - Home of the "Honbeck Special"
K.F.M.O. Radio Station - Voice of the Lead Belt
Mineral and Gem Collection of Fayette P. Graves
Flat River Swinging Bridge   
Historic Consolidation With Three Other Lead Belt Communities (1992)
Heritage Museum To Tell Story of Park Hills, Missouri (1996)
Being Born on Blue Goose Hill Might Be a True Mark of Distinction
Reuter Milling Company / Reuter Falstaff Distributing Company (photo album)
Vineyard Ready Mix Tumbles to the Ground (2007)
Flat River Movie Theater Closes on Nov. 28, 2010

Misc. Social Items & Happenings