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Stoddard Co., MO
Register of Births and Stillbirths


NameSexNo. of child of this MotherRaceDate of BirthPlace of BirthNationality of FatherPlace of Birth (Father)Age (Father) Nationality of MotherPlace of Birth (Mother)Age (Mother)Full Name of MotherMaiden Name of MotherResidence of MotherFull Name of FatherOccupationName & Address of Medical AttendantName & Address of Person making Certificate Returned byDate of ReturnPg. No.
EasonFemale4th-2 Oct1884Duck Creek Twp.AmericanTennessee34AmericanMissouri27Hulda J. EasonWilliamsStoddard Co., Mo.L.C. EasonFarmerI.N.M. PageAshervilleI.N.M. Page7 Oct 188429/365
EasonFemale5th-16 Jan 1887Duck Creek Twp.Tenn.-36Mo.-29H.I. EasonWilliams-C.O. EasonFarmerI.N.M. PageAsherville, Mo.-1 Feb 188783/27
EatonMale2ndwhite23 Aug 1883Stoddard Co., Mo.AmericanMo.27AmericanMo.27-MesserStoddard Co.Rutlage EatonFarmerR.J. JacksonBloomfield, Mo.R.J. Jackson3 Jan 18848/95
Eaton, Albert VernonMale6th-16 Apr 1885 Stoddard Co., Mo.AmericanKentucky34AmericanMissouri34Mary E. EatonMary E. Walker-James EatonFarmerLavina BrooksLeora, Mo.Lavina Brooks9 May 188545/141
Eaton, Lodia MayFemale6th-20 Dec 1885Stoddard Co.AmericanTenn.35AmericanMo.29Edy EatonReedStoddard Co., Mo.William EatonFarmerLevina BrookLeora, Mo.Levina Brooks20 Dec 188559/12
EavesMale11th-5 Aug 1885Castor Twp.AmericanIllinois49AmericanKentucky42Catharine EavesHensonCastor Twp. James EavesFarmerTabintha BolinBloomfield, Mo.Tabintha Bolen26 Aug 188550/212
Edmondson, Ida M.Female1st-23 Jul 1886Duck CreekAmericanMo.23AmericanIll.20Martha C. EdmondsonLouisDuck Creek Twp.Preston C. EdmondsonFarmingC. DementAsherville, Mo.C. Dement14 Aug 188675/212
EdmundsonMale2nd-1 Sep 1884Duck Creek Twp.AmericanTennessee24AmericanTennessee22Adaline Edmundson-Duck Creek Twp.William EdmundsonFarmerJ.C. JohnsonAcorn RidgeJ.C. Johnson2 Sep 188427/349
EdmundsonFemale3rd-30 Apr 1886Duck Creek Twp.AmericanTennessee27AmericanMissouri28Adaline EdmondsonMacomDuck Creek Twp.William EdmundsonFarmerJ.N.M. PageAsherville, Mo.J.N.M. Page22 May 188670/149
Edmundson, Charles C.Male4th-31 May 1885Duck Creek Twp.AmericanTenn.45AmericanTenn.24Susan Jane EdmundsonShortDuck Creek Twp.J.J. Edmundson-C. DementAsherville, Mo.C. Dement9 Jul 188548/186
Edmundson, J. ClevelandMale2nd-5 Oct 1885Duck CreekAmericanMissouri29AmericanTennessee29Mary EdmonsonMary ShortDuck Creek Twp.R.E. EdmondsonFarmerC. DementAsherville, Mo.C. Dement21 Nov 188557/299
EdwardsMale4-14 Dec 1886-Mo.-32Tenn.-31Nancy Alice EdwardsMontgomery-Wm. Randsom EdwardsFarmerS.E. LinthecumBloomfield, Mo.-18 Jan 188782/16
Edwards, Aaron LeviMale10-24 Aug [1885]Dexter, Mo.AmericanTennessee63AmericanTennessee-A. Emalew EdwardsPaceCastor Twp. W.H. EdwardsFarmerGeo. A. McElrathDexter CityGeo. A. McElrath21 Aug 188550/215
Edwards, Esa E.Female2white7 Mar 1884Bloomfield, Mo.AmericanTenn.27AmericanTenn.24H.S. P. EdwardsAslinBloomfield, Mo.Hiram H. EdwardsFarmingJ.H. DodsonBloomfield, Mo.J.H. Dodson27 Mar 188416/197
Edwards, JennieFemale1st-3 Nov 1884Near DexterRep.Missouri24Rep.Missouri19Marsella EdwardsNormanNear DexterAlexander EdwardsFarmer-Dexter, Mo.Mrs. C. Temple3 Dec 188433/422
Edwards, Lela RhodaGirl3rd-13 Aug 1886Stoddard Co., Mo.AmericanClaborn Co., Tennessee30AmericanGibpson Co., Tennessee27H.S.J. EdwardsH.S. J. Allin Stoddard Co., Mo.Hiram H. EdwardsFarmerBelle ReipeBloomfield, Mo.Belle Reipe21 Aug 188676/220
Ellis, Mary JaneFemale5th-1 Jun 1885Stoddard Co., Mo.AmericanTennessee31AmericanArkansas24Dealy Ann EllisJonesStoddard Co., Mo.William R. EllisFarmingLavina BrooksLeora, Mo.Levina Brooks15 Jun 188546/160
England, William JesseBoyFirst-4 Jun 1886Stoddard Co., Mo.AmericanStoddard Co.-AmericanTenn.18Jane EnglandVanStoddard Co., Mo.Lenn EnglandFarmerElizabeth LionbargerEssex, Mo.Elizabeth Lionbarger26 Jun 188672/171
EnleyMale1st-10 Nov 1885Stoddard Co.unknownunknown-AmericanTenn.26Ellen EnlyFaughtenerStoddard Co.-IllegitmateRobert J. JacksonBloomfield, Mo.Robert J. JacksonNov 188559/15
EskewMale2white25 Apr 1884Stoddard Co., Mo.AmericanMiss.33AmericanTenn.23Louisa E. EskewLouisStoddard Co., Mo.John H. EskewFarmerRachel C. LuckeyDexter, Stoddard Co., Mo.-5 May 188419/244
EstisFemale7white29 Mar 1884Stoddard Co., Mo.AmericanVa.42AmericanTenn.38Mary A. EstisBorhamStoddard Co., Mo.Henry H. EstisFarmerJ.H. DodsonBloomfield, Mo.J.H. Dodson7Apr 188417/219
Estus, William Luther Male4thwhite28 Sep 1883Duck Creek Twp.AmericanTennessee-AmericanTennessee28E.B. EstusE.B. CunginDuck Creek TwpWilliam EstusFarmer C. DimentAsherville, Stoddard Co., Mo.C. Diment13 Oct 18831/4
Evans, Com N.Female7white4 Nov 1883Stoddard Co., Mo.AmericanN.C.36AmericanMo.36Susana N. EvansLewisStoddard Co.James Y. EvansFarmerJ.H. DodsonBloomfield, Mo.J.H. Dodson8 Jan 18848/102
Evans, Marion WesleyMale9th-5 Jul 1885Castor Twp.AmericanNorth Carolina38AmericanMissouri38Susan Nelsena EvansS.N. LewisCastor Twp.James Yancy EvansFarmerJ.H. DodsonBloomfield, Mo.J.H. Dodson5 Oct 188555/270
Evans, Walter AmenMale3rd-10 Mar 1885Stoddard Co., Mo.AmericanOhio30AmericanIndiana29Eliza J. EvansEliza J. InezStoddard Co., Mo.Thomas EvansFarmerJ.H. TannerLeora, Mo.J.H. Tanner14 Mar 188540/83

No Still Births Listed

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