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Andrew Jackson Teets

Mary Elizabeth Sorensen, daughter of Emma Teets,
gives this account of her grandparents.

Mary who at the age of 80, spends her time playing duplicate bridge to keep busy recalls for us the following, and furnished photographs below.

Growing up listening to the stories of Grandfather Benjamin Teets, what he and the family endured during the Civil War, sparked Mary’s desire to learn more and if the stories are indeed true. Mary, was to learn the stories handed down have merit.

Mary’s grandfather, Andrew Jackson Teets, born November 24, 1851, in Utica, New York, was born into a family of five brothers and one sister, making him the seventh child in the family of, Benjamin Teets. A sister was born after Andrew, giving him seven siblings.

Andrew Jackson Teets, married; Mary Elizabeth Hoag, born Saratoga Springs, New York March 11, 1852 . Andrew and Mary, were joined in marriage in Clinton County, Illinois the year of 1878. They lived their younger adult years in Centralia, Illinois. Their family of four, with themselves and two daughters, both born in Centralia, moved to Tennessee. This move to Tennessee, near the family of Andrews brother, happened when the oldest daughter Emma, who, eleven years older than her sister Veneta, was in her teens. Later the family returned to Centralia, about 1932 or 1933. Both Andrew and Mary died in Centralia, Illinois. Andrew died Oct 12, 1937 and Mary followed shortly in 1938.

Mary's mother, Emma Caroline Teets, was born Oct 05, 1879, in Centralia, Illinois. While living in Tennessee she met and married her husband. Emma and her husband, moved back to Centralia in the year of 1918. Emma, died in Florida, April 05, 1973.

Mary Sornesen, having lived past the years of 80, (an living at this time) furnished the copy of the newspaper article giving an account of the life of Andrew’s father, (Mary’s G-Grandfather) Benjamin, during the Civil war at Stoddard Co., Missouri. The only account of his mother’s name, is mentioned in the Biography of Captain Benjamin Teets, a brother to Andrew. In this bio- graphy, his mothers name, (Mary’s G-Grandmother) is mentioned as her having been born a VanPatten.

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