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Stoddard County lines in 1810-1820-1830

Question: Where we would look for records recorded in Stoddard County Missouri.


Stoddard County as we know it today, was New Madrid County, with the extreme northern boundries of todays Stoddard County being Cape Girardeau County.


New Madrid County lines changed and Cape Girardeau lines extended almost to the center of what is now Stoddard County. Thus, the lower two thirds of the county was New Madrid County, while the northern one third was a part of Cape Girardeau County, with a small N.W. section being in Wayne County.


As Cape Girardeau and New Madrid again change shapes, so do the land records of Stoddard County. In 1830 we find the main body of (today)Stoddard County, was Cape Girardeau, with a section in the S.E. we now know as Stoddard was New Madrid County. Still the N.W. Stoddard boundries we know today was a part of Wayne County.

The above information is seen on the maps in a book produced by William Throndale and William Dollarhide. Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Census 1790 - 1920


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