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Stoddard Co.
Place Names from USGS

NOTE: A list of all Stoddard Co MO place names from the USGS, including towns, cemeteries, schools, churches, streams, valleys, etc., including many that are historic but no longer in existence.

Stoddard Co. Place Names from USGS

Total 467 feature records & Names

Place Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
101 School (historical) school 364754N 0894830W Essex
Acorn Ridge populated place 365448N 0900329W Acorn Ridge
Advance populated place 370616N 0895438W Advance
Aid populated place 365237N 0900228W Acorn Ridge
Ajax (historical) locale 364723N 0900418W Dudley
Alhambra locale 365546N 0900002W Acorn Ridge
Allstum School (historical) school 364632N 0895218W Essex
Andersons Whippoorwill
Farm Lake Dam
dam 370330N 0895024W Bell City
Aquilla populated place 365649N 0895453W Bloomfield
Ardeola populated place 370004N 0895110W Bell City
Armstead Dowdy Cemetery cemetery 364506N 0900207W Dudley
Artesian Well (historical) well 365741N 0894616W Clines Island
Ash Slough stream 370532N 0895144W Bell City
Asherville populated place 365355N 0901114W Puxico
Avert populated place 365546N 0895052W Clines Island
Avis Fishing Lake Dam dam 364830N 0900430W Dudley
Baker populated place 364622N 0894551W Essex
Barker Cemetery cemetery 364110N 0895156W Hills Store
Bartletts Fishing Lake Dam dam 364824N 0895906W Dexter
Bayou Bill stream 370603N 0894808W Bell City
Bee Tree Cypress Spreads
swamp 365356N 0901316W Puxico
Beech Grove Branch stream 365538N 0894934W Clines Island
Beech Grove Church church 365505N 0895023W Clines Island
Beech Grove School school 365507N 0895024W Clines Island
Bell City populated place 370125N 0894911W Bell City
Bell City Cemetery cemetery 370150N 0894848W Bell City
Bernie populated place 364008N 0895807W Bernie
Bess Slough stream 363813N 0895649W Bernie
Birds Corner populated place 365323N 0894549W Clines Island
Blackburn (historical) locale 364423N 0900541W Powe
Blackshire Branch stream 364926N 0895447W Dexter
Bloomfield populated place 365309N 0895545W Bloomfield
Bloomfield Cemetery cemetery 365249N 0895508W Bloomfield
Bluff (historical) locale 370238N 0895718W Advance
Bluff Hill Cemetery cemetery 365228N 0895138W Essex
Bluff School school 365224N 0895140W Essex
Boardwalk Nature Trail trail 365814N 0900849W Puxico
Boone (historical) locale 364020N 0900548W Powe
Bootheel Planning Region area 370731N 0895231W Dongola
Boyd School school 364338N 0900003W Powe
Boyd School (historical) school 364340N 0895959W Bernie
Boyt Church (historical) locale 364426N 0895036W Hills Store
Boyt School school 364347N 0895009W Hills Store
Boyt School (historical) locale 364427N 0895041W Hills Store
Bradhams (historical) locale 363753N 0894905W Hills Store
Brady School (historical) school 363841N 0900114W Powe
Bradyville (historical) populated place 364316N 0900543W Powe
Bridge Church church 364327N 0900246W Powe
Bridge School (historical) school 364332N 0900246W Powe
Bridges Post Office post office 365720N 0895205W Clines Island
Bridwell (historical) locale 365841N 0894402W Vanduser
Brown Church church 365848N 0900603W Acorn Ridge
Brownwood populated place 370451N 0895716W Advance
Brownwood Cemetery cemetery 370501N 0895641W Advance
Buckhorn School school 365624N 0895534W Bloomfield
Buffington populated place 364950N 0894435W Morehouse
Bunker Hill populated place 364221N 0895811W Bernie
Bunker Hill School (historical) school 364220N 0895804W Bernie
Cane Creek stream 365158N 0895930W Dexter
Cane Creek stream 364539N 0900526W Dudley
Cane Creek Church church 364552N 0900208W Dudley
Cane Ridge ridge 363752N 0894258W Charter Oak
Caney Creek stream 364028N 0894731W Hills Store
Castor River stream 363935N 0894413W Charter Oak
Castor, Township of civil 365312N 0895553W Bloomfield
Cato Slough stream 370150N 0900131W Sturdivant
Central School school 364746N 0895715W Dexter
Charter Oak populated place 364255N 0894311W Charter Oak
Circle City populated place 365124N 0894808W Essex
Claud (historical) populated place 364206N 0894412W Charter Oak
Clines Island island 365251N 0894545W Clines Island
Clines Island populated place 365414N 0894737W Clines Island
Clines Island School (historical) school 365403N 0894709W Clines Island
Clolinger School (historical) school 370334N 0895026W Bell City
Club Creek stream 365722N 0900517W Acorn Ridge
Club School (historical) school 365603N 0900729W Acorn Ridge
Clubb Cemetery cemetery 365543N 0900757W Puxico
Coal Oil Johnny Ditch canal 365325N 0901232W Puxico
Cobb populated place 365503N 0901248W Puxico
Corinth Church church 365253N 0900835W Puxico
County Line Ditch
Lateral Number 1
canal 363808N 0900702W Powe
Cow Hill summit 370444N 0894734W Bell City
Cow Knoll Ridge ridge 365947N 0900822W Puxico
Cravins Cemetery cemetery 364437N 0895154W Hills Store
Cravins Cemetery cemetery 364436N 0895155W Hills Store
Crooked Slough stream 365903N 0894443W Vanduser
Cruse Cemetery cemetery 370731N 0895252W Dongola
Curdton populated place 365752N 0900319W Acorn Ridge
Cypress Lateral Number 1 canal 364724N 0900639W Dudley
Cypress School (historical) school 364515N 0900707W Dudley
Cyrus populated place 363934N 0900320W Powe
Dale populated place 365248N 0901433W Puxico
Darus Cemetery cemetery 370102N 0895057W Bell City
Delaware Creek stream 365356N 0900300W Acorn Ridge
Dexter populated place 364745N 0895728W Dexter
Dexter Cemetery cemetery 364802N 0895643W Dexter
Dexter Creek stream 364718N 0895651W Dexter
Dexter Junction locale 364801N 0895626W Dexter
Dexter Memorial Hospital
airport 364826N 0895805W Dexter
Dexter Municipal Airport airport 364630N 0895630W Dexter
Dickerson School (historical) locale 364151N 0895507W Bernie
District School Number 96 school 364130N 0900124W Powe
Ditch Number 0 canal 363649N 0895744W Malden
Ditch Number 1 canal 362719N 0894925W Boekerton
Ditch Number 1 canal 370045N 0900637W Sturdivant
Ditch Number 11 canal 365748N 0901056W Puxico
Ditch Number 13 canal 365358N 0901416W Puxico
Ditch Number 2 canal 363033N 0895623W Malden
Ditch Number 2 canal 370049N 0900754W McGee
Ditch Number 24 canal 365344N 0894503W Clines Island
Ditch Number 3 canal 363411N 0895517W Malden
Ditch Number 3 canal 370015N 0900900W McGee
Ditch Number 30 canal 365853N 0894922W Clines Island
Ditch Number 33 canal 365843N 0894719W Clines Island
Ditch Number 34 canal 365712N 0894613W Clines Island
Ditch Number 37 canal 365536N 0894257W Vanduser
Ditch Number 4 canal 363412N 0895414W Malden
Ditch Number 4 canal 370014N 0901005W McGee
Ditch Number 41 canal 364307N 0894524W Hills Store
Ditch Number 42 canal 364236N 0894628W Hills Store
Ditch Number 43 canal 364218N 0894731W Hills Store
Ditch Number 5 canal 363212N 0895308W Malden
Ditch Number 5 canal 365857N 0901110W Puxico
Ditch Number 6 canal 365812N 0901217W Puxico
Ditch Number 7 canal 363659N 0895047W Parma
Ditch Number 8 canal 364110N 0894938W Hills Store
Dowdy Cemetery cemetery 364703N 0895956W Dexter
Dowdy School school 364501N 0900240W Dudley
Duck Creek stream 370043N 0900250W Sturdivant
Duck Creek Church church 365625N 0900748W Puxico
Duck Creek State
Wildlife Refuge
park 370232N 0900547W Sturdivant
Duck Creek State Wildlife
Refuge Number 1 Dam
dam 370118N 0900606W Sturdivant
Duck Creek State Wildlife
Refuge Number 2 Dam
dam 370112N 0900524W Sturdivant
Duck Creek State Wildlife
Refuge Number 3 Dam
dam 370030N 0900636W Sturdivant
Duck Creek, Township of civil 365400N 0900933W Puxico
Dudley populated place 364719N 0900535W Dudley
Dudley Cemetery cemetery 364751N 0900600W Dudley
Dudley Main Ditch canal 364802N 0900238W Dudley
Durnell populated place 365807N 0894851W Clines Island
E A A Chapter 453 Airport airport 370530N 0894740W Bell City
Eaglette populated place 370208N 0900222W Sturdivant
East Park park 364716N 0895643W Dexter
Edmundson School school 365224N 0900802W Fisk
Edwards School (historical) school 365050N 0895943W Dexter
Egypt Church church 365658N 0901115W Puxico
Elk, Township of civil 364147N 0894822W Hills Store
Elliot Cemetery cemetery 365606N 0900253W Acorn Ridge
Ellis Cemetery cemetery 365255N 0895056W Clines Island
Ellison Lake reservoir 370036N 0900154W Sturdivant
Essex populated place 364845N 0895141W Essex
Ezell locale 365642N 0895901W Bloomfield
Ezell Cemetery cemetery 364606N 0895916W Dexter
Ezell School (historical) school 364555N 0895952W Dexter
Fagan School school 365938N 0900340W Acorn Ridge
Fagen Cemetery cemetery 365938N 0900330W Acorn Ridge
Fairview School school 365754N 0900320W Acorn Ridge
Fish Slough gut 364232N 0900620W Powe
Fish Slough (historical) gut 364232N 0900621W Powe
Flat Mingo Creek stream 365840N 0900756W Puxico
Foleys (historical) locale 370151N 0900256W Sturdivant
Friendship Church church 365502N 0894328W Vanduser
Frisco populated place 364532N 0895144W Essex
Frisco School (historical) locale 364434N 0895141W Hills Store
Frisco School (historical) locale 364533N 0895148W Essex
Galloway School school 365022N 0895141W Essex
Garden Ridge Church church 365755N 0894739W Clines Island
Garden Ridge School school 365753N 0894743W Clines Island
Garner School (historical) school 364637N 0900025W Dudley
George Cemetery cemetery 370000N 0895912W Bloomfield
Georger Farms Airport airport 370718N 0895051W Bell City
Gilead Hills Church church 365136N 0895654W Dexter
Glades Swamp, The swamp 364557N 0900446W Dudley
Good Hope Church church 370405N 0894812W Bell City
Goose Pond Ditch canal 365715N 0900517W Acorn Ridge
Goose Pond Hills other 370740N 0895625W Dongola
Gravel Hill Cemetery cemetery 365444N 0900914W Puxico
Gravel Hill Church church 365812N 0895249W Bloomfield
Grayridge populated place 364927N 0894651W Essex
Green Oaks populated place 364717N 0900951W Fisk
Greenwood School school 364921N 0900124W Dudley
Guam populated place 365407N 0894925W Clines Island
Guide Star School school 364424N 0895436W Bernie
Gum Point School school 365932N 0895736W Bloomfield
Gumstump Pool swamp 370058N 0900947W McGee
Hagy Cemetery cemetery 364840N 0895708W Dexter
Hale School school 364629N 0894342W Morehouse
Hancock School school 364724N 0900841W Fisk
Harper Cemetery cemetery 365251N 0900138W Acorn Ridge
Hazel locale 364437N 0895750W Bernie
Headquarters (historical) locale 370040N 0900511W Sturdivant
Heagy populated place 370218N 0894810W Bell City
Hendley Lake Dam dam 365754N 0895436W Bloomfield
Hickman populated place 365926N 0900701W Acorn Ridge
Higginbothams Ferry locale 363942N 0900802W Broseley
Hill School school 365126N 0895636W Dexter
Hills Store populated place 364311N 0894832W Hills Store
Himmel populated place 365834N 0894510W Clines Island
Hobbs Chapel church 365016N 0901157W Fisk
Hobbs School school 365004N 0901157W Fisk
Hodge Hill summit 365600N 0900335W Acorn Ridge
Hodges Ferry School (historical) school 365245N 0901433W Puxico
Hollis Church church 365500N 0900225W Acorn Ridge
Holly School school 364928N 0894931W Essex
Hopewell Church church 364427N 0895037W Hills Store
Hopkins Cemetery cemetery 365829N 0895222W Clines Island
Horsehead Knoll summit 370134N 0900849W McGee
Horseshoe Lake (historical) lake 370401N 0895404W Advance
Howell School school 364644N 0900201W Dudley
Hunterville populated place 364914N 0894827W Essex
Idalia populated place 365150N 0895139W Essex
Idlewild populated place 370013N 0900614W Sturdivant
Indiana Spur (historical) locale 365824N 0894617W Clines Island
Ives populated place 364707N 0900951W Fisk
Ivester Cemetery cemetery 363854N 0895019W Hills Store
Ivester School school 364235N 0900247W Powe
Jenkins Basin basin 370417N 0894929W Bell City
Jerusalem Church church 364926N 0895811W Dexter
Job Corps Conservation Center locale 365909N 0901209W Puxico
Joe Hendley Lake reservoir 365754N 0895436W Bloomfield
Johnsons Lake reservoir 370118N 0895754W Advance
Johnsons Lake Dam dam 370118N 0895754W Advance
KDEX-AM (Dexter) tower 364718N 0895422W Dexter
KDEX-FM (Dexter) tower 364718N 0895422W Dexter
Kimbrel Cemetery cemetery 370110N 0900111W Sturdivant
Kinder populated place 370057N 0900441W Sturdivant
Kinder Cemetery cemetery 365101N 0895344W Dexter
Kinder Chapel church 370056N 0900409W Sturdivant
King Lake lake 364924N 0894337W Morehouse
King Slough gut 365323N 0901428W Puxico
LaValle populated place 364031N 0894625W Hills Store
Lakeview School school 364543N 0901052W Fisk
Lambert School school 364515N 0895958W Dexter
Lampher Chapel (historical) church 363950N 0895401W Bernie
Last Chance Church (historical) church 364208N 0895855W Bernie
Lateral Number 2 canal 363827N 0900220W Powe
Lateral Number 4 canal 364739N 0895013W Essex
Leora populated place 370001N 0900105W Sturdivant
Lepper Lake Dam dam 365554N 0900912W Puxico
Lewis Lake Dam dam 365454N 0895036W Clines Island
Liberty Church church 365411N 0895316W Bloomfield
Liberty Corner Church (historical) church 364253N 0895428W Bernie
Liberty Hill Cemetery cemetery 370137N 0895535W Advance
Liberty Hill Church church 365234N 0900244W Acorn Ridge
Liberty Hill School school 370137N 0895548W Advance
Liberty School school 365410N 0895314W Bloomfield
Liberty, Township of civil 364537N 0895836W Dexter
Lick Creek stream 364137N 0900821W Broseley
Lick Creek Cemetery cemetery 365314N 0895952W Bloomfield
Lick Creek Chapel (historical) church 365316N 0895952W Bloomfield
Lick Creek Ditch canal 365356N 0900306W Acorn Ridge
Lick Creek School (historical) school 365314N 0900025W Acorn Ridge
Link Cemetery cemetery 365459N 0895405W Bloomfield
Link Church church 365545N 0895334W Bloomfield
Link Creek stream 365654N 0895351W Bloomfield
Link School (historical) school 365545N 0895336W Bloomfield
Little River stream 355526N 0900751W Manila North
Little Rock School school 370136N 0895246W Advance
Little Vine School school 370447N 0895507W Advance
Lone Star School school 364717N 0895039W Essex
Longs Dam dam 365000N 0894442W Morehouse
Longs Pond reservoir 365000N 0894442W Morehouse
Lorimer School (historical) school 365502N 0894327W Vanduser
Lost Hill summit 370543N 0894801W Bell City
Lost Hills locale 370449N 0894812W Bell City
Lost School (historical) school 364853N 0895913W Dexter
Lovins Lake Dam dam 364630N 0900018W Dudley
Lower Shoals other 364236N 0900853W Broseley
Main Dike dam 365730N 0901400W Puxico
Main Ditch canal 364250N 0895712W Bernie
Main Ditch canal 363642N 0900207W Valley Ridge
Main Ditch canal 364443N 0895110W Hills Store
Mangrum School school 365147N 0901207W Fisk
Marco populated place 364452N 0894829W Hills Store
Marco School (historical) locale 364417N 0894834W Hills Store
Maulsby populated place 363847N 0894836W Hills Store
McMurphy Cemetery cemetery 364044N 0900235W Powe
Melton School (historical) school 365212N 0900549W Dudley
Memorial Gardens cemetery 364528N 0895915W Dexter
Messler populated place 370358N 0894812W Bell City
Middle Shoals other 364302N 0900905W Broseley
Mill Slough stream 365825N 0894633W Clines Island
Miller (historical) populated place 364315N 0895758W Bernie
Miller Cemetery cemetery 364714N 0895757W Dexter
Mills Cemetery cemetery 363850N 0900320W Powe
Mingo populated place 365614N 0901200W Puxico
Mingo Creek stream 365531N 0901442W Puxico
Mingo Ditch canal 364904N 0901224W Fisk
Mingo National Wildlife Refuge park 365843N 0901121W Puxico
Mingo Swamp swamp 370046N 0900919W McGee
Mingo Wilderness park 365801N 0901252W Puxico
Missouri, State of civil 381501N 0923001W Eldon
Cypress Lakes
reservoir 365730N 0901400W Puxico
Montgomery Lake
Lower Dam
dam 365800N 0895224W Clines Island
Montgomery Lake
Upper Dam
dam 365806N 0895218W Clines Island
Moore Cemetery cemetery 365935N 0895154W Clines Island
Morgan Cemetery cemetery 370555N 0895418W Advance
Mount Olive Church church 365700N 0900336W Acorn Ridge
Mount Pisgah Church church 365651N 0895425W Bloomfield
Mount Pleasant School school 365605N 0900112W Acorn Ridge
Mount Zion Church church 364900N 0894654W Essex
Mount Zion Church church 365422N 0895432W Bloomfield
Mud Creek stream 365851N 0895925W Bloomfield
Mud Slough stream 365459N 0894401W Vanduser
Mule Ditch canal 365223N 0900635W Dudley
New Bethel Church church 364555N 0895949W Dexter
New Hope Church church 370641N 0895043W Bell City
New Hope Church (historical) church 363830N 0895300W Bernie
New Lisbon, Township of civil 365816N 0900235W Acorn Ridge
New Mount Zion Church locale 364018N 0894305W Charter Oak
North Antioch Cemetery cemetery 365522N 0895625W Bloomfield
North Antioch School (historical) school 365459N 0895608W Bloomfield
Oak Cemetery cemetery 365855N 0895159W Clines Island
Oak Grove School (historical) locale 364352N 0895604W Bernie
Oak Ridge Church church 365926N 0895529W Bloomfield
Old Bethel Cemetery cemetery 364639N 0900023W Dudley
Olive Branch Church church 364902N 0894947W Essex
Open Lake School school 365002N 0900911W Fisk
Orchard Lake reservoir 364630N 0900018W Dudley
Ott School school 364938N 0895357W Dexter
Otter Slough gut 364338N 0900651W Powe
Otter Slough Ditch canal 364123N 0900723W Powe
Otter Slough State
Wildlife Management Area
park 364346N 0900626W Powe
Out (historical) locale 364247N 0895756W Bernie
Overcup Pond (historical) lake 364040N 0900722W Powe
Page School (historical) school 365413N 0900959W Puxico
Painton populated place 370456N 0894741W Bell City
Palmer Cemetery cemetery 365738N 0895217W Clines Island
Panther Swamp (historical) swamp 364937N 0895411W Dexter
Penermon populated place 364724N 0894945W Essex
Philadelphia Church church 365630N 0895708W Bloomfield
Philadelphia School (historical) school 365630N 0895712W Bloomfield
Pike, Township of civil 370409N 0895222W Bell City
Pilgrim Rest Church church 365742N 0894332W Vanduser
Pin Hook School (historical) locale 364533N 0895151W Essex
Pleasant Grove Church church 364328N 0900151W Powe
Pleasant Grove Church church 370058N 0895320W Advance
Pleasant Hill Church church 370340N 0895141W Bell City
Pleasant Valley Church church 365034N 0895428W Dexter
Pleasant Valley Church church 365507N 0901236W Puxico
Pleasant Valley School school 365512N 0895943W Bloomfield
Pool Eight swamp 370151N 0900728W Sturdivant
Pool Six swamp 365931N 0900816W Puxico
Poplar Branch stream 365600N 0894949W Clines Island
Poplin locale 364711N 0900856W Fisk
Poplin Cemetery cemetery 363814N 0895858W Bernie
Poplin School locale 363814N 0895901W Bernie
Powe populated place 363933N 0900548W Powe
Prairie Creek Ditch canal 364738N 0900856W Fisk
Proffers locale 365835N 0895559W Bloomfield
Providence Church church 365341N 0900801W Puxico
Puxico populated place 365659N 0900930W Puxico
Pyle Town Lake reservoir 364342N 0900112W Powe
Pyletown populated place 364329N 0900107W Powe
Radcliffe Landing Strip airport 364310N 0894844W Hills Store
Randol populated place 364713N 0900748W Fisk
Red Mill Hunters Entrance locale 365811N 0900837W Puxico
Red Mill Pond reservoir 365822N 0900835W Puxico
Redd populated place 365052N 0900338W Dudley
Reece Post Office post office 365248N 0901433W Puxico
Rendleman Lake Dam dam 370106N 0895442W Advance
Renner School (historical) school 364936N 0895626W Dexter
Rice Lake reservoir 365942N 0895212W Clines Island
Rice Lake Dam East dam 365942N 0895212W Clines Island
Rice Lake West Dam dam 365942N 0895218W Clines Island
Richland, Township of civil 364933N 0894955W Essex
Right Lake (historical) lake 365207N 0901329W Fisk
Ringer Hill summit 370417N 0894843W Bell City
Rock Hill Cemetery cemetery 365342N 0900811W Puxico
Rock Hill School school 365358N 0900755W Puxico
Rock Knob summit 365701N 0900301W Acorn Ridge
Rock Point Cemetery cemetery 370119N 0895839W Advance
Rock Point School school 370149N 0895859W Advance
Rockhouse Cypress Lake swamp 365828N 0900910W Puxico
Rockwell School (historical) school 365753N 0900639W Acorn Ridge
Sadlers Cemetery cemetery 364914N 0895949W Dexter
Sadlers Chapel church 364921N 0900019W Dudley
Saint Francis River stream 364500N 0901032W Leachville
Saint Joe Church church 365207N 0895142W Essex
Saint Joseph Cemetery cemetery 370549N 0895239W Advance
Sand Blow Ridge ridge 365957N 0900912W Puxico
Shady Dell populated place 365750N 0894921W Clines Island
Shaw Ridge ridge 365828N 0901002W Puxico
Shawan populated place 365750N 0894647W Clines Island
Shawnan School (historical) locale 365751N 0894644W Clines Island
Sherry School school 365106N 0900200W Dudley
Shiloh Church church 364338N 0900140W Powe
Shoemaker School school 365531N 0901010W Puxico
Shover (historical) populated place 364124N 0900545W Powe
Shreve populated place 363846N 0900545W Powe
Skagg School school 365116N 0894744W Essex
Skelton School (historical) school 365633N 0900345W Acorn Ridge
Smith Cemetery cemetery 364531N 0900046W Dudley
Smith School (historical) locale 363856N 0895403W Bernie
Smith School (historical) locale 363831N 0895344W Bernie
South Master School (historical) school 365743N 0894504W Clines Island
South Richland School school 364756N 0894830W Essex
South White Oak School school 363908N 0900323W Powe
Southeast Lowlands area 371501N 0893731W Gordonville
Southeastern Ridge and Basin area 363001N 0903731W Oxly
Southwest School school 364716N 0895820W Dexter
Spring Creek stream 364727N 0900351W Dudley
Star populated place 365352N 0901343W Puxico
Stephens Cemetery cemetery 364210N 0900121W Powe
Stoddard populated place 364729N 0900203W Dudley
Stoddard County civil 364600N 0895300W Dexter
Stones Chapel Cemetery cemetery 364016N 0894942W Hills Store
Strobel Lake Dam dam 370036N 0900154W Sturdivant
Sugar Tree Church church 364144N 0895929W Bernie
Sugar Tree School school 364141N 0895926W Bernie
Summer Cemetery cemetery 364258N 0900246W Powe
Swan Pond swamp 370236N 0895449W Advance
Swan Pond School (historical) school 370248N 0895645W Advance
Sweet Prospect Church (historical) locale 364439N 0895500W Bernie
Swinton populated place 370140N 0895641W Advance
Sycamore Cemetery cemetery 364235N 0900222W Powe
Sycamore Church (historical) church 364235N 0900227W Powe
Tanner School school 365319N 0894252W Vanduser
Tatum School (historical) school 364531N 0895605W Dexter
Taylor Church church 364717N 0895029W Essex
Taylor School (historical) school 364809N 0895036W Essex
Tedrick Creek stream 365416N 0895652W Bloomfield
Temples Lake Dam dam 364148N 0900142W Powe
Thomason Lake Dam dam 364342N 0900112W Powe
Tilley Ditch canal 370633N 0895509W Advance
Tillman populated place 370319N 0895151W Bell City
Tilly Branch stream 370550N 0895017W Bell City
Tilman School (historical) school 370318N 0895206W Bell City
Toga populated place 370658N 0895305W Advance
Toga Number 2 School school 370641N 0895001W Bell City
Toppertown populated place 365747N 0895028W Clines Island
Trammel School (historical) school 363832N 0894627W Hills Store
Tropf School (historical) school 370459N 0895109W Bell City
Troph Cemetery cemetery 370514N 0895138W Bell City
Trotter Church church 364627N 0894840W Essex
Trotter School school 364629N 0894843W Essex
Turkey Creek stream 365620N 0901235W Puxico
Union Grove Church church 365956N 0895749W Bloomfield
Upper Shoals other 364321N 0900925W Broseley
Vinson Church church 364201N 0895200W Hills Store
Vinson School locale 364204N 0895220W Hills Store
Walker Cemetery cemetery 365417N 0895432W Bloomfield
Walker School (historical) school 364142N 0894836W Hills Store
Walnut Ridge School (historical) school 364714N 0895351W Dexter
Walter Avis Lake reservoir 364830N 0900430W Dudley
Wambel Cemetery cemetery 365627N 0895835W Bloomfield
West Antioch Cemetery cemetery 365249N 0895848W Bloomfield
West Antioch School (historical) school 365316N 0895901W Bloomfield
West Charter Oak School (historical) locale 364255N 0894440W Charter Oak
West Mount Pleasant Church church 365514N 0900004W Acorn Ridge
West Pryor School (historical) school 363831N 0894945W Hills Store
West Union Church church 365936N 0900333W Acorn Ridge
White Cemetery cemetery 365749N 0900008W Acorn Ridge
White Oak Grove Church church 364037N 0900246W Powe
White Oak School (historical) school 364133N 0900321W Powe
Whites Lake reservoir 365512N 0895530W Bloomfield
Whites Lake Dam dam 365512N 0895530W Bloomfield
Whitewater River stream 370245N 0894523W Bell City
Wilkerson School school 364938N 0900652W Dudley
Williams (historical) locale 365515N 0894952W Clines Island
Williams Creek stream 365505N 0894912W Clines Island
Wilson Creek stream 365310N 0894912W Clines Island
Wolf Creek stream 370000N 0895953W Bloomfield
Zadock populated place 365920N 0895614W Bloomfield
Zeta (historical) populated place 365720N 0895205W Clines Island
Zion Church church 365736N 0895947W Bloomfield
Zion School (historical) school 365736N 0895944W Bloomfield
Zoll School (historical) school 364832N 0901127W Fisk

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