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Uncle Tommy Gold brought his family to Christian County, Mo., and settled down in Green Valley near Boaz, Missouri. These are the rest of the family members who we believe were on that wagon train that brought several members of the Gold, and Cavener families to Christian County, MO.

Johnathan and Sarah (Ryalls) Gold, Keziah Cavener, Wm. C., and his wife Sarah P. (Alexander) Gold and their son William Thomas Alexander Gold, Timothy and Winnie (Gold) Cavener and their four children, Amanda Jane, Henry Clay, Martha F. and Wm. Patrick Cavener. Six single daughters of Johnathan Gold were Nancy Elizabeth, Mary M., Martha Dilla Ann, Sophia Almeda, Margaret L. and Amanda Emaline Gold.

Rachael Minerva (Gold) and her husband Wm. Patrick. (Son of Patrick and Keziah (Tucker) Cavener) came to Christian County, a year or so later. They were married October 21, 1853 in Tennessee and their first child was born in Missouri in April of 1855. Louisa C. (Gold) Creasy and her four children came to Missouri in 1858 or 1859. Her youngest child was shown in the 1860 census of Christian County, Mo., as being one year old born in Missouri. There were also the families of John Cavener, shown as a widower and his four children; William W., James, Ellen, and Martha Cavener. And Fanny Cavener (widow of James Cavener) with her children; Timothy, Adaline, Polly, Clementine, Josephine all born in Tennessee, and Martha born in Missouri, According to family records James Cavener died en route from Tennessee to Missouri, in about 1859.

Two daughters of Johnathan Gold married and stayed in Tennessee for the time being. Sarah Jane Gold married Jesse Creasy and stayed in Tennessee for several years. Then came through Missouri and spent some time here before going on to Texas in the early 1870’s. Hester/Esther Gold married Joseph Wright, and they were still there when the census for 1850 was taken, and we have no further trace of them, they may have went west, to Arkansas or Texas.

Johnathan and Sarah (Ryalls) Gold had a son, born in 1928 and died before the census of 1840. Johnathan and Sarah lived in Green Valley near Boaz until the had both died by early 1866 and were buried in the old Gipson Cemetery east of the James River Bridge near Boaz.

The first three children of Thomas Gold were born in Tennessee, and the next six children were born in Christian County, Missouri. They were Mary Ann and (twins) Martha Ann, Silas, Lorenza Dow, Francis, and Allen Gold. On January 17, 1866 Uncle Tommy sold his forty acres of land in Green Valley to Henry Maples for $75.00. Uncle Tommy and Wm. C. and “Uncle Billy” both moved to Stone County. Uncle Tommy settled down two miles south of Union City on the east side of the road from what is now known as the Kenneth Wright farm. The old house was still standing in the early 1930’s, and there was still old trees standing in the yard place, if you know where to look. Their two youngest children were born there; Joseph Gold was born in December of 1867, and Missouri Elizabeth “Betty” Gold was born July 13, 1872 in Stone County, Missouri.

William Riley Gold married Sarah Pauline White, February 18, 1875. Their children were (1) Tennie, born December 26, 1875 and died May 21, 1923; (2) Maggie, married Marshall Asberry Barnett. (3) Johnathan Gold, born June 7, 1879. He married Bertha Cloud. (4) Eddie, born in September 1881, he married Arminta Gaultney. (5) Mary Ellen Gold, born in November of 1884, she married a Boyer and she died in 1926. (6) Charley Gold, born in 1888, and die din 1960, he married Cora Gutherie. (7) Hershel Gold, born in 1892, and died in 1965, he never married. (8) Embless Gold, born June 3, 1897 and died November 26, 1957, he married Pearlie Logan.

Wm. C. and his family settled west of Browns Spring on the Old Wire Road.


March 23, 1944, Hurley, MO., William. Gold, 94 years old retired farmer, died yesterday morning at 8:30 o’clock at his farm near Hurley. Mr. Gold, who was known as “ Uncle Billy”, was born in Tennessee, he farmed near Hurley for many years. He is survived by five sons; John of Aurora, Ed of Crane, Charles, Hershel, and Embless, and one daughter, Mrs. Maggie Barnett, all of Billings. Rt 1. Funeral services will be held at 2 o’clock this afternoon in the Cross Road Church with burial in White Cemetery, under direction of Maples of Clever.

March 24, 1944, Hurley, Missouri, William Gold was born February 24, 1850 and departed this life March 22, 1944 at the age of 94 years and 27 days. He was married to Sarah Pauline White in 1875 and to this union was born nine children; The wife and three daughters preceded him in death, Those who survive him are five sons and one daughter; Charley, and Embless Gold of Billings, R#1. Johnny of Aurora, Eddie of Crane R#1, Hershel of the home and Mrs. Maggie Barnett of Billings, R#1. Two sisters and one brother, 32 grandchildren, 75 great grand children and one great great grand child.

He professed faith in Christ several years ago, and told his loved ones he was ready to go when the Lord called him home.
Funeral services were held Thursday, March 23, the Rev. Heral Meritt officiating, Burial was made in the White cemetery, the Wilburn Maples funeral home in charge.

Tennessee “Tennie” Gold

Tennie Gold was the daughter of William Riley Gold and Sarah Pauline (White) Gold. She was born December 26, 1875 and died May 21, 1923. She married Walter J. Davis, who was the son of Joshua “Jeff” Davis and Margaret Ann (Steele) Davis. He was born January 16, 1861 and died November 15, 1946. They are both buried in the White Cemetery, northeast of Hurley, in Stone County, Missouri. They are the parents of seven children; (1) Murtie Davis, born February 3, 1892 at Hurley, in Stone County, MO. She died June 29, 1893 and buried in the White Cemetery. (2) Effie Davis born in 1893, and died in 1894 at Hurley, and buried in the White Cemetery. (3) Artie Elizabeth Davis, born May 22, 1897 at Hurley, and died June 8, 1973 in Christian County, Missouri, and buried in the Payne Cemetery, Nixa, Mo. She married a Hoffman and they had two children. Elizabeth D. Hoffman, born August 14, 1928 in Van Nuys, California. On “April 30, 1949 she married Irving Bauer in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born September 17, 1925 in Hollywood, California. (4) William Glen Davis, born October 4, 1903 at Hurley, Mo., and died August 19, 1940. He is buried in the Ash Grove Cemetery, Ash Grove, MO. He married Ethel Pittman in June of 1926 in Stone County, Mo. She was born December 2, 1906 at Ash Grove, Greene County, MO., and died June 1, 1993, buried in Ash Grove Cemetery. Their children were; Bobby Gene, Bilye Frances, Wm. Glen Jr., and Joan Davis.

Bobby Gene Davis was born December 2, 1926 in Ash Grove, Missouri. On May 7, 1950 he married Ruby Maxine Blellier, who was born March 3, 1931. They were the parents of Steven Lee, Janet Sue, Dennis Gene, Sandra Marie, and Scott Allen Davis. Steven Lee Davis was born February 17, 1952. He married Linda Rose Sprague, and they had two children; Michael Shane, and Michelle Lee Davis. Bilyeu Frances Davis was born February 9, 1928 at Ash Grove, and died December 9, 1994 at Springfield, Missouri, and buried Mt. Comfort Cemetery, Greene County, MO. was married to Ozery Lois Argo, June 29, 1946 at Springfield, Missouri. He was born July 28, 1923 at McMinnville, Tennessee. He served in World War 2 in the European Theater. They were the parents of six children; Marilyn Kay, Gary Michael, Karen Sue, Lester Glen “Bub”, David Linn Sr., and Larry Wayne Argo.

Marilyn Kay Argo was born June 11, 1947 at Springfield, MO. She married Bobby Lee Baker at Ash Grove, MO. He was born June 18, 1946 at Blue Eye, Missouri. They had two children; Bobby Lee Baker the 2nd, born May 17, 1968, at Springfield, Mo. He married and has two children, (no other information) And Holly Jolene Baker, born December 6, 1972 at Springfield, MO.
Gary Michael Argo, born August 28, 1948 at Springfield, MO., he married September 16, 1966 to Deborah Jean Tyler, born October 15, 1950 at St. Louis, MO. They had two children; Gina Marie, born April 3, 1967 at Springfield, and Michael Glen Argo, born March 24, 1970 at Springfield, MO.

Karen Sue Argo, born October 15 1955 at Springfield, MO. She married Darrell

Dean Price was born October 1m 1852 at Hartford City, Indiana. They had two children; Darin Michael, born April 14, 1982 and Shelly Nicole Price, born August 13, 1984.

Lester Glen Argo was born January 17, 1957 at Springfield, MO. On November 11, 1977 he married Rhonda Lee Malone at Wellington, Texas. She was born February 25, 1961. They had two children; Jason Glen Argo, born October 13, 1979 at Springfield, Mo. and Angela Lee Argo, born March7, 1981.

David Linn Sr. Argo, born October 2, 1960 at Springfield. On November 17, 1978 he married Jannis Lynn Jackson, born June 8, 1959 at Chicago, Illinois. They had two children;. Lakeya Lee Argo, born March 31, 1978, and David Linn Jr. Argo born February 4, 1980. They were divorced in 1983. 2nd he married Diane (unknown).

Larry Wayne Argo was born January 8, 1966 at Springfield, Mo. On January 14, 1984 he married Jody Lynn Slavens, born March 20, 1967 at Diamond, Newton County, Missouri. They have a son named Brandon Tyler Argo, born September 12, 1984 at Springfield, MO. They have another son, but his name is not available.

William Glen Davis Jr. was born July 13, 1930 in Greene County, MO., he married Barbara Rozell and they had two children; Debbie Davis and Timmy Davis.

Joan Davis was born November 19, 1934 at Ash Grove, MO. She died November 27, 1947 and is buried in the Ash Grove, Cemetery, in Greene County, MO.

Walter Curtis Davis was born September 26, 1910 at Hurley, Missouri, and died February 25, 1990. He married Nellie Blanche Longworth, September 28, 1930. She was born December 18, 1905, at Shawnee, Oklahoma, Territory, and died June 13, 1988.They are both buried in the Brookline Cemetery, Greene County, MO. They were the parents of five children; John Walter Sr., Lela Elizabeth, William Jeff, Joe Curtis, and Jimmy Phil Davis.
John Walter Sr. Davis was born April 25, 1932 at Neosho, Newton County, MO. He served for 14 years in the US Army, mostly in Germany. 1st. he married Edith Butler, no issue. 2nd he married Patricia Laurel Thompson, no issue, 3rd. he married Halanora Wollstadt in Germany, she died November 1, 1988 at Crane, Missouri, no issue. 4th. He married Lora Frances Calvert in Springfield, MO. November 26, 1973. She was born October 18, 1927 at Kelowna, BC Canada.

Lela Elizabeth Davis was born June 4, 1934 at Ozark, Arkansas. In October of 1952 she married Donald Ray Stith at Muskogee, Oklahoma. He was born September 16, 1934 at Braggs, Oklahoma. They were divorced in November of 1994. They were the parents of Donna Gail Stith, and Michael Ray Stith.

Donna Gail Stith was born April 9, 1954 at Muskogee, Oklahoma. On June 2, 1973 she married Terry Melton at Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He was born June 12 1948 at Hartford, Kansas. They were divorced in June of 1994. They were the parents of Amy Reese Melton, born November 26, 1973 at Ottawa, Kansas and Paige Nicole Melton, born May 21, 1985 at Topeka, Kansas.

Michael Ray Stith was born June 17, 1956 at Muskogee, Oklahoma. On September 24, 1977 he married Annetta Jill Walters, she was born July 3, 1957 at Portland, Oregon. They were the parents of Melissa Lynn Stith, born June 24, 1978 at Bramerton, Washington. Matthew Michael Stith, born February 9, 1981 at Tulsa, Oklahoma.

William Jeff Davis was born December 24, 1937 at Ozark, Arkansas. On February 10, 1956 he married Betty June Reinhart at Talaquah, Oklahoma. She was born March 24, 1937 at Talaquah, Oklahoma. They were the parents of; Vicky Raylene Davis, born December 17, 1956 at Muskogee, Okla. ON August 23, 1976 she married Johnny Wise at Crane, Stone County, MO., and Jeffrey Chris Davis, who was born November 6, 1957. On February 3, 1980 he married Chris Diane Carnes. She was born October 26, 1957 at Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Joe Curtis Davis was born July 13, 1939 at Muskogee, Oklahoma. On May 4, 1974 he married Wilma Faye Atkins, who was born July 9, 1947 at Lebanon, Laclede County, MO. They were the parents of Janet Christine Davis, born August 18, 1975 at Springfield, Mo., and Sara Jo Davis, born January 9, 1977 also at Springfield.

Jimmy Phill Davis, born October 8, 1941 at Boynton, Okla., and died December, 1996. He is buried at the White Oak Cemetery, at White Oak, Oklahoma. On September 16, 1966 he married Betty Jean Marcum, who was born November 13, 1944 at Leesburg, Virginia. By a previous marriage she had 3 children who were adopted by Jimmy Phill Davis.
Robert Leroy (Stillings) Davis was born April 9, 1961. He married Alicia Gayle Seabolt, March 20, 1981, and they had Marie, born February 10, 1983. Heather Gayle Davis, born December 30, 1984 Jimmy Lee Davis, born August 13, 1986, Michael Leroy Davis born August 6, 1987.

Ricky Lynn was born January 18, 1964 at Fairfax, Virginia. He married Sandra Kay Jones April5, 1985 at Miami, Oklahoma. They had two children; Samantha Kaylynn Davis, born December 25, 1985, Lindsay Nicole Denese Davis, born November 18, 1986. They were divorced in 1993. Later Ricky Lynn Davis married Anne Marie Wright on November 27, 1994. She was born August 15, 1967 at Kansas City, MO. They have a son, Ricky Lynn Davis Jr., born at Vinita, Okla. June 1, 1995.

Deborah Jean (Stillings) Davis was born April 23, 1965 and died January 7, 1997 and buried at White Oak, Oklahoma, in White Oak Cemetery. She married James Bobbit at Vinita, Okla., and they had Christopher Dean Bobbit, born December 12, 1987 and died March 15, 1988 at Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Jimmy Phill Davis and Betty Jean Marcum were the parents of Tina Blanche Davis, born January 4, 1968 at Nowata, Oklahoma, she married Charles Edward Whitlock Sr., he was born December 19, 1967 at Pomona, California. They were married August 27, 1988 at Vanita, Oklahoma. They have two children; Charles Edgar Whitlock, Jr., born January 12, 1989 at Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Davis Cody Aaron Whitlock, born September 1, 1995 at Gravett, Arkansas. He married Tammy Negelein, and they had Shawn Kay Davis, born February 13, 1973 at Rogers, Arkansas.

Geneva Davis, was born May 19, 1916 at Hurley, Missouri. She married William Austin Hillard Sr. He died October 13, 1977 and is buried at Hickory Grove, Cemetery, at Ozark, Arkansas. They were the parents of ; William Austin Hillard Jr., Archie Lee Hillard, Curtis Glen Sr. Hillard married Geraldine (unknown) and they had Curtis Glen Jr. Hillard and he married Shannon Fullbright at Ozark, Arkansas, May 29, 1993.

Winifred Waldo Davis was born December 25, 1918 at Hurley, Stone County, Missouri, and died February 20, 1920. He is buried at the White Cemetery near Hurley, Missouri.


Walter Curtis “Kirt” Davis, 79, Crane, died Sunday morning apparently of a heart attack. He was a member of Marionville First Baptist Church. He is survived by four sons; John Davis of Lincoln Nebraska, Jeff Davis, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Joe Davis, Brookline, MO., and Jim Davis, Vinita, Oklahoma. A daughter, Elizabeth Runkle Joplin, MO. He is survived by a sister Geneva Hillard, Ozark, Arkansas, 12 grandchildren, and 14 great grandchildren.

Services will be held at 2 pm. Thursday in Brookline Baptist Church, Brookline, with the Rev. Fred Lynn officiating. Burial will be in Brookline Cemetery, under direction of Meadors Funeral Home of Clever. (no date given) Visitation will be from 7 to 8 Wednesday in the funeral home. Kirt ask that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Brookline Baptist Church, Youth Department.

Margaret “Maggie” Gold

Margaret Gold was the daughter of William Riley Gold and Sarah Pauline (Mitchell) Gold. She was born September 30, 1877, and died February 9, 1954. She married Marshall Asbury Barnett, July 21, 1897. He was the son of Thomas Silas Barnett and Margaret Steele. He was born May 3, 1896. And died November 3, 1954. They are both buried in the White Cemetery, in Stone County, Missouri.

Their children were Charlie, Austin, Archie, Alfred, Leonard, Lillie, Daisy, and Logan Barnett.

Logan Barnett married Faye Gardner. She was the daughter of Marion and Maud Gardner. The children of Marion and Maud Gardner were; Carl, Leroy, Gladys, Faye, Francis, Mary Ellen who married Kenneth Gold, (son of Johnathan Gold who was a brother to Maggie Gold. Next was Tom, and Anna Lou Gardner.

Obituary of Leonard Barnett

Leonard A. Barnett, 88 of Modesto, California, died Monday June 21, 1993 at his home. He was horn December 21, 1904 in Stone County, Missouri.

Mr. Barnett was a native of Missouri and lived in Modesto 50 years. He worked for the Milk Producers Association for 26 years and was a member of Teamsters union Local 439.

He is survived by his wife, Virginia Barnett of Modesto; children; Wilma Storne of Gridley, Joe Barnett of Selma, Bill Barnett of Turlock, Janice Bock of Sacramento. Judy Burnett of Modesto and Nina Gill, foster daughter, Vera Soloriap of Modesto, sister Lily Geren of Marionville, Missouri, and 20 grandchildren and 27 great grand children.

A graveside service was held at 3:30 pm. Thursday June 24, at Ceres Cemetery.

Jonathan Gold

Johnathan Gold was the son of William Riley Gold and Sarah Pauline (Mitchell) Gold. He was born June 7, 1879 in Stone County, Missouri. He married Bertha Cloud, February 26, 1902 in Stone County, MO. by B.K. Kimberling. She was born in Divide, Missouri, Stone County, MO. Their children were; Lura, Lee, Gracie, Flossie, Eldon, Forrest, and Kenneth Gold.

Lurie Gold married Bernice Clines, November 13, 1923. Their oldest child, Hatti, Clines was born November 9, 18924, she married Daryl Hedrick and they had a son; Jimmy Lee Hedrick who was born in January 1942. He lives in California.

Herman Clines was born January 8, 1926 in Springfield, MO. He married Ernestine Wininger, April 21, 1946 in Boonville, MO. She was born December 23, 1925. They had a son, Steven Clines, born January 15, 1948. On July 19, 1970 he married Susan Marie Shircliff in Louisville, Ky. She was born May 20, 1948. Steven and Susan had a son, Matthew Steven Clines, who married Tera Christine Miller, March 12, 1993.

Lee Gold was born September 19,1904. He married Josephine Mitchell, July 21, 1937. She was born January 25, 1909. Their children were; Archie Lee, Wm. Ray, “Silver” and Jay Calvin “Britch” Gold.
Archie Lee Gold was born May 7, 1928. He married Wanda L. Byron. Their children were; Deanna Lynn Gold, born November 17, 1960, and Karen Lee Gold, born October 5, 1963.
Deanna Lynn Gold married Timothy Benton, January 14, 1983. They have two children; Kayla Michelle Benton, born December 21, 1983, and Austin Lee Benton, born November 16, 1987. Laren Lee is single as of this date (January 1994).
Wm. Ray “Silver” Gold was born October 21. 1930. He never married.
Jay Calvin “Britch” Gold was born December 22, 1937, and died in a car accident July 19, 1961.

Lee Gold and Jay Calvin Gold are both buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, two miles north of Crane, Missouri.

Gracie Gold was born February 17, 1908 and died in 1939. She married Paul Childers. He was born in 1905 and died in 1937. They had a daughter; Lawanda June Childers, born August 6, 1933 and died January 20, 1988.

Gracie had a son; Hosa Gold born September 26, 1931. He married Phillis Ann Morris, June 7, 1951. She was born November 19, 1932. Their children were Rodney Gene, John Raymond, and Kathy Kay Gold.

Rodney Gene Gold was born January 11, 1952, he married Regina Ann Thomas, and they had two children; Nathan Gene, and Kylee Annessa Gold, Rodney and Regina were divorced in1985. On September 18, 1987 Rodney Gold married Donna Marie Martin.

Lawanda Childers married Ray Eugene Armstrong, June 30, 1951. They had a son; Tony Ray Armstrong, born June 14, 1957 who married Theressa Kovarik, July 30, 1961. Their children are Jenna Leigh, born April 21, 1983 and Sean Aron, born September 27, 1988.

John Raymond Gold was born March 3, 1953, he married Terri Lee Prewitt, and they had one child; Millicent Lean Gold. They were divorced in 1980.

Kathy Kae Gold was born June 15, 1956. She married Gerald Dean Vaught, He was born April 26, 1950. Their children were; Abby Linn, born June 7, 1984, and Samuel Wade Vaught, born April 23, 1986.

Flossie Irene Gold married Bill Tiede, on October 21,1930. They had a son, Billy Dale Tiede, born July 25, 1931. He married Betty Reidel in 1958 and they had a daughter; Gale Tiede, who was born in 1959; Billy Dale Tiede and Betty were divorced in 1968, Gail Tiede married Donald Steele and they were divorced. 2nd Billy Dale Tiede married Dorothy (Cross) Herndon in 1972.

Forrest Gold was born January 4, 1915 and died January 7, 1990. He married Sarah Jane Eckenrode, March 24, 1940. She was born November 26, 1918. They had a son; John Orville Gold, he was born October 17, 1941. His children were; Jeanette Ann Gold born February 20, 1963, Annette Ann Haumann, born February 10, 1965. John Edward Gold born July 7, 1968.

Ronald Eugene Gold was born October 14, 1943. His son; Gary Ring Gold was born October 23, 1971. Then his son, Camden D. was born September 20, 1991.
Susan Lynn Gold had a daughter, Samantha, who was born September 10, 1976.

Eldon Edward Gold was born April 25, 1913, and died March 5, 1989. He married Dorothy J. Carl, March 3, 1939.To this union was born a daughter and a son, Barbara Ann and Willis Ray Gold. Barbara Ann Gold was born September 28, 1939, she married Bill Eutsler, November 24, 1957, and they have two daughters, Pamela Ann Eutsler, born November 9, 1958 and died February 21, 1959. Kelesta Rena Eutsler, who was born March 25, 1960, She married Bill Brown. They have two children; Krystal Maurica Brown, who was born October 21, 1983. And Aaron Michael Brown, born March 30, 1988. Kelesta Rena and Bill Brown were later divorced.

Willis Ray Gold was born May 6, 1942 and died June 3, 1977. He married Judy Lane Heathley in August of 1960. They had seven daughters and two sons.

Kelly Ray Gold was born May 14, 1961. She married David Johnson and they have two daughters; Heather Lane Johnson, born June 14, 1978 and Casey Rena Johnson, born February 4, 1980. She died at birth.

Gayla Lane Gold born December 2, 1962, She married Kenny Burgess, and they have a daughter and a son; Rita Fay Burgess, born March 1, 1984. And Justin Ray Burgess born April 12, 1987.

Willa Ann Gold Born May 9, 1`964. She has a daughter and two sons; Venes Ann, Born January 25, 1986. Apallo Lloyd born August 4 1966. She has one son, Coty Gene, born May 18, 1987.

Reese Elwood Gold (twin to Randy Eldon Gold) was born February 24, 1969. He married Lanell Snyder, December 6, 1987.

Garnet Mae Gold was born August 7, 1972. Goldie Donella Gold was born July 28, 1975. Pamela Rena Gold was born August 12, 1976.

Kenneth Gold was born March 20, 1918 in Stone County, MO. On August 26, 1940 he married Mary Ellen Gardner, She was born December 12, 1922. Their children; Ruth Ann, Kenneth L., Patsy, Carol, Sue, Stephen Dale, Gary Wayne, and Charles Douglas Gold, who was born April 2, 1961. He never married. Ruth Ann Gold was born September 2, 1941. Her children were; James Michael Janes, born February 16, 1964, and JaneVera, Marie Janes, Born October 2, 1969. James Michael Janes are Brittany Ariel Janes, born September 22, 1985, and Kayla Michelle Jane born December 18, 1990.

Mary Ellen Gardner married Kenneth Gold. She is a sister to Faye Gardner who married Logan Barnett.

Kenneth Gold and Logan Barnett were 1st cousins. The father of Kenneth was Johnathan Gold, and the mother of Logan was Maggie Gold, Johnathan and Maggie Gold were brothers and sisters. They were the children of Wm. Riley Gold. Josephine “Josie” Garnder married John Gold who was the son of James Thomas Gold. Josie Gardner was a sister to Marion Gardener, The father of Mary Ellen and Faye Gardner. After John Gold died, Josie (Gardner) Gold married Stanford Chapman, who was a son of Jessie Mae (Garrison) Chapman who was the daughter of Joseph Garrison and Martha Dilla Ann (Gold) Garrison, and Martha Dilla Ann was a sister to Uncle Tommy and Uncle Billy (Wm. C.) Gold.

Kenneth L. Gold Jr. was born October 20, 1944. He married Shirley Clinkenbeard, October 12, 1968. They had two children; Benjamin Kevin Gold, born June 4, 1969 and Wesley Wayne Gold, born August 28, 1970. Kenneth and Shirley were divorced 1971.

Benjamin Kevin Gold married Kimberly Bynett Rose (an Indian) December 15, 1990, their children; Felicia Alene and Dalton Ray Gold, born October 7, 1993.

Patsy Gold married Allen Garner, July 30, 1963. He was born July 6, 1943. Their children were; Allison, Anessa, and Ashley Garner, Allison Garner was born February 28, 1984. She married Brian Burgess, their children were; Len Burgess, born July 14, 1986 and Chelsea Burgess born November 27, 1987. Brian and Allison were divorced in 1989.

Anessa Garner married Craig King, December 4, 1987, He was born December 23, 1962. Their children were; McKenzle King, born March 27, 1989 and Cheyenne King, born December 21, 1992.

Ashley Garner was born December 20, 1977. Allen and Patsy have lived 12 years north of Marionville, Allen is in the Construction business. Patsy has worked the past 13 years at the Boatman’s Bank in Aurora, MO. Allison is a nurse in Springfield. Anessa works for the City Utilities in Springfield, Ashley is a student at Marionville High School.
Carol Sue Gold was born May 11, 1947. She married James Ralph Young, born May 17, 1965, Deborah Michelle Young was born August 25, 1968, Deborah married Derek Mitchell and had a son, Skyler Jay Mitchell, born August 2, 1990.
Stephen Dale Gold was born June 17, 1949. He married Hazel Delores Evans, February 9, 1968. Their children; Rodney Shane, born November 4, 1969, and Stephenie Ann Gold, born January 20, 1974.

Rodney married Jill Ann Williams, August 13, 1993. Gary Wayne, born January 26, 1951. He married Niki Gibson in 1971, they were divorced in 1973. They had one child; Neil Wayne Gold born July 26,1971. He then married Branda Thomas, June 2, 1975, they had a son, Byron Colby Gold, born August 22, 1977.

Lee and J.C. Gold are buried in the Oak Grove, Cemetery, Forrest Gold is buried in Marionville. Paul and Gracie Childers are both buried at Charity Cemetery, in Stone County. Bertha (Cloud) Gold died November 1, 1918. Johnathan Gold died May 27, 1968. They are both buried in the White Cemetery, in Stone County, MO.

Eddie Gold

Eddie Gold, son of William Riley Gold and Sarah Pauline (White) Gold. He was born in 1881 in Stone County, Missouri, and died in 1978. On October 10, 1905, he married Arminta Gaultney, 1883-1948. They are both buried in Molly Wright Cemetery. Their children were; a infant, born and died in 1908, Eva Gold who married, Henry Parker and they had one daughter; Eva, Nadine Parker, buried in Molly Wright Cemetery. Next she married  Howard Lapp. Burl, who married Mary Morris, Leslie, who married Vesta Meritt, Etta Mae, who married Charley Smythe, Lloyd and Floyd (twins). Lloyd Gold married Etheline Perrigan, and Floyd Gold married Neta Lebow, and Fern Gold, who married Alex Granz.

The children of Leslie and Vesta (Meritt) Gold were; Elnora, who married Bob Raper, Bob died in ate 1980’s and Elnora married Glen Wiley, he died and she resides at Marionville, MO.

Billy Gold married Lois Mitchell. Marie “Sugar” married 1st. married Bill Thomas, they divorced and she married Bob Wolfe, Mary Ellen married Joe Hertzel.

Obituary of Charley Smythe

Charley T. Smythe, Aurora, Mo., departed this life Friday, July 2, 1993 at 7:10 am in Hudson House Nursing Home, Aurora, MO., at the age of 78 years, nine months and 28 days.
Charles was born September 4, 1914 in Notch, MO., to James C. and Nellie (Qualls) Smythe. He was married to Etta Mae Gold she preceded him in death. Charles was a lifetime resident of the Reeds Spring area and was well known as a construction contractor and Pentecostal, minister.

He is survived by three sons; Jerry Smythe of Nixa, MO., Rick Smythe of Ozark, Mo., and Hank Smythe of Kimberling City, MO., Six daughters; Betty Charlene Louke of Aurora, MO. Barbara Russell of Branson, MO., and Linda Smythe of Avinger, Texas., Dixie Rees of Springfield, MO., Mary Peace of Springfield, MO. and Opal Melton of Ozark, MO. 25 grandchildren, 18 gr-grandchildren and a host of friends and relatives.

Funeral services were at 10; a.m. Monday July 5, in Stumpft, South Chapel Kinberling, City, MO. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Heart Association.

William L. “Bill” Gold

Crane---William L. “Bill” Gold 59, Crane, died at 7 a.m., Monday, June 15, 1992 in Cox Medical Center, South, Springfield, Mo., following a long illness.
Mr. Gold was an operating engineer in the construction industry, and a member of the Hurley Church of Gold. He is survived by three sons; Dennis, Tuscon, Arizona, Jon, Cape Fair, MO., and James of Pheonix, Arizona. His mother, Vesta Gold, a brother, Tommy Gold, both of Crane, three sisters, Elnora Raper, Marionville, MO., Mary Ellen Pilz, Stockton, California and Marie “Sugar” Wolfe, Branson, and four grand children, Brandon Leslie, Heather Marie, both of Marionville, Ryan Lewis, Pheonix, and Ashley Marie, Tuscon, Arizona.

Services were at 10:30 a.m. in Hurley church of God with the Rev’s Roy Lee Wade and J.B. Richardson officiating, with burial in the Crane Community Cemetery, under direction of Meadors Funeral Home of Clever, MO.

Walter Gold

Walter Gold, son of Eddie and Arminta (Gaultney) Gold married Marjorie Jackson, daughter of Everett and Martha (Turner) Jackson. She was born in 1914 in Stone, County, MO. Their children were; (1) Constance Faye “Connie” Gold, born November 27, 1932. She married Halvor D. Wilson, born Juen 14, 1952. He married Barbara Hair, June 8, 1972. She was born November 3, 1954 and they had two sons; Bradley Gene Wilson, born October 7, 1975, and Brandon Lee Wilson, born December 11, 1977. (2) Mary Lynn Gold was born June 25, 1934. She married Neal Leon Hanafin, January 2, 1951. They had five sons; Danny Wayne, born October 6, 1950, Douglas Neal Hanafin, born June 12, 1952. Dwight David Hanafin, born September 18, 1955. He married Debbie Ingram, August 20, 1976. Their children are; Abagail Marie Hanafin, born August 28, 1978. Matthew Hanafin, June 28, 1981, and Stephenie Hanafin born November 3, 1982. Darrell Lee Hanafin, born July 26, 1964. Married Tammy Baker on November 7, 1987 and Dana Dynn Hanafin, born October 18, 1970.

Martha Frances “Frankie” Gold was born November 25, 1936. She married Richard Hubert Flood, March 3, 1956. He was born July 4, 1931. Their children; Kimberly Denice Flood, born March 9, 1957, who married a Smith and they had a daughter, Alicia Dawn Smith, born November 9, 1982.

Richard Kevin Flood, was born April 30, 1961, and married a girl named Julie, February 27, 1986. One son; Kelly Brandon Flood, born November 22, 1986. Chris Lee Flood was born March 18, 1971.

Henrietta Gold, was born July 20, 1941. She married Ray Dean Flood, October 31, 1958. He was born February 11, 1937. Their children: DeEtta Flood born December 16, 1959, and married Kent Murray, on December 17, 1977. He was born August 2, 1957. And their children are; Bryan Kent Murray was born June 1981. Dustin Ray Murray, born May 3, 1986, and Chad Aaron Murray, born January 16, 1980. Lesa Kae Flood was born April 29, 1962. She married Bill Mac Cutbirth, April 15, 1977. He was born June 4, 1959, their children: Ashley Nicole Cutbirth, born November 5, 1977, and William Daniel Cutbirth, born May 10, 1980.

Lora Ann Flood was born September 24, 1971.

Carol Ann Gold was born October 7, 1943. She married Jack Gipson, August 31, 1964. They had a son Rodny Duncan Gipson, born March 10, 1965.

Margie A. Gold

Margie A. Gold, 84 Crane, died at 2:50 a.m. Thursday January 21, 1999 in Cox Medical Center, South Springfield.

Mrs. Gold was a homemaker and a charter member of the Viewpoint Fundamental Methodist church.

She was also a past member of the M.F.A. Farm Club. She is preceded in death by her husband, Walter January, 1983, her parents, Everett and Martha (Turner) Jackson; a brother and three sisters. She is survived by 5 daughters, Connie Wilson of the home, Mary Lynn Hanafin and Frankie Flood both of Clever, Henrietta Flood of Hurley and Carol Gipson of Crane; a sister Wanda Ruckman of Springfield; 13 grandchildren, 25, great grandchildren and one gr- gr-grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Funeral services were held at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, January 23, in Meadors Funeral Home, Clever, with the Rev. Dennis Bowling, and Rick Flood officiating. Burial was in Short Cemetery, Hurley.

The children of Floyd and Neta (Lebow) Gold were; Patricia, Judith Ann, Saundra Lea, and Roger Lyle Gold.

Patricia Gold was born January 6, 1941. She first married Charles F. Rogers, who was born May 27, 1942, and Neta Louise Rogers, born September 23, 1963. Her second marriage was to Patty Eugene Grayson, born August 26, 1930. They were married November 6, 1965. They had two children; Karla Kay, born July 10, 1966, Denise Marie Grayson, born May 22, 1975.

Judith Ann Gold was born February 13, 1942, she married Herbert Don Flood, born April 28, 1960. Steven Wayne Flood, born February 28, 1962. Ronald Lee Flood, Born September 18, 1963, and Dennie Joe Flood, born July 1, 1965.

Saundra Lee Gold was born December 24, 1944. She married J.B. Conrad, June 30, 1961. He was born April 25,1944. They had two children; James Allen Conrad, born November 15, 1961. And LeaNeta Sou Conrad born October 1, 1965.

Roger Lyle Gold was born July 21, 1947. He married Janice Sue (Maples) (Wilson), March 11, 1997. She was born July 9, 1947. They had two sons; Timothy Allen (adopted) born January 29, 1965, and James Todd Gold, born December 27, 1973.

Obituary of Patty Grayson

Patty E. Grayson 67, of R# 1, Clever died at 2:45 a.m. Sunday, April 19, 1998 in Aurora Community Hospital.

Mr Grayson retired as Master Surgeon from the US. Air Force, and later retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons after nine years of service.
A longtime resident of Clever, area, he also enjoyed farming. He served on the Stone County Extension and as Vice President of the Farm Bureau in Stone County. He was a member of the View Point Fundamental Methodist Church where he had served as Sunday School Superintendent. He is survived by his wife, Patricia, six children and their spouses, Glenda Grayson of Kansas City, MO., Kenneth and Chris Grayson of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Anthony Rogers of Nixa, Missouri. Neta and Jim Ford of Morgan Town, Ky., three brothers, Lloyd Grayson and his wife, Ruby, of Poyner, Texas, Lester Grayson of Rolla, MO., and David Grayson, of Newburg, Missouri, A sister, Ernie Greer of Newburg, MO., his mother-in-law, Neta Gold of Crane, Mo., Two sister-in-laws and their husbands; Judie and Doc Flood and Sondra and J.B. Conrad, all of Hurley, MO., a brother-in-law and his wife, Roger and Janice Gold on Nixa, MO., and a host of other relatives, friends and neighbors.

Funeral services were at 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, April 21, 1998 in Meadors Funeral Chapel, Clever, with the Rev. Robert Chapman and Stanley Clark officiating, Burial was in Crane Community Cemetery, Crane, MO., with Military Honors by the Whiteman Air Force Honor Guard.

Obituary of Leon Hanafin

Leon N. Hanafin, 67, Clever, MO., died at 12:15 a.m. Tuesday, July 15, 1997, in St John’s Regional Health Center, Springfield, MO.

A life time resident of the Clever area, he was formerly a self-employed milk hauler and had retired from the CIR Electric Company, approximately five years ago. He is preceded in death by his parents; three sisters and four brothers. He is survived by his wife of 43 years, Marilynn, five sons, Doug, of the home, Pete and his wife, Teresa, of Clever, Dusty and his wife Sherry of Springfield, MO., and Dana and his wife Denise, of Clever; two brothers, Ottis and his wife Virgie Hanafin, And Don and Ruby Hanafin, all of Clever. A sister and her husband, Betty and George Wright, of Clever, a sister-in-law, Hazel Hanafin, of Nixa, his mother-in-law, Margie Gold of Hurley, seven grandchildren, Abby, Matt, Stephanie, Mandi, Bridget, Dillon and Michaela, and two step-grandchildren, Devorie and Corbin.

Funeral services will be at 1 p.m., Thursday July 17, 1997, in the Meadors Funeral Home Chapel, Clever. With the Rev. Dennis Bowling officiating, Burial will be in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Clever. Memorial contributions may be made to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Obituary of Richard Hubert Flood

Clever---Richard Hubert Flood, 65, Clever, MO., died at 5’43 a.m. Thursday, June 12, 1997, in his home, following a long courageous battle with cancer.

Hubert married Frankie Gold on March 3, 1956, and they recently retired after 37 years of dairy farming. He owned and operated a school bus for Hurley schools for 39 years. He was converted at Oak Ridge Full Gospel Church during a revival several years ago and recently attended Billings Full Gospel Church. He was a U.S. Navy Veteran, serving during the Korean Conflict. His father, Theadore Flood, preceded him in death on May 4, 1933. He is survived by his wife, two sons and their wives, Kelly and Julie Flood and Kris and Lacy Flood, all of Clever; a daughter, Kim Hanmore, Springfield, Missouri,; four grandchildren, Alicia Smith, Kelsey Hanmore, and Brandy and Josh Flood, his mother, Nola Meritt, Nixa, MO., a brother, Leotis and Becky Flood, Kansas City, MO., a sister June Davis, Springfield, Mo., his mother-in-law, Margie Gold, Hurley, Aunts and Uncles, nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 14, 1997 in Meadors Chapel, Clever, with the Rev. Dennis Bowling and Faye White officiating, Burial will be Short cemetery, Hurley. Visitation will be Linda Gold married Mike Rhodamire, and they later divorced. Her second marriage was to Preston Sheppard, and they live at Clever, Missouri.

Dwight Gold married Nadine Baumberger; their children were; David, Deanne and Diane Gold. Dwight still resides on the home place, where Clovis and Dwight have farmed and operated a dairy and livestock farm since they both grew up there.


Martha Ann Gold was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Jane (Cavener) Gold. She was a twin sister to Mary Jane Gold. They were born January 29, 1855 in Christian County, Missouri She was 11 years old, when her father and mother moved to Stone County, Missouri. On August 18, 1874 she married Charles B. Manley. She died August 16, 1884 and was buried in the Manley Cemetery, which is located on the Wilson Creek National Park, Property. The cemetery is about 80’ by 100’, and is maintained by the Park maintenance employees’.

Her stone reads as follows; Martha Ann Manley, 30 January 1855, 16 August 1884 w/o C.B. Manley. Foot stone M.A. M. Three other graves indentations in the same row, no information, they had 3 children; Ada S., Jesse, and Nellie J. Manley. Ada S. Manley may have been a half sister to Nellie and Jesse. She is shown to be 7 years old in the 1880 census. Charles B. Manley and Martha Jane (Gold) Manley were not married until 1874.
Martha Ann died August 16, 1884. Charles B. Manley later married Emma McCormick, and she became the stepmother of his children. Charles B. Manley was born February 15, 1850 and died June 15, 1906. He was buried in the other Manley Cemetery, two miles south of Battlefield, MO., His stone reads; Charles B. Manley, born February 15, 1850, died June 15, 1906. Jesse D. Manley, born March 31, 1875, died August 4, 1946.

There are two Manley cemeteries 2 or 3 miles apart. Martha Ann was buried in the one that is located in the Wilson’s Creek, National Park, and Charles B. Manley, and their son, Jesse D. Manley is buried in the other one.

Nellie Josephine Manley, born October 12, 1876, and died March 8, 1954, married John G. “Bud” Hale in 1897. Their children were Darl Hale who married Myrtle Welsh, Verna Hale, who married Arthur Crumpley, Verna died September 22, 1979, and Glen Hale who married Hazel Taylor, Donald Hale, died in his twenties, and Irene Hale, lives in California, Nellie Manley was born October 12, 1876, and died March 18, 1954, buried at the Smart Cemetery, located between Billings, and Clever, MO.


Section 25,Township 28N, Range 23W, Brookline Township This old Manley Cemetery is located on the Wilson’s Creek Battlefield Park, property. Go to Park Office for directions to the cemetery.

On July 7, 1998, my sister, Louella (Gold) Dulin, my brother Billy Joe Gold and I (Ray Gold), went to visit the grave of our gr-gr-Aunt, Martha Ann (Gold) Manley.

The cemetery looked as though it had been abandoned for several years and then cleared up and maintained by the park Maintenance crews. And has a walking trail to it that is well maintained. It is about 80’ by 100’, and has a rail fence around it.

Mary Ellen Gold

Mary Ellen Boyer, daughter of William Riley Gold and Sarah Pauline (White) Gold. She was born November 1884, and died 1936. She married Lawrence Boyer. Their child was. Lloyd Boyer, who was born June 23, 1909 and died November 23, 1933.Mary Ellen and her son, Lloyd Boyer was buried in The White Cemetery.

Charley Ernest Gold

Charley Ernest Gold, son of Wm. Riley and Sarah Pauline (White) Gold, was born March 14, 1888, in Stone County, MO. He died February 14, 1959 in Stone County, MO. On July 17, 1908 he married Cora Guthrie, who was born April 5, 1891 and died October 5, 1954. She was the daughter of William and Margaret Estes Guthrie. Charley and Cora are both buried in the Mt. Carmel Cemetery, on mile south of Clever, in Christian County, MO. Their children were; Mildred Lucile Gold, Roma Lorraine Gold, and Ruby Gold.

Mildred Lucille Gold was born in about 1909, she married Howard Jackson, who was born in 1909 in Stone County, Missouri. They wee the parents of Howard Jackson Jr., who was born May 22, 1930 in Stone County, MO. Bill Jackson, born December 22, 1933, and Wayne Jackson, born November 16, 1937. Howard Jackson Jr. is presently married to Jo (Henry) widow of James Wolfe, who is deceased. Howard Jr. and Jo resides at Hurley, in Stone County, Missouri. (1999)

Wayne Jackson was born November 16, 1937 and Thelma, his wife was born February 4, 1938. Their children; Charlie Neal Jackson, born August 31, 1959, Peggy Kay, and Patty Fay (twins) were born October 13, 1960. Step son, Billy Lee Chadd, born December 14, 1954, Kenneth Wayne Chadd, born December 17, 1956.

Peggy Kay has a son, Steve Wayne Jackson, born July 12 1982.

Patty Fay has three daughters, Thelma Kay, born January 11, 1979. Jennifer Chelin Brennecka, born March 14, 1984. Melissa Jane Brennecka, born March 19, 1986.

Thelma Kay has two daughters; Elizabeth Joyce Foster, born December 15, 1994, and Ariel Waynette Jones, born April 8, 1996.

Roma Lorraine Gold was born June 6, 1911 in Stone County, MO., and died February 19, 1954 in Springfield, Missouri. She is buried at Mt. Carmel, Cemetery, one mile south of Clever in Christian County, MO. On September 25, 1933 she married Clifford Hooton and they had no children. Roma’s daughter, Betty Joe, born January 27, 1928 to Roma and Forrest Phillip Moody in Stone County, MO. The parents of Forrest Moody were; Thomas M. Moody and America Kimberling. They are buried in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, at the Little White Church on Silver Lake branch in Stone County, Missouri. Their stone reads; Thomas M. Moody 1869-___. America Moody, 1872-1933. Infant son of Tom Moody, stone, November 10,1897. Forrest Phillip Moody later married Nola McClellan, and they had a daughter, June Moody, she was half sister to Betty Joe Moody.

Betty Joe Moody married Jack Siger and they were divorced, then on April 25, 1952 she married Jeptha Clark Weems, Jr. in Blue Springs, Arkansas. His parents were; Jeptha Clark Sr. and Daisy Idell Nicholsen. Betty Joe and Jeptha Clark Weems, Jr., where the parents of Elizabeth Weems, and Linda Roxanne Weems.
Elizabeth Annette Weems was born August 15, 1953 in San Diago, California. She married Andrew Richard Florez, Sr. He was the son of Andrew Richard and Lillian Florez. Andrew Richard Florez and Annette Florez were the parents of Gabriel Antonio Florez. Who was born December 22, 1977 in Pasadena, California, They later were divorced and Elizabeth Annette married Jan Monroe Bullington on November 11, 1986 in Lancaster, L.A. County, California, and they have no children.

Linda Roxanne Weems was born August 9, 1957 in El Centro, California. She married Richard James Morris in November of 1979 at Elfreda, Arizona. His parents were; Richard Duke Morris and Ann Belle Patterson. Linda and Richard Morris were the parents of Camile Jean, born June 12, 1980, and Cody Holt Morris, born January 9, 1985. Both born in Douglas Cochise Co., Arizona. Linda Roxanna and Richard James Morris are divorced.

Ruby Fern Gold was born March 19, 1920 at Hurley, Missouri, and died May 17, 2000. On November 27, 1935 she married J. Herman Ailshie. He is deceased. To this union was born a daughter; Phillis Jeanette Ailshie, who was born December 10, 1936 and died June 29, 1983. She married Bobby Jo Wilhite, he was born May 23, 1936. Their wedding date was March 23, 1957. Their children were; Michael Allen Wilhite, and Marla Gray Wilhite, both boys. Then they were divorced in 1991. After J. Herman Ailshie died Ruby Fern (Gold) (Ailshie) married Rex Maples and they resided in California, until her death, May 17, 2000.

Obituary of Bill Jackson

Charles Bill Jackson, son of Howard C. and Mildred (Gold) Jackson was born December 22, 1933, in Quail Spur, Mo. and departed this life January 19, 1999 in his home Crane at the age of 65 years and 27 days.

Bill has been a resident of the area for the past 7 years, coming from National City, California. He was a United States Army Veteran. He was married to Doris Amack, December 31, 1980. Survivors include, his wife, Dot; three sons, Ronnie Jackson of the State of California. Don Jackson of Crane, and Richard Jackson of Germany, three daughters; Debbie Jackson of the State of California; Kathy Mejia of Kansas City, Kansas, and Maria Ratcliff of Mansfield, MO., six brothers, Junior Jackson of Hurley, Wayne Jackson of Grove, Oklahoma, Mike and Victor Jackson, both of Puerto Rico; Mickey Jackson of Colorado, 13 grandchildren, 10 gr-grandchildren and host of other relatives and friends.

Services were held Saturday, January 23, at the assembly of Gold in Crane with Nilene Mcknight officiating, burial was in the Short Cemetery, Hurley.

Emless Gold

Emless Gold was the son of Wm. Riley and Sarah Pauline (White) Gold, was born June 3, 1897. He married Pearlie Logan, who was born February 7, 1900 and died July 31, 1967. They are both buried in the White Cemetery, which is on the old home place of Wm. Riley Gold. Their children were; Clovis Gold and Vera Louise Gold. Vera Louise died young. Clovis married Ermaline Wilson, and their children were; Dwight Gold and Linda Gold.


Mary Ann Gold was married to Wm. H. Stowe, January 17, 1876. By T.S. Barnett, Minister. Their children were; Alice Stowe, who married George Haglin; William Oliver Stowe, married Emma Wright, John C. Stowe, born in about 1881. William H. Stowe Gold died in 1882 and Mary later married Freeman Layman, and had William H and Sadie Layman. William H. and Mary Ann (Gold) Stowe are both buried at the Mt. Carmel Cemetery, south of Clever, in Christian County, Missouri.

The 1910 census of Stone County, Missouri, shows the following;

Oliver W. Stowe head of house 31, Emma, wife, 31, Orphie Dau. 9, Delpha V. dau. 6, Wm. I. son, 5, Clyde E. Son, 3, Mabel M. dau. 1

Mary Layman, head of house 59, Herman, son, 16.

Henry Illinois, Henry News Republican

Wednesday, April 17, 1957 from 7 to 8 p.m. today, June 13, 1997, in the funeral chapel.

Funeral Services were held at 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon at the Boose Funeral Home for Wm. Oliver Stowe, former Lone Tree retired farmer, who passed away about 9 o’clock Thursday evening April 11, at the home of a daughter in Walnut. Death was due to the infirmities of advanced age, He had ben bedfast since about last Thanksgiving.

Officiating at the serviecs was Rev. Orville Masemore, pastor of the Henry, Baptist Church.

Pallbearers were; Marshall Downey of Lone Tree, Willard Spratt of Hennepin, Clarnence Anderson of Putman, Ernest Cook of west of Henry, Wilbur Vickery of Walnut, and Arvid Borg of Tiskilwa.

Music was in charge of Comelius Fosdick of Tiskilwa and Mrs. Ethel Benefiel of Henry, and consisted of organ prelude and postlude played sung by Mrs. Benefiel, and two vocal selections. “ The Old Rugged Cross” and “ In The Sweet Bye And Bye,” by Mr. Fosdick and accompanied by Mrs. Benefiel.

Internment was in the family lot in Henry, City Cemetery, The Boose Funeral home was in charge of all arrangements, and friends in large numbers called there Saturday afternoon and evening, and Suinday until the hour of the service. The service itself was one of the largest in point of attendance in this community in many months, as friends and relatives from Putnam, Lone Tree Bradford, Tiskilwas, Walnut, Depue, Streator, Varna Wenona and several other communities came to pay tribute of affection to Mr. Stowe and his family.

Native of Missouri

Mr. Stowe was a native of Missouri, born June 29, 1878 near the village of Hurley, in Stone County, Missouri. It was there that he met and married Miss Emma Wright, their marriage taking place June 28, 1899.

For several years they farmed in their native community, coming in the early part of the century for a short time to Wheatland township and farmed this area again unti their retirement in 1950. From then on they made their home in the vicinity of Walnut, first near, and then later with their youngest daughter and her family, Mr. and Mrs. Volmer Haurberg and two children. It was in their home that Mr. Stowe passed away Thursday evening at an advanced age of 78 years 9 months and 12 days.

Mr. and Mrs. Stowe became the parents of ten children; (1) Orpha, now Mrs. Lawrence H. Hawse of Near Wenona, (2) Delpha, the late Mrs. Benjamin H. Forrest, a former Henry resident, who passed away March 1, 1938. (3) Ivan, of Depue (4) Clyde of Longview, Washington, (5) Mabel, now Mrs, Norman Severson of Streator. (6) Elvin of Tiskilwa, (7) Lory, also of Tiskilwa, (8) Mary, now Mrs. Herschel McLaren of west of Henry, (9) Vernard of DePue, (10) and Kaye, now Mrs. Volmer Haurberg of Walnut.

All nine of the surviving children were Present at Sunday’s services, the one son, Clyde having come by plane to Moline, where he was met Saturday morningm hius wife is ill. Other survivors include his devoted wife, herself too ill to be (resent at Sunday’s services, who had assisted day and night in Mr. Stowe”s care to the point where she herself has required constant care the past few. 10 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

Mr. Stowe was the youngest and last survivor of his immediate family, his parents, William and Mary Ann (Gold) Stowe having passed away some years ago, and also his two brothers and two sisters. None were ever residents of this area. Also predeceasing him, in addition to his daughter, Mrs. Forrest, were two infant grandchildren.

A large number of those in attendance at Saturday’s visitation and Sunday services were members of the very large Wright relationship in this area, many of whom themselves came originally from the same locality in Missouri, of which both Mr. and Mrs. Stowe were natives.

Mrs. Emma Viola Wright was born January 29, 1879, near Hurley, Stone County, MO., and died October 31,1960 in Varna, Illinois. She married WM. Oliver Stowe, June 28, 1899, son of William Stowe and Mary Ann Gold. He was born June 29, 1878 near Hurley, Stone County, MO., and died April 11, 1957 in Walnut, Illinois.

Mrs. Emma Viola (Wright) Stowe
Former Resident
Laid to rest Friday

Funeral services were held at 2, o’clock, Friday afternoon. November 4, at the Boose funeral home of Mrs. Emma Viola Stowe, widow of the late Wm. Oliver Stowe of Walnut, Illinois who had passed away following a long illness early Monday evening, October 31, at the home of their oldest daughter, Mrs, Lawrence Hawse, at Verna.

Up until about eight years ago, the Stowe’s had been residents of the Lone Tree community, but left there for Walnut about that time. They still considered themselves a part of this communuty, however, and both have now been laid to rest in Henry, city cemetery.

Officiating at Friday’s services was the Rev. R.R. Halfyard, pastor of the Varna Methodist Church. Two vocal selections; “ Will there be any stars in my crown,” and “ I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone”. Were sung by Comelia Fosdick of Tiskilwa, accompanied by Mrs Ethel Benefiel, who also played the organ prelude and postlude. Same Pallbearers as for Mr. Stowe three years ago. Serving as pallbearers both for Mrs. Stowe, services Friday, and for Mr. Stowe some three and a half years ago. Were; Clarence Anderson, Arvid Borg, Ernest Cook, Marshall Downey, Willard Spratt, and Willbur Vickery, Friends in very large number called at the funeral home Thursday afernoon and evening, and an unusually large number attended Friday afternoon’s rites.

In charge of handling a profession of floral remembrances were Mesdames; Arvid Borg, Ernest Cook, Marshal Downey and Wilbur Vickery. In addition to the floral tributes, several memorial donations were also given.

Member of the Pioneer family

Mrs. Stowe was a member of the Prominent Wright family, one of the early settler families in the Putnam-Lone Tee area, which came here among a sizable group from Monongalia County, West Virginia, slightly over 100 years ago. Her own parents, George and Mary (Henderson) Wright, however, pioneered further westward, leaving the area for Stone County, Missouri, where she was born near Hurley, MO. on January 29, 1899.

For several years they farmed in their native community in Missouri, coming for a short time to Wheatland township in Bureau County in the early part of this century but returned to Missouri in 1919 to make their home. First near and then later with their youngest daughter and her husband and family, Mr and Mrs. Volumer Haurberg of Walnut.

Mr Stowe passed away there on April 11, 1957. Since then Mrs. Stowe had continued her residence with the Haurbergs, though she had been a frequent visitor in the homes of her other children. Very recently with the Norman Seversons of Streator and for the last several days of her life with the Lawrence Hawse family of Varna.

Large Relationship

Mr. and Mrs. Stowe became the parents of ten children eight survive her. (1) Orpha, (Mrs. Lawrence Hawse of Varna. (2) Delpha, (Mrs. Benjamin Forrest) who passed away March 1, 1938. (3) Ivan, of DePue, who died June 28 of this year. (4) Clyde, of Longview, Washington. (5) Mabel, (Mrs. Norman Severson) of Streator. (6) Elven of Tiskilwa, (7) Lory, of Wenona (8) Mary (Mrs. Hershel McLaren) of Henry, (9) Vernard of DePue, and (10) Kaye, ( Mrs. Volmer Haurberg) of Walnut.

Surviving also are 10 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, two brothers, Corbly C. Wright of Bradford, and Oscar E. Wright of Putnam, one sister, Miss Mary Wright of Billings, Mo., and a very large number of nieces and nephews and other relatives, both in this area and in her native and nearby areas in southwest Missouri.

Preceeding her in death, were her parents, both many year ago; her husband in 1957; and one daughter; Delpha Forrest, and one son Ivan, two infant grandchildren; and five brothers and four sisters. Two of the brothers, along with the two surviving ones mentioned returned to this area and became widely known here; the late David Wright, who passed away in 1957, and Boone Wright, late of the Bradford communiuty, who died in 1948.

Emma Viola
From daughter, Kaye

My mother loved to make quilts. She made dozens of them over the years. I can remember her looking for new patterns, and I can see the boxes of material scraps she had. I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was from Sears. She would order what they called “quilt material”. It was all shapes and sizes of printed material. She would cut them into the shapes she needed, then sew them together by hand. She would put them in quilting frames and work hours quilting them. She also liked to care for chickens. She usually raised about a hundred a year. None of us kids took care of them the way she liked, so she did most of the work herself. The boys did clean the chicken house, I do remember that. She kept in touch with the family in Missouri. When the kids were young they didn’t go very often, about once every two or three years, but when the boys got old enough to drive, they went more often. Aunt Lib, Mother’s sister, lived in Marionville, Missouri. Her husband, Newt Fugitt, was a true hill person, tall very thin, very quiet and was always whittling something, and was quite good at it. There were two boys, I believe they were his children by a former marriage. They died young and I never met them. I did know Aunt Lib and Newt’s girls. Laura and Lizza. I only met Lizza once, she moved to another state and I never heard about her after the late 30’s or 40’s. Aunt Lib was living at that time with Laura and her husband, Herbert Marshal. Newt had passed on, Luara died shorly after Aunt Lib and she didn’t have any children.

First printed in Wright-Hale Roots & Twigs
By Nancy Parker Ohda

Grandma Stowe Who I called Ma
By Gini

Grandma was pretty quiet, I only remember her getting upset with me once, and that was when I called her to look at me nude, while I was sitting on the floor getting a kick out of how my tummy button moved when I giggled. I think?? I was about 4 or 5. She told me in a stern voice to get dressed.

One of my fondest memories is her baking powder biscuits. She made them from scratch almost every morning of her life. I remember asking her for the recipe and she said, “Oh, I don’t use a recipe---Just a handfull of this and a pinch of this and that.” We would put butter and honey on them and they would just melt in your mouth. It is still one of my favorite foods to make me feel better when I’m depressed.

Ma loved to quilt, She would sit by the hour and piece the material together. Mom told me once that Pa used to give her a hard time about her quilting, He said he just couldn’t understand why she’d cut material apart just to sew it back together again. Ma had numerous grand children. I don’t remember getting any presents from her for birthdays or Christmas. Maybe some candy. I’m sure they couldn’t afford it. When I was around 7 or 8 years old. I asked my mother if she thought Ma would make me a quilt. I wanted one like Aunt Orpha had. It was circles and reminded me of a ferris wheel. Mom asked Ma and she made me one. I still have it and fondly call it my ferris wheel quilt. I have another quilt that belonged to my mother and she gave it to me as a wedding present. My mother also gave my daughter, Jody, and son Brian quilts made by Ma. She made all the quilts by hand. I’m sure she had a treadle sewing machine but every one of her quilt stitches was done by hand. Her stitches were so tiny and even they looked like they had been done by machine.

She stayed with us several times. Several times with Pa and at least once after Pa died. I remember she had to have a commode by the couch she slept on. She wasn’t strong enough to get up and walk to the bathroom. One day Mom was busy and Ma had to use the commode, so I helped her. She said “imagine a grandchild of mine, having to help me go to the bathroom.” It made me feel rather sad.

Talking about bathrooms makes me remember that they did not have in-door plumbing at the farmhouse. They had a out-house. I would take a deep breath, open the door and try to hold my breath until I was finished. I don’t think I was able to hold it until I was far enough away.

The Generations

(1) Michael Gold Michael Gold
(2) Johnathan Gold Johnathan Gold
(3) Thomas Gold Thomas Gold
(4) Mary Ann (Gold) Stowe James Thomas Gold
(5) Wm. Oliver Stowe James Harvey Gold
(6) Mabel (Stowe) Severson Clarence Gold
(7) Virginia Kay “Gini” (Severson) Gehant James Ray Gold

Our Family

John was married and left a lovely wife and baby son. He taught a school near Hurley. There were very few schools in that area in the early 1900’s neighbors in the following years. The members of the Wright family who were buried there had a metal fence around their lot. As I remember the lot, there were only four graves inside the docorative fence; Grandma and Grandpa Wright, George and Mary Henderson Wright, Susie and McCord Wright. He died at an early age. Uncle John, Mom’s favorite brother died in his early 20’s.

The rest of Mom’s brother’s and sisters lived long lives. Her youngest brother, Uncle Oliver, and youngest sister, Aunt Molly (Mary) never married but lived together on their home place all their lives. They are buried in the family cemetery in the Wright Cemetery. Two of Mom’s brothers were living when Mom died in 1960, at the age of 81. They died a few years later in their nineties. They as well as my Mom were buried in here in Illinois, Emma and W.O. Stowe are both buried at the cemetery in Henry, Illinois. So many of their children, grandchildren and at this time at least one great grand child.

Dads parents, William (Bill) Stowe and Mary Gold Stowe, had three children. My Aunt Alice, My Dad, Oliver and Uncle Columbus (Lum) Stowe, My grandpa Stowe died when he was in his 20’s or early 30’s with malaria fever. Dad was five yearsold, Aunt Alice was about seven, and Uncle Lum was two or three. Grandma tried to keep the little place going with the help of the kids and a few neighbors. Dad quit going to school when he was in the third grade to help with the farm work.

Grandma got married to Freeman Layman and they had two children; Sadie and Herman. Then they were divorced. So my Dad took over trying to provide for the family. He was only twelve or thirteen years old but did the work of a grown man.

He and Mom married when they were 20 and 21 years old and moved to Illinois for a few years. Moms brother; Uncle Dave and Uncle Corbery had moved with their families to the area near Lone Tree, several years before and that is why Mom and Dad came to Illinois the first time. Dad worked as a hired hand for different farmers around the Lone Tree area. Dan Vell was the one he worked for the most. My sister had been born in Missouri before they moved to Illinois, then my sister, Delphia and brother, Ivan were born within the next two or three years. Then Dad went back to Missouri on a visit because he was homesick. He came back and got Mom and the kids and moved back to Stone County, MO.

They rented a farm from a man named Kavener, where they lived a couple of years. My brother, Clyde was born while we lived there, in January of 1907.

They bought the farm where I was born in 1909. There was a small house and barn on the place. The house as I remember it, had a kitchen, living room with there too. Of course, I slept with Mom and Dad.

My Mom and Dad were born and grew up as neighbors in Missouri near the little village of Clever about 20 miles southwest of Springfield, MO. in Stone or Green County. My Dads mother, Mary Gold and his father William (Bill) Stowe, as well as his only brother; Columbus (Lum) Stowe are buried in the cemetery near Clever, MO.

My Moms folks are buried in the Wrights Cemetery on their home place. Shortly after my grandparents (enter their names) moved to Missouri from Pennsylvania, with their two or three older children, one of my aunts died. Her name was Susan, She was two or three years old, I think. Being as the area was sparsly settled at that time, there were no cemeteries near by, so grandma and grandpa decided to bury her in a grove of trees a very short distance from Dad for a year or so. Then my brother, Elvin, was born in April of 1911 and Lory in January of 1913.

The house where I was born was not on the main road. It was about a quarter of a mile from the main road. So with their family increasing in size and number, Mom and Dad decided to build or have a bigger house built out on the main road as was the style in those days and an upstairs where my 2 brothers slept. I believe my two sisters slept up there too. This house was one of the nicer places in that area. We moved into it in late 1913 or early 1914.

It had a large kitchen and dining room combined, a middle room, a parlor and a bedroom and closet down stairs and two large rooms upstairs. There was a cement porch on the south side of the kitchen and a circular cement porch around three sides of the living room.

The reason I mentioned the cement porch is that they saved the house from being blown away in a tornado that did lots of damage to groves of trees and buildings over a area of four or five miles. We were just ready to sit down to a Sunday dinner when Orpha called Mom to come and see the cloud. Mom looked and saw the funnel cloud on the ground coming from the southwest right toward our house. It was about ½ mile away when they first saw it. By the time Mom and Dad got the kitchen door closed and the kids into the middle room, it had gone by the house doing very little damage but on both sides of our house there were groves of big trees that were just twisted from the ground with their roots turned up into the air eight or ten feet high.

The funnel cloud had split, a few hundred feet before it got to our house, and went on both sides of the house, taking trees and out buildings with it.

From that time to this day I have no doubts that there is a higher power that protected us that day, I think it happened in 1916.

Now to get back to Sadie  (no more is written)

Orpha Jane Stowe was born April 26,1900 in Clever, MO., and died February 23 1994 in Peoria, Illinois. She married Lawrence Hergert Hawse, December 15, 1923 in Laco, Illinois. He was born March 5, 1893 near Varna, Illinnois, and died July 17, 1967 in Spring Valley, Illinois. Their only child was Laura Ann Hawse.

Delphia Ellen Stowe was born July 20, 1903 and died March 1, 1938. She married Benjamin Forrest, He was born September 30, 1889.Their children: William Eugene and James Fredrick Forrest.

William Evan Stowe was born September 7, 1904 in Tiskilwa, Illinois, and died June 28, 1960. He married Mae Bell Howell April 10, 1928 in Henry, Illinois. She was born September 3, 1903 in Trimble County, Revere, Kentucky, and died February 6, 1989. They are both buried at Henry, Illinois, Cemetery.

Mabel Mae Stowe was born February 17, 1909 and died Feruary 20, 1995 in Dekalb, Illinois. She married Norman Arthur Severson June 24, 1942 in Princeton, Illinois. He was born October 6, 1892 in Cambridge, Wisconsin, and died May 21, 1977 in Streator, Illinois. They were the parents of Virginia Kay “Gini” Severson.

Lory Leon Stowe was born January 10, 1913 in School, Mo., and died January 4, 1997 in Peoria, Illinois. He married Anna Borg, She was born January 23, 1915 in Rural Milo Township, Illinois, and died August 11, 1993. Their children were; Jennifer Delphia Stowe, and Bonita Lynn Stowe. Bonita married Fred McMillen.

Mary Viola Stowe was born October 12, 1914 in Clever, MO., She married Herschel McLaren, December 25 1942 in Princeton, Illinois. He was born September 12, 1912 in Mcedonia, Illinois, and died January 7, 1996 in Henry, Illinois.

Vernard Wright Stowe ws born December 6, 1916 and die May 29, 1990 in Valley Springs, Illinois. He married Catherine Marie Fioochi. They were the parents of James Allen Stowe and Catherine Faye Stowe.

Laura Ann Hawse (dau. of Orpha Jane Stowe,) married Francis Victor Vaster, their children were (1) Cherlyn Ann Vaster, who married Danny K. Buhr. (2) Glen Alan Vaster, (3) Kimberly Jo Vaster, (4) Michella Lynn Vaster.

William Eugene Forrest (son of Delpha Stowe and Benjamin Forrest) He married Billie Jean Hand and they had; James Allen, Carol Lynn, Kevin Lee, and Karen Jean Forrest.

James Frederick Forrest, ( son of Delpha and Benj. Forrest) He first married Marilyn Dianie Stout. (2) He mairried Mary Fane., By his first marriage they had ; Lori, and James Bradley Forrest. James Bradley Forrest ws born Dec. 2, 1953, and died June 15, 1994.

Emma Louise Stowe married Gary Lee Chase, and they had Tracy Lynn and Melinda Sue Chase. Melinda Stowe married Sean Rolando.

Virginia Kay “Gini” Severson married Allen Robert Gehant, and they are the parents of (1) Jody Lunn Gehant (2) Brian Norman Gehant, (3) Logan Strong Gehant.

William Edwin Stowe, son of Elvin Hugh Stowe, he married Mary Francis Real. Their children (1) Willima Brent Stowe,(2) Kathleen Marie Stowe, (3) Carl Lee Stowe, (4) Michael Elvin Stowe (5) Roxanna Mae Stowe, (6) Janice Marie Stowe, (7) Linda Carol Stowe, born Apri 15, 1947, and died February 15, 1998 in Princeton, Illinois. (8)Leland Laverne Stowe, (9) Elaine Sus Stowe, (10) Julie Kathryn Stowe, Jennifer Delpha Stowe married Gary Smith and they had one child; Patricia Lynn Stowe.

Mark Lloyd McLaren married Trudy Kay Flatt. Their children were; (1) Mark Phillip McLarne. (2) Amanda Kay McLaren (3) Timothy Michael McLaren.

John Curtis Stowe, (son of Vernard Wright Stowe) was born Septembeer 22, 1943 in Spring Valley, Illinois and died June 10, 2000 in Troy Grove, Illinois he married Cheryl Ann “Katie” Bartolucci. They were the parents of (1) Amber Lynn Stowe, (2) Karen Lee Stowe, (3) Beth Ann Stowe,

James Allen, Stowe, (son of Vernard Wright Stowe) married Alice Ann Harrison. And they had Craig Allan Stowe, and Christy Lynn Stowe.

Catherin Faye Stowe, married Volmer Haurberg, he was born October 25, 1918 in Princeton, Illinois, and died October 19, 1966 in La Salle, Illinois.

Generation 4

Glen Alan Vaster, had one child; Pheonix Alyse Vaster.

Kimberly Jo Vaster married (1) Rodney Richard Harper, (2) she married Robert Cross. By her first marriage she had on child Chadwick Allen Harper.

Michella Lynn Vsster married Bryon Hasty and they had Cheyanne Nicole Hasty.

James Allen Forrest, married (1) Loretta Ratcliff, (2) He married Rita Bradley, (3) He married Elizabeth Mary “Lisa’ Krysiak. By his 3rd marriage they had Christopher James “CJ” Forrest.

Carol Lynn Forrest married Bary Clinton Hall. And they had Mathew Leen and Jerremi Allen Hall.

Kevin Lee Forrest married Becky Davis and they had James Edward

Karen Jean Forrest, married Tony Smith and they have Kelly Marie and Katie Elizabeth Smith.

Lora Forrest married Richard Miles and they had (1) Shelby Ann Miles (2) Darren Richard Miles. (3) Jason Kenneth Miles (4) Jared James Miles.

Tracy Lynn Chase married Geoge Joh Busch, their children (1) Schyler Elisabeth Busch, (2) Shianne Lee Busch, (3) Shay Lee Busch, (4) Parker ChaseBusch, (5) Spencer Christain Busch.

Jody Lynn Gehant married James Nevel, their children are; (1) Jacob Allne Nevel, (2) Joshua Lee Nevel, (3) Jessica Marie “Jessie’ Nevel (4) Justin Tyler Nevel.
William Brent Stowe married Brandy Pickleand they had Sydney Stowe.

Kathleen Marie Stowe married Troy Ericson and they had (1) Justin David Ericson, (2) Jessica Marie Ericson. (3) Keirsten Ann Ericson

Carl Lee Stowe married Toma Elaine Gerrnwood their children are; (1) Jill Stowe, (2) Stephen Wayne Stowe, (3) Daniel Andrew Stowe. (4) Samuel Joseph Stowe.

Michael Elvin Stowe married a lady named Melissa and they had (1) Devin Michael, Stowe (2) Elizabeth Stowe,

Roacanna Mae married James Edward Chase, and had Teressa Chase and Mary Eilzabeth Chase, (2) she married Don Johnson.

Children of Janice Stowe and Edward McBride; (1) Robin Christine McBride, (2) Andrea Lynne McBride, (3) Marcie Lee McBride.

Linda Carol Stowe, (dau of Wm. Edwin Stowe) was born April 15, 1947 and died Feruary 15 1998 in Princeton, Illinois. She married James Doyle. And they had; (1) Wade Allen Doyle, (2) Mewlissa Ann Doyle, (3) Christine Lynn Doyle, born March 4, 1975 and died September 30, 1990.

Leland Laverne Stowe, (son of Wm. Edwin Stowe) married Sharon Hofer, their children are; (1) Paula Marie Stowe, (2) Laurie Ann Stowe, (3) Laland Douglas Stowe.

Julie Kathryn Stowe, (dau. of Wm. Edwin Stowe) married Scott Elliot, they had too children; Britteny, and Cody Elliot.

Patricia Lynn Smith married Peter Smith Phillips and they had one child; Stephanie Ann Smith.

Amer Lynn Stowe married Paula. Dhesse and they had three children Desiree A, Gabriella J., and Madison M. Dhesse

Karen Len Stowe married Robert Johnson, their children are; Robert L., Katll L., and Beverly Lace LaRayne Johnson.

Beth Ann Stowe, (dau of John Curtis Stowe) married Daniel Snell, they had two children; Arden E., and Daniel Adam Snell.

Volmer Brooks Haurberg and Kathleen Penny had two children; Tara Kaye Haurberg, and Scott Haurberg.

Generation 5

Mathew Lee Hall married Tiffany and they had Lucas Mathew Hall, and Jesse Taylor Hall.

Teresa Chase (dau of Roxanna Mae Stowe) married David Reiser, their children are; (1) Hannah Celena Reiser, (2) Eli Reiser, (3) Maureen Catherine Reiser.

Robin Christine McBride (dau of Janice Marie Stowe) married Jim Turner, their children; James Tyler Turner, and Geneva Christine Turner.

Andrea Lynne McBride, married Mark Denger, their children; Daniel Lee, and Anna Marie Denger.

Marcie Lee McBride, married Jon Graham, their children; Kahley, and Jeffrey Graham.

Wade Allen Doyle, (son of Linda Carol Stowe) his children are; Wade Michael, and Douglas Doyle.

Melissa Ann Doyle (dau of Linda Carol Stowe) married Tony Lamb. They have; (1) Michelle Christine Lamb.(2) April Marie Lamb, (3) Anthony Michael Lamb.

Paula Marie Stowe, (dau of Leland Laverne Stowe) married Tim Lamb and they have Ashley and Kyle Lamb.

Laurie Stowe (dau of Leland Laverne Stowe) married Scott Spellious and they have one child; Jordan Spellious.

Julie Katheryn Stowe (dau of Laland Laverne Stowe) married Scott Elliot and they have; Brittany Elliot, and Cody Elliot.

Tara Kaye Haurberg married Randy Upton, and they have (1) Danielle Upton, (2) Taylor Brooks Upton, (3) Shae Rian Upton.

Scott Haurberg married Barara Pate and they have Soren Haurberg, and Natalie Haurberg.


Silas Gold, was the son of Thomas and Mary Jane (Cavener) Gold. He was born October 9, 1857 in Christian County, Missouri. Silas was nine years old when Uncle Tommy brought his family to Stone County and settled down 2 miles south of Union City, Missouri, in 1866. On March 28, 1878 Silas Gold married Julia M. Hale. She was the daughter of James Harlan and Nancy Margaret (Estes) (Messenger) Hale. Nancy was the daughter of James Calder Estes and Margaret Jones, James Harlan Hale was son of Mark Hale and Polly Mulky. He served in the 46th Missouri Infantry, Co. K. Their daughter, Nancy Margaret Ann Hale married Lorenzo Boon Wright who owned and operated the Union City store between 1900 and 1910. James Harlan and Nancy Hale lived about 3 miles west of Clever, in Polk township of Christian County, MO. Silas and Julia Gold, had nine children; Tisha, Elmer, Homer, Harley, Carrie, Ottie, Fred, Bertha, and Clellie.

(1) Tisha Gold married a Williams and their children were; Adolphina, Beuford, and Linnie Williams, He died and she later married Mat Pearce, They divorced, and she went to Colorado and married someone out there.

(2) Elmer Gold married Emmon Pearce, daughter of James and Abagail Frazier Pearce. They had two daughters, Velma, and Catherine. Velma married Ed Koenig. They had two girls and a boy.

(3) Carrie Gold

(4) Ottie Gold married Will Utke. Will Utke shot himself in the late 1930’s. They had two boys, Willis and Lloyd Utke. Lloyd Utke lives just west of the old Silas Gold home place. And Willis lives just off the Stone/Christian county line, in Christian County, (1999)

(5) Homer Gold married Audie Hair, whose gr-grandmother was Winnie (Gold) Cavener. And Homer was a grandson of Thomas Gold, who was a brother to Winnie (Gold) Cavener.

They had three children; Finis, Raymond, and Iva Lea Gold. Raymond 1st married Edna Dee Evans, 2nd. He married Carol ____. Iva Lea Gold married Billy Gene Meek, Finis never married.

(6) Harley Gold was born June 30, 1903. He married Dorothy Young. Whose gr-grandmother was Martha Dilla Ann (Gold) Garrison. Winnie (Gold) Cavener and Martha Dilla Ann (Gold) Garrison were sisters. And they are sisters to Uncle Tommy Gold, who was Silas Gold’s father. Dorothy was born June 9, 1908, and died September 18, 1994. Their children were; (1) Louise Gold, married Roy Cook. (2) Lucille Gold, married Curtis Renfro, she died October 8, 1985. (3) Helen Gold, married Denzil Morris, (4) Billy, married Anna Lea Solomon (5) Danny, married Mary Jean Miller, (6) Stanley, married Roberta Wilson. (7) Charles married Linda____. (8) Shirley married Ralph Hood.

Obituary of Dorothy Gold
Dorothy E. (Young) Gold

CLEVER—Dorothy E. Gold, 86, Clever, died at 2;22 p.m. Sunday, September 18 1994, in Cox Medical Center South, Springfield.

She was a longtime resident of the Clever Community. She was a homemaker and a member of Union Ridge Baptist Church.

She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, Harley, a son, Billy, a daughter, Lucille Renfro, five brothers, and a sister.

She is survived by three sons, Charles, Peoria, Illinois, Denny, Titusville, Florida, and Stanley, Downey, California; three daughters, Louise Cook, Peoria, Illinois, Helen Morris of Nixa, Shirley Johnson, Lampe, 18 grandchildren and 24, great grandchildren and three gr-gr-grandchildren; nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Friday in Union Ridge Baptist Church with the Rev. Randall Daum officiating. Burial will be in Frazier Cemetery under direction of Meadors Funeral Home, Clever.

Funeral Home will be open Thursday morning with visitation from 7 to 8 p.m. Memorial contributions may be made to the Union Ridge Church.

NOTE-Dorothy was a gr-granddaughter of Martha Dilla Ann (Gold) Garrison, therefore Dorothy was second cousin once removed to her husband, Harley G. Gold.

(1) Louise Gold, born about 1926, in Stone Co. Mo., and died October 9, 1995, Peoria, Illinois.
(2) Lucille Gold, died October 6, 1985, she married Curtis Renfro.
(3) Helen Gold, born November 1, 1998.
(4) Billy Gold, born May 25, 1934, died March 28, 1973.
(5) Danny Gold, married Mary Jane Miller.
(6) Stanley Gold, married Linda, ___.
(7) Charles Gold
(8) Shirley Gold, Married Ralph Hood.
(7) Fred Gold son of Silas and Julie Hale Gold married Bessie Bolten, they have been in Illinois for many years. Bessie lived to be about 100 years old. They had three children; Lee, Burl, and Dorothy Gold. Bertha Gold died young, and Clellie Gold died an infant.
(8) Velma Geneva Gold, was born in about 1907 in MO. She married Edward Gustav “Ed” Koenig, June 7, 1935 in Christian County, MO. He was the son of Charles Koenig and Elizabeth Rauch. He was born in about 1907.

Edward G. Koenig, 86, Springfield, and a longtime resident of Billings, died at 10;45 p.m. Wednesday in Cox Medical Center, South.

Mr. Koenig was builder and carpenter in the Billings, community. His life was dedicated to missionary work as a deacon and song leader of the Southern Baptist Church.
He was preceded in death by his wife Velma. They are together again. He is survived by his son, Wayne, and his wife Rosalie Koenig, Springfield; two daughters, Doris Roy, Springfield, and Dixie Smith and her husband, Dick, Tempe, Arizona., two sisters-in- law, Kathy Gray, Corpus Christi, Texas, and Winifred Koenig, Taneyville, eight grandchildren, 12, great grandchildren, several nieces, nephews and a host of family and friends.

Services will be at 1:30 p.m. Saturday in Meadors Chapel, Billings, with Rev. John Holms officiating. Burial will be in the Smart Cemetery.

Visitation will be from 7 to 8 p.m. in the funeral home.

Contributions may be made to Brookline, Baptist Church.

Silas and Julie are both buried in the Smart Cemetery, west of Clever in Christian County, MO. Clellie, Bertha, Elmer and Emmon are buried there also. Finis Gold who wrote the book “Gold Family History”, He died July 12, 1987 and is buried in the Mt Carmel Cemetery, near Boaz, Missouri.

The 1870 census of Christian County, Mo., Polk Township, House # 65 reads as follows; James H. Hale, 48, TN, farmer, Nancy M. wife, TN., Lamanda 16, MO. James S. 13, MO., Nancy M. 9, MO., John G. 5, MO., and Melvina, 1, MO., occupation Blacksmith and farmer, in Stone County, MO.

Nancy M. Estes was born February 16, 1832 in TN., and died January 14, 1895. They were married November 22, 1855 in Missouri. James Harlan and Nancy M. (Estes) Hale are both buried at the Smart Cemetery in Christian County, MO.

Their children; Ester Hale, born in about 1854 in MO., Martha J. Hale, born July 14, 1856 in MO., and died August 26, 1877, buried in Smart Cemetery. Julia A. Hale, born January 27, 1858 in Missouri, died August 27,1940 in Billings, Christian County, MO. She married Silas Gold on March 3, 1878 in Christian County, MO., they resided about 3 miles west of Clever in Polk Township of Christian County, MO.

Elmer Marshall Gold

Elmer Marshall Gold was the son of Silas Gold, He was born August 19, 1882 in Christian County, MO., and died July 15, 1954, and is buried in Smart Cemetery. He married Emmon Pearce, August 30, 1905, daughter of James Pearce and Nancy Smart. She was born December 29, 1886 in Clever, MO., and died January 10, 1962, and buried in Smart cemetery.

Homer Gold

Homer Gold, son of Silas Gold, was born July 2, 1895 and died January 27, 1966, and buried in Frazier Cemetery. He married Audie E. Hair, April 22, 1917. She was the daughter of Frank Hair and Patsy Estes. She was born April 28, 1897, and died July 5, 1976. They were double 2nd. Cousin, through the Gold and Cavener lines. Their children; Finis Gold, Raymond Gold, and Iva Lea Gold.

Finis Gold was born February 21, 1918 and died July 12, 1987, Joplin, MO. and Buried in the Frazier Cemetery.


John B. Newberry, attorney for a man who has filed a taxpayer’s suit demanding to know by what right Nixa Mayor, Finis Gold holds Office, told the Daily News last night that he served notice five days ago to the effect he would take the deposition today at Ozark. “Subpoenas were served on the City Clerk and City Collector of Nixa,” said Newberry, “I’ll be there at 10;00 o’clock in the morning. “Newberry said” Springfield Daily News.

Alderman Back Mayor in Nixa Fuss.  Gold Resignation refused.

Nixa Special—Mayor Finis Gold offered his resignation to the board of alderman last night, but the board refused to accept it and assured him of “100%” support. Gold, earlier in the day had prepared a letter of resignation and specified that the effective date be immediately, at 6 p.m. last night.

The Mayor, whose right to hold office has been challenged in a law suit filed in Christian County Circuit Court, told a Daily News reporter that had his resignation been accepted he would have as a candidate today

The deadline for filing is March 26, Gold noted. He was elected last April for a two-year term. Apparent purpose of his resignation at this time was to remove objections in the suit against him, which alleges that he hadn’t paid personal taxes over a three-year period prior to his election.

In his letter of resignation Gold stated; I have tried in every way I know of to make the kind of mayor that I think the majority of the citizens of Nixa desire. I believe in the City of Nixa and have a desire to make it one of the finest in the area. I think from the standpoint of its location, its citizens and its resources, it can be.

Continuing the letter, which he read to the aldermen last night, declared that “a small group of its citizens, with the apparent financial backing of outside interest, who have only the selfish desire to exploit the residents of the city have continuously harassed one to a point that I no longer can financially afford to remain as your mayor.

“I have been compelled to spend hundreds of hours in “attorneys’ offices and expend hundreds of dollars from my own limited personal resources to resist the lawsuits that have been brought against the city and myself.” Continued Gold. “ I am financially unable to continue to do this. I therefore herewith tender my resignation as mayor of the City of Nixa, effective this date at 6 p.m. so that it will be possible for the voters of Nixa to elect someone to this office at the April election of 1965.

Still pending in addition to the suit against Gold, is the appeal of a decision in favor of the city in an injunction suit forestalling sale of $265,000 in Bonds for the purpose on construction of an electrical distribution system in Nixa. The Bond issue was approved in an election last year.

Also pending is an appeal by Jack Fleming, one of the plaintiffs in the injunction suit and the petition challenging the legality of Gold’s holding office, to a fine assessed by Gold in an improper parking charge against Fleming, Gold sat in this case because Fleming had asked that the municipal judge disqualify.

Terms of two of the four councilmen, Paul Moore and L.I. Wilhite, expires this spring. They have filed for re-election and so far are unopposed.

Still holding the reins as Mayor, Gold later last night turned to organization plans for “Nixa’s Sucker Day”, and annual Community affair, scheduled this for May 7.

Former Nixa Mayor Finis Gold Dies
By Gloria Sunderman
The News Leader

Nixa—The death of longtime community leader, Finis Gold will leave a void here. Gold’s friends and associates said Sunday.

“A great great part of Nixa is gone,” Frederick said, “He had been here all these years and was in and on many community activities. He was an ex-mayor, and ex-councilman, active in the fire district, active in veterans organizations and a founder of Sucker Day.”

Gold. 69, died early Sunday in Joplin, where he was attending a convention. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Freeman Medical Center after an apparent heart attack.

Gold and a group of downtown business owners organized the Sucker Day celebration in 1957, and Gold played the leading roll in the annual event for 25 years. The celebration centers around a fish caught in the area streams in the spring of the year.

Gold, a barber, served as a Nixa mayor and Alderman and was active in Republican politics. He also was an American Legion commander and participated in Christian County’s Caring is Sharing program. Steve Yates, Executive vice president of Nixa Bank, said Gold was active in Republican Politics and was well known to political leaders. “The politicians always looked up Finis when they came to town.” Yates said.

“They realized how important he was to everything.” Yates said Gold was also active in the community and did a lot behind the scenes. He was a very unique individual, Yates said. “He never wanted to be paid for anything, and he always had the community as his Mo. 1 priority. Long time friend Holten Powell said he also will remember Gold’s love for politics. He was quite a politician and he loved the game, not only the two party politics, but the Legion politics”. Powell said.

Fire Chief’ Steve Russell said Gold helped start the rural fire district 27 years ago and as mayor was responsible for the city owning its electric company. He was in everything. Russell said, I don’t even know where to start.”

In early June, Gold was master of ceremonies at the dedication of the Nixa Fire Protection District’s new fire station.

Jim Pretti, public relations director for the fire district, said Gold did a lot for the district and was well known through the community. “ I have only lived here a year and a half, but ever since I’ve been here and ever since I was a little boy, I’ve heard of Finis Gold.” Pretti said.

Gold once explained his unusual first name to a reporter, “ I ask my folks one time, why did you name me Finis? My dad said when I looked at you that was it. But my brother is 10 years younger than me, and my sister is 16 years younger than me.” He died July 12, 1987. He was buried in the Frazier Cemetery, near Boaz, Missouri.


Lorenza Dow Gold, the son of Thomas Gold and Mary Jane Cavener was born February 14, 1861, in Christian County, near Boaz, Missouri. He married Campsedell “Campie” West, March 8, 1880. She was born March 26, 1863 near Matamoras, Ohio. She was the daughter of Samuel and Rebecca (Henderson) West. Lorenza died February 5, 1936 in Baca County, Colorado, age 61 years. They a both buried in Oakland Cemetery, in Parsons, Kansas.

They made their home three fourths of a mile south of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri, and raised their family there. When he was still a young man he injured his right foot, blood poison set in and it had to be amputated below the knee. The family had a picture taken in1897, it shows him to have a peg leg. James Harvey Gold said he was there when two doctors came to amputate the foot and lower part of his leg. He said Lorenza climbed upon the table by himself to have it done. The foot and lower leg are buried in the White Cemetery. The stone has a picture of a foot and four toes on it. So Lorenza had a peg leg, most of his life.

Lorenza built the house and barn at their old home place, and they are still standing at this date (2000). They farmed the land and operated a tomato Canning factory there for a few years.

Their children were; Mina Charolette, Robert Dow, Linnie May, Elva Christina, Wilbern, Jonah Earnest, Roy Thomas, Susie Blanche, Ada Lucille, and Earl Gold.

(1) Mina Charolette was born March 12, 1881, near Union City, MO, and died February 7, 1973 at Fort Scott, Kansas. She married Fred Daniel Pierce, January 3, 1904, in San Bernardino, California. He died January 3, 1967. They were buried in the 100F Cemetery in Neosho, Missouri. Their children were; Harold Daniel and Carol Nathan Pierce. Harold Daniel was born October 21, 1911, in Sedalia, Missouri, and died June 6, 1986, in Hogoton, Kansas. He married Thelma Daniel on July 29, 1933. They had three children; Fred Arthur Pierce born February 9, 1936 near Kirksville, Missouri, and died June 14, 196- near Lamar, Colorado. Carol Nathan Pierce was born August 30, 1914 at Sedalia, MO. He married Mary Jane Rigsby. They had two children; Dennis Gene, and Terry Dean Pierce. Dennis Gene was born April 25, 1940 at New London. Connecticut. Terry Dean was born May 21, 1943 in Kansas City, Missouri.

(2) Robert Dow Gold was born April 13, 1883 near Union City, MO., and died December 3, 1965 at Lamar Colorado, and is buried there at Lamar. He first married Annie Gardner and they had no children. Second, he married Alice O. Hudson, she was born January 3, 1882, and died February 15, 1967. They were married June 23, 1909. Their children were; Oreland Robert, and Finis Leroy Gold. Oreland Robert was born March 26, 1910 at Springfield, Missouri, and died December 30, 1976 in Pueblo, Colorado, buried at Rose Lawn Cemetery, in Pueblo, Colorado. First he married Loma Greer, and their children were Loren D., Arnold Laverne, and James Ray Gold. Finis Leroy Gold was born August 2, 1914 in Springfield, MO. He first married Oma Nunery, and they had one child; Curtis Lee Gold, born September 17, about 1935. He married Ava T. Pruitt.

Oreland LeRoy Gold was the son of Orland Robert and Loma Cornelia (Greer) Gold. He married Johnnie D. Chism in 1954 in Del Rio, Texas. Their children were; Robert Vance Gold and Kenneth Lee Gold.

Robert Vance Gold was born January 17, 1957 in Lamar, Colorado. He married Denice R. Robb in Avondale, Colorado. She was born July 18, 1962. They are the parents of ; Garret Christopher Gold, born September 17, 1983. And Jarrad Scott Gold, born February 8, 1985. Robert Vance Gold received his Masters Degree CU, and is teaching at Falcon High School. Oreland LeRoy Gold spent four years in the USAF as an Instrument and Electronic Specialist and worked for the US Navy in Civil Service and US Army Missle Systems.

Kenneth L. Gold received his Master’s Degree in AeroSpace Engineering in May of 1992, he is going to CU at Boulder, Colorado, under a NASA scholarship to get his PHD in Aerospace Engineering.

(3) Linnie May Gold was born November 20, 1884 near Union City, Missouri. She died May 29, 1906 near Union City. She is buried in the White Cemetery, she was 22 years old.

(4)Elva Christina Gold was born January 27, 1886 near Union City, Missouri, and died May 23, 1967 at Cannon City, Colorado. She is buried at Lamar, Colorado. She was 81 years old. She married John LeDuc, Gladys Leduc first married K. Shelby and second she married Luie Callahan. She had no children by either of those marriages. Third she married Levi Howell, who was born June 5, 1887 and died May 24, 1934. They were married May 4, 1915 in Clayton, New Mexico. Their children were; Helen, William Lee, Fred, and Ray Howell was born January 12, 1916 at Guy, New Mexico. She married Jack Clary who died in about 1954. They had two children; Patricia Clary who was born June 1, 1946 and Micheal Clary born October 13, 1947. William Lee Howell was born October 18, 1917 in Baca County, Colorado and died October 20, 1983 and is buried in Englewood, Colorado. He married Lois Duncan and they had two children; Jeffrey and Jane. Jeffrey was born October 22, 1944. Jane was born April 21, 1949 or 1950. Fred Howell was born August 2, 1917 in Baca County, Colorado, and died January 2, 1981 in Tacoma, Washington. He married Vivian Kier and they had two children; Bruce Howell, born September 21, 1946 and Vicki Howell was born October 1, 1948. Ray Howell was born August 8, 1923 in Baca County, Colorado, (on the Smart place.) and died in 1979 in Denver, Colorado and is buried at Ft. Logan, Colorado. He married a lady by the name of Imogene and they had three children; Judith Ann Born in 1950, Donna Rae, born in 1954 and Oamela Kay, born in about 1959.

(5) Wilbern Gold, born June 5, 188 and died June 16, 1887.

(6) Elva Christina Gold, born January 27, 1886, Stone County, MO., died May 23, 1967, in Cannon City, Colorado.

(7) Jonah Gold born August 28, 1888, and died January 5, 1890.

(8) Roy Thomas Gold, was born August 25, 1890 near Union City, MO., and died October 12, 1966 at Lamar, Colorado. He first married Ida Myrtle Hayes, February 10, 1910, (no children) She was born in 1889 and died November 8, 1935. She is buried at Molly Wright Cemetery, in Stone County, MO.

Roy Thomas Gold spent a lifetime collecting and cataloging American Indian Artifacts. His travels and specimens were the subject of numerous newspaper articles.

(9) Susie Blanche God was born February 24, 1892 near Union City, Missouri, and died April 3, 1983 at Cannon City, Colorado. She married Ira Norman Pruitt. He was born September 1, 1882 near Monett, Missouri, and died May 27, 1967. They are both buried at Lamar, Colorado. They were married December 6, 1910 in Aurora, Laurence County, Missouri. They had one child; Joyce Gold Pruitt. She was born February 3, 1914 in Parsons, Kansas, and died August 12, 1977 in Placerville, California. Her ashes were buried in Lamar, Colorado. She married Robert Martin, November 21, 1941. They had three Children; Gale Martin, Tracy Martin, and Taca Martin.

(10) Ada Lucille Gold died in November of 1990, in San Bernardino County, Loma Linda, California. Clyde Williams died April 11, 1982 Sedgwick County, Wichita, Kansas.

Union City (School) Missouri
By Lucille (Williams) Wright

My mother, Ada (Gold) Williams, was born in 1894, and was the ninth child of Lorenzo and Campcedell (West) Gold, who lived three fourths of a mile south of (School) Union City. We loved our mother’s stories of Union City, in its hey-day a thriving crossroads village. The center of town was Boone Wright’s store and post office, Doc. Wilson’s shoe shop, George and Ida Estes mercantile store, and Dr. Tendall and Dr. Stacy’s Drug store. Nearby was Elizabeth “Lib” Wright’s Milliner shop, Tom Wright’s blacksmith shop, Wiley Estes Flour Mill, and fruit drying business, and Jim and Millie Hargrove’s hotel. This was later sold to a Mr. Cox.

There was a big tomato-canning factory west of town. Grandpa Lorenzo Gold had a stream operated canning factory on his farm where he canned tomatoes and beans. Most of the business people had homes next to their stores. Other remembered town folks were; Tim Cavener, Grandma Reynolds, Bug Reynolds, Bent and Easter Mitchell, Aunt Mary (Williams) Foster-Sanders, Harvey and An Wade, Jackie Samuel’s, Ben Garoutte, George Estes, and the Jim Raper families.

In those days a trip to town was a social event. People depended upon each other for news and entertainment, and it didn’t take much to entertain. My father, Clyde L. William’s, son of Wynne D. and Mary E. (Estes) Williams of the Clever Community, tells that one Saturday he drove his horse and buggy through town. The street came alive as he passed. The men and boys lounging in front of the stores expressed their appreciation of the show by whooping, yelling, and throwing their hats in the air.

The first doctors remembered were Dr. Noblitt and Dr. Tendall. About 1904 Dr. Earl Wade and his wife Alta (Stacy) Wade came to Union City. Dr. Maples and Dr. Williams of Clever also practiced in the community. My mother said there was lot of sickness. Whole families had comsumption, and typhoid took its toll as well as all other contagious diseases. My mother doesn’t remember which doctor that was that amputated her father’s foot and part of his leg. It happened three years before she was born. Grandpa had hurt his foot when he was a boy, and it had never healed properly. The doctor came to the house, laid Grandpa on the kitchen table, and cut the leg off. The foot and leg were buried in the White Cemetery, probably because his parents; Thomas and Mary Jane (Cavener) were buried there. A marker was made for it which pictured a foot with four toes, I saw the marker about 1945, but years later I visited the cemetery and it was gone. Grandpa suffered from intense phantom pain and complained to the family friends that it felt like his foot was still there, the toes felt twisted and like there was gravel between them. Some of the neighborhood men went to the cemetery, dug up the foot and leg, cleaned and straightened the toes, and buried it again. I call this true friendship. Dick Hanafin and Oliver Stowe were two of the men involved. I would like to know who the others were.

My mother tells me that the Lorenzo Gold’s home was central for Union City’s first telephone system. The wires came into the house; and each one had a little difference in the ringing sound that the family learned to listen for to identify the line which needed attention. They answered calls and plugged the lines together.

South of the Lorenzo Gold farm there was church, and beyond that was the farm of George and Mary (Henderson) Wright and their thirteen children. The Wright’s came from the West Virginia, Pennsylvania border area by covered wagon, about 1867, to live near Mary Wright’s sister’s family, who were Samuels and Rebecca (Henderson) West, my great-grandparents. The Wright children were Isa Dora, Blades, David Boone, Corb, John Kendsay, Oliver, Oscar, Lib Fugitt, Effie (Mollie), born 1883. Mollie and Oliver never married. They cared for their parents and a foster child, Alta Belle. Aunt Susie (Gold) Pruitt said, “Aunt Mary Wright was a joy to remember and Uncle George was a kind man who always had room for a few more at his house. Mollie became “ Aunt Mollie” in the community, and she is remembered with love. Aunt Mollie could always be counted on in time of trouble. In the days before the country folk mortuaries, Aunt Mollie was the one who went to prepare the dead of family and neighbor for burial. In 1936, Aunt Mollie and Uncle Oll were still driving their horse and buggy. Some owners of the union City store were Otis Ottendorf, Roland Ottendorf, Lloyd Fugitt, Halvor Wilson, Leon and Marilyn (Gold) Hanafin, Keith Fugitt and Odie Cloud, Ralph H. and Fern Parks now own the old store building.

Ada Lucille Gold was born in a log house June 20, 1894 near Union City, in Stone County, Missouri. She was married to Clyde Williams, August 2, 1911 by Rev. James Lockey. Clyde was born January 13, 1893 in Christian County and died April 11, 1982, Sedgwick Co. Wichita, Kansas, the son of Wynn D. and Mary Ellen (Estes) Williams. Ada Lucille died in November of 1990 in San Bernardino County, Loma Linda, California. Their Children were; Leo D., Lucille Ada, and Leonard Williams.

Leo D. Williams was born March 17, 1914 near Clever, Missouri, He married Erma May Hall, May 27, 1934. She was born April 14, 1913, Their children were; Russell Clyde Williams, born January 26, 1940 in California. He married Mary K. Brokaw, July 29, 1973 in Pasadena, California; Judith Diana, born January, 1944 in Colorado and she married Richard C. Brewster, May 5, 1968 in Pasadena, California. Their children were; Lisa Brewster and Derek Brewster.

Lucille Ada Williams was born April 8, 1920 in Baca County, Colorado. She married Fred Warren Wright, July 23, 1938 in Yuma, Arizona. He was born October 6, 1914. They had one child; Donna Lucille, born December 10, 1940 in Loma Linda Hospital, California. She married John Wm. Hunter, Their children were; Wm. Scott Hunter, and John Robert Hunter.

Leonard Robert Williams was born August 8, 1921, in Baca County, Colorado. He married Betty Joan Brown, September 17, 1950. Their children are; Robert Stanley Williams, born December 4, 1951 in San Diego California. Laurel Ann Williams, born in 1953 in Bakersfield, California, she married Terrance McMahon, September 10, 1983 in Bakersfield, California. Steven Leonard was born June 10, 1959 at Bakersfield, California and Linda Joanne was born January 6, 1961 in Bakersfield. She married Thomas Gutcher, October 10, 1982 in Bakersfield.

(10) Earl Gold was born May 26, 1901 near Union City, Missouri and died December 13, 1918 in Parsons, Kansas, during the flu epidemic. He is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Parsons, Kansas.

(Note) This record of the family of Lorenzo Dow Gold was furnished by his granddaughter Lucille Ada (Williams) Wright.

My Grandfather – Lorenzo Dow Gold
By Lucille (Williams) Wright

My Grandfather Lorenzo Dow Gold was born in Christian County, Missouri. February 14, 1861, the seventh child of Thomas and Mary Jane (Cavener) Gold. On April 12, 1861 the Civil War started, in which grandpa’s father served.

I used to think that Grandpa’s name was unusual, but I then found many Lorenzo Dow back in history, thought to have been named for Lorenzo, Dow, the itinerant preacher (1777-1834) who made a great impact on people of the frontier with his preaching style and his was on sin and Satan. This Lorenzo Dow covered a lot of territory in the United States, Canada and England. He died during a trip to visit President Andrew Jackson, It is possible that the family of my great-great grandparents, Johnathan and Sarah (Ryalls) Gold, along with their son, Thomas, hear Lorenzo Dow Preach in Tennessee and so it might have been that Grandpa Lorenzo was named in memory of him.

At age 19,Lorenzo Dow Gold married pretty 17 year old West, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca (Henderson) West. Rebecca was a sister to Mary Wright, wife of George Wright, and they were the parents of the Wright family of Union City, Missouri. One of their thirteen children was Molly Wright. The Wright Cemetery was started in 1882 when their five year old daughter, Sylvania, died.

Grandpa Lorenzo was a very religious man which was a source of strength and comfort to him through out his tragic life. Grandpa said often that “work is salvation.” And I don’t think he let his handicap slow him down if he could help it. Years ago, I inquired of my Aunt Susie about her growing up years in the Gold Family. She said “ Father always had something going that kept us all occupied. Everybody that could get out of bed of a morning under their own power was at the table when breakfast was served. When the days were short, the chores were done by lantern light and when father wanted something done, he wanted it done in a hurry. Grandpa’s canning factory also kept everyone busy in season.

My mother spoke of all the good food from the garden, apple orchard, tomato and strawberry patches, and the wild grapes, blackberries and hickory nut in the wooded area of the farm. She also remembered her mother’s good cooking and said that most of the time there was at least 10 people around the table at meal time counting the hired man and the school teacher who boarded with them during the school year.

One of mother’s jobs was bringing in the sheep. After shearing time, Grandma had the wool carded and then she spun it into yard on her spinning wheel and even made wool blankets for the family using Aunt Molly Wright’s loom.

My Mom also told of the visiting relatives and neighbors and how the young folks would gather at Uncle George and Aunt Mary Wright;s house on Sunday to visit and play the organ and sing. She spoke of Church and the Brush -Arbor Meetings, and always of her happy school days at Union City. (School)

Aunt Susie said that Grandpa had a habit of reading aloud and so they all knew what was happening by his doing so. She said that at times he didn’t sleep well and he would get up and read by lamp light.

Grandpa was also a storyteller. He spoke of people and things that I was too young to know about and so I really didn’t listen. The one thing I remembered is that he often said, “Let me go back” meaning that he wanted to back up and add to the first part of his story.
Three of the Gold daughters were schoolteachers, Mina, Linnie and Ella, all taught school in Missouri. Grandpa decided that teaching school was a hard life for a woman, so Aunt Susie and my mother, Ada, were not educated to teach. It has been said in the family that all of the Gold sisters were raised to be able to take care of any situation and did.

My Aunt Mina left him about 1902 and went to Upland, California where Grandpa, Campsedell’s brother George West lived. She found work as a Harvey Girl and first worked in the Harvey House at Needles, California and then in the one in San Bernardino, California. While in Needles she met her future husband, Fred Pierce who worked for the railroad.

Aunt Linne’s death at age 22 must have been devastating to my grandparents. I have often wondered if it was the hope of leaving behind all the sad memories that pushed them into going to Colorado to homestead in 1912. They had first checked out land in Texas in 1909.

They had a comfortable and well established farm in Missouri, and they were loved and respected members of the community and yet, at age 52, Grandpa Lorenzo, left it all behind to start over again on the plains of Baca County, Colorado. That meant drilling a well, building fence and a house of some kind. Theirs was a dugout as were most of the first homes build by the homesteaders. They plowed the ground for the first in its history. The weather was also a drastic change from what they were used to in Missouri.

Grandpa chartered an immigrant boxcar and shipped has and other family members, stock and household goods by a railroad from Clever, Missouri to Lamar, Colorado. Some of the men folks rode with the stock and the other family members were passengers. From Lamar they traveled forty or more miles south by horse and wagons with an overnight stop at Clay Creek Camp ground. My mother said that there was one bed available for women and children and they slept six in a bed with three people at the head and three people at the foot with everyone’s feet meeting in the middle.

It came to pass that all of the children of Lorenzo and Campcedell, except Mina, moved to Colorado, and filed homestead claims close to them. They were; Robert and Allie (Hudson) Gold, Roy and Myrtle (Hayes) Gold Leduc, Ira and Susie (Gold) Pruitt, and my parents, Clyde and Ada (Gold) Williams.

Also homesteading nearby were Grandpa Lorenzo’s nephew and niece, Fred Gold and Ada (Gold) Moore, children of Uncle Allen Gold and another niece, Ottie (Gold) Utke, daughter of uncle Silas Gold.
There were sad happenings in Colorado, too, Uncle Earl Gold was in parsons, Kansas with Unlce Ira and Aunt Susie when the flu of 1918 swept the country and he died at the age of 19.

He was buried in Parsons. Grandma Campcedell then died in 1924. Her body was shipped to Parsons and buried by Earl. She is just a shadow in my memory for I was only 4 years old when she died.

My first memories of my Grandpa Lorenzo were the many times he came early Sunday mornings to take my brother; Bud (Robert) and me to Sunday School and some times which was held in one of the one-room schoolhouses which dotted the prairie land. We bounced along in his old Ford and he sung church songs to us. He always carried a pocket full of hard candy to pass along to the little children who were crying for some reason. He was almost 60 years old when I was born and by that time, he was a “nonsense’ Grandpa, it was a surprise to know that he used to challenge his kids to race around the house barefooted in the snow. However, we know that he loved his family he loved us. He often said “God is Love”, He died on February 5, 1936 at the age of 75 and is buried by Grandma and Uncle Earl in Parsons, Kansas.

My mother took me and me to California in 1935 so we were not there when Grandpa died. That last Christmas, I sent him some heavy sox like they wore, Being age fifteen, I picked the wildest color I could find. I thought no one would have to tell Grandpa who they were from. Aunt Susie told me that when they dressed him for burial, they put my sox on him. Thought of that when I visited his grave 34 years later.

As of May 1933, the house that Renze and Campie built near Union City in about 1895 is still there. It has a new look with a red brick addition. The barn is still there too. We almost passed by without recognizing the place.


Frances Gold was the daughter of Thomas Gold and Mary Jane (Cavener) Gold. She was born May 22, 1863 in Green Valley, Porter Township, near Boaz, in Christian County, Missouri. She died July 8, 1948 at Aurora, Lawrence County, Missouri. On February 4, 1882 she married George McKinley in Stone County, Missouri. They are both buried in the Maple Park Cemetery, in Aurora, Missouri.


Allen Gold was the son of Thomas and Mary Jane (Cavener) Gold, he was born September 26, 1865, in Porter Township, near Boaz, Missouri. He died May 6, 1950 in Baca County, Colorado. He was only one year old when his father and mother moved from Green Valley near Boaz, in Christian to Stone County in 1866 and settled 2 miles south of Union City. This is where he grew up. He married Martha Anderson on December 5, 1886 by B.K. Kimberling in Stone County, Missouri. She was born Jan. 30, 1865 in Stone Co., MO, the daughter of John Henry Anderson and Elizabeth Wright. Elizabeth’s sister Katherine Wright was married to Thomas Gold after Thomas’ wife Mary Jane Cavener died. Also Elizibeth Wright’s nephew, Thomas Wesley Wright, son of her brother Robert Wright, married Alice Gold. She was Allen’s neice daughter of James Thomas and Deliah Paralee Lutrell.

Allen and Martha owned 40 acres of land about three miles east of Hurley in the 1890’s. The same 40 acres was owned by John Lent and his wife, Missouri Elizabeth “Betty” (Gold) Lent. Allen and Betty were brother and sister. They sold the land to James Harvey Gold in the early 1900’s. He kept the land until 1927 when he sold it to his son; Clarence Gold, and after his death in 1991, the land was bought by his son, Ray Gold. That land has been in the Gold family for about 100 years.

Allen and Martha purchased 80 acres of land March 6, 1892, Legal description; N1/2 of NE ¼, Section 1, Township 26N, Range 24 W. Located 1 mile north and 2 miles west of Union City, on county line road in Stone County.

Allen and Martha Ann lived near Hurley in Stone County and at Aurora, Missouri where he worked in the mines, then moved to Baca County, Colorado and finally to Tuttle, Oklahoma.They had eight children but only four lived to be adults, a boy and 2 girls died in infancy and one daughter Verna died 15 Oct. 1909 in OK at age 14. The children were:

(1)  Fred Leroy born 17 Nov. 1887 in Stone Co. near Hurley, died 12 July 1970 on his farm in Baca Co. Colorado north of Springfield. He was married 3 May 1921 to Mary Eva Clayton born 12 August 1889 in Caney Kansas, they homesteaded land side by side in Baca Co. She taught in a one-room school there. She died 27 Sepember 1983 in Johnson, Kansas and is buried at Springfield, Colorado. Fred and Mary had a son Walter Allen, born 1924 in Baca Co. and died at age 4, and a son Gene Clayton Gold who was born in 1927 in Baca County, Colorado. He married Marvina Merrill, and they have a son Gene Deverle.
(2)  Pearlie Mae Gold, was born November 17, 1889 and died April 1, 1892
(3)  Ada born 22 Jan 1892 in MO, she was married 31 Jan. 1909 to Mark Adrain Williams she divorced in Nov 1917 and married Charles Wilber Moore on 6 April 1920, no children by either marriage. She died April 9, 1962 in Baca Co. Colorado at the age of 88 and is buried in Springfield, Colorado.
(4)  Gracie Gold, born and died 23 April, 1894.
(5)  Verna Gold, born April 25, 1895 died 15 October, 1909 at age 14 of typhoid.
(1)  Jasper Gold, born July 25, 1897, died August 27, 1898.
(1)  Eva Gold was born February 28, 1899 and died December 19, 1969. She married Willie Jacob Traxler, August 2, 1915. He was born May 30, 1892, and died May 3, 1971. Their children were; (1) Infant, born October 23, 1915. (2) Willie Jacob Traxler, Jr., was born December 27, 1917 and died June 27, 1988. he married Fawn Dee Wynn. Their children; Ronald Wayne Traxler, Gary Dwayne Traxler, and Donald Jack Traxler.(3) Muriel Edwin Traxler, born July 31, 1919, and died August 11, 1990, he married Faye Johnson. (4) Clifford Lemois Traxler born February 23, 1921. (5) Cleta Lucille Traxler, born June 14, 1924, she married John S. Sanford.
(2)  Bessie Gold, born January 7, 1901 and still lives at this writing in Tuttle, Oklahoma, She married Kennard P.Richardson on November 18, 1922. He was born September 19, 1898 and died Febuarary 26,1976 and is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Tutttle, Oklahoma they had 2 children; (1) Jack Leroy Richardson, born August 13, 1923. He married Dorothy Pearl London April 2, 1945 in England, she was born there October 21, 1926. Their children: Carol Joyce Richardson, born October 7, 1945, she married Billie Mitchell, June 10. 1967. Debra Gayle Richardson, was born October 7, 1951, she married Jack Shaef. And had Shane Jack Shaef, born May 1, 1981. And Jessica Pearl Shaef, born January 24, 1984. And (2)Wayne Richardson, born March 17, 1927. He married Cora Le Marty. Their children are; (1) Karen Sue Richardson, born August 8, 1951 She married Dennis Caufield, their children; Angela Marie Caufield, born January 11, 1985, and John Michael Caufield, born November 15, 1986. (2 & 3) Glenda Kay Richardson, born February 5, 1953. Linda Rae Richardson, born February 5, 1953. (4) Kathy Richardson, born April 6, 1958. Glenda Kay married Donald Miller, February 28, 1982, they had, Amanda Kay Miller, born April 8, 1983. Linda Rae married Robert Lethgo, Their children are; Christopher Lethgo, born March 4, 1977, Kelly Rae Lethgo, born February 22, 1979. And Katie Marie Lethgo, born September 10, 1981. Kathy Richardson married Richard Morris, May 19, 1979. He was born October 24, 1955, their children; Michael Jordan Morris, born January 30, 1983, and Danny Ryan Morris born November 18, 1985.

(Note: Info on Martha Ann and her children furnished by Peggy Anderson Caldwell)


Joseph Gold was born December 26, 1867 in Stone unty, Missouri. He died October 31, 1934. He is buried in the Maple Park Cemetery, at Aurora, Missouri. He married Martha Elizabeth “Sis” Hampton, November 2, 1890 at Union City in Stone County, Missouri. She was born March 4, 1871 in Stone County, and died April 21, 1938 and buried beside Joseph in Maple Park, Cemetery. She was the daughter of Jesse and Sarah Hampton. Their children were; Alfred, Sherman, Lydia, Viola, Lova, Lyvesta, Emmett Harold, Lola, and Clarence Lee Gold.

Letter from Joseph Gold to Thomas Gold, his father

This old hand written letter from Joseph Gold to his father, Thomas Gold, bears no year date. It appears that it was written in the early 1890’s. As Uncle Tommy died in 1894, and lived in Billings. The letter typed in 1994, it appears to say the following;

June the 2, Lone Tree, Bureau Co. Illinois

Dear father I take my pen in hand to let you know that I got your most kind and welcome letter yesterday. And was glad to hear that you are well. Well, Dad,you said hit was raining there hit was raining hear the same day, hit has bin raining for 3 weeks, hit has bin awful cold up here. Well, Dad, you didn’t say how wheat looked, how much do you think hit will make, will hit make as much as hit did last year. Well, Dad, I will send you what I owe you the last of this week or next. Dad I won’t have the money to pay my harvest, will you pay hit for me and I stacking and I will pay you. I guess I will come back this fall and I want you to let me have one aker right there next to the barn if Steve is willing. I didn’t know but what you mite sow hit in wheat this fall, now dad I don’t want hit if hit hant alright with him, and if hit is be shure and have hit for me and I will pay you cash rent for hit. I want to sow a clover for a paster. When you anser this, let me know what about hit right, rite sooner than you have bin dad. What did you do with all of your apples, have you got old Sam yet. I guess you still keep Pa Wright, Yes I heard that Betty was married she was pretty dam keen to Mary, is hit one of them that lives up the holler west of the widers. I would hate to Mary a girl the first time I ever saw her. Well, Dad, where are they living at. Has he got anything. Dad, you can depend on me staying with you this winter. Without you would rather I would stay somewhere else. How much wheat are youens going to sow. Billy rote to me and told me I mite have his valley to tend in corn next summer. Well, dad, rite sooner than you did before, rite so I will get hit before the forth of July, rite soon and often. Joseph Gold to T.G.

(1) Alfred Gold was born November 4, 1891, in Stone County, and died July 17, 1912. He married Azales Franklin, They had one child who died soon after birth.

(2) Sherman Gold, was born April 3, 1893, in Stone County, and died November 1, 1938. He married Lottie Talley, born June 26, 1892, and died March 26, 1979. They are both buried in the Maple Park Cemetery, at Aurora, Missouri. Their children were; Lola, Paul, Melba Sue, Clyde Lee, John, Joseph Ben, James “Jim”, and Richard Gold.

Lola Gold was born November 3, 1912 at Aurora, Missouri. She died October 25, 1978, and buried in Maple Park Cemetery. She married Zoe Hadley, and they had no children. Paul Gold was born January 30, 1916. He 1st married Bernice Bradley and they had one child. 2nd. He married Flora Weber and had four children. Melba Sue Gold was born December 24, 1914, and died July 17, 1916. Clyde L. Gold was born in 1920, he married Pauline Garner, and they had one child. John Gold was born in 1920. He married Rose Marsh. They adopted a son. Joseph Ben Gold was born in 1923 at Aurora, and buried in Maple Park Cemetery. He married Helen Schockley and they had four children. Their children were; (1) James “Jim” Gold, born July 3, 1926 and died February 3, 2000, and buried in Maple Park Cemetery at Aurora. They had six children. (2) Richard “Dick” Gold, was born in October of 1928 at Aurora, he married Anna Lee____. They had three children.

(3) Lydia Viola Gold was born December 31, 1895 in Stone County, Missouri. She married Everett Feaster. Lydia lived in Wichita, Kansas, in 1979. Their children were; Margaret, James, Daniel “J.D.”, Elbert, Audrey, and Max Feaster. (1) Margaret Feaster was born June 28, 1916 at Aurora. She married Clarence Tucker, they had no children, she died young. (2) James J.D. Feaster was born January 30, 1920 in Wichita, Kansas. He married Maxine Matthews. They had two children. (3) Elbert Feaster was born September 30, 1923, in Wichita, Kansas. He married Doris Conley. They had three children. (4) Audrey Feaster was born November 12, 1925, and married Wayne Barren, they had one child and lived in California in 1989. (5) Max Feaster was born June 8, 1928, he married and they had three children in 1985, (adopted) John Michael Wayne Caufield, born November 15, 1986, (adopted). Linda Rae Richardson, born February 5, 1953, (twin) she married Robert Lethgo, December 29, 1973. He was born May 16, 1952, 2nd. She married Ronald McDonald, June 2, 1987, (divorced) Christopher Lethgo, born February 22, 1979, Katie Marie Lethgo, born September 10,1981. Glenda Kay Richardson, born February 5, 1953, (twin) resides at Moore, Oklahoma. On December 29, 1972 she married Kenneth Hardwick, 2nd. She married Donald Miller, February 28, 1982, they had Amanda Kay Miller, born April 8, 1983. Kathy Richardson, born April 6, 1958, and resides at Bartlesville, Oklahoma. She married Richard Morris, May 19, 1979. He was born October 24, 1955. They had Michael Jordan Morris, born January 10, 1983, and Denny Ryan Morris, born November 18, 1985.

Letter from Jarrod Seth
Grandson of Paul Gold, Gr-grandson of Sherman Gold

The address of Jarrod Seth at this date (Sept. 24, 1998) is; 10601 NE 138PL Kirkland, Washington, 98034.
Dear Ray Gold;

Hello, Hope you are well, My name is Jarrod Seth, grandson of Paul Gold. Thank you for the books, they are so informative.

You informed me that you were seeking information on Paul Gold and my parents. Well, Paul Gold was the first son Sherman and Lottie Lee Gold. Paul Gold was one of seven siblings, six brothers and one sister. He grew up in Aurora, MO. And in 1941, like many young men, he joined the Army with three of his brothers, Jim, John, and Clyde Richard Gold was too young and Joe Ben had been in a accident and shattered his leg and was not medically cleared.

I found it interesting that Major General illiam Carl Garrison was in the same unit as Paul Gold was during W.W.2, the 45th Inf. Div. My grandfather was a Staff Sergeant and distinguished himself on the battlefield along with his brothers.

After the Army my grandfather and his wife Flora (Weber) Gold settled in Springfield, MO. There he worked for thirty years as milkman and raised a family, his children in order are; Maryln  (Gold) West, Judith (Gold) Seth, (my mother), Cynthia (Gold) Tevis, Paula (Gold) Letterman, and his son, Neil Gold.

My mother, Judith married Gregory Seth, After high school he joined the Navy and after his service was up, he received a job in Seattle, Washington as a police officer.

My mother and father had three children, myself, Jarrod Seth, born in 1969, my sister, Kim, born in 1971, and my brother; Shane, born in 1980.

Kim Seth followed in my father’s footsteps and is a police officer. My brother, Shane, just graduated from high school and is attending college this fall as for myself I graduated from high school in 1988 and went into the Army as an M.P. and was assigned to the 16th. M.P. Brigade. ABN. At Ft. Bragg, NC.

I served in both Panama (just cause) and Desert Shield/Storm. I know my grandfather would have been there when I came home. I was Discharged in 1992 and now work for a beer distributor I hope this information is what you were looking for.

My Grandfather was a great man, at least in my eyes he was kind, generous, and a great grandpa. All I have is very fond memories of him, I am very proud of my Gold roots. This explains my great interest in where they came from and how they got here.

As I said in my previous letter I just got back from my honeymoon in Europe and when I was in Scotland I found out the district of where the name Gould or Gold originated. Its called the Angus District. I plan to go back in a couple years and do some research if I find anything else out I will send you the information.

Thanks again, this short letter has turned into a long one so I will sign off, if you can get copy’s of those photos I asked for of Joseph and Thomas. I would be very gratful, I will pay for them. I am also including a copy of a great picture of my grandfather and his brothers with their mother after the war.  Thanks again, God Bless.

Lova Lyvesta Gold was born May 24, 1902 at Aurora, Missouri, and died June 25, 1995. Her obituary states that she is survived by a brother, Clarence Gold and a sister, Lydia (Gold) Feaster. She married Wilbern Nivens, who was born March 4, 1896 and died March 2, 1958. They are both buried at Maple Park Cemetery, Aurora, Missouri. She lived in Aurora until 1966 when she moved to California. She lived in Hemet, California in 1989-90. Infant Wilbern Harold Nivens, born July 11, 1923 at Wichita, Kansas. Lova Mae Nivens was born July 4, 1925 in Wichita, Kansas, she never married. Barbara Louise Nivens, born March 8, 1928, never married. Donald Eugene Nivens was born June 22, 1931 in Wichita and died July 25, 1974, buried in Maple Park Cemetery at Aurora, MO. He married Betty Lecher, they had two children; Donald Nivens born December 5, 1956 in Springfield, MO. and Jill Nivens born June 11, 1964 in Springfield, MO.

John Gold

YATES CITY—John S. Gold, 74, of 606 S. Union, died at 5:30 a.m. Sunday August 23, 1998 at Methodist Medical Center in Peoria.

Born October 20, 1923, in Aurora, Missouri, to Sherman and Lottie Gold. He married Rose Marsh on December 17, 1956 in East Peoria, She survives.

Also surviving are three sons, Robert Blanche, Marion Blanche, and Eugene Blanche, all of East Peoria, one daughter Eleanor Milligan of East Peoria; three brothers, Clyde, Jimmie and Dick, All of Aurora, Missouri. 17 grandchildren, and 22 great grandchildren.

One sister and two brothers preceded him in death.

A member of United Auto Workers, Local 974, he was a machine operator at Caterpillar, Inc., retiring in 1978.

An Army Veteran, he was a member of the Moose Lodge in Shell Knob, Missouri.

Services will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Remmert Funeral Home in East Peoria The Rev. David Graham will officiate. Visitation will be one hour before service at the funeral home. Burial will be in Fondulac, Cemetery.

Memorial may be made to the Children’s Hospital of Illinois at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria.


Missouri Elizabeth “Betty” Gold, daughter of Thomas Gold and Mary Jane [Cavener] Gold. Was born July 13, 1872, two miles south of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri, where the Thomas Gold family had settled in 1866. She died February 23, 1945 in Stone County, MO.. She was buried in the White Cemetery in Stone County, MO.. She married John Lent, on May 16, 1889 in Stone County, MO., By B.B. Gipson, J.P., and they had four children; Henry, Mary Jane, Orus and Ottie Lent.

Henry Thomas Lent, was born in 1890 and died December 1, 1918, he is buried at the GAR Cemetery in Miami, Oklahoma. Mary Jane Lent was born July 25, 1891 and died March 26, 1965 in Del Norte, Rio Grande County, Colorado. She is buried in the Monte Vista Community Cemetery, Monte Vista, Colorado. Orus Lent was born May 16, 1889 in Stone County, and died June 25, 1950 in Borger, Texas. Ottie Lent was born August 18, 1900 in Stone County, MO., and died June 26, 1996 in Cassville, Barry County, Missouri.  Their father John W. Lent, died Abt. February 1901 and is thought to be buried in White Cemetery, Stone County, Missouri.

Second, Betty married Joseph Berry Scott on April 20, 1902 in Stone County, Mo., and they had two daughters; Nancy and Viola Scott. Joe Scott is buried in the Hood Cemetery between Hurley, and Crane in Stone County, Mo.

Third, Missouri Elizabeth "Betty" married Tom Dolin, they lived about 2-1/2 miles SE of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri. [no issue] Tom Dolin is buried at Marionville, in Lawrence County, MO.,

In the 1890’s John and Betty Gold Lent owned the 40 acres of land east of Hurley that they sold to Betty’s brother; Allen and Martha [Anderson] Gold. They sold the land to James Harvey and Rozella Minerva [Garoutte] Gold.  In 1927 they sold it to their son; Clarence and Virgie Mae [Houser] Gold. After their death the land was purchased by their son, James Ray Gold from the estate of Clarence Gold. The land has been in the Gold family for about  100 years.

The following letter to Jane “Janie” [Lent] Youts, from her mother, Elizabeth, “Betty” [Gold [Lent] Scott, dated December 12, 1914. [This letter was furnished by Betty’s grandaughter, Nell Youts-Knobel and included the above photo].

Here is a Xmas present.

Hurley, Missouri

Dear Jane, I got your letter last Thursday, was glad to hear from you. We are well except bad colds. The baby has had a rising in her head but is better. We are having more cloudy cold weather but there has not been snow enough to track a rabbit. I’ve been quilting some and piecing quilts, Tom wrote you when  he was in Kansas, and did not get any answer he thinks it is your time to write.

I’m gathering up eggs and milking and churning and doing chores.

Answer soon, Bettie Scott.


State of Missouri, County of Stone;

On this 14th day of April AD 1919, before me the undersigned Notary Public in and for the County of Stone and State aforesaid, personally came J.P. Wright a credible witness, who being duly sworn, making oath and says;

My name is J.P. Wright, and my post office is School, MO.. I was well acquainted with J.W. Lent, and knew such person and family for 15 years.

Said J.W. Lent died in Stone County, Missouri, on or about the 20th day of July AD 1901 and left the surviving ; Missouri L. Lent [widow] who is now living.

The following is a correct statement of the names, present age and martial conditions of all and the only children born to said decedent.

Viz; during the time of my acquaintance with said decedent, Missouri L. Scott, widow, living married Joseph B. Scott, living, single; Ottie Burchett, daughter, living, married Roy Burchett.

Of these children the following have died, and the date of death, name of consort and decedents, their present age and martial conditions are as follows; Thomas Lent, Died intestate on or about the 1st day of December AD 1918.

I was acquainted with the financial condition of said J.W. Lent and know that he died solvent and that his debts have all been paid.

Children of Elizabeth Gold and John Lent are;

[1] Henry Thomas Lent, born March 1890 and died in 1918. [No Issue]
[2] Mary Jane “Janie” Lent, born July 25, 1891, Union Township, Stone County, MO.. and died March 26, 1965, Del Norte, Rio Grande County, Colorado.
[3] Orus A. Lent, born February1896, Stone County, MO.. Died on June 25, 1950 in Borger, Texas. [No Issue]
[4] Ottie Lent, born August 28, 1900, Stone County, MO.. and died June 26, 1996, Cassville, Barry County, MO..


Children of Elizabeth Gold and Joseph Scott are;

[1] Nancy Scott, born August 30, 1903. Stone County, MO..
[2] Viola Scott, born in about 1906.  Stone County, MO..

A copy of a letter written by Carl and Shirley, Johnson, February 1, 1999 to Mrs. Ruth Brown, it was a letter of appreciation for a copy of the “Gold Nugget”.

Dear Ruth:

What a pleasant surprise to get the well  written Gold Nugget. I am not a blood relative, but have been married almost 50 years to Carl Johnson whose mother was Nancy Scott Gold. Her mother was Elizabeth “Betty” Gold. Youngest daughter of Thomas and Mary Jane [Cavener] Gold. Betty Gold married Joseph Scott and had Nancy Elizabeth and Viola Scott. Nancy was married to Lemon Johnson and had 5 children which Carl is one of them. Lemon died and she re-married to Ed Wilson, was married 10 years and he died they had no children together. Nancy died March 25, 1995 in her own bed in the house she’d lived in for 65 years at the age of  92 years old. Nancy lived in Hurley as a child and was married in Galena and she and Lemon lived in Marionville and Mt. Vernon before they moved to Sand Spring, Oklahoma. Where she lived until her death. I was trying to remember if she ever got to one of your reunions. Carl and I met Finis Gold once, years ago and Mom sent us his book of the Gold History in 1978. If you have the book there is a picture of Nancy and her mother on page 45. Mom knew her uncles, like Lorenzo.

I’m not really making a lot of sense, but wanted to let someone know how much we enjoyed the letter. Carl has one brother who lives in Lebanon, MO., and is sister in Oklahoma. Carl has been in California since he was 17 years old.

Sure looks like there are a lot of cousins to enjoy the reunion.

Keep up the enthusiasm and togetherness.

Our best wishes to all the Gold’s.


February 28, 1945 Obituary of Missouri Elizabeth (Gold) Lent Scott Dolan

Betty Dolan

Mrs. Betty Dolan, 72 of Billings died at Ozark Osteopathic Hospital Friday night after a lingering illness.  She is survived by her husband Tin; three daughters, Mrs. Nancy Johnson of Sand Springs, Okla., Mrs Ottie Reed of Drumright Okla., and Mrs. Viola Patterson of Shamrock, Texas; one son Orus Lent of Borger, Texas; one brother, Alan Gold of Springfield, Colo.; one sister, Mrs. Francis McKinley of Aurora.

Funeral services were held at 2 o'clock this afternoon in the Cross Roads church near Union City with the Rev. Haral Merrit officiating.  Burial was in the White Cemetery under direction of Maples of Clever.

Mary Jane “Janie” Lent

Mary Jane "Janie" Lent was born July 25, 1891, in Union Township, Stone County, MO., and died March 26, 1965 in Del Norte, Rio Grande County, Colorado. She married William Youts March 18, 1914 in Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma. He was a son of John Youts and Mary Frick. He was born May 20, 1878, in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, and died November 20, 1963 in Monte Vista, Rio Grande County, Colorado.  The children of William Youts and Mary Jane "Janie" Lent are;

[1] Ervin Lee Youts, born September 22, 1914, Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma, died October 27, 1985, Alamosa, Alamosa County, Colorado.

[2] Ernest William Youts, born November 4, 1916, Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma. He died April 8, 1931, Center, Saguache County, Colorado.

[3] Clinton Youts, born March 30, 1919, Canon City, Fremont County, Colorado.  He married Erma June Watkins May 28, 1950 in Center, Colorado.  June was born February 28, 1932 in Pueblo, Colorado

[4] Velma Mae Youts, born December 22, 1921, Center, Saguache County, Colorado. She married William Hockman April 5, 1953 at Center, Colorado, and divorced.

[5]  Dorothy Helen Youts, born June 19, 1923. Center, Saguache County, Colorado.

[6]  Arthur Wesley Youts, born April 8, 1925, Center, Saguache County, Colorado. And died May 3 1993 Twin Falls, Idaho.  Art married Della Rae Mitchell on July 3, 1949 in Taos, New Mexico.

[7]  Wilma Jean Youts, born May 5, 1927, Center, Saguache County, Colorado. And died November 11, 1988, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado.

[8]  Harriet Emma Youts, born July 21, 1929, Center, Saguache County, Colorado. And died December 27,  1937, Monte Vista, Rio Grande County, Colorado.

[9] Nellie Irene Youts, Born July 3, 1931, Center, Saguache County, Colorado.  She married Harold Arthur Knobel on March 14, 1959 at McCook, Nebraska.  He was born November 14, 1927 at Venango. Nebraska

Becky June Youts, daughter of Clinton Youts and June (Watkins) Youts, was born July 19, 1973 in Monte Vista, Rio Grande County, Colorado, she married James Heredia, July 11, 1991 (divorced).  They were the parents of Justin Clinton Heredia, Born March 13, 1995, Alamosa, Alamosa County, Colorado.

David Alan Hockman , son of Velma Mae (Youts) and William Hockman (divorced), born January 25, 1954, in Del Norte, Rio Grande County, Colorado, he married [1]Debra Ann Edwards. [2] He married  Diedra Susan Perry, She was born June 20, 1957 in Fort Banjamin Harrison, Indiana..  The children of David Alan Hockman and Debra Ann Edwards were; Hannah Joylynn Hockman, born December 28, 1984, Littleton, Colorado.

Dennis Ray Hockman, son of Velma Mae (Youts) Hockman and William Hockman , born June 17, 1955, in Colorado. He married Michelle Reef, June 4, 1994 in White Ranch Park, Jefferson County, Colorado. Daughter of George Reef and Karen Davis. She was born December 12, 1971, they divorced.

Dennis Hockman and Michelle Reef were the parents of ; [1] (step-daighter) Amber Lyne Reef, born August 18, 1988, Burlington, Kit Carson County, Colorado. [2] Kimberly Lyne Hockman, born May 2, 1996, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, Colorado.

Glenna Rae Hockman  daughter of Velma Mae (Youts) Hockman and William Hockman, was born April 10, 1959 in Del Norte, Rio, Grande County, Colorado. She married Tim Horner July 31, 1982 in Rockwood, Pennsylvania, son of Henry Horner and Gail Frehn. He was born May 3, 1959 in Dayton Beach, Florida. Their Children were;

[1] Alyssa Marie Horner, born April 19, 1985, Charleston, Charleston County, SC.
[2] Timothy Daniel Horner, born January 11, 1987, Charleston, Charleston County, SC.
[3]Mark Andrew Horner, Born October 23, 1989.  Charleston, Charleston County, SC
[4] Stephen Paul Horner, born August 16, 1991, Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Pennie Sue Hockman, daughter of Velma Mae (Youts) Hockman and William Hockman, was born November 22, 1965 in Denver, Colorado. She had one child by Al Huerta:  Miguel Alfredo Huerta, born June 21, 1989, Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  She married Hal Dennis Swanson, December  31 1997 in Estes Park, Colorado. He was born February 29, 1952 in Wichita, Kansas. Their children;

[1] Kyle Perry Swanson, born February 4, 1998, Wheat Ridge, Colorado.
  (2) Ryan Travis Swanson, born August 22, 2000. Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Joann LeslieYouts, the daughter of Arthur Wesley Youts and Della Rae (Mitchell) Youts, was born April 19, 1950, She married [1]Frank Keller, [2] she married Plillip Sexton.  Her children:

[1] Teresa Joann Keller, born July 19, 1969, Twin Falls, Idaho.  She had two children by Mark Broner:  Mark Troy Broner. Jr. born June 10, 1991 at Jerome, Idaho, and Kailey Marie Broner born December 24, 1993, at Jerome, Idaho.  She married Jeff Baker on April 16, 1999.

[2] Amy Leann Sexton, born January 8, 1971, Twin Falls, Idaho., She married Mark Brian Stein, June 7, 1997, Taneytown, Maryland, born March 6, 1968, Randalstown, Maryland.

Joann had two children by Lem Keys:
[3] Carrington Youts Keys, born January 11, 1990, Baltimore, Maryland.
[4] Alicia Grace Keys, born May 30, 1991, Baltimore, Maryland and died June 1. 1991. She married Bill Berks April 27, 1996.

Arthur Gordon Youts, son of Arthur Wesley Youts and Della Rae (Mitchell) Youts, was born August 11, 1952 in Monte Vista, Rio Grande County. Colorado. [1] he married  Jackie Reed. [2] he married Janine___. She died November 26, 1985. Arthur Gordon and Jackie Reed were the parents of Anna Marie Youts, born August 8, 1975, Wisconsin.

Timothy Lynn Youts, son of Arthur Wesley Youts and Della Rae (Mitchell) Youts, was born  January 11, 1956, in Denver Colorado. He married [1] Linda Marie Scheiwe, [2] he married Beryl Ann Justina Lundgren ,December 29, 1990 in Twin Falls, Idaho. Timothy and Linda Scheiwe had one child; Melody Marie Youts, born December 22, 1974, Twin Falls, Idaho.  She married Therin Larson on July 22, 1995 (divorced).  They had one child: Karissa Marie Larson, born August 8, 1994 in Boisie, Idaho.

Timothy and Beryl Ann Lundgren had  [1]Grace Ann Youts, born July 19, 1996, Salt Lake, City, Utah. [2] Justina LynnYouts, born September 11, 1998 in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Jeanne Kay Knobel, daughter of Nellie Irene (Youts) Knobel and Harold Arthur Knobel, was born on June 21, 1959, at North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska.  She married Michael Alan Hanson on June 14, 1996 in Denver. Colorado.  He was born on May 12, 1964 in Mt. View, CA.

Ottie Lent

Ottie Lent, was born August 18, 1900 in Stone County, Mo., and died  June 26, 1996 in Cassville, Barry County, Missouri. She married  [1] Roy Preston Burchett on September 19, 1917. He was born November 14, 1897 to James and Samantha (Long) Burchet.  Roy died January 27,1920 and is buried at Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Barry County Missouri. [No Issue]

2nd Ottie married Charles Calvin Reed on August 26, 1922 in Benton County, Arkansas. He was born in Garfield , Benton County, Arkansas, the son of Moses and Martha Jane (Roller) Reed and died March 26, 1978 in Cassville, Barry County, Missouri. Ottie and Charles Calvin are buried at Maplewood Cemetery, Exeter, Barry County, Missouri.


This certifies that Roy Burchett of Purdy, State of Missouri, and Ottie Lent of Clever, State of Missouri.  Were united in Holy Matrimony at Clever, on the 19 day of September, A.D. 1917, and issued by the Recorder of Deeds of Barry County, Missouri.

Witness my signature

W.N. Gray
Justice of the Peace
Lester R. Gray
Julia A. Gray

Cassville Newspaper February 5, 1920

Roy Preston Burchett, died at the home of his father, J.P. Burchett. North of Butterfield, January 27, 1920 of pneumonia and a complications of other diseases. He was 23 years 2 months and 10 days old. He was born and reared mostly in this state. He was at Kansas City taking a course in the Ray Automobile and Tractor School when sickness overtook him

Funeral services were held at the home, Wednesday, January 18, 1920, Internment was in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

He was married to Miss Ottie Lent Sept. 20, 1917. He leaves a loving wife, father, mother three sisters and four brothers to mourn his departure.


To any person authorized by law to solemnize marriage, Greetings.

You are hereby commanded to solemnize the rite and publish the banns of Matrimony between Mr. Charley C. Reed, of Washburn, in the county of Barry, and State of Missouri, aged 37 years and Mrs. Ottie C. Burchett of Cassville, in the County , of Barry and State of Missouri, aged 27 years according to law, and do you officially sign and return this license to the parties herein named.

Witness my hand and official seal this 26th day of August, 1922.

L.C. Casey [the C’s might be G’s] County Clerk

Certificate of Marriage State of Arkansas County of Benton

I,  J.M. Jackson do hereby certify that on the 25th day of August 1922, I did duly and according to law, as commanded in the  foregoing license, solemnize the rite and publish the banns of Matrimony, between the parties therein named.

Witness my hand, this 26th day of August 1922.

My credentials are recorded in Recorders office. J.M. Jackson, JP

Certificate of Record

State of Arkansas

County of Benton

I,  I. C.  Casey  [C’s might be G’s] Clerk of the County Clerk of said County certify that the above license for  Certificate of Marriage of Mr. Charley C. Reed and Mrs. Ottie Burchett was filed in my office on the 26th day of August 1922, and the same is duly recorded on page 377 of Book J. of Marriage Records.

Witness my hand and seal and the seal of said court this 26th day of August 1922.

I.C. Casey County Clerk Benton County, Arkansas.

Ottie Lent first married Roy Preston Burchett, who was born November 14, 1897 and died January 27, 1920. He was buried in the Mt Pleasant near Butterfield in Barry County, MO..  Ottie and Roy had no children.

Second, Ottie [Lent] [Burchett] married Charles Calvin Reed, on August 16, 1922. He was born December 23, 1885 at Garfield , Benton County, Arkansas. He died March 25, 1978 at Cassville, Barry County, Missouri. He was the son of  Mose and Martha  Jane [Roller] Reed.  Charles Calvin Reed was first married to Fanny Thompson, she died July 19, 1919 at Washburn, Mo.. She was the daughter of William and Johnetta [Truelove] Thompson.  She is buried at Truelove Cemetery, Barry County, Missouri

The children of Charles Calvin and Fanny [Thompson] Reed were; [1] Willie E. Reed, born March 12, 1907, in Barry County, MO., and died March 23, 1926 in Oklahoma, she is buried at Truelove Cemetery, Barry County, Mo. [2] Lucille E. Reed, born December 5, 1908 and died August 21, 1980, in Cook County, Illinois, she married Ernest Hulsey and they had three children. [3] Marvin T. Reed, born July 13, l912, at Washburn, MO. and died December 7, 1937 in Oklahoma, He married Imogene Nelson. [4] Carl M. Reed born December 1, 1915, at Washburn, Mo. and died March 09, 1990 at Wichita, Kansas. He married Florence Landreth, they had no children.

The children of Charles Calvin Reed and Ottie (Lent) [Burchett] Reed

[1] Charles Willis Reed, Sr., was born <Living> at Drumwright, Oklahoma. On <Living> he married Esther Elizabeth Gustava Olofsson, at Chicago, Illinois. She was born <Living>. Her parents were Andreas Gustav Emanuel Olofsson and Elsie Linnea Tarnroos of Sweden.

[2] Lavelle Reed, was born <Living>, at Drumwright, Oklahoma.  Lavelle has never been married and has no children.

[3] Hubert Neal Reed was born July 29, 1929 at Drumwright, Oklahoma and died January 18, 1999 at Cassville Mo., he is buried at Mano Cemetery, Barry County, Mo.  He married 1st Doris Virgina Painter on June 16, 1948 (divorced). He married 2nd Anna Lorene "Lorene" Buckner on  July 03, 1973 [No Issue].

[1] The children of Charles Willis Reed, Sr., and Esther Elizabeth Olofsson are;

   Charles Willis Reed, Jr., Born <Living>, Chicago, Illinois
   Larry Calvin Reed, Born <Living>, Chicago, Illinois
   Susan Lynne Reed, Born <Living>, Chicago, Illinois
   Thomas Allen Reed, Born <Living>, Chicago,  Illinois.

Charles Willis Reed, Jr., son of Charles Sr. and Esther Reed,was born <Living> in Chicago, IL.  He married (1) Diane Packwood <Living> in Cook County, Illinois.  She was born <Living>, Cook County, Illinois.  He married (2) Lisa Heisner <Living> in Will County Illinois.  She was born <Living> in Lompoca, California.  He married (3) Linda Wurl <Living> in Will County, Illinois.  She was born <Living> in Chicago, Illinois.

The child of Charles Willis Reed Jr. and Diane Packwood is Robyn Renee Reed,  born <Living>,  Cook County,  IL.  Robyn married Clayton Paul on  <Living> in Missouri.and they reside in Lawrence County, Mo.

The child of Charles Willis Reed Jr. and Lisa Heisner is Christopher Charles Reed, born <Living> at Palos Park, Illinois.

Larry Calvin Reed, son of Charles Sr, and Esther Reed was born <Living> in Chicago, Illinois.  He married (1) Patricia Campbell.  He married (2) Nancy King on <Living> in Cook County, Illinois, daughter of John King and Anita Alvarez.  She was born <Living> in Cook County, Illinois.

The child of Larry Reed and Patricia is: Krystal Reed, born <Living>, Kentucky.  She married Shawn Dysan <Living> in Lousiana  and they reside in Louisiana

The children of Larry Reed and Nancy King are:
  (A) Rachel Marie Reed, b. <Living>, Cook County, Illinois.
  (B) Daniel Curtis Reed, b. <Living>, Cook County, Illinois.
  (C) Mathew Ryan Reed, b. <Living>, Cook County, Illinois.

Susan Lynne Reed, daughter of Charles Sr. and Esther Reed,was born <Living> in Chicago, Illinois.  She married (1) Lyman Eugene Potts <Living> in Lemont, Illinois, son of William Potts and Zelpha Kessel.  He was born October 03, 1961 in Joliet, Illinois, and died August 29, 1995 in Joliet, Illinois. They divorced January 1990.  She married (2) Robert Michael Tortorelli <Living> in Las Vegas, Nevada, son of Arthur Tortorelli and Louise Kopp.  He was born <Living> in Chicago, Illinois.

Children of Susan Reed and Lyman Potts are:

   (A)  Susan Lynne "Suzi" Potts was born <Living> in Joliet, Will County, IL.   He was born <Living> in DuPage County, Illinois. The child of Suzi Potts is Gage Eugene Dill, born <Living> in DuPage County, Illinois.

   (B) Duane Thomas Potts, born and died August 29, 1982, Joliet, Will County,  Illinois
   (C) Elizabeth Jean Potts, born <Living>, Joliet, Will County, Illinois.

Thomas Allen Reed, son of Charles Sr. and Esther Reed, was born <Living> in Chicago, Cook County,  Illinois.  He married Wendy Fett <Living> at Morrison,  Colorado.

Children of Thomas Reed and Wendy Fett are:

   (A) Lauren Nichole Fett Reed, born <Living>
   (B) Kai Brenan Reed, born <Living>. (Twin)
   (C) Trevon Taylor Reed, born <Living>. (Twin)

[3]  Hubert Neal Reed, son of Charles Calvin & Ottie (Lent) Reed  was born July 29, 1929 in Drumwright, Oklahoma, and died January 18, 1999 in Cassville, Missouri.  He is buried at Mano Cemetery, Barry County, Missouri.  He married (1) Doris Virginia Painter on <Living> in Exeter, Missouri, daughter of John Painter and Esther German.  She was born <Living> in Exeter, Missouri. They divorced in the early 1960's. He married (2) Anna Lorene Buckner married July 03, 1973 in Miami, Oklahoma, daughter of Luther Buckner and Ruth Shoop.  She was born December 05, 1930 in Spiro, Oklahoma.

Children of Hubert Reed And Doris Painter are:

  Joyce Kathleen Reed, b. <Living>, Cassville, Barry County, Missouri.
  Nancy Louise Reed, b. <Living>, Washburn, Missouri.
  Betty Lavonne Reed, b. <Living>, Washburn, Missouri.
  Mary Esther Reed, b. <Living>, Washburn, Missouri.
  Ronald Hubert Reed, b. <Living>, Washburn, Missouri.

Joyce Kathleen Reed, daughter of Hubert and Doris Reed, was born <Living> in Cassville, Barry County, Missouri.  She married Paul Eugene "Gene" Reed (no relation) <Living> in Miami, Oklahoma, son of Jasper Reed and Ruby Starnes.  He was born February 04, 1939 and died May 09, 2000 in St. John's Regional Health Center, Springfield, Missouri. He is buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery, Barry County, Missouri.

The children of Joyce Reed and Gene Reed are:
   [A] Darren Eugene Reed, born <Living>, Monett, Mo., on  <Living> he married Melissa Feekin in Monett, MO.
   [B] Dustin Craig Reed, was born <Living>, at Springfield, Mo..

  Nancy Louise Reed, daughter of Hubert and Doris Reed, was born <Living>,  in Washburn, Missouri.  She married (1) Luther Samual "Sam" Munday <Living> in Pineville Missouri, son of William Warren Munday and Anna Lorene Buckner.  He was born <Living> in St. Louis, Missouri.  She married (2) Shamel Leonard , son of William Painter and Bessie Andrews. He was born Sept. 1938 and died February 22, 2002. He is buried at Maplewood Cemetery, Barry County, Missouri.

Children of Nancy Reed and Luther Munday are:

  [A] William Orville "Billy Jack" Munday, born <Living>. He married Lisa Ann Day <Living> in Monett, Missouri, daughter of Lloyd Day and Loretta Goldsbourghal.  She was born <Living> in Monett, Mo. Their child is Jeffrey Lloyd Munday, born <Living>, Rogers, Arkansas.

  [B] Angela Renee Munday, born December 31, 1972; died October 14, 1989, buried at Mano Cemetery, Barry County, Missouri.

  [C] Samuel Floyd Munday, b. <Living>, Stella, Missouri.
  [D] Rachel Louise Munday, b. <Living>, Carthage, Texas.

Betty Lavonne Reed, daughter of Hubert and Doris Reed, was born  <Living> in Washburn, Missouri.  She married (1) George Pless.  She married (2) Charlie Buckner on <Living> in Exeter, Missouri, son of Alex Buckner and Jimmie Cagel.  He was born <Living> in Keota, Oklahoma. They divorced in 1995 and Betty legally took back her maiden name.

Children of Betty Reed and Charlie Buckner are:

  [A] Sherry Buckner, was born <Living>, Stella, Missouri.  She married Frank  Newman on <Living> in Missouri, son of  ? Newman and Dorthy Roberts.  He was born <Living> in Kansas City, Missouri. Their children are Kayla Renee Newman, born <Living>, Berryville, Arkansas, Scottie Newman born <Living>, Berryville, Arkansas and Kevin (dates unknown)

  [B] Michael Craig Buckner was born <Living>. He married Brenda Moore <Living> in Oklahoma.  She was born <Living>. Their Child is Michael Craig Buckner Jr. born <Living> in Oklahoma.

  [C] Lowell Alexander Buckner, b. <Living>, Cassville, Barry County, Missouri.

Mary Esther Reed, daughter of Hubert and Doris Reed, was born <Living> in Washburn, Missouri.  She married Galen Ray Hall <Living> in Miami, Oklahoma, son of Don Hall and Norma McPherson.  He was born <Living> in Ellinwood, Kansas.

Children of Mary Reed and Galen Hall are:

  [A] Heath David Hall, b. <Living>, Monett, Missouri.
  [B] Erick Bradley Hall, b. <Living>, Pampa, Texas. He married Miranda J. Prince  on <Living> The child of Erick Hall and Shelly Hilton (Never married) is Brianna Leann Hall, born <Living>, Joplin, Missouri.

Ronald Hubert Reed, son of Hubert and Doris Reed, was born <Living> in Washburn, Missouri.  He married (1) Tammy Arnold. He married (2) Liona Crane-Haden.  The child of Ronald Reed and Tammy Arnold is Heather Dawn Reed, b. <Living>, Springfield, Missouri.

Susan [Reed] [Potts] Tortorelli

[NOTE]  A lot of change has taken place since the 2nd edition of Traces of Gold was printed in 1994. I am still learning about more cousins as time goes on.

Susan [Reed] [Potts] Tortorelli has appeared on the scene, and she has given us quite a shot in the arm as far as Family Tree’s goes. She is descended through Missouri Elizabeth “Betty” Gold.

 In the summer of 1996, I got a phone call from her. I didn’t even know I had a cousin named Susan Potts. But there she was and I was talking to her. Here it is March 17, 2000 and I still have not met her personally, but we sure got acquainted by E-mail and telephone.

 She has been most helpful to us all with our family tree. She has actuallly created the web sites of Stone and Barry counties in Missouri, and has also created different Web Sites in Illinois, And by so doing has entered, or caused to be entered a mountain of family research information. Strangers have told me that the Stone County, Missouri Web Site “is the best”.

Now, she has come up with the “Gold Family On Line” which gets a lot of attention from people everywhere. If you have visited the “Gold Family On Line” web site lately, You know it is really growing. It generates a lot of inquiries and helps us locate “more cousins” from the same old family tree.

Susan; You will go down in our family records, as our cousin, who single handed put the Gold Family Tree on the map.

I want to be among the first to congratulate you, and thank you for what you have done. You may not have realized just what was happening to you and the family tree.

You are now on record as “Our Cousin” who showed us all how to get our act together.