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By Shirley Sieting

    MERIDITH MEEK AMBROSE was born 1805 in Kentucky.  He married ANN CLARK May 9, 1828 in Clay County, Kentucky, daughter of HENRY CLARK and JANE (UNKNOWN).  She was born 1805 in Madison County, Kentucky.

    Meridith was the son of Joseph Ambrose and Sarah Elizabeth Ricketts. Meridith was born in Virginia shortly after his parents arrived from England.  Joseph and Sarah first settled in Adair County, then to Clay in 1808.  Joseph moved to Estill County after Sarah died.

    Children of MERIDITH AMBROSE and ANN CLARK are:
    WILLIAM AMBROSE, b.1830,Clay County, Kentucky; m. LUCRECIA STEPHENS, Missouri; b.Abt.1835.
    JANE AMBROSE, b. 1833, Clay County, Kentucky.
    JOHN W. AMBROSE, b. 1835, Clay County, Kentucky; m. MAGGIE  MCCULLOUGH, Missouri;b.Abt
    HENRY CLARK AMBROSE, b. January 2, 1837, Clay County, Kentucky; d. October 2,1907, Carroll
    MARION AMBROSE, b. 1844, Clay County, Kentucky.
    BARTON POTTER AMBROSE, b. July 4, 1845, Clay County, Kentucky; d. May 26, 1935,Madison
    County, Kentucky.
    MARTHA ANN AMBROSE, b. October 3, 1848, Clay County, Kentucky.
    KATE AMBROSE, b. Abt. 1850, Clay County, Kentucky.
    MARY AMBROSE, b. Abt. 1852, Clay County, Kentucky; d. Bef. 1909 Clay County, Kentucky;
    m. (1) ABIJAH GILBERT; m. (2) JOHN CALHOUN WILSON, 1870, Clay County, Kentucky; b. 1843,
    Clay County, Kentucky.

    John W. Ambrose  was a Civil War soldier and served as a Capt. in Company C, 47th Kentucky Mounted Infantry Regiment, Union Army.  John was tried by General Courts Martial on December 21 and 22, 1864 on charges of (1) Conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline and (2) Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.  He was found guilty and was dismissed from the service pursuant to GCM #6, Department of Kentucky, dated March 25, 1865.

    After the war, John's hair turned snow white and a story has it that in preparation for a wedding, John thought he would look younger if his hair was darker.  He dyed it using black walnuts, but the hair turned red.


    JANE AMBROSE (MERIDITH MEEK1) was born 1833 in Clay County, Kentucky. She married JASPER MORRIS.  He was born Abt. 1830 in Kentucky.

    Children of JANE AMBROSE and JASPER MORRIS are:

    HENRY CLARK AMBROSE (MERIDITH MEEK1) was born January 2, 1837 in Clay County, Kentucky, and died October 12, 1907 in Carroll County, Arkansas. He married EMALINE B. MOORE November 25, 1858 in Ray County, Missouri.  She was born 1844, and died June 4, 1909 in Carroll County,  Arkansas.

    Henry Clark Ambrose was the QM Sergeant, 47th Mounted Infantry Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers, US Army.  He was the fourth child of Ann Clark and Meridith M. Ambrose and was born in Clay County, Kentucky in the year 1837. He was the grandson of two pioneer families, Henry and Jane Clark and Joseph and Sarah Ambrose.

    Henry grew up in Clay County, but moved to Missouri during the 1850s and was married to Emaline B. Moore in 1858, near Knoxville, Missouri in Ray County.

    During the Civil War, Henry returned to Kentucky and enlisted in the regiment his cousin Andrew H. Clark was forming for the defense of the state. He enlisted on August 14, 1863, in Company C, under Captain John C. Wilson. He was later promoted to Quarter Master Sergeant and assigned to Regimental Headquarters directly under Colonel Clark. Henry was with the 47th during all of its service and was mustered out with the unit on December 26, 1864, at Lexington, Kentucky.

    After his discharge, Henry returned to Missouri and settled at Radical, in Stone County. In 1890, when he was 53 years old, Henry filed for a pension. He claimed that his war time service had left him suffering from piles, fistula, and rheumatism. His application was witnessed by W.J. Morris who claimed to have known Henry for 40 years, and by W.P. Maupin, who claimed to have known him for 18 years. Both of them were residents of Indian Creek, Arkansas. Henry was granted a pension of $10
per month beginning June 27, 1890.

    In March 1907, Henry applied for an increase in his pension when he was 70 years old. At the time of this application, Henry was living in Urbanette, Carroll County, Arkansas. Henry died on October 12, 1907, before his application could be approved.

    Following her husband's death, Emaline applied for a Widow's Pension in December 1907. She claimed to be 63 years old, and to have been the only wife of Henry. She owned four acres of land, mostly in cultivation, a three room house, farm buildings, two filly colts, one cow, one calf, one yearling calf, and her household goods. She valued her house and land at $250, and the stock at $160. She also had a savings in the bank of $575, which earned her 4% interest. Her yearly income was $50 and no person was bound for her support. Emaline was granted a pension of $12 per month. She died on June 4, 1909.

    Children of HENRY AMBROSE and EMALINE MOORE are:
    FRANK B. AMBROSE, b. February 13, 1862.
    MERIDA AMBROSE, b. November 11, 1863.
    DORA AMBROSE, b. December 21, 1867.
    WILLIAM J. AMBROSE, b. October 21, 1869.
    MARY C. AMBROSE, b. November 13, 1871.
    MARTHA J. AMBROSE, b. August 14, 1875.
    CERN R. AMBROSE, b. February 10, 1879.
    THORLIN AMBROSE, b. November 21, 1881.
    JULIA AMBROSE, b. December 27, 1884.
    HENRY R. AMBROSE, b. December 22, 1889.

    Frank Ambrose was born February 14, 1863 in Boonesville, Kentucky and died on January 3, 1943 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Hardwick in Urbanette, Arkansas. He is buried in the Jones-Minnick Cemetery at Urbanette.

    On February 22, 1889, Frank B. and William M. Ambrose were arrested by the Stone County Sheriff on a charge of 1st degree murder. They were jailed, tried, and acquitted, on April 8, 1889. William later was sentenced to two years in prison on a charge of barnburning.  While in prison, he learned horseshoeing and blacksmithing.

    Frank married twice.  First, on September 09, 1888, to Miss Lucretia Overstreet, born about 1871 - d. in 1895.  She was a daughter of George and Mary Ruckman Overstreet.  The cause of Lucretia's death is unknown, what is known is that she died at about the same time John F. Ambrose was murdered, shot and killed from ambush, and Clem Leroy Ambrose's baby
was shot and killed, some say by accident, some say by a stray bullet fired during a community-wide feud.


    FLOYD COLLINS AMBROSE, b. 30 Oct 1889.
    WILLIAM F, b. in 1891 in Arkansas
    EMMA, d. in infancy

    Frank married 2nd, Miss Mary Melvina Long, a daughter of Marcellous Henry Long and Martha Hobbs Long. Mary divorced Frank, then later, they were remarried and she preceeded him in death, dying in 1918.

    Children of FRANKLIN AMBROSE and MARY LONG are:

    IDA M. AMBROSE, b. 1900
    JOSEPH AMBROSE, b. 1902
    EDWARD AMBROSE, listed as missing in action in the Philipines in WWII.

    Floyd Ambrose  married Miss Pearl Mae Martin, daughter of Frank and Lecta Gibson Martin of Miller County, Missouri.  There children were:  Harl Loren, Carl Merrill, Helen, Irene Vergie, and Aften Gerald Ambrose. Floyd died in California while working for the railroad.

    MARION AMBROSE (MERIDITH MEEK1) was born 1844 in Clay County, Kentucky. He married CHRIS MINTER.  She was born Abt. 1848 in Kentucky.

    Children of MARION AMBROSE and CHRIS MINTER are:

    LIZZIE AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1860.
    GALEON AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1860.
    ZUA AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1860.
    ROBERT AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1860.
    HENRY AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1860.
    ARTHUR AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1860.
    CEPHAS AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1860.
    MINNIE AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1860.

    BARTON POTTER AMBROSE (MERIDITH MEEK1) was born July 4, 1845 in Clay County, Kentucky, and died May 26, 1935 in Madison County, Kentucky.  He married ISABELLE CARMACK May 5, 1871 in Clay County, Kentucky.  She was born Abt. 1850 in Clay County, Kentucky.

    Barton Potter Ambrose was the sixth child of Ann Clark and Meridith M. Ambrose and was born in Clay County, Kentucky on July 4, 1845. Barton's grandparents were Henry and Jane Clark and Joseph and Sarah Ambrose, both pioneer families to Clay County.

    Barton was Just 16 when the Civil War started and was not allowed to enlist with his cousins in Col. T.T. Garrard's Regiment. Barton's cousin, Captain Andrew H  Clark, resigned from the 7th Infantry Regiment in the spring of 1863 and returned to Kentucky. Upon his return, he and others recruited a regiment for the defense of the state, Barton was enlisted as a Private on September 26, 1863, at the age of 18. He was enlisted in the 47th Mounted Infantry Regiment under Captain John C. Wilson in Company C. Barton was mustered out with his unit on December 26, 1864, at. Lexington, KY. During his service, he was promoted to Corporal, which was an accomplishment, considering his tender years.

    Barton returned to Owsley County and started farming but his health began to decline in 1869. He complained of having weakness in his back and general disability. Barton continued farming and was married to Isabelle Carmack in 1871 at the house of his brother Marion.

    Barton applied for a pension in 1879. At the time he was 5-11 and had dark hair and blue eyes. Robert S. Wilson of Sturgeon, KY and I.D. Greer of Booneville, KY both gave testimony in support of Barton's claim. They both testified that Barton was seventy five percent disabled. Barton was granted a pension in the amount of $15.00 per month. Barton continued farming until 1905, when he moved to Berea, KY.

    In 1912, he filed for an increase in his pension, and it was witnessed by T.J. Coyle and Amy Todd, both of Berea. Barton lived out his remaining years in Berea and died at 7 pm on May 26, 1935, Just short of his 90th birthday. His death was attributed to Infirmities of Old Age.


    ANN RUTH AMBROSE, b. February 10, 1872, Clay County, Kentucky; d. 1975, Clay County,
    JAMES MARION AMBROSE, b. March 4, 1873, Kentucky.
    EMMA FLORENCE AMBROSE, b. March 10, 1875, Kentucky.
    IDA CLARA AMBROSE, b. July 1877, Kentucky.
    NELLIE MAY AMBROSE, b. September 12, 1879, Kentucky.
    THOMAS HENRY AMBROSE, b. January 8, 1882, Kentucky.
    FRANCIS NATHAN AMBROSE, b. March 29, 1884, Kentucky.
    WILLIAM MINTER AMBROSE, b. August 15, 1886, Kentucky.
    WILSON DAILY AMBROSE, b. April 9, 1889, Kentucky.
    LOLA ELLEN AMBROSE, b. March 19, 1892, Kentucky; m. WILLIAM ISAACS.
    EFFIE KATHERINE AMBROSE, b. January 6, 1895, Kentucky.
    LUTHER MARTIN AMBROSE, b. August 6, 1898, Kentucky.

    MARTHA ANN AMBROSE (MERIDITH MEEK1) was born October 3, 1848 in Clay County, Kentucky.  She married DELANEY LANE WILSON October 15, 1869 in Clay County, Kentucky, son of JESSE WILSON and ELIZABETH STRONG.  He was born October 16, 1844 in Clay County, Kentucky, and died September 12, 1928.

    Delaney Lane Wilson was born on October 16, 1844, in Clay County, Kentucky. He was the son of Jesse Wilson and Elizabeth Strong. Delaney married Martha Ann Ambrose, in 1869. She was the daughter of Ann Clark and Meridith M. Ambrose.

    During the Civil War, Delaney was recruited into the 47th Mounted Infantry Regiment by his brother, Captain John C. Wilson. Delaney enlisted on July 25, 1863, and served under Captain Wilson in Company C until the regiment was mustered out of service on December 26, 1864, at Lexington, Kentucky.

    All of his service was with the 47th, which was formed for the express purpose of defending the state. Delaney was 18 years old when he enlisted and was promoted to Sergeant, before he was mustered out.

    After the service, Delaney returned to Owsley County and lived near Travellers Rest (home of 1st KY Governor Isaac Shelby) and Green Hall. In 1888, when Delaney was 44 years old, he filed for a pension. At the time he was 5-8 with fair complexion, light hair and blue eyes. Delaney claimed that he was ruptured while engaged in a skirmish with the enemy at Cynthiana, KY during June 1864.

    This was the engagement that defeated the Confederate General John H. Morgan during his last raid into Kentucky. Delaney stated that during the fight, Captain Wilson ordered everyone to drop down after firing so as to have some safety when re-loading their muskets. The troops did as ordered, and when Delaney dropped, he fell on some rocks and sticks. He was not treated while in service, but was given leave, and while at home was treated by Dr. C.R. Holbrook. His claim for pension was witnessed by Sylvester Isaacs and Valentine Brewer. Daniel H. York, who was also in the 47th gave testimony in support of Delaney's claim. He gave the same account of the skirmish at Cynthiana and recalled that Delaney had complained of pain in the area of the rupture following the engagement.

    In 1921, when Delaney was 76 years old, he applied for an increase in his pension. Dr. C.M. Anderson testified that Delaney had a bad double hernia along with other problems. The application was approved and Delaney's pension was increased from $50 to $72 per month. Delaney died on September 12, 1928.

    Children of MARTHA AMBROSE and DELANEY WILSON are:
    ELIZABETH ANN WILSON, b. October 3, 1868, Owsley County, Kentucky; m. EDWARD MOORE.
    GREEN B. WILSON, b. May 31, 1871, Owsley County, Kentucky; m. BELLE MOORE. Green is buried
    in the James  Moore Graveyard at Booneville, Kentucky.
    LAURA WILSON, b. February 14, 1876, Owsley County, Kentucky; m. ARTHUR MINTER; b. April 15,
    1874; d. June 25, 1958, Jackson County, Kentucky.
    HUBERT WILSON, b. March 21, 1888, Owsley County, Kentucky; m. BEULAH HAMMONDS.

    KATE AMBROSE (MERIDITH MEEK1) was born Abt. 1850 in Clay County, Kentucky.  She married TOM
CRIVNER.  He was born Abt. 1845 in Kentucky.

    Children of KATE AMBROSE and TOM SCRIVNER are:



    ANN RUTH AMBROSE (BARTON POTTER2, MERIDITH MEEK1) was born February     10, 1872 in Clay County, Kentucky, and died 1975 in Clay County, Kentucky.  She married JESSE (SPIZ) WILSON, son of JOHN WILSON and MARIAH WILSON.  He was born Abt. 1870 in Clay County, Kentucky, and died July 13, 1930 in Clay County, Kentucky. Jesse and Ruth are buried in Milltown.

    Children of ANN AMBROSE and JESSE WILSON are:


    EMMA FLORENCE AMBROSE (BARTON POTTER2, MERIDITH MEEK1) was born  March 10, 1875 in Kentucky.  She married SHERMAN ROWLAND.

    Children of EMMA AMBROSE and SHERMAN ROWLAND are:

    IDA CLARA AMBROSE (BARTON POTTER2, MERIDITH MEEK1) was born July 1877 in Kentucky.  She married MATT WILSON.

    Children of IDA AMBROSE and MATT WILSON are:

    NELLIE MAY AMBROSE (BARTON POTTER2, MERIDITH MEEK1) was born September 12, 1879 in Kentucky.  She married MARTIN VANBUREN ROBERTS.

    Children of NELLIE AMBROSE and MARTIN ROBERTS are:

    FRANCIS NATHAN AMBROSE (BARTON POTTER2, MERIDITH MEEK1) was born March 29, 1884 in Kentucky.  He married UNKNOWN HUGHES in Colorado.  She was born Abt. 1886.


    FRANCIS AMBROSE, b. Abt. 1900.

    EFFIE KATHERINE AMBROSE (BARTON POTTER2, MERIDITH MEEK1) was born January 6, 1895 in Kentucky; married JOHN STOWERS in Mississippi.

    Children of EFFIE AMBROSE and JOHN STOWERS are:


    LUTHER MARTIN AMBROSE (BARTON POTTER2, MERIDITH MEEK1) was born August 6, 1898 in Kentucky.  He married EDITH TUTT.  She was born Abt. 1900.

    Children of LUTHER AMBROSE and EDITH TUTT are:

    ELLEN AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1915.
    FRED AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1915.
    THOMAS AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1915.
    MARTIN AMBROSE, b. Aft. 1915.

    Some of the Ambroses, including Meridith Meeks Ambrose, are buried in the Ambrose/Wilson Cemetery in Owsley County, Kentucky.

 NAME                       BIRTH            DEATH

Ambrose, Amos Marion    Mar. 4,  1873    Sep. 30, 1876
Ambrose, Ann            Feb. 5,  1805    Mar. 11, 1892
Ambrose, Dail? W.       Apr. 9,  1889    Aug. 19, 1898
Ambrose, Meredith       Dec. 12, 1805    May  1,  1880
Ambrose, Thomas         Jan. 8,  1882    Aug. 9,  1898
Ambrose, William Minter Aug. 15, 1886    Sep. 1,  1892

    I have Amos as James Marion Ambrose. Ann is the wife of Meredith. Dail? is Wilson Daily Ambrose. Martha Ann Wilson is Martha Ann Ambrose Wilson.

    Most of the Missouri-Arkansas Ambroses are buried in the Jones-Minnick Cemetery, also known as "The Old Baptist Cemetery," near Urbanette, Carroll County, Arkansas. Note the birth and death dates for Frank B. Ambrose differ - probably as a result of fading memory or human error at the time of his death.

Ambrose, Ceaphus B.--Mar 23 1874--May 29 1943
Ambrose, Emily--Wife of H.C.--Mar 16 1847--Jun 3 1909
Ambrose, F. M.--Jun 26 1843--Feb 8 1881
Ambrose, Frank B.--Jan 13 1863--Jan 3 1943
Ambrose, H. C.--Jan 12 1837--Oct 12 1907
Ambrose, Infant--S/o C.L. & C.A.--Feb 20 1913--Mar 2 1913
Ambrose, J. F.--Nov 21 1865--Jul 4 1895
Ambrose, Martha A.--Wife of Ceaphus--Apr 30 1872--Mar 23 1936
Ambrose, Mary Wood--1865--1949
Ambrose, Merida Meek--1863--1937
Ambrose, William J.--Aug 21 1870--Jun 14 1938

    John Ambrose was murdered on July 4, 1895, in connection with a community-wide feud that had been on-going across the Missouri-Arkansas State line since the Civil War. Clem Leroy Ambrose's baby was shot and it was about this time that Lucretia Ambrose died of undisclosed causes.