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Keziah (Tucker) Cavener
By Ray Gold

    John Spinner was born in1749 in Amelia County, Virginia, and died October 3, 1825 in Amelia County, Virginia. He married Mary unknown and she was born in 1750 and died in about 1850 in Lincoln County, Tennessee at the age of 100 years.   Their only child was Jency “Jane” Spinner born in about 1778 in Amelia County, Virginia, and died in about 1845 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.  She married Benjamin Tucker, in 1796 in Amelia County, Virginia.  Their children were; [1] Polly W. Tucker born August 21, 1798, she married John Waters, November 20, 1814 in Amelia County, Virginia. [2] Keziah M. Tucker, born June 21, 1804 in Amelia County, Virginia, and died after 1880.  [3] John S. Tucker, born September 13, 1807. [4] Martha A. Tucker, born March 16, 1810. [5] Benjamin Everet Tucker, born April 7, 1815. [6] Eliza Tucker, born July 17, 1818, she married Coleman Wells, January 8, 1842 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.
    Benjamin Tucker gave his deposition to the Lincoln County, TN., Court on February 22, 1847, and stated that he married Jane Spinner, and that they were in fact the parents of Keziah M. [Tucker] Cavener and she gave her deposition on the same date and place and she stated that she did in fact married Patrick Cavener, in Amelia County, Virginia, on June 21, 1821. That they  came to Lincoln County, Tn. in about 1826 with her husband, Patrick Cavner and three of their children; James, born in 1821, John, born in 1822, and Timothy Cavener, born in 1824, all three children born in Amelia, County, Virginia. Patrick Cavener was born in Ireland, in 1804 and came to America in 1817 on the ship “ Julia Ann”.  He died in Marshall County, Tennessee in the early 1830’s.  Their two youngest children were born in Marshall County, Tennessee. Mary Jane was born in 1827, and Wm. Patrick Cavener was born in 1831. They lived near the New Hope Cemetery, in Marshall County, TN.  We have found not record of where he is buried, but he may be buried in the New Hope Cemetery in a unmarked grave.
     Three of their children married three of Johnathan Gold’s children;   [1] Timothy Cavener, married Winnie Gold, [2] Mary Jane Cavener married Thomas Gold, [3] and Wm. Patrick Cavener married Rachael Minerva Gold. In 1852 Thomas Gold and Timothy Cavener along with their families came to Christian County, Missouri on the Johnathan Gold Wagon Train, and settled in Green Valley near Boaz.  And by 1872 there were 22 double cousins of these Gold and Cavener marriages, in Christian County, Missouri.
    Timothy and Winnie had eight children, and owned 320 acres of land laying north and south on the west side of the road at Boaz, Missouri. They made their home toward the south end of their farm. Timothy enlisted in the Union Army when their youngest child [Margaret L. Cavener] was 2 days old, August 3, 1861.  Timothy served in the Army until he died August 4, 1864 a prisoner of war. In the hospital at Little Rock Arkansas and was buried there. Most of their children married and lived in Stone County, Missouri and they have many descendants in the area. Winnie is buried in the Molly Wright Cemetery south of Union City.  Their children were;[1] Amanda Jane, who married John H. “Booty John” Estes. [2] Wm. Patrick who married Mary Hurst, and they went to Texas, and raised several children. [3] Martha F. Cavener, married John Calvin Hagewood and lived near Republic.[4] Henry Clay Cavener, married Sarah Rebecca Hagewood,  [sister to John Calvin]  and lived near Republic. [5] George W. Cavener married Mary Elizabeth Holder, and had seven children; Timothy Elcana, William Andrew, Martha E., Stella Beatrice, James Arthur, Fred, and Francis Susan Cavener.  and then she died and George W. married Sarah Jane [Jackson] Points and they had eight children; Rolla, Burl, Cleo, Jewel, Dolin, Lena Belle, Lorene, and Maudie Cavener.  and lived about 2-1/2 miles southeast of Union City in Stone County.[6] Mary Elizabeth Cavener married Joseph “Bud” Hale.[7] Sarah Cathelene married Columbus “Lum” Garoutte, [8] Margaret L. Cavener married Martin Van Buren Butler.
     Soon after the Civil War ended, Uncle Tommie and Mary Jane [Cavener] Gold moved across the county line and settled 2 miles south of Union City in Stone County, and finished raising their family there. Their two youngest children; Joseph Gold and Missouri, Elizabeth “Betty” Gold, were born there. Their children were; [1]  Margaret Jane Gold, [2] James Thomas Gold, [3] Wm. Riley, [4 and 5] Mary & Martha [twins], [6] Silas, [7] Lorenza, [8]Frances, [9] Allen, [10] Joseph, [11] and Missouri, Elizabeth, “Betty” Gold.
    William Patrick, son of Patrick and Keziah Cavener and Rachael Minerva [Gold] Cavener were the parents of Martha, Mary, and Robert Cavener. Their  children all born in Christian County. In about 1878 they moved to McDonald County, Missouri and raised their family there. Many descendants are still in that area.  Rachael Minerva is buried in the Cummings Cemetery near Tiff City, MO. and Wm. Patrick is buried in the Council House Cemetery in Ottawa County, Oklahoma, about two miles north west of Tiff City, MO.
    There are many descendants of both the Gold and Cavener families in several counties in Southwest Missouri and elsewhere. A record of Johnathan Gold or Keziah Cavener would not be complete without some record of the other.
    Johnathan Gold and his wife died in the 1860’s and buried in the old Gibson cemetery east of the James River Bridge east of Clever in Christian County, MO.  No marker has been identified as their graves. Therefore, during the 1990’s  a memorial stone  was put in the White Cemetery in Stone County, for Johnathan and his wife. They are the gr-parents of all Gold’s in this area..
    The last record we have of Keziah is, she was listed in the 1880 census in the household with her grandson; Henry Clay Cavener living near Republic. Our records shows that other members of the Cavener family, including her son;  John Charles  Cavener were in the household of Joseph Cavener living in Texas, in 1900. Keziah may have went to Texas and was buried there.


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