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 Submitted by Ray Gold
 Photo 1912-Hurley, Missouri

Dr. Thomas Freelin Noblitt was born in 1850 in Fayette County, Tennessee. His parents moved the family to Christian County, Missouri in about 1857, and settled down in Porter Township near Boaz, Missouri. His father died in about 1868. The rest of the family is listed near Boaz in the 1870 census as follows; Eliza Noblitt 48, Tn., Thomas 20, Tn., James 17, Tn., Elizabeth 15, Tn., John M. 11, Mo., and David J. 4, Mo..

On March 25, 1869 Thomas Freelin Noblitt married Dianna Pearce in Christian County, Missouri. By W.K. Johnson, M.G.

Sometime in the next year or so Thomas and Dianna Noblitt moved to Arkansas and lived at Fayetteville, where he apparently attended Medical School, and four of their children were born there. Dr. Noblitt and his family lived in Arkansas until the early part of 1880, when he moved back to Christian County, Missouri. The census was taken June 1, 1880, and he is listed near Nixa, Missouri with his family as follows;

Thomas F. Noblitt 30, Tn, farmer. Dianar 27, keeping house, Tn., Mary D. "Done" 8, Dau. Ark., Hallie E. dau, 4, Ark., James R. 3, son, Ark., and Tennie E. "Ella" 1. dau. Ark..

At least two more children were born after they returned to Missouri. They were, Maude Noblitt born February 5, 1885, and Lyndell Noblitt, the youngest child, born in about 1887.

In the late 1880's he was practicing medicine around Boaz, and Union City in Stone County. And later lived at Hurley and practiced his medical skills in and around Hurley. He was a country doctor in horse and buggy days and made house calls where ever he was needed. His daughter "Ella" told her children that when she was a small girl she went with him in the buggy to make house calls, and they heard panthers squall while making the trips around Hurley.

Ella Noblitt was born December 5, 1879 at Fayetteville, Arkansas, the daughter of Dr. Thomas F. Noblitt and Dianna (Pearce) Noblitt. On Jan. 2, 1896 she married Andrew Theadore Jones, He was born June 21, 1873 at Brunswick, TN. He was the son of Andrew Jackson Jones and Jennie (Colter) Jones. They were both born at Memphis, Tennessee.

Andrew T. and Tennie E. "Ella" (Noblitt) Jones had a son; Elwyn Charles Jones, who was born February 6, Springfield, Missouri. Sarah Maude (Noblitt) Fender died August 27, 1933 and was buried in the Greenlawn Cemetery. Dr. Thomas F. Noblitt, Father, born Fayette County, TN., Dianna Pearce, Mother, born Fayette County, TN.. (Ref. Thieme Funeral Home,
Springfield, Missouri).

Dr. Noblitt's brother; John M. Noblitt, was born in about 1859 in Christian County, Missouri. On October 11, 1882 he married Sarah E. McBride in Christian County, Missouri.

Dr. Noblitt's brother; David J. Noblitt, was born in about 1866 in Christian County, Missouri. On August 21, 1884 he married Matilda A. Peebles in Christian County, Missouri.

Dr. Noblitt's daughter; Hallie E. Noblitt was born in about 1876 at Fayetteville, Arkansas. On February 2, 1892 she married George Reynolds in Stone County, Missouri.

Dr. Noblitt's daughter Tennie E. "Ella" Noblitt was born in 1879 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. On January 2, 1896 she married Andrew Theadore Jones, in Stone County, Missouri. They made their home in Springfield, Missouri.

Dr. Noblitt's daughter Mary D. "Done" Noblitt was born in about 1872 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. On January 9, 1887 she married W.G. Meachem in Christian County, Missouri.

Mary Scott Hair "Samanthy" says she remembers that the building where Dr. Noblitt lived and had his office, blew away when the cyclone of 1917 came through Hurley.

We have no record of when Dr. Thomas Freelin Noblitt moved from Hurley or where he went to. Some of his children had settled in Springfield, he may have gone there.

If you have any information on this family, I would like to hear from you. -- Ray Gold, R#1, box 209 Billings, Mo., 65610. Phone-417-369-3971, e-mail

The picture of Dr. Thomas Freelin Noblitt was taken in 1912 at Hurley, Missouri. Elwyn Charles Jones married Pauline Nadelle McBride, who was born March 24, 1920 at Cabool, Missouri. She was the daughter of Jess E. McBride & Maude (Kelley) McBride. Jess E. McBride was born July 25, 1891 at Cabool, Mo.. He was the son of Granville McBride, who was born in Terra Haute, Indiana. Maude Kelley was the daughter of Frank M. Kelley and Mary (Hughs) Kelley, who was born July 25, 1859 in Manes County, Missouri.

Dr. Thomas F. and Dianna (Pearce) Noblitt, were the great-grandparents of Lyndell Lou Jones, who was born March 4, 1943 in Springfield, Missouri., and Andrew Jesse Jones born February 18, 1946. Dr. Thomas F. Noblitt was one of the first Doctors to practice in Boaz, Union City, and Hurley, Missouri. Sarah Maude Noblitt married G.E. Fender and lived at 1428 North Grant.