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Issac Benton Rapp
(Written By Ray Gold)
Submitted June 25, 1998 by Ray Gold 
Issac Benton Rapp vas the son of J.M. and Sarah E. Rapp.

J.M. Rapp was born October 1, 1828 and died April 9, 1883, and is buried in the Smart Cemetery. Sarah E. Rapp was born February 18, 1831 and died May 7, 1909. She is buried in the Gold Cemetery in Stone County, Missouri. Issac Benton Rapp was born in December of 1849, and died April 3, 1924. He first married Tennessee Sullivan, who was born March 10, 1854, and died August 3, 1890. To this union was born three sons:
    Columbus Rapp born in 1880 and died in 1940;
    Charles Arthur Rapp, born February 15, 1886 and died September 14, 1966 in Texas
    Stephen Langford (Tiebe) Rapp. He was born October 2, 1888 and died December 11, 1967. He is buried in the
     Smart Cemetery in Christian County, Missouri.

Marean  (Mary  Ann)  Gold, was the daughter of William C. and Sarah P. (Alexander) Gold, and was born in 1858 in Christian County, Missouri, and died January 8, 1902. She is buried in the Gold Cemetery, on the Old Wire Road, in Stone County, Missouri. She first married Willie Hugh Jackson and they had one son; Willie (Bill Bud) Jackson.
William (Bud) Jackson married Minnie Lea Maples, and they had three children; Harman,  Audria Pearl and Curtis Jackson. Audria Pearl married a Steams.

Note: The information of Hugh Jackson was furnished by Katherine Jackson, wife of Curtis Jackson. When Bud was seven years old, his mother (Marean) married Issac Benton Rapp, who had also lost his spouse, (Tennessee Sullivan Rapp). They had two children who died young, then they had Van Rapp and Albert Rapp.  Albert Rapp was born in 1897 and died February 15, 1966. He married Hattie Mae Williams, November 1, 1916. They had six children;
    (1) Lloyd Britten Raw was born April 22, 1919, he married Jewel Damity and they had two daughters and then they divorced, and he married Abbey Morin, June 3, 1972.
    (2) Lucille Mae Rapp, was born July 30, 1921. She married Leaford Gold, he was born September 16, 1919. They were married September 28, 1940. Their daughter Deanne Gold was born March 22, 1946. and she married James R. House, October 22, 1965. They had two boys; Craig Allen House, born July 16, 1969, and Darin Keith House. born May 30, 1971. Ronald Lee Gold, born October 12. 1949. he married Carol Sue Jenkins, born July 16, 1951. They were married Novembewr 13, 1969. They had three children; Carrie Lynn, born March 15, 1971, Brian Lance, born February 21, 1974, and Chanda Rena, born December 24, 1975.

    (3) Irene Elizabeth Rapp, was born October 29, 1923 and married John O’Neal June 27, 1942. They had twin boys.
    (4) Eldon Lee Rapp. was born August 16, 1925, he married Maxine Scott, April 30, 1949. They had two boys and a girl.
    (5) Thelma Lea Rapp. was born March 15, 1937. She married Joe Bacher, November 28, 1964, they had no children.
    (6) Charles Benton Rapp, was born July 16, 1941. He married Karen Breidenstein, July 1 or 2, 1968.

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