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(Biography and photo courtesy of Syd Carr)

David (D.W.) Waymire. 1864-1927,  and Rosa (Barnett) Waymire . 1870-1951,  moved to Stone County in 1900. They had a restaurant in Crane and David was a mail carrier.  The Waymires then moved to a farm near Cape Fair,  returning to Crane about 1920.

To this union were born 3 children, Pansy, Earl,  and one who died in infancy. David was a deacon of the Church of God at both Cape Fair and Crane. He was also an active member of the Odd Fellows.

David was deputy sheriff and also marshal of Crane.  In March, 1927 he was called upon to arrest two fugitives from Baxter Springs, Ka. Marshal Waymire found the 2 fugitives at the   Harrison Hemphill place about 2 miles west of Crane. The 2 fugitives,  Raymond Smith and Elza Sisco resisted  arrested and Smith opened fire on Marshals Waymire and  Wm. Miller. In the exchange of gunfire, Waymire was hit in the abdomen and Smith fled the scene.

A posse was formed and found Smith at the Lusk farm near Marionville where he committed suicide with one shot to his head. Sisco was released as an innocent participant. He had been hired to drive Smith to Crane.

Marshal Waymire, with 10 holes in his intestines from the one shot, died the following Sunday at the hospital in Springfield with his family at his side.

Rosa lived out her life in Crane, a kind and gentle woman, devoted to her church and family. David and Rosa are both buried in the Crane Cemetery.

David & Rosa Waymire



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