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These two photographs of mining crews were submitted by Shirley Gentry Humble.  We are hoping that someone can help identify the workers.  If you recognize any of the men please email  Shirley Gentry Humble.


According to an email from Shirley Gentry Humble Dan Bowling identified the second man from the left in the group picture as Herbert C. Fateley. H.C. Fateley is a great uncle to Dan Bowling, Fred Crabb and Shirley Humble.


We received an email from Larry Wilson on Feb. 22, 2005 along with the photo on the left below.  Larry stated, "My WILSON ancestors lived in Barry and Stone Counties.  Two of my  grandfather's brothers were miners.  One lived in Barry County his  entire life.  He was Ebonezer "Ebb" Wilson, born 1879 in Barry  County.  He committed suicide at the home of his parents in 1912 while  suffering from tuberculosis contracted from working in the mine. I cannot be certain, but the man standing by the door (arms folded in one picture) somewhat resembles the attached picture. In the second photo, his elbow is on the shoulder of the man adjacent."

If you can identify the miner as Ebb Wilson please contact Larry Wilson.

According to more information from Larry Wilson, "If the photo is Ebb Wilson, I think I can place the time frame as around 1910.  In the 1900 census, Ebb is shown living in Stone County  with his wife and only child.  His occupation is listed as "farmer."   The boy died in July 1909.  In the 1910 census, Ebb is living in a boarding house in Webb City,  Jasper County.  His occupation is listed as "machinist."  Several  other men, including his youngest brother, living in the same boarding  house are listed as "miner" in a zinc mine.
I think the man standing to his left in both pictures may be his younger brother, Dote Wilson, age 22.  If true, then this mine would be in Webb  City.  I can see some resemblance in the facial features - particularly the  eyes and shape of the face. If these two are the Wilson brothers shown living in the boarding house in 1910, then some of the other men lined up along the side of the building may be the men living with them in the boarding house.  I printed out an  entire page from the census.  More than half of the men listed on the  page are miners. The other men in the photo COULD be:  Noah Calton (Culton?), James  Thomas, Charles Cornett, Charles Galgar and John Waldney.   The names  are difficult to read, so these may not be accurate spellings. Ebb is  mis-written as Edward."  Larry Wilson's father was also Ebb Wilson, born in the Barry / Stone County,  Missouri area, and named for his uncle (pictured above).

Pictured on the left is Dote Wilson. The photo on the right is taken from the group miner picture above. If you can positively identify the miner as Dote Wilson please email Larry Wilson.




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