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(Records Transcribed By Ray Gold)

April 6, 1927

Majority of School Board met at School House after the annual meeting. And organized by electing H.H. Jones as President, and hired Lowell Peters for teacher.

April 5, 1927

The new School Board met at the School house and elected Will Ailshie as President.

April 18, 1927

The school met and ordered Clerk to post notices of a special Meeting as follows;

Notice is hereby given to the qualified voters of District No. 11, County of Stone, State of Missouri, that in the conformity with the petition of 21 resident voters of said district a special school meeting will be held at the schoolhouse in said district on the 6th day of May 1927. Commencing at 2 pm for the following purpose to wit;

To vote for or against being annexed to consolidated District No. 1.
H.B. Mendenhalll
District Clerk

May 6, 1927

School Districrt #11, ordered by the board of directors to call a special meeting for the purpose of voting on the annexation of School District #11 to the Hurley School District #1.  J. R. Robinson was elected as chairman of the meeting. P.T. Baker, Secretary.
For Annexation 11
Against Annexation 59
H.B. Mendenhall Clerk

May 6, 1927

The board of directors ordered a warrant to H.B. Mendenhall for $2.30 for payment of insurance.
H.B. Mendenhall, Clerk

April 24, 1928

Voted on annexation  of school  No 11 to district no. 1.

April 15, 1929

Board met and ordered contract written with Robert Cobb to teach the school for a period of six months at $80.00 per month.
H.B. Mendenhall , Clerk

April 1, 1930

The School Board met after the annual meeting and elected J.R. Robinson for president and hired Hazel Rickman to teacher for a time of ______.

Statement of the District Clerk to the Annual Meeting April 3, 1928
by H.B. Mendenhall.

Cash on Hand, July 1, 1927         $98.78
State Apportionment                     73.03
County Apportionment                  31.20
Township Apportionment              13.92
Current & Back Taxes                 506.07
Railroad Taxes                            128.96
Cash on Hand, July 1, 1927               .24
Current Taxes                               92.45
Cash on Hand July 1, 1927              1.30
Direct Levy for Building                  1.30
Total Receipts                           1079.77

Teachers Wages                         525.00
Incidental, [Janitor, Library, etc.  134.15
Total Expenditures                      649.15

Cash on Hand, March 25, 1928
Teachers Fund                            326.96
Incidental Fund                             42.36
Building Fund                                 1.30
Total Cash on Hand                    370.62

This third day of April, 1928.   Signed,  H.B. Mendenhall

Some of the people who taught at the Henry School--served as Board Members of the Henry School District:

April 4th, 1933

The annual School meeting was called to order by the President of the board. J.R. Robinson, P.T. Baker was elected Chairman
W.A. Daum Elected Secretary
Nominations for director for 3 years,
J.R Robinson      19   votes
P.T. Baker           4  votes
For .50 c  levy    20 votes
Against               none

For using School house for public gatherings,
For,           1  Votes
Against     18  Votes
Signed,  W.A. Daum, Secretary
P.T. Baker, Chairman
H.B. Mendenhall,  Clerk

Other loose leaf records

August 7, 1933

The school Board met at the school house and hired Hazel Rickman for a  term of 8 months at $55.00 per month. Also hired P.T. Baker for janitor at $4.00 per month.
H.B. Mendenhall Clerk

March 7, 1934

The school board met with the County School Superintendent at the High School at Hurley and made the estimate of 30 cents on the $100 valuation for school purposes and the annual meeting, notices to specify same.
H.B. Mendenhall Clerk

April 3, 1934

The school board met after the annual meeting and organized by re-hireing J.R. Robinson as President and hired Hazel Rickman to teach the school at $65.00 per month for a term of 8 months.
H. B. Mendenhall, Clerk

March 14, 1935

The school Board met and ordered the annual meeting notices to read as follows;

To elect one director for a term of 3 years.
To vote on a levy of .10 cents in excess of the .20 cents on the $100. Valuation for school purposes.
And to vote the school doors open or closed for public events.
To elect a County Superintendent of Public Schools.
 H.B. Mendenhall, Clerk

April 2, 1935

The annual meeting was called to order by J.R. Robinson, President of the school board. J.R. Robinson was nominated for Chairman, P.T. Baker was nominated for Secretary.
One Director to be elected for a term of 3 years.
Tom Leath     22 Votes
For the .10 Levy  34 votes
Against                none
To vote for county Superintendent
Patterson       24 votes
Keith               6 votes
Hultz               2 votes
Dillbeck           3 votes
P.T. Baker Sec.
J.R. Robinson  Chairman
H.B. Mendenhall Clerk

March 16, 1936

The School Board met at Andy Wright’s  and ordered the annual meeting notices to read as follows;
[1]  To Elect one director for a term of 3 years
[2] To vote for or against use of the school house for public gatherings.

April 7, 1936

The Board ordered $1.69  from incidental funds to text book paid for O.D.
The School board met after the annual meeting and organized by electing P.T. Baker as President, and hired Leo C. Pigg to teach the school for a term of eight months, commencing on the 19th day of August 1936 for $65.00 per month.
H.B. Mendenhall Clerk

January 29, 1937

School Board met at the school house and ordered present contract canceled and a new contract to read as follows; Dated January 4, 1937., To hire Leo C. Pigg to finish the remaining 3 months of school at  $135.00 per month and to issue the following  warrants.
Leo C. Pigg, $4.00 for one month as janitor
C.M. Carter $12.15 for books and supplies
Leo C. Pigg, $135.00 for teaching one month
H.B. Mendenhall Clerk

March 20, 1937

Majority of board met and ordered annual meeting motices to read as follows;
To elect one director for a term of 3 years.
To vote for or against a bond for $600.00 for an addition to the school house.
To vote for or against using the school house for public gatherings.
             H.B. Mendenhall    Clerk

Sept. 13, 1937

Majority of board met and appointed Clarence Gold to fill the remainder of term caused by Tom Leath resigning.
H.B. Mendenhall ---------Clerk

November 1, 1937

Remaining members of the board and ordered a contract drawn for Beryl Cox to teach for a term of six months for $80.00 beginning the 8th day of November 1937
H.B. Mendenhall Clerk,

March 15, 1938

Remaining members of the board met and ordered the annual meeting notices to read as follows;
To elect one director for a term of 3 years.
To elect one director for a term of 2 years.
To vote for or against re-leasing the following tract of land
S.E. ¼ of the N.E. ¼ of section 31, Township 26 Range 23, belonging to Hershel Conrad
And N.E. ¼ of the N.W ¼ of section 31, Twp. 26, Range 23, belonging to Tom Lane
H.B. Mendenhall   Clerk

May 3, 1938

Board met and hired Beulah Cox to teach the school for a term of 8 months at $70.00 per month, Beginning on the 9th day of August 1937
H.B. Mendenhall Clerk

August 20, 1938

The Board met at H.B. Mendenhall’s and ordered the following warrants to be issued.
[1] W.A. Talley for pump  $20.00
[2] W.A. Talley, cleaning well and pump $17.50
[3] Ralph Malloy, Scrubbing floor and labor  $4.30
[4] Marshall Hughs Co. $36.00
     said warrant was dated Nov. 1, 1938
     H.B. Mendenhall,    Clerk

May 5, 1939

School Board met and ordered the following notice;
Notified Hurley School Board , that Henry School would not pay tuition for any pupils below the 9th grade, beginning July first 1939.

The Henry School Board ordered a copy made asking the County Superintendent not to assign any grade pupils to any other school beginning July 1, 1939.

Some items of Expenditures
Oct. 6, 1936 H.G. Drier, Insurance                         $2.20
“      9,    “   Leo C. Pigg, Teaching one month,     $65.00
Nov. 3,    C.M. Carter,  Text Books                       23.18
Nov. 3,    Geographical Book Co. World Atlas          8.99
Nov. 4.    Tom Leath,  Labor on pump                    3.50
Nov. 4,    E.L. Hill , trip and labor on pump.            3.00
Nov. 4,    P.T Baker, Recording signature,               3.00
Nov.  5,   Leo C. Pigg,  Janitor on 2 months             8.00
Nov.  5,   Leo C, Pigg,  teaching  for one month      65.00
Nov. 24,  Loren  Leath , sawing wood                      1.80
Dec.   5,  Leo C. Pigg, teaching one month              65.00
Dec.   5   Leo C. Pigg, Janitor for one month             4.00
Dec.   8,  Tom Leath, attending board meeting           3.50
Dec.   8,  H.B. Mendenhall, attending board meeting  3.50
Dec.  12, Farmers Exchange, 5 gal. Floor oil,             3.03
Jan. 12, 1937, Paid Raymond Patterson grade cards  5.23
Feb.  16,  E.P. Mendenhall cutting 2 ricks of wood    1.00
Feb/  15,  Leo C. Pigg, Teaching one month            65.00
Mar.   3,   H.G. Drier,  insurance                              2.20
Mar.   5,   H.B. Mendenhall    wood                         3.00
Mar.  23,  E.M. Carter            books                      12.31
Apr.    5,  L.S. Hay,  Labor and matrial,                     .85
Apr.    6,  E.M Carter, McCall Spellers,                    5.59
Aug.    4 , Chester McClellan, scrubbing floor           3.00
Sept,    7, W.E. Wright,  for painting                       50.00
Sept.    7, Otis Ottendorf,  for painting                    25.00
Sept.  18,  Robert Baker, Janitor  1 month                4.00
Sept.  27,  Beulah Cox. Teaching 1 month              70.00
Sept.  30,  Herbert Newton,  1 chair                         2.30
Sept.  30,  E.J. Chariton     text books                     28.46
Dec.    6,  Beulah Cox. Teach one moth                  70.00
Dec.    6.  Beryl Cox,  Teach one month                 70.00
Feb.  26, 1938, 26, Janitor for one month                 6.00
July   12, J.L. Baker , Mdse.                                  18.44
Dec.  19, H.B. Mendenhall, Clerk for 1 year,          14.00
Dec.  24, Leonard Ailshie           wood                     4.50
Dec.  24, Leonard Ailshie           wood                   13.10
Mar. 24, 1939,
                P.T. Baker,  Board meeting                      3.50
                E.H. Langley   “         “                            3.50
                Clarence Gold “         “                             3.50
                H.B. Mendenhall         “                           3.50
Mar. 28,   Bearl Cox.                Teaching 1 month    80.00
Mar. 28,   Beulah Cox.              Teaching 1, month  70.00
Apr. 22,   J.L. Baker      2 boxes of chalk                   1.40

The Annual Meeting , April the 5th, 1938

House called to order by P.T. Baker, President of the Board,
W.A. Daum  chosen as Chairman,
H.B. Mendenhall,    Clerk
Nomination for Director for a term of three years,
A.H. Rhodes     21   votes
Clarence Gold   25   votes
Nomination for Director for a term of two years,
J.R. Robinson   22   votes
Emmitt Langley  26   votes
Motion made to adjourn—W.A. Daum,  Chairman
Signed ----H.B. Mendenhall,   Secy.

April 16, 1938

Remaining members of Board met and appointed E.H. Langley to fill vacancy created by Leslie Herndon moving from district.

The meeting of April, 1938 was called illegal by the County Supt. And Prosecuting Attorney, on grounds of being not legally advertised.
H.B. Mendenhall   Clerk,

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