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Christmas Eve Mr. Francis L. Ellison, of Taney county, and Miss Maud S. Goodall of Marionville, were married at the Hotel Moore in this place, Rev. A. J. Gearheard officiating. This is Mr. Gearheard’s first experience in that line, but he performed the ceremony in a solemn and impressive manner.

To-day all the newly elected county officials will take charge of their offices, except James Ellis, circuit clerk, who will assume the duties of the office next Monday. The retiring officers have served the people faithfully and well and there is every reason to believe that the new ones will be equally as accommodating and efficient.

The Christmas entertainment Wednesday evening of last week at the Christian church was a decided success, a large crowd being in attendance. Several beautiful cedar trees were erected on the platform, all of which were heavily loaded with Christmas presents, many of which were beautiful and costly. Rev. A.J. Gearheard delivered an appropriate address during which Santa Claus made his appearance ringing bells.

O. Scott took his son Grover to Nauvoo Sunday and returned Monday. Grover will teach the Nauvoo school instead of Roark, as stated last week.

Rev. A.J. Gearheard, who has been in charge of the Galena circuit, composed of the churches at Oto, Lone Hickory and Galena, for the past year, preached his farewell sermon here last Sunday night. He was greeted by a very large audience, the Christian church people having courteously given up their evening services. The subject of the discourse was "The Gospel," and it was discussed in an able manner for one so young in years. Rev. Gearheard is a talented young gentleman, and we predict will climb to a high station as a minister before many years. He left on the hack Monday for Iola, Kansas, where his parents reside, and will remain there until he goes to conference, which meets at Marshall, Mo., March 24. He carries with him the prayers and best wishes of our people.

A masquerade tacky party was given by misses Mae and Maud Kennedy at he home of Judge Yocum on New Year’s Eve. Many and various were the characters represented, and for some time the masquers concealed their identity. About 10:30 judges were appointed and the masquers marched before them for the prize. Rufe Scott secured the prize as the tackiest gentleman, and Miss Alice Oliver as the tackiest lady. A very pleasant evening was spent.

Last Sunday morning Bert Moore and Miss Susie Craig started in a two-horse carriage to visit Mr. And Mrs. Charles Miller, three miles below Cape Fair. Having no thought of danger they drove into the James river at the Carr ford, which proved to be quite deep, and the vehicle was turned over in the water. The team was turned loose and made its way to the shore, while the young folks soon succeeded in landing on old mother earth. Hats, robes, cushions, whip and other articles floated down stream, but were all secured by the use of a boat that happened to be near by. Bert and Miss Susie went to the residence of Jno W. Carr and spent the day drying clothes, returning home late in the afternoon, apparently no worse because of their exciting episode.

Miss Maud Moore visited friends at Marionville a few days, returning home Tuesday.

R.S. Stafford has moved from Crane to Galena. He occupies the Dr. Jones property.

Miss Edna Scott returned Tuesday from Marionville where she visited friends for some time.

Miss Edna Taylor will close her term of school at Radical Friday and return home Saturday.

Mr. And Mrs. H.C. Cartmel entertained a number of their friends at dinner Friday. Those present were, Miss Steele, Miss Young and E.M. Hays of Union City; W.M. Sanders of Shell Knob; Prof. Burris and wife, Theo Tromly and wife and daughter Ruth, of Galena.

Mrs. T.S. Powell gave a Thanksgiving dinner for the benefit of her children and neighbors. Those present were Dick Powell, wife and children, of Galena; Waldo Powell, wife and child of Notch; W.T. Powell, wife and three children; Arthur Irwin, wife and boy; Dale Powell and Lee Earl; Levi Morrell and wife; J.K. Ross and Oscar Morrell; and Miss Susie Morrell. About thirty in all did justice to a bountiful and well prepared dinner. After dinner Mr. Powell and the young people entertained the company with some excellent singing. As the shade of evening fell the guests departed feeling they had much to be thankful for.---Garber Correspondent in Taney County Republican.

Dr. McCord has purchased the business house and stock of furniture of Uncle Cyrus Craig and took possession yesterday. Charlie McCord will be in charge of the store.

D.J. Reynolds returned Sunday from Mountain Grove where he went with his family to spend the holidays with the family of J.D. Graves. Mrs. Reynolds and the children will remain there for a short time.

Mr. And Mrs. John H. Greene entertained a number of their friends Sunday evening in honor of the 63rd birthday of Uncle Frank Greene. Refreshments were served, and the time was pleasantly spent in social intercourse.

Friday evening of last week Mrs. David Bookout gave a party in honor of her sister, Miss Plummer, of Springfield. Quite a number of our young people were present, and the occasion was one of the most enjoyable social events of the season.

Mrs. T.L. Viles, accompanied by her son Frank and little grandson Paul, left Tuesday for Pueblo, Col., where they will spend the winter with Mr. And Mrs. M.G. Viles and other relatives and friends. By this arrangement Mr. Viles will be enabled to remain at Jefferson City and devote his entire time to legislative duties.

Jesse Smith who has been conducting a flour and feed store in the Melton building on the east side of the square, for the Marsh Milling Co., had to give possession last Saturday on account of the building being rented to T.J. Dorrell for saloon purposes.

Prof. Burris and wife left Monday for their new home at Golden, in Barry County. J.B. Hatten, a nephew to Mr. Burris, who has been attending school here, went with them. Uncle Joe Melton and son Harold took the party and there goods to Golden by wagons.

Mr. E.M. Fisk and Mrs. Sultana Farmer were married at the residence of the bride in Galena, Wednesday evening, Nov. 26, H.W. Morris, Esq. Officiating.

Miss Nellie Gamble spent Thanksgiving with Miss Mamie Forbes at Marionville. Miss Forbes is teacher of the Horse Creek school

Rev. A.J. Gearheard left last Friday to spend a week with his parents at Nevada. He taught the Flat Creek school three months, but finding the work of teaching and preaching too trying, he gave up the latter.

(Radical, Mo., Oct 27, 1902)

Judge Burkhead and T.L. Viles gave us the first campaign speech of the season Oct. 23.

The dance at T.L. Jennings’ last Friday night was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed. Those present were, Misses Ora Townsend of Baxter Springs, Matte and Hala Wilson, Nettie Kimberling, Nova and Effie Thomas, Ethel Lee and Edna Taylor; Mr. And Mrs. Simerson, Mr. And Mrs. Kimberling, Misses Roxy Lee and May Malott of Galena. Messrs. Jim Johnson and Pete Wilson of Cape Fair, Frank Viles, Charles and Fred May, Blaine Short and Harold Melton of Galena; Houston, Fred and Bruce Kimberling, Felix and Arch White, Sam and Will Thomas, Frank Little, Austin Lee and Geo. Wilson of Radical.