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Mrs. Maud Tromly, wife of R.S. Tromly, died at her home in Galena, Mo., Dec. 28, 1924, aged 48 years, three months and three days.

She was born in Elizabethtown, Ind., and came to Poplar Bluff, Mo., when a child. Her parents died when she was very young, and she grew up in the home of her uncle and aunt, Dr. and Mrs. R. S. Potter, parents of Mrs. Edith Davis of Vian, Okla., and Robert Potter of Okmulgee, Okla., who attended the funeral Monday, and were as near and dear to Mrs. Tromly as sister and brother.

Mrs. Tromly came to Galena with her husband in 1901, and had a large number of friends.

Funeral services were held at the family residence, conducted by Dr. A.L. McQuary, who Mrs. Tromly had known for many years, and considered one of her dearest friends.

She was laid to rest in Galena cemetery beside her brother, Albert Baxter, who died in Galena in 1908.

Card of Thanks. We wish to thank our many friends for kindness and words of sympathy during the short sickness and after the death of our dear wife, and mother and cousin; and especially wish to extend our gratitude to those who presented the beautiful floral offerings. R.S. Tromly, Pearl Tromly, Ruth Tromly, Mrs. Edith Davis, Robert Potter.

Mrs. J.P. Klotz and Mrs. C.L. Walters of Aurora, and Mrs. Mae McCord of Springfield, attended the funeral of Mrs. R.S. Tromly in Galena Monday.


Mrs. Stella Cox, wife of Sheriff T.B. Cox, died at her home in Galena Monday, after an illness of several weeks with typhoid fever. She was 45 years old, and a daughter of Rev. Samuel Hilton of Christian county. Funeral services will be held at Ponce de Leon this afternoon at 2:00 o’clock.


Friday, March 10, being the 71st birthday of Mrs. Martha J. Darrell, a number of her relatives gave her a splendid dinner in honor of the occasion.

Those present were, Mrs. L. C. Darrell, son William, and a Miss Stewart, of Crane; Dave Williams and family, Mrs. Margaret Baker, and the Christian minister of Springfield, partook of the good things to eat, and hope for many returns of the day.


The base ball game at Galena Sunday between Galena and Crane resulted in a score of 8 to 7 in favor of Galena. This was the third game played this season by these teams, Galena winning two out of three games.

Next Sunday the Galena boys will play at Reeds Spring. These teams have one game each to their credit, and this third game will be a hard fought battle.


Mrs. Georgia A. Cope, only sister of O. Scott, died at her home in Crane Friday, Oct. 27th, aged 62 years and 8 months.

She had not been well for several months, but was not seriously ill but a few days. She was a very devoted member of the Church of God, and was ready to go to meet the Christ in whom she had an abiding faith.

She leaves four daughters and six sons to mourn the loss of a loving mother. The funeral was preached at the Christian church in Crane by Rev. Thomas, to a large gathering of friends, and the body was laid to rest in the Crane cemetery Saturday at 2:00 o’clock p.m.

Mr. And Mrs. O. Scott and Mrs. C.L. Walters of Galena, attended the services.


Born, in Ozark, October 18, 1921, to Mr. And Mrs. Tom Moore, a fine baby girl. The little maid has been named Edna Ruth.—Ozark Democrat.

Walter Goode of Galena, and Miss Joe Payne of Crane, were married at the residence of Mr. And Mrs. Guy Wampler in Crane, Mo., on Thursday, May 3rd. Their many Galena friends offer congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life.

Mrs. C.L. Walters has just received a letter from her mother, informing her of the marriage of her brother, W.E. Scott, at Dallas, Texas, Jan. 8, to Miss Anna Johnson of Walters, Okla. They are now living at Hillsboro, Tex., where he (Wink,) has a position as telegraph operator.

C.L. Walters and family and Delmer Standridge left Monday morning in Delmer’s car for Mt. Vernon, Texas, to visit Mrs. Walters’ parents, Mr. And Mrs. O. Scott. (Sept. 21, 1921)

(June 13, 1897) --Sunday afternoon a small crowd enjoyed themselves at the residence of O. Scott in honor of Chas. Walters twenty second anniversary.


May 30 was observed in a quiet way in Galena. In the afternoon a number of our citizens assembled at the cemetery and decorated the graves of soldiers and friends. Elder O.W. Jones of the Christian church, read scriptures, offered prayer and made brief remarks. In the evening services were held at the M. E. Church, there being rather a small attendance for such an occasion. Short addresses were made by J. Frank Seaman, T.S. Powell, Elder Jones, Prof. Geo. W. Hendricks, O. Scott and Theo. Tromly, The day is one of deep significance, and we hope in future to see it more fully and impressively observed in Galena and Stone county.

On Monday night last occurred the China Wedding of Dr. LaFayette Henson and wife, at their home in this city. It was attended by between 50 and 60 invited guests, and was in all respects a success. About all the guests were married or middle-aged people. A lovely set of China, numbering 100 pieces, was purchased by the guests and presented to the bride and groom. Though invited, the writer was unable to be present, and we are obliged to take the report of others. We learn that the evening was passed in social intercourse, and much enjoyed by all. The supper, the word does not express the meaning in this case; was a feast that did credit to the family. But also, was a credit to Galena and Stone county; and was greatly enjoyed. At about 11 o'clock the company separated wishing the Dr. and Mrs. Henson the return of many anniversaries of their wedding day.