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Tall Tales and True Stories (John Enoch McCrory)
by Kathryn Bowman-Parks


These two stories are about my great-grandfather John Enoch McCrory who served in MO 15th Cavalry, Co. G. He enlisted in 1864 in Lawrence Co. They were sent to me by my second cousin Marthellen These are her words about our great-grandfather John Enoch McCrorey.


Enoch was at home resting from his war wounds when bushwackers (common at that lawless time) came to his home dressed as Union soldiers. Enoch was Union so he thought they were all right. They were cruel bushwackers who went around stealing and murdering in that time frame. They shot him, stole all they could. I donít know what year this was but Stone Co., MO was beset by several gangs of this ilk after the Civil War.

Mother and several have told this story and I am sure it is true.


The Arch

Enoch McCrorey lived in Taney Co. MO once for a short time I think. Forsyth is the county seat. Today it sits beautifully on a hill high above this lake that is man-made. The town was moved to this location as it would have been flooded. In the old town, Encoch and another man constructed an arch. It must have been a decorative entrance or something. They did not move the arch when the town was moved.

When we were in Ok last May of 1995, we visited cousin James at Talequah. He said you could go up on a bluff and still see the arch part of it."

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