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(Written By Ray Gold)
Submitted June 25, 1998 by Ray Gold 

We are all born into this world as equals. Though, we each may arrive on the scene to a different environment and level of built-in prosperity. Not all are capable of over-coming all the obstacles that stand between where we are, and the achievement of the goals that we may set for ourselves early in life. We are not all subjected to the same problems in early life. We may reach very different levels of learning and financial heights. If we have a sound mind and a healthy body, and strive to reach the highest degree of achievement that we are capable of, we will be the best that we can be. Yet some of us come up short of our expectation. We all reach some degree of achievement in our field, that sets us apart from all others, and makes us the expert in that particular field. People then look to you with their concerns in the field in which you excel. The point here is that; we are all special in our own way.

In matters of religion or politics, if we are able in our own mind to know why we believe like we do, and understand the difference between our belief and the alternative. If we believe in the Methodist or Baptist doctrine of religion, etc.. We should understand and know how to distinguish between the two, and be able to satisfy our own mind that we are right in our belief. Then we can more fully enjoy our whole life and live in greater contentment.

If in politics we are Democrat or Republican, we should know the difference and how to clearly describe and define them both. And also how to explain your stand on political issues. What the other options are, and how to know the difference.

Our country is a Democracy and a Republic. Both uphold and defend the same United States Constitution, and the same Bill of Rights.

A Republic is a nation whose government is headed by a President in which the powers is exercised by officials elected by the voters. A Democracy is a government of a nation headed by a President whose powers is exercised by elected officials who are elected by the voters. Thus, we have the two parties, Democrats and Republicans. Both of these two parties are, being elected by the voters, called a Democratic form of government. Both are; of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Actually the main difference in the two parties could be, that the Democrat more often takes a Liberal view, being more willing to change to new ways, and really quicker to change and not quite so much caution, this is called the Liberal view of things. The Republican is more likely to take a Conservative view, or be slower to make changes that have not been tested, etc., this is called the Conservative View. However there is people who claims to belong to either party and classify themselves as Conservative Democrats or Liberal Republicans. Some call themselves Moderates, or Independents.

It is my view that Government should control our lives very little, and let the people enjoy their freedom and independence, and calmly standby and watch over and protect our every right that is part of the general freedoms and customs of its citizens. The people would better appreciate the “"what is right and what is wrong” regarding morality, and that with every freedom there is a responsibility.

In the case of freedom of speech. That does not necessarily mean that you can say any and everything that you want to. Without going beyond the intent of “Freedom of Speech” referred to in the United States Constitution or the Bill of Rights. If you purposely say things that harms your fellow man, you may over-reach the intent of the law. So your responsibility here is to stay within the guidelines of sensible morality.

If you cuss, swear or use vulgar language before the ladies or in certain public places, you have over-stepped the intent of the expression of “freedom of speech”, and in many cases you will be reprimanded, punished or fined for using this type of behavior. That is another example of where we are responsible for our failure to see that there is a line beyond which we are all held responsible for our actions, and for what we say.

A very important part of our well-being and contentment is derived from our own individual character. Acceptable character qualities may be described in different way by different people. We all have our own vision of good quality character, yet no one can draw a line and say; “ if you don't measure up to this line” in religion, politics, morality, honesty or trust worthiness, etc., that you are not of good character. We all have a different set of values in the makeup of our concept of the way things are, or should be. Each individual has their own character, nether it is good or bad, we can never possess the character of another person. We must build our own. Brothers and sisters may possess similar qualities, such as honesty, dependability, etc.. However, their character will never be exactly the same.

The religious beliefs of each one of us is very personal, and not necessarily the same as others believe. It is good to share your beliefs about the creator and his influence on all things, It is a great consolation to us when we understand all we can about the Bible, by reading it and by attending the church of our choice. We should all try to live the life that our religion dictates to us.

Some of us go through life and never know just how to express our thoughts or views on very important subjects. At least they are real important to us. Thus, we never know just how others think about the same thing.

We may all have traits of character that are seldom or never revealed to others except in certain instances which may bring them out, because of our need to respond to all circumstances.

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