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A Typical School Year At Cedar Bluff
By Ruby Steele (1905)
Submitted by Jeannie Owens

The teacher, J. H. Reser, was a good record keeper.  Without his skill at keeping records, this story could have never been written.  He even kept the weather report, (partially).  According to his records, it rained on Sept. 15, Dec. 21, and 22nd, and again on Jan. 2nd and 3rd.  He also records it snowed Jan. 23rd, 1906.

Thanksgiving services were held at the school on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 30th, 1905.

His report shows that Cuma Henson quit school to get married the 6th of Dec., 1905.  She was 18 years old at the time.

Oscar Bowman, according to the records, moved out of the school district Oct. 23rd, 1905.  Frances Foster moved out of the district on that day also.  Earl Towne moved out of the district the first week in Oct.

He reports that in Sept., 1905 O. E. Foster quit school to teach.

Quite a few children were out of school because of various illnesses during this school year, among them were Francis Foster, Susie Kerr, and Clevy Blythe.  Bryon Asher was out of school with a toothache on Dec. 7th.

Charles Galloway was excused for some reason or other the second week in Sept.

Flossie Swearinger had to miss school the 3rd of Jan., 1906 because of a rise in the creek.

He must have had his share of mischievous boys as his records show he had to punish Carl Summers the 12th of Sept. and Charley Wilson on Oct. 4th.  Carl Summers was punished again Oct. 4th.  Blaine Kerr was punished on Oct. 11th for fighting with a little girl.  He must have liked fighting with girls as the records also show he slapped Flossie Swearinger on Dec. 7th.  She slapped him back, or anyway that is what is shown in the records.  He was 20 years old and she was 15.  Perhaps instead of disliking girls, he liked them and just wanted to be noticed.

Mr. Reserís records show that he attended a Teacherís Institute on Thurs. Nov. 9th.  School was dismissed for the day.

It is recorded that Euda Acres received corporal punishment on Dec. 11th.  He was out of school the rest of Dec. and Jan., according to Mr. Reserís records.

Our regards to you, Mr. Reser; it must have been a hectic year, and thanks for keeping the records in such good shape.  Without his knowledge of keeping good records, we might never have known what transpired during the year of 1905 at Cedar Bluff School.