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(By Glenda Chamberlin)

The Wooley Creek School derives its name from the nearby Wooley Creek that was named for the Wooley family. It is believed that the family settled in this area in the early to mid 1800ís.

Land for the school was deeded to District No. 4, Township 23, Range 24 in Stone County, Missouri by Anthony M. and Nancy Myers April 7, 1903 and acknowledged by Ira J. Foster. The description states: Commencing 105 yards S. of NW corner of SW¼ of NE¼, Section 8, Twp.23, Range 24; thence South 70 yards, thence East 70 yards; thence North 70 yards; thence West 70 yards, compromising 1 acres, more or less. This land was part of a parcel of land deeded to Anthony M. Myers from President Theodore Roosevelt on October 23, 1901.

The exact date that the Wooley Creek School was built is unknown but it is a possibility that a building existed and classes held there before the land was actually deeded over by Anthony Myers in 1903. The school was originally a wood frame building. Rock was added in later years and three windows moved from the east side were added to the three windows on the west making a total of six on that side.

Information regarding teachers who taught in the Wooley Creek School and the students who attended there is still being sought and new facts are being revealed as the research continues.

Classes were held in the Wooley Creek School until the spring of 1952 when it was consolidated with the Reeds Spring Reorganized School District #4. A Quit-Claim Deed for the land was signed back to the Wooley Creek Trustees and their successors on the 12th day of August, 1953. The Wooley Creek School Trustees at that time were: Ira J. Foster (President), Walter E. Calhoun (Vice President) and Ernest Stone (Secretary-Treasurer). The Deed was signed by R.C. Emerson, President and Guy Wampler, Secretary of the Reeds Spring School Board. The Deed was filed at the Stone County Courthouse on the 30th day of December, 1953 and recorded in Book 89, page 79.


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