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The group pictured above were the first to meet to begin planning the restoration project.  They are front row, from left: Mariann Bruckner, Cindy Stull, Janice Branstetter, and Glenda Chamberlin. Back row, from left: Oliver Foster and  Doyle Branstetter.

(By Glenda Chamberlin)

For many years the little one room Wooley Creek School located 3 miles west of Cape Fair, Missouri has been sitting quietly empty and mostly ignored by folks except the people who live in that area. Stories of the old school days and community gatherings such as student programs, pie suppers, singinís, kangaroo courts and church gatherings are seldom told these days.

All of that is now changing. In the spring of 2005 a small group of people gathered at the old school to discuss the possibility of beginning a restoration project. It is their desire to see the Wooley Creek School listed on the National Historic Register and to become a living legacy for the students and teachers who were such an important part of the schoolís history. The growing group of folks who started this restoration project last summer hope that the school will become a living history center in the future which would give todayís teachers and youth a glimpse of the past and experience a bit of the hardship and joy of being educated in a one room school. A group of retired teachers spearheaded by retired Reeds Spring teacher, Glenda Chamberlin has joined other interested folks and were  busy all summer cleaning and making repairs. Although all but a few of them have no past ties to the school they are the kind of folks who believe in preserving the past so that future generations can learn from it. So far the expenses involved in the cleaning and repairing have all been donated by these folks with their own personal money and time. But there is still much to be done in the way of structural repairs throughout the building and future preservation work.

The Wooley Creek School Restoration Committee has three goals: To restore and preserve the Wooley Creek School building making it clean and safe so the community can once again enjoy and be proud of it; make application for the school to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Stone County; and to see Wooley Creek School become a living history center so that future generations can learn the history of the little school that once educated the children of that area.


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