The Missouri Division was formed in Fayette, Missouri, January 12, 1898, at the Courthouse in the Circuit Court room. Representatives either in person or by proxy were present from the four Chapters of the State. In addition to the delegates, almost the full membership of the local Chapter and a number of Confederate Veterans and Sons of Veterans were present. Mrs. R.E. Wilson was the first President.
     Today there are twelve Chapters in the State of Missouri and four Chapters of the Children of the Confederacy.
Our objectives are
    Historical, Benevolent, Educational, Memorial and Patriotic.
     UDC is a historical, patriotic, and educational lineage society dedicated to researching and preserving our rich Southern heritage. Understanding how the past impacts the present, ultimately opens new avenues to the future.
United Daughters of the Confederacy®
Missouri Division
Established 1898
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The Missouri Division was established in 1898.
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Children of
the Confederacy
     Membership is open to women at least 16 years of age who are blood descendants, lineal or collateral, of men and women who served honorably in the military or civil service of the Confederate States of America, or gave material aid to the cause.
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