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Vernon County Queries

Submitter: Larry & Carolyn Robertson
Date: December 26, 2009

I am searching for information on the ROBERTSON/ROBINSON families. Jerimiah ROBERTOSN, James ROBERTSON, and Cornelius ROBERTSON were in Vernon County after 1850. They were from Tennessee. James ROBERTSON's children were: Martha E., James Allen, Woodson, Luther Thomas, Catherine Jane, Nancy E., Sarah T., Isham H., John W., Mary L., Henry C., Dora A., and Ethel A. ROBERTSON. Jerimiah ROBERTSON'S children were: Martha J., and Mary L. We need to share information on these families. Please respond! Larry Robertson PH-1-423-477-8423 Tennessee

Surnames: Tanner
Submitter: brian futrell
Date: November 19, 2009

Adolphus Tanner was born about 1850. He was married in 1974 in Vernon County, Missouri. (one website says that he married Martha Louise Robertson--I do not know if this is true) I need to know who the father was of Adolphus Tanner's wife. Is there any way of finding out?

Surnames: Eason
Submitter: Delton Childers
Date: July 31, 2009

looking for any info on the eason family. thank you bj hearne

Surnames: Hulsey
Submitter: Joyce Snell
Date: June 26, 2009

Attempting to find info on Stephen M. Hulsey 1839-1903. Born in Washington, Vernon Co, MO, later moved to Jasper Co, MO. He was married to Sarah Jane Simmons (1845-1914). Both buried @ Mt Hope Cemetery near Webb City, MO.

Surnames: Gifford
Submitter: Diane Reuscher
Date: March 14, 2009

Do you have any records for Giffords? Lester Charles Gifford, died in Milo, Vernon County, January 22, 1896. His son, Jessie Gifford farmed there with his family. Jessie brought his father's body home to Iowa and is buried beside his mother and father, having died January 12, 1904. Trying to find out what happened to Jessie's wife, Huldah, and their children, Ella Mae, Fredie, and Laura.

Surnames: McCrery
Submitter: Robyn Gygi
Date: February 13, 2009

Does anyone have an address for the Vernon County, Missouri court records or better yet, able to search these records for the 1917 adoption of Claude McCrery by Thomas Jefferson McCrery???? I am not sure where these records might be deposited.

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