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The Will of Flanders Callaway dated the 14th of Dec 1824, Montgomery Co, Missouri.

The following Will appears in the Warren Co., MO, Deed Book A, pages 190 & 191, after the deed where Daniel Boone Callaway sells land to Alexander McKinnney. Perhaps the Will is listed as documentation of Daniel’s right to sell his interest in his father’s estate after the death of his mother, Jemima (Boone) Callaway.

I, Flanders Callaway, of the County of Montgomery in the State of Missouri, being weak in body but of sound mind and disposing memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament in t he manner and form following that is do say
First, it is my desire that in a reasonable time after my decease I may be decently interred with unnecessary expense and that as soon after as may be convenient my funeral sermon be preached by the Rev. Lewis Williams, and in case be should fail then by any other respectable preacher of the Baptist faith and order.
Secondly, I desire that all my just debts, Doctors fees and funeral expenses be first-paid.
Thirdly, I give and bequeath to my wife Jemima Calloway the following slaves during her natural life or widowhood in full of her right of dower in slaves that is to say the negro girls Kissey, Lucinda, Dorcas and Lavina and at the death or marriage of said my said wife the said four above named negro girls and their increase if any to __?__ to my youngest son Daniel Boone Callaway and his heirs. I also give and secure to my said wife the lawful right of dower in all my personal estate and house hold furniture.
Fourthly, I give to my daughter Sally Barns the wife of James Barnes and his heirs forever one hundred arpents of land to include the improvement on which her husband James Barnes now lives to be laid off in an equitable and convenient form by two or more commissioners to be mutually chosen by my after named executors and the said Sally and James Barns"
Fifthly, all the residue of my lands I give to my son Daniel Boone Callaway and his heirs forever, reserving to my above named wife, Jemima Callaway, her right of dower in the said land during her natural life. I also give to my said son, Daniel B. Callaway and his heirs forever, the following slaves to wit, Bill, Lizza, Squire, Rose and Mary.
Sixthly, I give to my son Larkin S. Callaway and his heirs forever one negro boy named Jeff.
Seventhly, I give to the heirs of John B. Callaway deceased five dollars. To the heirs of James Callaway deceased five dollars. To the heirs of  my daughter Tabitha Darst deceased five dollars in full of all rights or demands they the said heirs can have against my said Estate.  Also, I give to my daughter Frances Lamme, wife of William T. Lamme, five dollars. To Susanna Howell, wife of Thomas Howell, five dollars. To Elizabeth Bryant, wife of Morgan Bryant, five dollars and to Minerva Jones, wife of John Jones, five dollars as remembrance of the love I bear them, having before given them such portions as I con_?_ amounts to their just proportions of my Estate.
Eighthly, I give and bequeath all the residue of my estate of every description both real and personal not above disposed of to my son Daniel Boone Callaway and his heirs forever.
Ninthly and lastly, I hereby constitute and assign my son Larkin S. Callaway and my son in law Morgan Bryant executors of this my last will and testament with full power after my decease to carry the same into full effect as the law directs.
In witnesses whereof I have hereunto affixed my seal and subscribed my name in full evidence of the above as my last will and testament this fourteenth day of December in the year our Lord eighteen hundred and twenty four.

Flanders Callaway (Seal)

Witnesses present
Benjamin Sharp
Andrew McWilliams
James Bryan

N B  The word them was erased of the word chosen underlined before signing and witnesses
Benj. Sharp
Andrew McWilliams
James Bryan

Recorded December 2 (9?) th 1834
C. Wells Clk

Exrs., son, Larkin S. Callaway & son-in-law Morgan Briant.
Wit: Benj. Sharp, Andrew McWilliams and James Bryan. Court Appointed Alexander McKinney admr. with will attached. His sec., Wm. James, James Bryan, Milford Clyce & Daniel B. Callaway. 19 Nov 1834.  Warren Co. Court. Exrs., appointed by Flanders Callaway had relinquished  their right to admr. (A 38-44)

The following Will was transcribed by James D. Murray for Betty Brooks, site administrator of the Warren County, US Gen Website. I have endeavored to do my best in transcribing the following Will, but, please note, as with all transcribed records, mistakes can and do occur.