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Wayne County Journal 

1904 Newspaper Articles

Wayne County Missouri 

Submitted by Sharon Hackworth

Wayne County Journal, Aug 13, 1904 Circuit Court Circuit Court Proceedings

Carter & Wayland vs B. F. Henson suit on acct. Dismissed at cost of pltf.

Sarah C. Wright vs J. D. Cowan ejectment.  Judgment for defendant.

Larkin Reeves Vs Maggie Reeves, divorce; alias summons and continued.

Lafayette Sutton vs Laura Sutton, divorce; decree of divorce granted upon

payment of cost.

Rosa Palmer vs Sherman Palmer, divorce decree of divorce granted.

Mary L. White vs James A. White, divorce; decree of divorce granted upon payment of cost and that pltf have care and custody of child.

Louisa Flammery vs Ulyse Flammery divorce; continued to next term on application.

John B. Crites vs Elizabeth Crites, divorce; decree of divorce granted upon payment of cost.

Geo W. Elder vs Martha J. Elder, divorce; dismissed at cost of pltf.

Grisham Merc & Lbr Co. vs S. A. Ward injunction; demurrer to petition sustained.

J. R. Moore vs St. Louis M & S E Ry Co.; damages; issues for pltf assessed at $15.00.

F. B. Going vs Margaret Going, divorce; continued.

Luther Howard vs Alice Howard, divorce; decree of divorce granted pltf.

Lodiska Phelps vs Golson Phelps divorce; decree of divorce granted pltf upon payment of cost.

Mary E. Parker vs Marion Parker, divorce; continued.

Alfred M. Gillmore vs Della Gillmore, divorce; decree of divorce granted pltf upon payment of cost.

Jenettie Wheeler vs Wesley Wheeler, divorce; decree of divorce granted pltf upon payment of cost.

Mrs. D. T. Allen & Co. vs J. S. Rodgers, G. M. Creath and M. E. Stamey mechanics lien; continued

Mingo Land & Lbr C. vs W. W. Michael to remove cloud from title to land; continued.

Louisa A. Stokeley vs. Mariah Dees etal, suit on partition; trial by court and taken under advisement.

Wm Dees vs St. L. M. & S. E. Ry Co, damages.  Trial by jury and issues found for pltf' damages assessed at $12.37.

H.-K L & L Co. vs Ben Henson, trespass; continued by agreement.

E. P. Ewart and H. O'Brien vs Jno W. Young suit on commission.  Trial by court and judgment for pltf in the sum of $840.

E. P. Ewart and Mrs. H. O'Brien vs Jno W. Young suit on commission.  Trial by court and judgment for pltf in the sum of $167.75 with cost taxed against pltf.

W. A. Mann etal vs the Exchange Bank of Piedmont etal, injunction. Trial by court and the temporary injunction heretofore granted by the Probate court is by the court dissolved.

C. P. Bennett vs Albert Graham, ejectment; pltf takes non suit.

Lee Webb vs Carter & wayland, damages.  Trial by jury and issues found for pltf; damages assessed at $350.

W. F. Wiggins vs St. L M & S E Ryco, damages.  Trial by jury and issues are found for the pltf and assessed his damages at $100.00

Fred Morris vs Mrs. M. E. Stamey and J. S. Rodgers mechanics lien continued at the cost of defendant.

Reuben Jones vs Mrs. M. E. Stamey and J. S. Rodgers Mechanics lien continued at cost of defendant.

Edward Thompson Co vs J. L. Bradshaw, breach of contract; Judgment for plaintiff in the sum of $297.50 defendant having been legally and duly summoned but makes default.

Lazarus and P I Massaner vs J. H. Halman, action on note; judgement by default for pltf $23.25 and execution ordered.

Lee Ward vs Thos. Brawner account dismissed at defendants cost.

O. E. Dale vs St. L. I. M. & S. Ry Co, damages; dismissed at cost of pltf.

Mingo Land & lbr Co. vs John H. Harley & R. B. Hartzaell, continued .

Iola E. Baldwin vs Eliza P. Hatten etal, suit to quiet title; continued.

Mitchell Payton vs J. F. Meador, damages; judgment for pltf for $220.

Edward Creasy, curator  vs Edward Baker, Walter Baker and William H. Ijames, ejectment;


Clarkson Saw Mill Co. vs J. S. Rodgers, G. W. Creath and M. E. Stamey, Materialmans lien; continued.

James Harris vs St. L. I. M. & S. Ry Co, damages.  Trial by jury verdict for pltf for $41.00  Damages

doubled by order of court.

John D. Smith vs  St. L. I. M. & S. Ry Co, damages, continued.

Clarson saw mill Co. vs S R Durham, account; continued.

W. E. Stephens and Frank Denel vs E. C. Johnson promissory note; continued.

State of Mo vs Al Smith, malicious shooting stock; continued.

State of Mo vs J. W. Ott, grand larceny; continued.

Paper folded again (can’t read)

State of Mo. vs Walter Holladay, carrying concealed weapons; continued.

State of MO vs Clay Bates, assault with intent to kill; pleas of guilty and punishment fixed at $5.00 and cost.

State of Mo vs Arthur Mann, burglary and larceny; plea of guilty and punishment fixed at 2 years in penitentiary.

State of Mo vs S. A. Ward, submitted to jury, no agreement and cause continued.

S. A. Lee & Co, vs Wm. Ruble,  St. L. I. M. & S. Ry Co, garnishee; suit on account; judgement for pltf for $2.65.


Wayne County Journal – August 25, 1904

In Loving Rememberance

Of a dear friend Johnnie Hooten, who departed this life August 8, 1904, aged 24 years, 7 months and 20 days.

He leaves a broken-hearted mother, one sister and two brothers to mourn his departure.  These are not all that will miss him, as he had some very dear friends during his life.  Johnnie was a good boy, always ready to lend a helping hand.  Although he had never made a profession of religion, and now as his body lies beneath the inscription “At rest, “ we believe his soul rests in Him who hath said, “He that cometh to me I will in no wise cast off.”

He will be sadly missed by his friends and acquaintances, but we cannot complain.  His life was done, God had need of him in that beautiful land.  We, too, will soon pass into the white hush of eternity.  He died away from home at Bonne Terre, Mo., with indigestion of the stomach and inflammation of the bowels.  All that human skill could do was done by the best physicians in St. Francois county, but of no avail.  It is the Lord’s will.  Let Him do what seemeth good.  We feel assured he is at rest.

His remains were taken to Leeper, his home, and laid to rest in the Mill Spring graveyard with prayer by Ed Morris.  May God comfort his dear mother in her declining years, and also prepare all that they may be ready to meet him when the summons comes.

A short time before he died he called his mother to him and said; “Mother, I know you love me.”

She loved him, yes, no tongue can tell;

How much she loved him and how well;

God loved him, too, and thought best,

To take her dear boy home to rest.

His friends they loved him, one and all,

And they miss him day by day;

He sleeps the sleep of a faithful son’

As one and all can say.

May all his friends be true,

And cling to his memory;

Farewell, hear Johnnie, we give to thee’

A peaceful rest in Heaven.

A Friend


Wayne County Journal

August 25, 1904

Hon. Thomas Holladay died at his home in Fredericktown July 31, age 70 years.  A week before his death he had an attack of vertigo and fell, his head striking a table, resulting in a concussion of the brain and he never regained consciousness.  Judge Holladay was well and favorably known and had been prominent in political circles many years, having held a number of positions of trust and honor in county, state and nation, and his reputation as an honorable gentleman, of high integrity, is unquestioned.  The place of such a man is hard to fill, for the world always needs more of them.

Marble Hill Press.


Wayne County Journal

August 25, 1904

Kimes Items

We still have some showers and hot weather.

David Cozort is very active now days hunting democratic votes.

We are expecting a wedding before long, perhaps Charley Marler can give particulars.  He is talking of erecting a new house on C. C. Whitt’s land near the Perkins Spring.

Mr. Hope and family attended church at the Ridge Saturday night.

Doc Anson and wife of Chaonia attended church at the Ridge Monday night.

The stave mill is doing a good business under the management of Mr. Price.  Things are moving nicely.

Mr. Sandlin was seen at Center Ridge Tuesday night.

School has commenced at Oak Grove with Mr. Kime as teacher.  We expect a good school.

Jeff Kime has got home from St. Louis where he has been attending the Fair.  He says it is all right.


Wayne County Journal

August 25, 1904

Brunot Items

We are having lots of rain.

Health is not so good now.

Mrs. Midkiff and Lee Jackson are on the sick list.

Lowry Lovelace is still very low, but hopes are entertained that he will recover.

I. L. Brooks filled his regular appointment at the Christian Church Saturday and Sunday.

Elders H. J. Wray, of Farmington, and John Crowley, of Des Arc, attended church services here Sunday.

David Henson and family visited relatives at Patterson Sunday a week ago.

The Holiness people are holding a series of meetings here and some of our citizens claim to have received a second blessing.

J. R. Croy and family, of Patterson, visited D. R. Midkiff yesterday.

Walter Fitz and family, of Des Arc, spent Sunday with Dr. C. H. Jones.

L. O. Neider and wife of Mansfield, Mo., visited relatives here last week. They are old time residents of this place, and this is their first visit in 17 years.


Wayne County Journal

September 1, 1904

Mill Spring Items

Miss Ada Owens spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents here.  She is teaching school on Greenwood Valley this year.

Miss Maud Huff, of Williamsville is visiting her sister Mrs. S. L. Leeper.

Mrs. Weems and children have returned after an extended visit with relatives in Reynolds Co.

Mrs. And Mrs. S. A. Baker arrived Sunday from Jefferson City to see Mr. Bakers mother, Mrs. Page who has been ill for several months.

Misses Owens, Page, Angle and Copeland were entertained at the home of Mrs.W. T. Leeper Saturday evening.  It was Mrs. Leepers sixty-second birthday.

Bob Bone of Brushey Creek was in town Sunday.

Mrs. O’Neal went to Des Arc Friday. 

Mrs. Goad and son Arthemis are in St. Louis this week attending the Fair.

Miss Nettie Nichols who has been ill for some time is convalescent.

Mr. Hay and Mr. January, tow of our campaign leaders made interesting political speeches here Wednesday night.

Mrs. Laura Creasy, of Otter Creek had the misfortune to fall and break her left arm one evening last week. 

Mrs. Asa Wallace is quite sick at this writing.

Dr. Owens went to Greenville Monday.

Mr. James Lucy expects to move his family here soon.  He is a good citizen and we welcome him and his family to our town.

Clinton Nickless, of Greenwood Valley was in town Saturday.



Wayne County Journal

September 22, 1904

Boy Accidently Stabbed.

Boyle Wilson, the 7 year old son of Thos. Wilson, living on Logan’s Creek, nine miles from Piedmont, received a dangerous stab wound.  The accident occurred at school.  The little fellow held an open knife in his hand when a little girl ran against him.  The blade entered the upper and right side of the abdomen, causing a dangerous wound.  Dr. Toney, assisted by Dr. Barnett, treated his injuries.  He is reported to be getting along nicely. 

Piedmont Banner.

Mr. T. L. Wilson formerly lived in this county, near Patterson.


Wayne County Journal

September 22, 1904

Mill Spring Items

Lee Sparks is seen behind the counter at O’Neal & Chilton’s this week.

Judge Ijames, of Brushy Creek, was in town Monday.

Cicero Lucy visited his children at Des Arc Sunday.

Misses Nora and Florence Owens went to Piedmont Saturday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. McLeod on the 16th a fine boy.

Chas. Hay was in town Saturday.

Quite a number of our citizens are attending the World’s Fair this week.  It is quite a change for some of them to be “picking” around.

The Mill Spring Literary Society is doing good work.  The members met Friday night and rendered a most interesting program. Roy Owens is president and Willie Owens secretary.  The last thing on program was a debate.  The question was:  Resolved, that water is more destructive than fire.  The speakers were Florence Turley, Bessie Leeper, Ben Nation and Willie Owens.  The speakers did well and deserve much praise for their efforts.  We hope to visit your society again, Miss Nora.

Died at his home on Brushy Creek, Saturday, September 17, little Ollie Boyer.  He had been in poor health for some time, having scrofula. He was a bright little boy of six years, and it seems sad that death should claim him, yet the Lord giveth and taketh away, and we know Ollie is sweetly resting.  He was buried in Carson Hill cemetery.  We sympathize with the broken-hearted parents and sad brothers and sisters, and would say, “Weep not, for he is free from all care.”    Jim.


Local Items Wayne County Journal Sep 29, 1904

Local Items - Greenville

J. W. Frederick, of Kime, is a new leader of the Journal this week.  Thanks, Jim come again.

J. D. Cowan and family left Wednesday over land for the World's Fair. Jeff took his who family.

A little child of Wm. Vance died last Friday and was buried in the Hickman Cemetery, the funeral services being conducted by Rev. Winder.

Walter Turk was in town one day last week and squared the journal. Walter reports considerable sickness scattered around the country in his locality.

We are under obligations to Dr. A. F. Bugg, of Pascola, for renewal favors this week.  The Dr. was born and reared in Wayne County and believes in keeping up with the times and paying for his county paper.

Rev. W. H. Paschall left Wednesday morning for his new field of work at Mexico, Mo.

Quite a number of weddings have occurred since our last issue, but unfortunately for us, we are not acquainted with all the contracting parties.  Yet the Journal desires to congratulate them all, and that ere long the whole family will be readers of the Journal.

We are informed by Joe Gibbons that his father, M. S. Gibbons, of Silex, Ark., died on the 14th of this month.  He was a member of the Methodist church and Masonic lodge for over sixty years.  He was 89 years old when he died. Mr. Gibbons formerly lived in this county.  The Journal joins in sympathy for the bereaved family.

We caught the names of the following who left for the World's Fair City Monday morning:  Albert Ward and sister, Cynthia Ward, Joe Hunter and wife, Newt Settle and wife, Ed Barrow and wife, Frank McCabe, Mrs. J. H. Settle, Mrs. J. M. Bowers, of Greenville; Mrs. Dicy Alexander, Mr. Willis Alexander, Mrs. R. B. Gladden, of Williamsville.


Local Items Wayne County Journal Sep 29, 1904


Onlast Sunday evening at the home of Mrs. A. T. Smith, her youngest daughter, Lenora, was led to the hymeneal alter by W. H. Burroughs and there united in the holy bonds of matrimony, Rev. J. T. Fowlks, of Poplar Bluff, officiating. The bride and groom are estimable young people and have a host of friends who wish them success through life's journey.  The Journal extends congratulations and wishes for them a smooth and happy voyage along the pathway of double blessedness.


Wayne County Journal, Sep 29, 1904 marriage licenses

Marriage Licenses,

The following marriage licenses have been granted since our last report:

W. H. Burroughs, of Greenville to Lenora Smith, of Greenville.

Sim Hawkins, of Kyles, to M. E. Smith of Kyles.

George Bailey, of Greenville, to Margaret Gully, of Greenville.

R. G. Stova; of Chaonia, to Delpha Jaggers, of Chaonia.

Lafayette Chilton of Lowndes, to Minnie Patterson, of Lowndes.

Thos. Faulkner, of Hiram, to Ettie Lee, of Hiram.

H. L. Milster, of Greenville, to Effie McGee, of Lowndes.

C. J. Wadlow, of Greenville, to Lucy Acup, of Greenville.

Sherman Francis, of Hiram, to Fannie Willmore, of Coldwater.

Lee Marler, of Greenville to Emma Thomas, of Greenville.

Lee Day, of Greenville, to Minnie Loyd, of Williamsville.

L. A. Declue, of Greenville, to Emma Vandergriff, of Greenville.

John E. Westbrooks, of Wappapello, to Hesie Womack, of Wappapello.

William A. Hammonds, of Leeper, to Nora Thorsland, of Leeper.


Lost Creek Items & Liberty Hill School-Wayne Co. Journal, Sep 29, 1904

Lost Creek Items:

Wm. P. Francis is out here on McGee creek with a magic lantern giving school entertainments.  Most of the scenes are favoring temperance, showing how so many happy homes are broken up and made sad by the demon, strong drink.  Others represent our country's pioneer schools, with many features to interest and amuse our up-to-date boys and girls.  By the means of a very powerful light Mr. Francis, with his lantern is giving some instructive as well as interesting entertainments.

Wm. Berry


School Report

Following is the report of the Liberty

Hill school for the month ending September 23, 1904

Number enrolled, Male, 23: female 13.

Number of days attended by all pupils, 715.

Average daily attendance, 35

Number that attended every day, 12

Number cases of tardiness, 0

Truancy, 0

Corporal punishment, 1

Number of volumes in library, 60

Number pupils using library, 25

Those who attended everyday are :

Robert and Hattie Duncan,

Earnest, Ottie, Ollie, and Jett Casy, Etta Hughes, Ira, Thomas and Latt

Greene, Nellie Lane.

W. H. Lane, Teacher


Big Lake Items-Wayne County Journal, Sep 29, 1904

Big Lake Items:


As we have not seen any items from this section for so long, we have got the consent of our mind to write a few items to your valuable paper.

Health is not very good in this community at present.

Farmers are busy preparing to sow wheat.

The corn crop is reasonably good in this locality this season.

David Cozort, the Republican candidate for District Judge of this district, was shaking hands with the voters here last week.

D. J. Lane, M. S. Smith and others are conducting a series of meetings at Big Lake church this week.

M. S. Smith filled his appointment at Bethel last Sunday and attended to the Ordinance of baptism.

Revs. A. R. L. Meador and H. M. Duncan, the District

Missionaries of the Wayne County Baptist Association are out on a mission tour at this writing.

Hay baleing has been in progress here for the past two weeks, but it rains so much that they don't succeed very fast.

Last Friday, the 16th inst., Mr. J. T. Sheets of this vicinity and Miss Cora Hughey, of Hiram were married at the residence of M. S. Smith on this creek.  M. S. Smith officiating.  Mr. Sheets is a quiet industrious sober young man of good habits.  Mrs. Sheets, his wife, was one of Hiram's most estimable young ladies. We extend congratulations and wish the young couple a long and happy life.



Wayne County Journal

October 6, 1904


Departed this life, Sister Hattie Graham, at the home of her parents, Mr. J. J. Trusty in Hiram, Wayne County, Mo.  Sister Graham was born in Illinois, on Jan 19, 1887, and born in Illinois, on Jan 19, 1887, and died Sept 16, 1904, aged 17 years 6 months, and 27 days at the time of her death.  She was married to Mr. T. B. Graham in the year of 1904.  (This page of the Wayne Co Journal was cut off, unable to read remaining part of page.)


Wayne County Journal

November 10, 1904

Hiram Items

Old Jack Frost has come again.

Many people of this place went to Lowndes Friday and Saturday to take in the fair.

Mr. W. A. Aloway, one of our young teachers, is on the sick list this week, and we have Mrs. Cora Sheets teaching in his place.

Mrs. Lula Gam and Luther Westbrooks were married here, near Hiram, Sunday, October 9, 1904.  We wish the happy couple much joy.

Miss Myrtle York and Mr. Charlie McKinzie went to Greenville one day last week and came back man and wife.  The writer wishes them a long and happy life.

We have been having a big meeting down here, conducted by Elder L. A. Roach. It closed Sunday with about fifteen converts.  Seven were baptized Sunday.

C. M. Hay, our candidate for Prosecuting Attorney, spike to a large audience in our school house last Thursday night.  We are proud of such a man as Mr. Hay.  There were several candidates belonging to our ticket present.

Pretty Polly.


Wayne County Journal

November 10, 1904

Brunot Items

Health is generally good here at this writing.

John Gunter says his new boy is a regular Bryan man.

Monroe Wilson and family started this morning to visit the World’s Fair.

The farmers are rushing wheat sowing and corn cutting, and everything is quiet.

Theo Lucy is disappointed because his new arrival will have to wear a girl’s name.

George Smith, who fell from his barn and severely injured himself, is able to be around again.

Now comes our carpenter, Mr. James Brown, and says the addition to his family is a young Roosevelt.

Several of our citizens attended the reunion at Ironton and were well please with the meeting together of  old comrades.

H. C. Lucy came very nearly being killed last Friday by being thrown from his wagon which was loaded with wood,  Dr. James dressed his injuries and he is doing nicely at this writing.



Wayne County Journal

November 10, 1904


Died at his home on Bear Creek, Friday, Oct 28, 1904, John A. Ward.  He was in his 74th year.  Uncle John, as he was familiarly known, had resided in Wayne County for over fifty years.  He was a consistent member of the M. E. Church, and had been for forty years.  His funeral was preached by the writer at the E. O. Twidwell  Cemetery in the presence of a large audience.  He leaves a wife, several children and a host of friends to mourn his loss.

E. C. Rubottom


Wayne County Journal

November 17, 1904


Little Roy Morris died Nov. 4, aged 9 years and 9 months.  Little Roy suffered intensely for nearly three weeks, when the good Lord saw fit to take him from this world of suffering to a world where there is no pain and where all is joy.

All was done for him that loving hands could do.  Little Roy was a good obedient child and was loved by all who knew him.  He was the light and joy of his home and will be sadly missed.  He leaves a father and mother and a good many relatives and friends to mourn his loss.

Weep not dear friends as those who have no hopes for you can see little Roy again in a better world than this for he has only gone on before to meet his loved ones that have preceded him to that better land.

The family have our sympathy in their sad bereavement. 

M. W. C.


Wayne County Journal

November 17, 1904

Marriage license

Turner Sweazea  - Greenville  Mary Kiger – Silva

George W. Hay – Patterson  Lillie Warren – Patterson

John A. Britt – Leeper  Effie Pickens – Leeper

Walter Casey – Ojibway  Lulu Mitchel – Chaonia

J. M. Warren – Piedmont  Lillie Sheets – Piedmont

James Cline – Silva  Lulu Bartch – Piedmont

E. B. Ward – Clubb  Clora Bell O’Dell – Bounds

W. F. Purteet – Piedmont   Louisa Purteet – Greenville


Wayne County Journal

November 17, 1904


There will be a box supper and an entertainment at the Allison School House on Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving.  Every body is invited to come and bring boxes and help to make a success.  The proceeds go toward buying a library for the school.

Miss Pearl White came in from Hunter Saturday evening to visit her sister Mrs. D. N. Holladay at this place. 

Phillip Bollinger moved his family Saturday to John Shorts farm on Lake Creek.

Be sure and attend the Baptist supper on Thanksgiving at the Opera House. Everybody invited.

Rev. J. H. Fielder, representing the Children’s Home in St. Louis was in town Sunday and gave a very interesting talk at the Baptist Church on his work.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Purteet were re-united in marriage at the Central Hotel in this city on Monday evening of this week.  Mrs. Purteet was divorced from Mr. Purteet during the August term of the Circuit court.  The Journal joins their many friend in wishing them a happier and more prosperous life in the future than the past seems to have been.


Wayne County Journal

December 1, 1904

Marriage Licenses

Levi Vorvil – Piedmont   Mattie Street – Piedmont

Edward Lollement – Piedmont  Della Loyd – Piedmont

B. M. Sneets – Piedmont  Maggie Whitt – Piedmont

William O. Russell – Greenville    Dena StClair – Greenville


Wayne County Journal - December 1, 1904

(spelling as was in original article)


Mike Mindell, died at his home just across the river from Greenville, Monday morning of intercerception of the bowels.  Mr. Mindell has been an employe of the H.K.L.&L. Co., for four years, and was a trusted hand. 

He leaves a wife to mourn his untimely loss.  The funeral services were held at the Baptist Chuch on Wednesday at 3 o’clock p.m. after which his remaines were laid to rest in the Union Cemetery.

The Journal and its readers, join in sympathy with the bereaved wife in this her sad hour of trouble.