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Wayne County Journal 

1908 Newspaper Articles

Wayne County Missouri 

Submitted by Sharon Hackworth

Lulu Settle, Obit - Wayne County Journal – January 9, 1908

Lulu Settle, the subject of this sketch, was the daughter of William Strickland and wife.  She professed a faith in Christ some years ago.  She passed silently and peacefully away on the 28th of December 1907, from this world of troubles to that of glory.  She was married nearly three years ago to Chas Settle, and about one year ago she joined the M. B. Church at Clark, La.  She was always a lover of church and Sunday School and loved by all who knew her.

She leaves a heart-broken husband, father, mother, brothers and sisters and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her.


Kerrigan, Wayne County Journal January 9, 1908
Mrs. Eads went to Mill Spring Saturday.
Miss Daisy Rhodes spent the holidays with relatives at Piedmont.
Ed Knox made a trip to the county seat the latter part of last week.
Wm. Smith will move his sawmill back to Mill Creek in the near future.
Miss Francis Howard, of Piedmont is visiting with the family of Wm. Rhodes this week.
Rev Abernathy filled his regular appointment at Cutler Switch Saturday and Sunday.
John Brumbley and his son, Walter have returned from Kentucky, where they have been for five or six years.
After serving four months Mill Lena Gilmer, of Piedmont resigned her sposition as teacher for our public school.  We haven’t learned the cause of her resignation.  Lee Hale has been employed to finish the school.
Mill Spring, Wayne County Journal January 9, 1908
 We are having warm weather now.
Play parties is the order of the day.
George McCleod mobbed to his new building last week.
The postoffice has been moved to O”Neal & Chilton’s.
W. P. Gross was visiting a Samuel Thomas’ last week.
There was a fine time at Carson Hill Church Christmas eve.
Sucor Gross, of Williamsville, was seen in our town last week.
Arthur Abilet, of Paul, Ill., visited with Samuel Thomas last week.
Christmas was passed at Mill Springs very quietly, there were two in one fight and nine in another.  We wonder what a real strenuous Xmas would be like.   Ed
Wayne County Journal January 16, 1908
Happenings in Southeast Missouri
Items of interest from various points take from our exchanges.
The editors met at Sikeston last Monday and organized a Southeast Pres Association by election Fred Naeter, of Cape Girardeau, President; E. L. Purcell of Fredericktown, Vice-Pres; John F. Martin, secretary; and E. H. Smith, treasurer.  The next meeting of the association will be held at the Cape, June 1st,
Wash Devore has been running a distillery near Whitewater for thirteen years with out county license.  It seems that W. K. Chandler, Marble Hill discovered the fact and Devore was indicted.  Devore claimed that he did not know what he had to have a license.  It seems funny that someone did not inform him.  Who is to blame for this?  Jackson Herald
Chas. E. Smith who carries the mail on Rural Route No. 16, in the Creve Coeur region, believes the theory of the Post Office Department that rural route carries can create a sentiment for good roads among the people they serve.  His route is over dirt roads, which at certain seasons become muddy and are hard to travel.  He has advocated dragging the roads frequently so as to cut down the ridges and smooth over the gulleys and give a better surface to the roadbed…


Killed Instantly - Thursday, January 30, 1908 Wayne County Journal

John Honea, Section Hand, Iron Mountain Railroad

John Honea a laborer on the Piedmont section of the Iron Mountain R. R.. was instantly killed Tuesday afternoon.

The section gang, three men and the foreman, were on the hand car on their way to Piedmont from the south end of the section.  On going around a sharp curve they met the Mexican Flyer, a train that runs only Tuesdays and Fridays.

The train was first seen by Daniel, the Foreman, who giving the warning jumped.  Honea in attempting to get out of the way stepped from the car to the track, but before he could get off the track the train struck him killing him instantly.

The body was taken to Leeper and from there to Piedmont on a return train.

Mr. Honea was a married man with no children.  His was has been very low with pneumonia and is now in a very precarious condition.  He was a member of the Maccabee lodge.


Local Happenings - Thursday, January 30, 1908 Wayne County Journal

Circuit court will convene Monday.

J. F. Ward of Hiram was in Greenville Monday.

Geo. N. Whitt visited in East Prairie the first of the week.

W. B. Evans of Lodi was in town Tuesday and did not fail to renew for the Journal while here.

The post office building has been undergoing some improvements, interior and exterior this week.

Mrs. Jennie White is in a very low condition this week, and the chances of her ultimate recovery are doubtful.

Born, Sunday, to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hughes, a boy. Mother and son getting along nicely, Ben’s condition not reported.

The railroad has rendered an appreciated service to the public by the building tof a sidewalk, from the Club House walk to the depot.

John G. Settle was out of town the first of the week, Sam Malugen acting as cashier of the Citizen’s Bank during Mr. Settle’s absence.

H. M. Duncan of the Piedmont route was a very welcome visitor to the Journal office Tuesday.  He orders his subscription set ahead a couple of notches and also the subscription of Z. T. Green of Hoquiam, Wash.

Mrs. Clarence Craig and infant son, James Oliver, left Thursday for a month’s visit with Mrs. Craig’s parents in Chillicothe, Mo.  Mr. Craig accompanied them to St. Louis, returning to Greenville Friday.

Frightened by circulating rumors concerning him, Bill Edwards, left for unknown parts Sunday morning.  It is said that Bill has been dispensing “Wet Goods” of late and the authorities were preparing to take him in charge, hence his departure.

The County court met Monday to pass on the sanity of Tony Hood.  In the court’s opinion the case was found to be a bona fied case of insanity, unalloyed with “Dementia Americana” exaggerated ego or any other new fangled phase of insanity, and the boy was ordered to the Farmington asylum, Sheriff Barrow accompanying him to that place Tuesday morning.


Wayne County Journal - October 29, 1908

Election announcements.

W. F. Ezell

The sheriff’s office is one of the most important offices in the county.  The Democrats have selected a man for that position who is a hustler and a runner.  A man who could win over the gentleman who asked for that position in the last primary had to be a good one.  W. F. Ezell has that nomination.  He has been a resident of Wayne County for twenty-eight years and always found doing what he could for the Democrats.  He comes from the farm where the best men of our country are reared.  He believes in the enforcement of the law as it is written.  Morally, he stands unquestioned.  Who could say aught against Ezell?  Elect Ezell and all can expect to have the duties of the sheriff’s office performed without fear or favor. 

M. N. Ijames, the Democratic nominee for judge of the western district, is a man who has lived on his farm near Mill Spring for many years and has been county judge for two terms and filled the office with credit and exact _______.

The office of county judge is a very important office and reaches the homes of all the people and no greater accomplishment can be possessed by a candidate than total honesty and added to that, it can be said that Mr. Ijames is a man of good and ripe judgment, which is a stimulus to the voters.

That Judge Ijames will be elected there is no question, but it is the duty of his friends and citizens generally to see that his interests are not overlooked in this great campaign.  Vote for Judge Ijames every one of you.

Charles R. Reed

Chas. R. Reed of Piedmont comes to you as a man worthy of consideration, asking you in his quiet, easy way to elect him assessor. Mr. Reed is a poor man and among the unfortunate in this life.  He cannot do manual labor as can some.  However, he is not running on that issue. He is qualified to do the work.  He says if elected, he is going to assess as much of the county as he can, giving it his whole time.  He will make an effort during his term to assess every man himself in the county.  You have no more important office in the county.  Elect Mr. Reed and its duties will be attended to.

J. Frank Meador

J. F. Meador was born and raised in Wayne County, and after receiving a common school education entered Cape Normal and finished the course, thus fitting himself for the duties of life.  Frank is one of Wayne County’s strongest men intellectually.  He was elected prosecuting attorney two years ago and has so conducted the affairs of that office that he has won the admiration of every law-abiding man. Some may differ with Frank politically, but none can say truthfully he has betrayed the confidence of the public.  He has prosecuted both friend and foe alike.  He knows none in the eyes of the law, to which every law-abiding man must say amen.  What reason could be given for not returning Frank to the same office once more?  What we say about Mr. Hughes having two terms can also be said about Meador.  Elect Frank to a second term and the rights of the people will be guarded.

Ben H. Hughes

We take great pleasure in presenting the claims of Ben H. Hughes to the voters of Wayne County.  Two years ago he was in the fight and some questioned his competency, but Mr. Hughes went on with his race and asked kindly for the people to give him a chance and he would show them that he could be treasurer.  This they did, and Ben’s record stands above criticism. The reports of the worthy county court have at all times, after carefully examining his record, been the best.  Then a commission was appointed to examine all the records and Ben’s record was O.K.  These facts alone should satisfy every man in Wayne County that Ben Hughes is not only competent, but that he should receive the votes of everybody for one more term. He is much better acquainted wit the work now and as it is the custom to give a fellow two terms, why not increase his majority so much that all may know that the people appreciate faithful service.  We hope the people will endorse him Nov. 3.

William D. McGhee

Now there is William D. McGhee, son of Judge McGhee, asking the voter to make him surveyor. William is a graduate of the Greenville High School and has had practical experience in surveying.  He is a young man and will take great pride in doing the work of the office the satisfaction of all.  Give this honest, competent, energetic young man a chance to do you valuable service by electing him Nov 3.

Rev. Isaac L. Brooks

Rev. Isaac L. Brooks, the Democratic nominee for judge in the Second District, is a man of practical experience.  He is a blacksmith by trade.  Spent a great deal of his life among the farmers and knows how to make roads and bridges.  He is making a clean race for judge, and promising no more than he can do.  He has the general welfare of his county at heart and will do all he can to promote its interests.  No safer man on either ticket is asking the votes of the people of Wayne County.  We feel that he is right man asking for the right place.  Vote for Isaac Brooks.

Dr. Jesse Hale

Dr. Jesse W. Hale has been placed on the ticket for coroner by the County Democratic Central Committee.  Dr. Hale is one of Wayne County’s most successful physicians.  He has lived and practiced medicine in Greenville for the past five years.  His Democracy is unquestionable. He should receive the endorsement of every voter on Nov. 3, as he has no opponent.