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The Battle of Hartsville, MO and Related Events
    In the annals of the American Civil War, there was no more traumatic happening to non-combatants, aside from actual death, than the pitting of their family members against each other in battle.  Such and event occurred in Wright County when the sons of William Reed and Barbara Frazier Wynne became members of opposing forces in the War between the States.
    William Reed Wynne, owner of a tobacco plantation near Dyersburg, TN had dissolved his holdings and moved to a farm three miles south of Hartville in 1860, hoping to escape the impending conflict.  His eldest son, Julian Frazier, born June 25, 1841 helped make a crop and get the family settled in their new home.  Then, in 1862 at age 19, he left to join his maternal uncle, Colonel Julian Frazier, in the Confederate Army.
    As a border state, Missouri was subjected to extremes from both north and south.  All eligible males were fair game and it was only a short time until the Wynnes' younger son, William Thomas was conscripted at age 16 into the Union Army, albeit against his will.  As a member of Company B, 46th Missouri Volunteers, he served honorably until the war's end.
    Julian Wynne subsequently joined Captain Frank Austin's Company in Freeman's Brigade, later with General Marmaduke.  In 1864 he "went the raid with Price" and fought at Pilot's Knob, Little Blue, Big Blue and on into Tennessee with the Volunteers.  He was with Colonel Jeff Thompson at Jacksonport, AR when he was discharged in June 1865.
    Fortunately, the brothers were never in a position where they were obliged to fire at each other.  When the war ended, both returned to Wright County where they settled on adjoining tracts of their father's Gasconade farm.  Without rancor, they spent the remainder of their ives as neighbors and they now rest near each other in the Wynne Cemetery, established by their father on the family farm.  Julian died in 1882 and William Thomas in 1901.

********Julian Frazier Wynne was the maternal grandfather of Emogene Jones Fuge, a
             co-founder of the Wright County Missouri Historical Society********

Brothers and Re-enactors:  Scott Allen, Union, and Steve Allen, Confederate