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Webster County Historical Society

Quarterly Newsletter December 1999 Volume 1 Number 5

Society to Honor Crump McClure As many readers know, everythree months during this calendar year we have devoted our meeting to giving speical recognition tothe people who have contributed a vast amount of information about historical events in our county. This month, we will honor Crump McClure for his work to preserve the history of the rural schools in Webster County. His articles and expecially his collection of photographs of the schools have shown his devotion to the recording of a part of the history of our county that otherwise would be lost. Be sure to attend this meeting and help honor Mr. McClure.

Museum News
If you have walked by the Webster County Historical Museum in the past few weeks and peeked inside the doors or windows, you probably said, "What a mess!" This would be a correct discription, as displays hve been removed or stored elsewhere in preparation of the remodeling project that has been planned for many months. New eletrical wiring is being installed, and the building is being prepared for the contractor to begin plastering the ceiling. One of the rooms in the basement has been completely remodeled, and is now in use as the Society's "Resource Room." A previously unknown room located under the stairway has been reopened, and painting and sealing of the walls and pouring of a concrete floor has already begun. We have a lot of work inthe coming months as we prepare the building for opening next Spring. Enthusiasm is running high as we see things begin to take shap as planned whent he building was first acquired for the Webster County Historical Museum. We home everyone will help to keep the momentum going.

Sales of the Webster County History book are still going well. At this time, we only have approximately 75 copies available for purchase. If the Book is on the Holiday wish list of your friends or relatives, now is the time to wrap one up. The price is $65, + $5 for shipping, if desired and you may find the books at Whitehurst Insurance or Paula's Antiques.

Our Next Meeting will be held December 28th inthe basement of Empire Bank, located ont he Spur in Marshfield. Meeting time is 7:00 p.m. and refreshment will be provided.

Membership Renewal
A reminder: Annual membership dues are due January 1, 2000 and are payable through January 31. Yearly membership is $5, and lifetime membership is $50.00. Proceeds from the dues go toward the upkeep of the Museum and expenses of the Society.

As we approach the 21st century, the Historical Society can look back proudly on our accomplishments. HOwever, there is much work left to be done. The successful operation of a museum is not only very time consuming, but is also very expensive. Now that we have our 501(3)c status, the Society would be pleased to have the Museum considered in any future bequeaths. Such gifts could provide regular income for and thus provide funds to cover the expenses of the Museum on a year-round basis. Please contact Stan Whitehurst at 468-7268 with any questions.

Meeting dates for the next quarter are:
December 28
January 25
February 22
September's Meeting a Success

The "Old-fashioned Pie Supper and Auction" held in September at Walnut Sprins Farm was well attended, despite the chilly temperatures. During the meeting, the Society honored the 98 charter members, 10 of which are still living. They are: Stanley Brooks, Willis Case, Freda Langston, Carl Young, R. E. Abbout, Dr. J. E. Blinn, Warren Johnson, and Margaret Miller. Sveral of the surviving charter members were on hand that night to see a plaque, listing the founding members, unveiled. The plaque, lettered and scrolled by jack Callaway, will hang in the Museum in their honor. Mearly $450 was realized from the pie auction and other activities at the meeting, and this will go toward the Resource Room in the basement of the Museum. Our thanks to Mike and Cathy Brown for their hospitality. The Society would like to see the Old-fashioned Pie Supper become an annual event.

The Historical Society would like to borrow, for copying, photographs of rural school and churches, as wll as older homes and businesses throughout Webster county. If youhave any you would like to share, please contact our Historian Mabel masters at 859-43405 or Betty Young at 859-5310.

Thanks to the generosity of an individual in California, the Historical Society was recetnly the recipient of several books and periodicals for use in the Resource Room. We are also in need of County census books, cemetery books, etc., should anyone have extras they would like to donate. Please contact Pauline Dyche, 859-7700, or Linda Blazer, 859-2036 with any questions.
"2000" Officers Nominated
Nominees for 2000 officers are as follows:
President: Don Rost
Vice-President: Stan Whitehurst
Secretary Suzanne Thoms
Treasurer: Diana Barnett
Program Chairperson: Paula Greer
Historian: Mable Masters
Museum Director: Linda Blazer
At-Large Board Members: August Krieger (2 year term) Mike Brown (1 year remaining)
The floor remains open for any other nominations. The membership will vote on these new officers at the December meeting, so please make plans to attend.

The Historical Society would like to express our appreciation to all of the volunteers who helped staff the Museum. This year's success was made possible by you!

Several Members of the Webster County Historical Society participated in the "Millennium Minutes" program at Webster Elementary in marshfield on Friday, December 3rd. The program, which was coordinated by our ouwn Lori Herring, was an effort to help elementary age children comprehend the importance of the fast approaching turn of the century.

If you have any information on the old Miller School, please contact Anita Keesling at 736-2778 Thursday-Sunday.

As we near the end of the year (and therefore "tax time"), we would like to remind our readers that the Historical Society is a not-for-profit organization that can accept gifts of office equipment, filing cabinets, furniture, etc. Persons who donate may use the value of these items as a tax deduction. Please contact our treasurer, Diana Barnett, at 859-4375 for more information.
Special Thanks To This Quarter's Sponsor, First Home Savings Bank.

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