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Wright County, Missouri

1850 Census plus Annotations
by Gloria Bogart Carter

Gloria will be publishing this in book form, but has given permission to Wright County Historical Society for it to be put on line solely for the purpose of genealogical research.
It may not be sold by any other individual, nor by any organization without her consent. Please respect copyrights.


Dwelling #, Family #, Value of real estate, Surname, given name, age, sex,  birth place and occupation transcribed from census microfilm will appear in bold black.  All of this information has been researched, or checked over by Gloria. Annotations appear in red. When assisted by someone else, those Researcher credits appear in blue.

The following index has been prepared by your site host and applies to this site only.  It shows page numbers and head of household surnames. If there is more than one of the same surname on a page, it will show how many in (). Gloria will compile a more complete index for her book, which will also include several pictures of individuals found in the 1850 Federal Census of Wright County, MO.


J Bratton, Brixey, Burrow, Christmost, Couch, Crider, Elliott, Hailey,
   Hancock, Julian (2), Love, Phillips, Riley, Smith, Walls, Wamack,
J Alexander (2), Barnard, Birdsong, Caskey, Commins/Cummins, Dillard,
   Foster, Freeman, McClurg, Pearson, Sivils, Slate
JBlankenship, Clifton, Krider, Moore (3), Nobels, Pilkington, Rhodes,
   Roper (2), Trimble, Wilson, Wyatt 
JAlexander, Allcorn (3), Foster, Freeman, Gentry, Goss, Harper,
   Hutcherson, Ince (2),  Johnson, Julian, Matney, Morrice, Shields,
JCunningham, Davis (2), Ferril, Foster, Harris, Johnson (2), Johnston,
   McMahan, Prock (3), Rodgers, Smart, Wamack, Welch, Wilson, Young
J Bagsby, Boyer, Butler, Critcher, Dobbs, Lee, Newton (2), Prock, Reese,
   Rippee, Stacy (2), Todd (2)
J Benton (2), Kelly, Lunsford, Nance (2), Rodgers (3), Stacy, Young (4)
J Adamson, Binkley (2), Butler, Crider, Ford, Franklin, Garner, Gorman,
   Hudson (2), McDowell, McKensy, Morehouse, Nicholds, Riley, Robinett,
   Scott, Tucker, Young (2),
J Broiles, Calton, Cody (2), Duty, England, Garner, Greder, Henessee,
   Heyslip, Hurst (2), Key, Lucus, McFadden, Meadows, Moody, Sumner,
JEllidge, Garner, Hickman (2), Hopkins, McEwing/McErwin, Newman,
   Nunn (2), Palmer, Pearson, Sparks (2), Tate, Tunnell, Weaver, Young
J Coday, Cody, P'Pool, Young
J Adamson, Blain, Calhoon, Coday, Moody, Sanders (2), Welch
J Baker (3), Calhoun, Christian (2), Hight (2), Jarrett, Merrell,
   Moore (3), Mosely, Rippee, Sanders (2), Segraves, Tarbutton, Wamack,
J Breedlove, Hyde, McRoberts, Matney, Pruet, Rippee (3), Stafford, Wamack
J Allen (2), Bonnum, Brawley, Brixey, Campbell, Day, Denny, Filpot,
   Givens, Goss, Grills, Julian, Lansdown (2), McGowan, Mahan (2), Matney,
   Mobley, Newton, Silvy, Smith, Welch
J Allcorn, Ballow/Bilyew, Cook, Cox, Davis, Delosies, Denny (2),
   Ellison (2), Garrett, Goss, Grider (2), Hammons, Hartley, James (2),
   Johnson (2), Lea, Lee (2), Rowley, Silvy, Smart (2), Smith, White,
J Copley, Cox, Crider, Johnson, Macky, Rippee (2), Tarbutton, Young (2)
JButcher, Ellison, Hopkins, Hunter, Kindrick, Montgomery, P'Pool (2),
   Sprague, Tucker
J Abshire, Anderson, Cantrell, Cutbirth, Dunum, Ellis (4), Green,
   Holt (2), Rider, Sharp, Stroud, Sullins, Upton, Woods
J Climer (2), Dike, Duncan, Ezell, Grigsby, Hyde (2), Kindrick (2),
   McKain/McCain, Teague, Weaver, Whittenburg, Williams, Worthy
J Burnett, Edington, Epps, Gardner, Hyde, King, Spann, Steen, Stewart,
   Taggard, Tate, Weaver, Whittenburg
J Daugherty, Dickard, Dozur, Ellis, Finley, Hendricks, Icard (2),
   Ickard (3), Lively, Maxwell
J Burrow, Cantrell (2), Davis, Dirbin, Eddings, Findley, Hardin, Huff,
   Hyatt, McCormick, Mitchell (2), Moore, Newbill (2), Pitts (2), Russell,
   Sardin, Taggard, Wadkins, White
J Crisp (4), Forrist, Green, Harrison, Hilthouse, Howard, Kincello (2),
   Massey, Montgomery, Prock (2), Rose, Twitty,
J Binkley, Boyd, Findley, Garner, Gilmore, Johnson, McCormick, Maberry,
   Odle, Owens, Paul, Ridens, Sparks   
J Butcher, Franklin (2), Jones, Newton (2), Nunn (2), Prock, Ridens,
   Robinson, Todd
J Berry, Birdsong, Crider (2), Eaton, Gaskill, Hailey, Harper, Johnson,
   Newton, Robinette, Spence, Welch, Wilkerson
J Abshire, Bradshaw, Brazeal, Moles, Owens, Rippee, Sanders, Thompson,
J Barbey (2), Belnuir, Birdsong, Casey (2), Goodnight, Gowers, Hailey,
   Hargus (3), Liechworth, Littlemore, Lyons, Robinson, Robison, See,
   Shields, Stroud, Sturt (2), Vaughn, Wilson,
JBlackwell, Crowly, Cunningham, Curtain, Dean, Decker (2), Edington (2),
   Gardner (2), Garner, Honeycut, Johnson, Miller, Pendleton, Robinson,
   Rowe (2), Smith, Worthy,
J Alexander, Calton, Cofer, Davis, Dozier, Dunn, Gass, Hyde, Long,
   Mathes,Moore, Morgin, Morrow, Pearson, Remine, Scott, Smittle (2),
   Terry, (2), Williams
JBohanon, Corbin, Ellis, Henson, Johnson, Kiams, Mise, Odle, Smith (2),
   Smittle (2), Williams, Wimberly
J Douglas, Evans, Geeselin, Harrison (2), Miller, Montgomery, Moore (4),
   Spraggins, Sutherland, Wilson, Yates
J Barnett, Bowers, Crider, Hensley/Helsley, McKinley, Moore, Randel,
   Read/Reed, Robinett

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