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Wright County Farm and Alms House

Researched by Annie Hall and Phyllis Rippee

The "poor farm" most widely remembered was the one east of Hartville.  In 1915 a big house was built to house the residents (often referred to as "inmates"), who either due to physical or mental infirmaties were unable to take care of themselves, and had no relatives willing and able to take them into their households.  This facility operated until around 1940, when old age pensions created a situation where there were willing relatives to take in and care for their elderly relatives.

There is a cemetery on this property formerly know as "The Poor Farm."  There are 27 graves in this cemetery.  There should be 27 death certificates available to determine who is buried there.  However, this is not the case.  There is always the possibility that there was an already existing cemetery, but no markers with names are visible.

Here are the names and death dates for the ones buried there according to their death certificates and County Court records:

                                                                       Mike Cannon                    February 5, 1923
                                                                       Harley Carroll                   September 6, 1923
                                                                       George Gilleland              January 28, 1923
                                                                       W. H. Gray                       June 7, 1920
                                                                       Henry McBroom               January 21, 1922
                                                                       Frederick A. Moffitt          July 3, 1931
                                                                       Rebecca Page                 December 26, 1922
                                                                       Mary Gann                        May, 1930
                                                                       Katie Stelle                        December 14, 1920
                                                                       Charles Johnson              February 24, 1921
                                                                       Betty Johnson                   Janaury 5, 1933
                                                                       Sarah Smith

Posted by Phyllis Rippee   July 18, 2010