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1850 Annotated Census by Gloria Bogart Carter: 1.  Family 300/300  John R. Holt
                                                                               2. James McMahan

1860 Annotated Census by Gloria Bogart Carter:  1. Family 186  Solomon Weaver
                                                                               2. Family 187  A. H. Hyde
                                                                               3.  Additional Information Family 126 Hiram Young, 132 Samuel Young, 305 John Young

In the 1860 Census and Annotations by Gloria Bogart, Hiram Young (#126-123) is the father of Samuel Young (#132-129) and John Young (#305-301). John Young was accidentally killed at the Wright County courthouse in September, 1862. In late 1862 or early 1863, Hiram and Samuel relocated their familes to Bourbon County, Kansas and then moved to McDonald County, Missouri about 1868. Hiram was a Baptist minister and in 1860 he was the minister of the Pleasant Hill Church. His wife's maiden name is (Anna) Davis.
Dan Mitchell