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1903 - World’s Cresset Newspaper

Excerpts of genealogical import

Transcribed and indexed by Virginia Stewart Pohlman from microfilm

c. 2008

The newspaper provides the genealogical researcher a window into
the daily lives of our ancestors. One sees what was important to
report in their daily lives, how they spent their free time and how
they socialized within the community. The newspaper provided its
readers with local gossip as well as informing them of times and
places for various celebrations. Tucked inside the words you will
find a community’s moral code and learn that there is nothing
“new” in human behavior from that day to this.

This transcriber has tried to provide the most accurate transcription
of the newspaper leaving the various spellings, grammar and
syntax intact so to give an “ear” to how our forbears talked and to
mark how language has changed in the last century. Due to the
large variety of contributors to the newspaper there are many
variations for any given name. Be sure to check any and all
possible combinations for your ancestor.

If you should be lucky to find your ancestor here you will be able
to glean just a little of what life was like for them in the early part
of the 20th Century and how hard they worked to give us the world
as we know it now.

Virginia Stewart Pohlman

 - 1 -
July 3, 1903
Stray Notice: Strayed from my place April 1903, two red steers, marked with swallows fork
in right ear, and split in left ear. Each steer had horns. Any information greatfully, received
by the owner.
Thomas Dunsmore
Alice, Mo.
Rocky Branch Items Little Topsey
Frank Bishop and Tom Pipkin left “Friday
for Gas Kansas luck to you boys and more
Say “Jolley Rover” what has become of you
guess you have got the mumps, ha, ha.
Tell Tom he will have too sight us
Missourians before we will believer he got
robbed. “See”.
Say, you people that went fishing Saturday
how did you enjoy yourselves? I’ll bet you
had a fine time “More dough please”.
Fred Abels is visiting home folks at present
also some of his friends.
Say Silley boy are you still herding that
fellows 300 steers? Better stay with them
for you may never see any more.
Miss Ollie Bishop visited home folks Monday.
We See L.B. riding around on his mule most
every Sunday. Reckon where does he go.
H.H. filled his regular appointment at Mr.
Green Flowers Sunday eve.
Say T.F. What’s the attraction at Bodines?
Guess the old man has not come home yet.
Better watch out he is apt to get back anytime.
Will I guess I had better ring off for this week
will try and do better next time.
World’s Cresset.
 - 2 -
Fowler, MO Local Lore
Wm Hoffarth’s little son is very sick at the
present writing
Mr. Cowley’s baby who has been very sick is
some better now
Mr. John Franklin’s little son who has been
very sick has recovered again and is out
playing once more.
Sister Winnie Sappington is very sick at
present but is some better than when first
taken sick.
Widow Sales was a pleasant caller at this
Office on last Monday and treated the Ed.’s
wife to a fine mess of Green peas for which
we are so thankful for.
Lesson for JAH-Ville
Union Sunday School For
June 5th, 1903
1 Cor. 4th chapter
By Lulu Oliver.
Subject Word, (Kindness.)
Selected by Ella Myers
Little Piney Creek By Red Rose
As I have missed a week or two I will try
It is very nice weather now.
Cutting wheat is the order of the day.
There was not very much Sunday School at
Lone Star Sunday as the Supt. Was absent.
Bro. Andrew Harrell was elected Asst. Supt.
Miss Minnie Baney and Isabell Vandiver
took a horse back ride Sunday and the horses
came very near running away.
Mr. Akeman is pretty bad yet.
Most of us are all going to the 4th at Fowler.
Hope we will all have a good time.

 - 3 -
Mountain Grove News. By Guess Who
Harvesting plowing and cutting weeds seems
to be the order of the day.
Gussie Akeman of Bado was I this city one
day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Durnell of Cabool was
here visiting friends Saturday.
Mary Depue visited home folks Sunday.
Jim Fielden and family visited George Ellis
and wife last Sunday.
Blanche Dayton is suffering very badly with
Mrs. Britton of Kansas City was here last
Miss Nervie Vandiver of Bado is visiting in
Mountain Grove this week.
Mary Depue received a letter last week from
Miss Rosa McKenney who went to Kansas
City about a year ago. Stating she would
return to her home near C? In near future we
welcome you home. Rosa
I wonder if (Illegible)
Mrs. Depue and little son Evrette visited at
Mrs. Kem’s one day last week.
Miss Lizzie Fielden is staying at Quicks
Hey wake up down there at Cabool and hurry
and send those Items in Mr. will I know who.
Wonder what was the matter with “Jolly
Rover” last week he didn’t appear either.
Well as I can’t think of something but the
fourth of July I’ll close for I know the editor
and readers will get tired of my blabbing.
Good bye till next week.

 - 4 -
July 9th, 1903
Cabool Notes “By Little Jack”
The Fourth has come and gone everything
went off very quietly with exception of two
or three fights.
The Houston and Cabool baseball teams
jocked ? for a cash prize of $25, the Fourth
which resulted in 4 to 11 in favor of Houston
Bennet Wood of Stultz and Cleave Scott of
Simmons were the guests of J.L. Puckett last
Sunday. Cleave left for Mounds L.T. Sunday
Jake Snelson is finishing his street work this
Hilbert and Simmons have done a good
business in land deals this season.
Cabool will have a new paper in the near
future called the Cabool Times. Mr. Allen is
the editor, a successful one at this business.
If this jumps that waste basket and comes out
I will try to come again.

 - 5 -
Fowler Missouri Local Lore
Johny Garrett has been sick for a few days.
The well drillers are at work again at Wm.
Mr. McCall was a pleasant caller at this
office Wednesday.
The JAH-Ville Theological School is
progressing nicely.
Wm. Swerhgin and wife paid Mountain
Grove a visit on last Wednesday.
Roy Patterson is seen enjoying himself
swinging in the JAH-Ville Park Now and
Mr. Cowley’s little child is still very sick.
Dr. Hubbard of the Mountain is the
Wm Hoffarth’s little son is very little better
still laying very low. Dr. Hubbard is the
We see grandma Hoffarth passing nearly
every day to see her little grandson that is
very sick at present writing.
Wm. Hoffarth of JAH-Ville Fowler Mo. Is
the merchant that has a fine stock of goods to
select from
Old Mr. Goddard from near Simmons has
been working since the 4th for the Ed., has
now left for his home.
Louis Simmons and David Simmons were up
from Simmons to see the Ed. On business on
lst Monday.
Mrs. Jane Henry paid, this Office a pleasant
viit last Wednesday and taken dinner with
Mrs. W.E. Dowson.
Mrs. Franklin visited Mrs. Merritt last
Tuesday morning with t fine lit of peas and
beans. Mrs. Merritt said thank you sister.
Little May Sales and little Vernie Absather
brought the Ed. Wife a mess of Beans from
the widow Sales.
Thank you little folks.

 - 6 -
The Fourth of July at JAH-Ville Fowler Mo.
Was one of the grandest times ever
Celebrated in Texas County. No loud
bellowing on the ground comparatively no
drinking and no disturbance at all.
Mr. J.A. Murr and daughter was pleasant
callers at the Office on last Wednesday
Everybody enjoyed the Fourth at JAH-Ville
Sinda Merritt is on the puny list.
Mr. Harvey Dake was seen in the little ville
on last Tuesday.
Who would not enjoy such a Fourth as JAHVille
celebrated on last Saturday.
Mrs. Munda Velner and Daughter Sinta were
pleasant callers at this Office on last
Mr. James Caddys of Beaver creek was a
pleasant caller at this Office last Wednesday,
and transacted business with the Ed.
Mr. E.E. Sappington wife and little daughter
of Sweet Springs of this State arrived here
Wednesday came to see his brother, relatives
and the colony people for they have belonged
to the colony for over five years. We hope
their home will be with the colony in JAHVille
in the near future.
Mr. W.C. Shelley and Mrs. Emily Haggard was united in Matrimony at the Cresset Office on
the 3rd by Rev. L.S. Garrett.
They both together now are one.
We hope they’ll be one in God’s dear Son.
Mr. A.V. Russell and Miss Maud Haggard was united in Holy Matrimony by Rev. L.S.
Garrett at the home of the Bride’s mother on July 6.
May their life be peace and love
And gain the Blessings of heaven above.
 - 7 -
July 16, 1903
Wm and Inez Hoffarth’s little son, one year
old passed this life on last Thursday night
about twelve o’clock, and was laid to rest of
Friday at three o’clock. Rev L.S. Garrett
preached the funeral, in the presence of a
goodly number of neighbors and friends:
text. “Is it well with Thee? Is it well with
thy husband? Is it well with the child? It is
The sweet little rose has gone to rest,
No more pain to feel;
To be numbered with the pure and blest,
Its pure life satan cannot steal.
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Cowley was taken from our midst by the
grim monster death on last Tuesday at 4
o’clock. Rev. Parker of Mountain Grove
preached the funeral. One hundred and
twenty eight saw the little child laid to rest.
Sleep little babe, in the arms of the Lord.
Resting ever sweetly as an angel of our God;
Now in the Portals of a sweet summer land,
Dressed in lily white with the angel band.

 - 8 -
Fowler Local Lore
Mr. High Shelley is on the sick list at present.
Little Brother McGown son of Mose
McGown is sick at present writing.
Grandma Hoffarth has been very sick since
the death of her little grandson.
There will be a pic-nic at the Freeman store
on the 4th of August 1903, come one come
all, and have a good time. See bills posted
for particulars
Any one knowing themselves indebted to W.
A. Hoffarth in any way, Please call and settle
not later than Aug. 20
J.N. Garrett passed through the Ville on his
road to Mountain Grove, and back home
again last week, stopping a short time with
the Ed. Going both ways.
Mr. Geo Hoffarth was a pleasant caller at this
Office on last Monday. His children are
proud their father is at home with them. It is
a nice thing when father and children can be
A girl to do domestic work is wanted at Mr. J.A. Murr’s, our new merchant having a fine
store north of JAH-Ville 3 miles: any girl wanting a good situation and a good home call on
Mr. and Mrs. Murr at their home.
On last Sunday at three o’clock at the Sales
Ford on Beaver Creek in the presence of a
large audience, Rev. L.S. Garrett Baptized
Mrs. Anna Sappington of Sweet Springs Mo.
Who to company with her husband, Mr. E. E.
Sappington is visiting mother, friends, and
the Colony people. Mrs. Sappington was but
a little girl when she united in the church
with her Father and mother and the colony.
After her union with the church and Colony,
she grew into womanhood, were united in
Holy Matrimony with Mr. E.E. Sappington a
member of the colony. From the time that
she had given her hand to the church.
The opportunity had not been granted her to
be Baptized by the Ed., until on last Sunday
and all through those years she held to her
profession and at the time above named, she
showed her faith by her works.
But when a little girl
She gave her heart to God
Entered into a covenant
The path of life to trod
And from her early childhood.
She has passed along this way.
We trust she will never grow weary
Till she reaches the golden day.

 - 9 -
Mountain Grove News “By Guess Who”
Hellow to every body.
A good rain is being wished for by every
Corn is very good in this part of the Section.
There was an ice cream Social at the Park
last Thursday night.
Miss Dellie Depue is visiting friends in
Cabool this week.
Miss Lizzie Fielden who is staying at Mrs.
Sechrists returned home a few days last week
On account of a very sore hand.
Miss Lola McKinney returned to her home
near Cabool last Saturday after a weeks visit
at riley Depue’s.
Charles Farris and John Robert two of
Cabool’s best boys passed through this City
Sunday on their way to St. Louis you boys
have “Guess Who’s “ best wishes.
Mrs. Dovie Guelley of Hutton Valley is here
visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Green
of this City.
Mance Green was the lucky one to find a
guiea’s nest the ther day with 19 eggs in it.
Hurrah for you Mance.
Mrs. Lightfoot and Mrs. Sherill called on
Mrs. Hall Friday Eve.
Mrs. W. B. Hull is expecting her daughter
Mrs. Ida Budd of Oklahoma to pay her – u
visit soon.
I have just been wandering for some time
what had become of “Sunflower and I think I
have just found out she is just studying about
“Pa’s Pet” all the time and wishing he’d
come back now Sunflower get him off of
your mind next week long enough to write
the Items if its nothing but Oh! How I wish I
could see my Pet,
“Guess Who” spent the 4th in Cabool as she
didn’t get to go to Fowler.
Herb Shields is a pleasant caller at Mr.
Biggerstaffs now a days.
Oh Say little Jack I am so glad you appeared
in our circle last week please come again.
Mary Depue became a new subscriber to the
Ozark Mountain News one of Cabool’s best
papers this week. Mary says there is nothing
like getting news from Cabool.

 - 10 -
July 23, 1903
Bado Items By Florentine
Hello Ed. And readers not seeing any items
from Bado for some time thought I would
come again.
Wake up there Rocky Branch what is the
matter over there. Nice weather at present
Sunday School is progressing nicely at Lone
star every body come and bring some one
with them and lets have S.S. right.
The Lawn party given at Mrs.
Higginbothams was almost a failure on
account of the bad looking cloud those
present report a nce time Try again America
and “Florentino” will be there sure.
Misses Ethel and Althea Allen visited Bertha
and Ella Kelley.
Mr. Van Akeman is some better again we
wish him well.
Mrs. Maggie Simmons of Chester Mont. Is
visiting relatives and friends in this part at
present But will return to Mont. Soon.
Wonder how many head of steer Billy boy
has at this time. Say you know Missouri is
where he says they ride in lumber wagons
drawn by cripple mules wonder if he’s
coming back and try that way of living ta!
Oh! Yes you “Sheep killing Dogs” I think
you got the only name come again please but
don’t get so hard on that ‘Girl” (Every body)
Hello L.A. did L. C. take your girl well “too”
bad for she is the only Belle in the country.
W.H. Pipkin made a business trip to Houston
Albert Coats and W.H. Pipkin went to Mtn.
Grove Monday for goods for the Akeman
and Crawford store.
Most of the women folks are looking out for
black berries now.
Well as news is scarce and “Florentine” has
to wash dishes must quit with best wishes to
Ed. And correspondents
 - 11 -
Fowler Local Lore
Mr. James Smart’s little son is very sick at
present writing.
The little child of Mr. John Rogerson who
has been sick for several days is better again.
Wonder where friend Tyrrell is don’t see him
around hope he’s not sick.
Old Mr. Buckley paid this Office a visit on
last Wednesday the old brother is getting
Sister Dellie Volmer was a pleasant caller at
this Office on last Wednesday.
The compositors of the Cresset Office took a
stroll on last Tues evening to Mr. Patersons
to see the thrasher running.
Mr. Albin Perkins was in this neighborgood
last week doing some surveying and laying
off the town lots of JAH-Ville.
The Colony thrasher started out on last
Monday is now at Mr. Pax Delano’s
everybody is well pleased with its work.
Jimmie Simons and Lany Merritt brought the
Ed. A fine bunch of black berries. Thanks
little Brothers.
Miss Eva Green and Miss Eva Stubes were
callers at this Office and before leaving the
old log cabin informed us that Miss Eva
Stubes was going to Kansas City in a few
The little Daughter of Wm. Smart near
Mountain Grove died supposed from summer
complaint aged a little over a year old was
buried near Huggins Post Office on last
Wednesday died on Tues.
Life is uncertain,
Death is sure,
We know the life of a child,
Is sweet and pure.
Mr. E.E. Sappington and wife of Sweet
Springs who has been visiting friends and the
Colony left for their home on last Monday
the mother of Mr. E.E. Sappington
accompanying them to pay friends a visit at
Sedalia and Sweet Springs and to accompany
her widowed daughter Mrs. Mary
Goodfellow back to the colony whose
husband died on last Wednesday and the
reason for Mr. Sappington for hastening back
to his home.
Mr. Mose McGown was a pleasant caller at
the Cresset Office on last Wednesday.
 - 12 -
Mountain Grove News By “Guess Who”
Good Evening to all.
Well here I come again with my little chat for
this week.
Hay making is the order for the day.
Henry Hall was here from Rauubadioux one
day last week.
Robert Stubbs left for St. Louis Saturday
James Milligan visited in Cabool Saturday
and Sunday.
George Ellis and wife were visiting at Riley
Depue’s last Sunday.
Preaching every Sunday evening at 6:30
o’clock at the park in town.
Lizzie Fielden is still Suffering with a very
sore hand it is feared she will have to have it
Nellie Barton is staying at Mrs. Sechrists.
Arthur Russell and Wife are the proud
parents of a bouncing ten pound girl.
Earl Green is visiting his sister Mrs. Gulley
of Hutton Valley this week.
Well “Walter” you and I were alone last
week wasn’t we I guess the writers have all
forsaken us.
Little Evrette Depue was suffering very bad
with the tooth ache last week is some better
at this writing.
Oh say Sunflower I must tell you Chas. At
Cabool you know why he is filling his
appointment now at the home of Miss
Maggie Duncans at Simmons town you
needn’t tell anybody I told you though.
Miss Lula Orbon visited her cousins Misses
Effie and Mabel Green last Sunday.
Well tomorrow, Tuesday Is “Guess Who’s”
Birthday I suppose you can all guess how old
she is.
Well that’s all I know this week will come
again next week if I don’t get too many
whippings Tuesday. So Bye Bye.
 - 13 -
Here and There Pick Ups By Sun Flower
Here I come with my little roll of news after
a few weeks absence.
Stacking wheat seems to be the order of the
Miss Bell Baney and Deke Cunningham
were pleasant guests at Mr. Frank McCalls
last Sunday.
Mr. Charley Johnson made a flying trip to
Mountain Grove Monday suppose he bought
him a new wagon.
Hurrah Hurrah for Berry Baney and Bert
Kelley our best preachers. I will bet they
will make Kings out of themselves before the
Miss Minnie and Bell Baney visited Mrs.
James Shrophire Monday while picking
black berries suppose you girls didn’t pick
very many.
Miss Lue Allen was a pleasant caller at Mr.
Berty McCall last Sunday.
Mrs. Susan McCall is on the puny list this
Wonder what has become of “Guess Who”
suppose she is watching the depot for Tom or
either Charley has come she said she was
going to spend the Fourth at Fowler but
didn’t appear…Ho, Ho.
Mr. Ben Baney is still travling that straight
and narrow path that lead to Mr. Suttons.
Wonder what the attraction is, Oh yes I know
he is going to see Mattie.
Mr. Vorrell (Vorpell) and wife were the
pleasant guests of Mrs. Ida and Jessie Harrol
Miss Sarrah Baney left Sunday for West
Plains where she will spend the summer with
her aunt Mrs. Kogan.
Miss Stellie Brown visited home folks today.
Mr. Ulis Crawford is seen going toward
Bado every Sunday say Ulis you aught not
go to the store on Sunday maybe you don’t.
Ask Bell and Minnie if they have caught
their loose horse yet. Ha! Ha!. Girls that’s
one on you. Please hush.
If someone would tell A.H. that if he would
turn his plow over it would run better so
when his horse seen any one passing the field
he would not have to turn his plow loose and
catch his horse by the bridle reign to keep
him from eating off twenty acres of corn and
cause him to have to plant another crop of
corn and be too late to sow a wheat crop.
I don’t think his horse has got any religion or
he would not cause this poor boy so badly in
distress when he knows he hasn’t much corn
planted so be a good boy A.H.
So good bye to all of the reader and
correspondents till next week.
 - 14 -
Marriage Ceremonies
On last Saturday Eve. Mr. Henry McCall and
Miss Sintha M. Volner were united in Holy
Matrimony at the home of the Bride’s parents
by Rev. L.S. Garrett in the presence of the
many friends of both Bride and Groom,
which was both young yet, the young man
being under age. They both were very
handsomely dressed and were the very
pictures of health. And we trust a happy
future as man and wife await them.
On last Sunday to an audience of over two
hundred, Rev. L.S. Garrett preached upon the
married life. Text (Heb. 12-4). After which
he united in the sacred rite of Holy
Matrimony J.A. Garrett, and Mrs. Lulu
Oliver a young widow. After the ceremony a
general invitation was given to all present to
partake of dinner. And 86 were the number
who partook, with Mr. Albin Perkins of
Mountain Grove at the head of the table.
Apparently all enjoyed themselves and we
trust went away rejoicing
Mr. Robert Goodfellow of Herndon passed this life on July 15th 1903 at his home. He was a
son-in-law to Mrs. Winnie Sappington and a brother-in-law to Mr. E.E. Sappington a Lumber
man of Sweet Springs who was visiting the Colony when he got a dispatch of Mr.
Goodfellow’s death, which was a shock not only to Mr. Sappington but to all the colony. For
he was a member of the Colony—he and wife had associated themselves with the Colony
over six years ago.
So a noble man has passed away,
His work on earth no more
We trust in the realms of love to stay,
Upon the golden shore

 - 15 -
July 30, 1903
Burden’s Scraps By Pa’s Pet
Editor Cresset,
Dry weather at present. Corn looks sick.
Guss Akeman of Bado, Mo. Arrived here last
I wish someone would ask Barney Taylor
why he didn’t help his girl in the buggy last
Sunday. Oh! I know it was because she is
the biggest.
Lee George is the Champion hog feeder.
There was an ice cream supper at silver
Creek last Monday night good Ice cream and
bugs were plentiful.
Mr. Koonce said he would like to be one of
lee George’s hogs so he would feed him
boiled potatoes.
Ask John Padgett if he can stack cats.
John George purchased him a watch the other
day. He says they can’t work him over time
Guss Akeman went fishing Sunday and never
got a bite. How do you account for that
Guss. Oh I suppose you baited your breath
instead of your hook.
As new is scarce and it is nearly bed time I
will quit and go to bed.
 - 16 -
Fowler Local Lore
The Colony has rented the Atkinson farm for
three years.
“ Vengence is mine I will repay saith the
Mrs. Maud Russell is visiting the Colony
folks this week.
Mr. Thomas McCall is working with the
Colony thrasher.
Miss Minnie Shelley spent a short time with
the Compositors on last Tuesday.
Mr. James Gearheart was a pleasant caller at
this Office on last Wednesday.
The Colony Thresher had a brake down and
it took 3 days to get it in repair again.
Mr. James Smarts’ little child is still sick.
The Theological School is still progressing
Mr. Alonzo Russell is working for the
We are not here to injure our fellow man, but
to help them
Mrs. Patterson our Post mistress is on the
sick list this week.
Mr. John Williams is working with the
Colony thrasher.
Johnny Garrett and wife and Dudley
Brinegar are at old sister Henry’s this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Townsend taken dinner with
the Ed. And wife on last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cowley were pleasant
visitors at this Office on last Monday, having
some Notary work done.
Mr. Frank Heron was out stepping about a
day or two ago. No wonder its a Big Boy,
and mother is doing well.
 - 17 -
Mr. Lum Atkinson of Mountain Grove was a
pleasant visitor at the Cresset Office on last
Wednesday and transacted business with the
Leona Simons one of the compositors of the
Cresset Office is staying with the wife of
John Williams while he is with the thrasher.
Miss Lulu McGown has returned home from
McKinney, Texas and was saw shaking
hands with old friends at the Arbor in JAHVille,
on last Sunday. We welcome you
home Miss Lulu
Miss Retta Ellis and Miss Anna Smart were
pleasant callers on the Compositors of the
Cresset Office on last Tuesday.
Mr. Jesse Fogerson took a smothering spell
on last Tuesday and thought his time was
near at hand but has recovered again.
Elder McKee from Mountain Grove gave the
people of JAH-Ville a good talk on last
Sunday eve at the hour of Prayer meeting,
Come again Bro.
Mr. Durnell from Cabool passed through
JAH-Ville on last Wednesday in company
with his wife and Luke Linthicum stopping a
few moments at the Cresset office. Mr.
Durnell is associated with the Ozark
Mountain News and is also practicing law.

 - 18 -
By Sun Flower Here and There Pick Ups
We had a nice rain Wednesday and some
awful hard wind which done considerable
Miss Minnie Boney and Girtrude Herral were
the guests of miss Bell Baney Tuesday.
Miss Minnie Boney spent Monday night with
her cousin Mrs. Onie McCall.
Mr. Robert Hartgrove made a flying trip to
Mountain Grove Tuesday.
Oh! Say “Guess Who” Sunflower has quit
studying about Pa’s Pet he has been gone so
long you had better look out for she has got
her mind on Charley Farris and if “Guess
Who” don’t be careful Sunflower will beat
her Boo, Hoo.
Some one ask Mattie Crawford and Luke
Cunningham if they remember the subject
they were talking about when they were
hoeing corn together it must have been an
awful interesting subject wasn’t it Luke?
We were glad to see “Walter” again with us,
come again “Walter” your items were just
Say Bell, Luly has beat you ad Minnie with
J.R. that is to bad isn’t it girls.
Wonder if Luke Cunningham has got his
Buggy whip yet. I suppose you told Bell you
had taken it back to the picnic now if you
hadn’t you had better take it back before I tell
her she says that buggy whips wasn’t made
to whip mules with and if she hadn’t been
along that poor mule would have not had to
carried such a whipping just to go to meeting
so she hopes you have take it back and she
says you must be a better boy. Ho. Ho.
So I will quit for this time for fear I will tire
the editor and readers of this little paper so
good by till next week I am as ever the same
old girl.
 - 19 -
G.A.C. Hoffarth M.D. was born in Germany June 11, 1831. He came to the U.S. when only
7 years of age,. He was married to Jane Conaway January 24, 1855. Six children wre born
to them five of whom are still living.
He graduated from Pope’s Medical College St.Louis in 1863-4. He practiced medicine in
Osage, Gasconade and Camden Counties and settled in Texas County in 1859 at what is now
called Fowler, living 35 years on the farm he first home-steaded.
Died at his home on the 23 of July 1903, and was laid to rest in the Murr Cemetery on the 24
at 4 o’clock in the presence f a large audience, and weeping friends. Funeral services were
conducted by Rev. Freeman of the M.E. Church.
So is laid to rest a husband kind,
A wife to mourn his loss;
Yet consolation can fill her soul,
While she is left behind
Children here, you meet and part,
Your fathers’ gone before;
Let Christ be ever in you heart,
Then you’ll meet on the golden shore

 - 20 -
August 6, 1903
Fowler Local Lore
Miss Beulah Oliver one of our compositors is
on the puny list this week.
Old Mr. Buckley was seen at meeting
Saturday night and Sunday at eleven.
Mr. Eli Williams took dinner with the Ed. On
last Monday.
Mrs. Ella Myers is reported on the sick list
this week
Brother High Shelley has returned home
from a visit to see friends and relatives on
Painter Creek.
Miss Leony Simons who has been staying
with Mrs. John William’s is at her case as
compositor again this week.
Mr. Mose McGowan and wife took dinner
with the Ed. On last Monday.
Mrs. High Shelley visited the compositors of
this Office last Tuesday.
Rev. L.S. Garrett by invitation made the
people at the Picnic on the 4th of August at
Freemans store an address, which was well
listened to by the majority of the people a
large crowd was there.
Mr. and Mrs. Sanks from Cabool visited
friends on Shelly Ridge on last Saturday and
Sunday and was shaking hands with friends
at the JAH-Ville Arbor after Sunday School
and meeting Sunday.
Old Grandma Buckley in company with her
Daughter, Mrs. Teel and her three girls, who
are visiting her from Wynona, Mo., Paid this
Office a pleasant visit last Tuesday.
Elder McKee of Mt. Grove was with the
people of JAH-Ville and Shelley Ridge on
last Saturday night and Sunday and preached
them a good sermon on Sunday. Come again
Miss Ora Kendall’s mother came out with
her daughter Miss Ora to see the people of
Shelley Ridge and was at meeting on Sunday
and returned to her home at Mountain Grove
in the evening: Good old sister come again.
World’s Cresset.
 - 21 -
The little child of the son of Mr. John Freel’s passed this life to the life beyond on last
Thursday and now
Rests upon a Saviour’s Breast,
Pure and white it shines.
It walks the streets of golden rest,
Where none ever weeps or pines
Miss Ora Kendall teacher of the Grammar
department at the Cabool School is visiting
friends on Shelley Ridge and shaking hands
with her former Scholars whom she has been
teacher over for three years and who the
Scholars’ parents would love to have to teach
for them this winter. Miss Ora can not be
praised to high as a teacher and a Christian.
Mr. Jesse Fogerson and wife took dinner
with W.E. Dawson and wife and the wife of
the Ed. While the Ed. Was gone to the picnic
at Fred Freemans. One year ago the Ed. And
wife took supper with Jesse Fogerson and
wife at the latter’s home
The picnic at Freemans was a grand success
and apparently everybody enjoyed
themselves we think that this part of Texas
co. has the best and most sociable people on
Mr. J.A. Ragan wants an experienced girl to wait on his invalid wife and do house and
kitchen work, no milking or out doors work; call at his home or at this Office. $1.00 per
week will be paid.
 - 22 -
Mountain Grove News By “Guess Who”
Well after a week’s absence I am found at
my post again writing items for the bestest
little old Paper in the County.
Crops are looking fine since the beautiful
Miss Esther Farris of Cabool is this week
visiting Misses Dollie and Mattie Depue.
The Misses Alice and Ida Green spent
Sunday at Mr. Stones.
Quite a number of young folks attended the
singing at Mr. Lintholtos Friday night.
Mrs. Powell is very sick at this writing.
Mrs. Ida Budd and son Lynn of Elreno
Oklahoma are visiting her parents Mr. and
Mrs. Rall.
Mrs. Orrlilla Depue and children spent the
latter part of last week at he cousin’s
Marshall Depue and wife of Mountain Home.
Miss Emma Pope returned to her home at
Hartsville after visiting friends in this city a
few days.
Misses Eupha and Nellie Green spent
Wednesday with their cousin Miss Ida Green
Miss Lizzie Fielding of Mountain Home was
the guest of Mary Depue last Sun.
Now “Sunflower” you had better get your
mind right off of Charley Farris for he’s
mine, that is if I can get him tho I’ll have to
ask Fannie Beeler, Vina Bradshaw, Lily
Wall, Maggie Duncan and a few others to
numerous to mention now if they say Yes
why you shant have him. But if they say No,
why I am liable to get my mind on “Pa’s
Pet”, then “Sunflower” will be going around
so mad she can’t see straight, Ha, Ha.
After a long effort to organize a band in this
city, it has come to a successful point. This
band will be one to be proud of for it is
selected from experienced hands and
includes many tooters, that were members of
the Old noted Mountain Grove Band. Hellen
Kelley was chosen leader and Elbert Randal
business manager. The other members are
Frank Sechrist, Floyd Wiley, Ben Douglas,
Ollie Robinett, Jim Klawitter, Carl Hughs,
Wiley Neighbors, Roy Anderson, Charles
Douglas, L.W. Grey, Miss Neighbors, Lewis
Brand, Cliff Anderson ad Ray Shelenberger.
Well for fear I’ll tire the Editor and Readers I
will close for this time, hoping for more news
next week. Bye, Bye to all the

 - 23 -
Cabool Items By “I Know”
Here I am for the first time.
The Grand Barbecue is the thing of the past a
large crowd was expected but the rain in the
afternoon scared them back.
Vina, May and Mary Bradshaw is visiting
friends and sweet hearts n Douglas Co. this
week. Hope you’ll see a good time girls.
Miss Mary Depue was down on a pleasure
trip from Mt. Grove this week. Come again
Mary, you are always welcome.
Mr. Eddie Johnson is still travling that
straight and narrow path that leads to Mr.
T.W. Roberts wonder what the attraction is:
Oh yes I know he is going to see Mollie,
Mr. M.G. English of Luzard Ark. Made a
flying trip to Cabool this week, think he is
after some ones pretty little girl.
Look out Mike listen for the wedding bells,
Minnie H. says her fellow Jessie is going to
Houston pretty soon.
Ben Farris fell from a train Wednesday and
broke his collar bone. Better look out Ben
you are having bad luck.
A big time is expected at the Log-rolling 21-
22. Come everybody and we’ll have a good
Hello “Sunflower” you are all right come
Chas. Farris was seen at Pleasant Grove
church last night with his girl and another
couple. Come back again boys the meeting
will do you good.
John Roberts says he is going to quit the R.R.
and go to farming. Bette look out John there
is something going to happen.
I’ll stop for the present hoping to hear from
“Guess Who” and “Sunflower” in next issue.
Bye Bye to all, hope this will escape the
waste basket.
 - 24 -
August 13, 1903
One Mr. Tate living on Beaver Creek near James Gatty’s died with Consumption and buried
on last Monday. He leaves a wife and eight children to mourn his loss as we understand.
Bitten by a Dog
We understand that one of the Rogers’ was bitten by a dog and is seriously injured; though
we have not learned the particulars. He is a relative of Mr. John Rogers our mill man.
Mountain Grove News By Guess Who
Good Morning Mr. Ed. And friendly
correspondents. I’ll attempt to send a few
more happenings this week.
We are having plenty of rain at present and
every thing looks fine.
Dollie Depue is visiting friends in Cabool
this week.
Paul Goldsberry and Lile Douglas spent
Sunday in Cabool.
J.H.S. Plunk is building a New porch to his
Mrs. Ida Rudd and son of Elreno, Oklahoma
and Mrs. Maggie Archer of Mammoth
Springs Ark. Returned to their homes Friday
after a two weeks visit with parents Mr. and
Mrs. W.R. Hull.
Will and Sherman Ellis returned home fro
Atchison County Mo. Friday night. We
welcome you back boys.

 - 25 -
Quite a number of the Cabool boys are in this
City Saturday.
Grandma Rudd is not expected to live at this
Marshall Depue and wife of Mr. Home spent
last Friday at Kelley Depue’s.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs. George Ellis
is very sick with Hooping Cough.
Oh say, Mrs. You know who, at Cabool a
few words to you have you got many
cucumbers? And oh say take good care of
that cane patch and hurry and get these New
Lassus made for “Guess who’s” getting
awful sour. I’m afraid it will take all you’ve
got to sweeten her up.
Oh, I wonder if Charley Farris has got that
pretty shirt he was talking of getting new if
he gets it Vina, you must be in the latest style
for who knows may be that’s the shirt he
wants to go to se “Sunflower” in.
The Depot is being moved 70 feet east.
Rev Kelley preached his farewell sermon at
the Baptist church last Sunday night, he
expects to go to Grant City where he will
engage in the good work we are very sorrow
to lose such a faithful worker but we hope
our loss will be his gain.
I’ll say “I Know” come again your Items are
just fine, don’t never say again you can’t
write Items for I know you can. So be sure
and let us hear from you next week, for you
know “Guess Who” always love to hear from
Cabool and oh say let me Tell you “Guess
Who” is thinking of coming to Cabool to stay
this winter., won’t you be sorrow.
Well I guess “Pa’s Pet” must have come
home are “Sunflower” surely would have
written last week.
Now “Sunflower” you want to be sure and be
at the Barbecue the21-22 of this month at
Cabool and we’ll See a nice time if it rains,
as I mean if it don’t rain.
John Stephens and wife returned to their
home at Winona Mon. after a two months
visit at Mr. Sechrist’s the latter parents.
Mrs. Feece of Kansas City is here visiting
her parents Mr. and Mrs. McQuistin of this
John Shaw passed from this life to the great
beyond Sunday August the 10, he leaves a
wife three children, and a host of friends to
mourn his loss.
Well as it getting late and I’m in a hurry I’ll
close hoping to see every body at the
Barbecue at Cabool and wishing every body
a nice time, as ever the same old girl Bye
Bye to all.
 - 26 -
Flat Woods Notes By Papa’s Little Girl
Hello kind Ed. And correspondence will you
please admit me space in your little paper as I
have been absent for quite awhile.
Mrs. Marthie Honer has returned to Texas
County to see her relatives and friends.
Mr. Frank Watson has returned home from
Springfield hospital where he has been
compelled to stay for several months.
Born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vadie
Smith a big boy.
Mrs. Eve Scott and Mrs. Dellie Summers was
visiting home folks Sunday.
The Flat Woods School begin today.
The picnic was well attended at Cedar Grove
The lumber hauling is the order of the day.
Mr. Jeff Sullivan was seen on the way to
Summerville with a load of shingles Monday.
We are having lots of rain at present.
Grandma Jordan was seen on the flat the
other day.
Mr. Francis Cross and Mr. Walter Dewitt is
working in the hay at Mr. Jordan’s.
Mr. T.J. Jordon is doing good business with
the store.
I will close hoping the Ed. And readers
success. If I see this in print I will come

 - 27 -
Rocky Branch Items By “Farmer Laddie”
Here I am again after a long absence.
Wake up there all of you correspondents, and
give us the news.
Everybody is thrashing in this neighborhood.
Tom Pipkin has returned from Gas Kansas
where he has been employed for sometime.
They are coming in one by one.
Several Rocky Brancher’s attended the
picnics at Cabool the 30th.
Miss Inez Bodine spent Sunday with Miss
Grace Bruce.
Rev Holschousen filled his regular
appointments at Rocky Branch last Saturday
and Sunday.
We regret to say that our Mr. W.T. Napier
and family will leave for Boliver next
Monday as they intend to make that their
place of abode for awhile.
Our Public School began Mon. with Miss
Bertha Simmon as a teacher. Miss Bertha
has the honor of being one of the many good
instructors of teachers of Texas Co.
Miss Maggie Duncan has just returned from
Bado where she has been spending a few
days with her relative Mr. Van Akeman.
Fowler Local Lore
Mr. Alonzo Russell moved to JAH-Ville on
last Wednesday
We have learned before going to press that
Mr. Van Akeman past this life with
Miss Lucy Sales is very sick at present
writing, hope she will soon be relieved by
Mrs. George Myres has been sick for some
time chills is the captive of her health hope
she may soon recover.
Miss Leona Simons one of the Cresset
Compositors has quite a sore foot this week
from a bruise.
Miss Beulah Oliver one of the Cresset
Compositors has been suffering somewhat
this week from swollen eye lid.
Mr. Samuel Merritt moved into his new
house Wednesday, lives under a good roof
now first time for a year.
There will be a Grand Picnic at Astoria Mo.,
on the 15 of August; it is a Reunion of the
old Citizens everybody invited a barbecue to
Miss Ora Kendall who has been visiting
friends of Shelly Ridge ex school pupils,
returned home to Mountain Grove on last
Tuesday. Miss Ora is missed on Shelly
Ridge by everybody when absent Miss Ora
is an accomplished teacher and a Christian
girl, all who meet her acquaintance cannot
help but appreciate her company.
 - 28 -
Rocky Branch Items (Con’t) By “Farmer Laddie”
Mr. Boone Coleman was transacting business
in Old Standard last Saturday.
Tom Wommack has returned from Houston
where he has been attending the summer
Miss Dressie Coats of Oak Grove entered
school at Rocky Branch Monday.
Miss Fannie Flowers went to Cabool
Hello, “Florentine” give me the news.
Everybody attended the log rolling at Cabool
the 21st and 22.
There will be a protracted meeting begin at
R.B. in a short time.
Rance Proe of Indian Creek attended church
at R.B. Sunday.
Why doesn’t “Ma’s Foolish Boy” give us the
news from out West?
Miss Effie Thornbill, Ethel Farris and Pearl
Simmons of Simmons attended church at
R.B. Sunday.
Miss Norma Pipkin was the guest of Fannie
Flowers Saturday.
Was as news is scarce will ring off.

 - 29 -
August 20, 1903
Mrs. Fielder Has An Infant Stranger Too
Mrs. T.J. Fielder who lives at 842 North Grant street, found a baby on her porch at about 10
o’clock last night. The child was about two days old and a very healthy little girl. The child
was left on the floor of the porch with out any writing to tell about its brief history.
The family had gone to bed and heard a noise on the porch. When Mrs. Fielder got up no one
was in sight except the tiny stranger that lay on the floor. Mrs. Fielder will adopt the child.
(The Springfield Leader Monday Aug. 17 1903) – brutal mother.
Clubbed with a Club
On last Saturday afternoon George Hoffarth entered the home of Mr. Ruphas Hallibertons’
With a club in his hand and struck and clubbed Mr. Halliberton over the head and fell him to
the floor and beat him over the body and head unmercifully ad when Mr. Halliberton’s wife
thought her husband would be killed, she interfered and then Hoffarth struck her in the
forehead with the club, knocking her down, and cutting a gash with the club he struck her with
an inch long or more, clear to the bone. George Hoffarth has been arrested and is now under
guard until the return of Squire Huggins who is away from home on business. After the trial
we shall give a more and clearer detail for the affair, as we desire to do justice by both parties
to the public.
Some Here & There Pickups By “Sun Flower”
We are having some rainy weather at the
present writing.
Well as “Sunflower” has been absent for two
weeks, wonder what was the matter.
Hello “Guess Who” suppose you had a good
time at Cabool.
Good morning “I Know Who” you must fix a
good dinner the 21 and 22 for “Sunflower” is
going to take dinner with you, and it “Guess
Who” has not got her mind on Charley, I will
bring her too.
Well “Walter” what is the matter with you are
you sleepy, if so sleep a while and write some
more items.
Miss Minnie Baney received the sad news last
week of two of her cousins being dead in
West Plains.
Oh say “Guess Who” “Pa’s Pet” you know I
were telling you about he is now filling his
appointment at Miss Prudie Siekmons in West
Wonder what has become of “Little Jim”
suppose hi is sleepy too.
Well if “Guess Who” don’t quit filling her
appointments so regular “Sunflower” will
take her commission from her and fill her
appointment in Cabool a while too.
Mr. Fate Vandiver is still filling his
appointment at Cabool. Well Fate that beats
all, wonder who will fill their appointment
next, I suppose it will be John Forrester for he
has got his mind on Cabool and if Fate was to
find that out he would catch the first freight
that pass by, or break his neck.
So good-bye till next week I am the same old
 - 30 -
Rocky Branch Items By “Farmer Laddie”
Here I am again after a long absence.
Wake up there all of you correspondents and
give us the news.
Everybody is thrashing in this neighborhood.
Tom Pipkin has returned from Gas Kansas
where he has been employed for sometime.
They are coming in “one by one.”
Several Rocky Brancher’s attended the picnic
at Cabool the 30th.
Miss Inez Bodine spent Sunday with Miss
Grace Bruce.
Rev Holschousen filled his regular
appointments at Rocky Branch last Saturday
and Sunday.
We regret to say that our Mr. W.T. Napier
and family will leave for Boliver next
Monday as they intend to make that their
place of abode for awhile.
Our Public School began Mon. with Miss
Bertha Simmon as a teacher. Miss Bertha has
the honor of being one of the many good
instructors of teachers of Texas Co.
Miss Maggie Duncan has just returned from
Bado where she has been spending a few days
with her relative Mr. Van Akeman.
Quite a party of young folks spent Sunday
evening boat riding. How about M.P?
Lawrence Bodine will fills his regular
appointment at Round top "ha ha".
Several of the R.B. people will attend the
picnic at Indian Creek.
Mr. Jeff Fogerson has been the sick list for
several days.
Plowing for wheat is the order of the day
Mr. C.A. Simons made a trip to Flat Woods a
few days ago.
We noticed Mr. James Gado and wife at
meeting on last Sunday.
Miss Lucy Sales has been very sick for over a
week but is some better at this writing.
We understand that the Texas County Star has
changed hands we know not the particulars
Mr. Lon Miers and wife was at services on
Last Sunday at the ?
We saw Dr. Lane pass through our Ville on
list Tuesday.
Our school opened on last Monday morning
with 29 pupils enrolled, with Mr. Piercy as
teacher we trust a successful school.
Mr. Mose McGown and wife were visiting
Mr. Samuel Merritt and wife on last
Mr. Linthicum and Thomas McCall visited
Mr. Horton’s on last Tuesday.
Mrs. Sinda Merritt has been sick for a day or
two but is out again.
Mr. Wm. Easter is digging a well for the
Colony folks at present.
Mr. McCall and Mrs. Geo. Hoffarth visited
Mr. Halleberton and wife on last Tuesday.
There will be a Pie supper at the Dunsmore
School House next Friday night, Aug. 21,
 - 31 -
Old sister Patterson has been on the sick list.
Mr. F. Houfall of the Experience Station was
at the Cresset Office on last Wednesday
contracting for lumber.
Our school teacher Mr. Piercy in company
with Roy Patterson visited this Office after
school hours on last Wednesday.
Mr. Townsend paid the Editor a visit on last
Wednesday and brought some fine
Miss Dora Fielden one of Texas best teachers,
was at the arbor services on last Sunday.
Miss Dora is teaching School at the
Dunsmore school house, this is her second
term at the place. The people at Dunsmore
know when they have a good teacher.
On last Monday Mr. Pax Delano brought to
this Office 12 stalks of strange vegetation the
stalks were something near a foot long the
stalk being destitute of leaves nothing in
connections with the stalk-but a nice beautiful
lower right on top of stalk. The strange weed
is something new for this country. Mr.
Delano pulled them in his field and it is not
known what the effect may be.
Mr. Van Akeman, passed this life on last Monday Eve at seven o’clock and was laid to rest on
Tuesday at 4 o’clock at the Union Cemetry. He had been sick for about six months and during
all of his illness he was not able to be up much of the time. He leaves a wife and four children
to mourn the loss, one girl and three boys and a host of friends to sympathize with the
bereaved family. Mr. Akeman were a good citizen and will be much missed by his many
Dear Father tis hard to say good bye,
When angels beckoning say come;
And yet we know that all must die
When there work here on earth is done.
We who are left behind will soon come
With angels to the father we love
Millie Baney

 - 32 -
August 27, 1903
Fowler, Missouri Local Lore
Mr. Geo. Hoffarth visited this Office on last
Mr. John Turrell is on the sick list again.
Mr. John Franklin was a pleasant caller at
this Office on last Tuesday.
Mr. Mose McGown and family took dinner
with the Ed. And wife and last Sunday.
Old Sister Jones has been quite sick for some
time we hope her recovery may be soon.
Mr. Canada of Brushy Knob was a pleasant
caller at the Cresset Office on last Tuesday.
Mrs. Santa McCall was a pleasant caller at
the Office on last Monday.
Mrs. Thomas McCall is now on a visit to her
daughter at Ash Grove.
Squire Huggins passed through the little
Ville on his road home from beyond
Springfield on last Thursday.
Little Miss Lena Franklin and little miss Ida
Shelley stopped in the Cresset Office last
Tuesday to shelter from the hard rain.
Old Uncle John Volner is one of the best
mail carriers carrying the mail every day
from Gravel Point to Fowler and back.
 - 33 -
Mr. Thomas McCall and Mr. James Smart
and Mr. Pax Delano was pleasant callers at
the Cresset Office on Last Tuesday eve.
Mr. Wm. Corbin and family in company with
Mr. Murr and family went home with Mr.
James Smart and family from church at the
arbor last Sunday.
Mr. Charley Horton returned home on last
Monday from Peola, Kan. Where he has been
working since last spring. Charlie looks
George Hoffarth, who was arrested for
assault and battery waved examination at
Squire Huggins’ on last Monday and gave
bale for his appearance at next term of circuit
court. Louis Edgar and Wm Hoffarth are his
Mr. Jesse Fogerson and Wife, and Daughter
Mrs. Lucy Franklin visited the sick son of
Mr. Browne brother-in-law of Mr. Fogersons
on last Tuesday. The Son has the Typhoid
Mr. Pax Delano, Samuel Merritt and Wm.
Brinegar was at Mountain Grove on last
Tuesday and bought a saw mill and Engine to
run in the interest of the JAH-Ville Colony,
after the 22nd of Set. 1903.
Mr. Judge Dodson of Plato spent Saturday
and Sunday in the neighborhood of JAHVille
stopping Friday night with the editor
Saturday night with Mrs. Dr. Hoffarth
Sunday night with Mr. Pax Delano, Taking
dinner with Jesse Fogerson on Sunday.
Mrs. J.A. Teel, and children who have been
visiting parents and grandparents for a while
left for their home at Wynona Tuesday.
Someone passed by Mr. Maste’s Spring late Monday Evening and took a bucket belonging to
me, which I had left there to take water home in. Would like to know who was so
accommodating, will try and keep them in my memory and remember them in my prayers.
Mrs. Burress.

 - 34 -
September 3, 1903
County of Texas
Be it remembered that on this 28th day of August,
1903, personally appeared before me, Mr. F.M.
Huggins, a Justice of the Peace, within and for the
County and State before said Lulu Garrett, Lucinda
Merritt, Nellie Swerngin, Lucy Simons, Mattie
Bowers and Belle Brinegar, who are members of the
JAH-Ville Colony, at Fowler Missouri and the same
being by me duly sworn declare in relation to the
afore said Colony as follows:
That they have been members of said colony for a
long time past, and are well acquainted with L.S.
Garrett, the foreman of the same. That they are
creditably informed that the report is commonly
circulated that said Colony is a band of Free Lovers
who have associated themselves together for the
purpose of living a Polygamous and adulterous life.
Therefore, we the undersigned afferents and women
who belong to the said JAH-Ville Colony upon our
oaths state that the said report is a base falsehood,
and has no coloring of truth whatever.
That we are well acquainted with the said L.S.
Garrett, and that he nor any other member of said
Colony never made an indecent proposition to any
female member of said Colony to our knowledge,
but that the virtue and chastity of the said L.S.
Garrett and of all other members of said Colony is
and has at all times since we have been acquainted
with each other been perfect and their conduct
honorable and upright.
We further declare that virtue and morality among
both males and females are leading tenets of the
principles of said Colony and that a polygamous life
could not and would not be allowed by the members
of said Colony.
Lulu Garrett,
Lucinda Merritt,
Nellie Swerngin,
Lucy Simons,
Mattie Bowers,
Belle Brinegar.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 28th day of
August, 1903
F.M. Huggins, Justice of the Peace.
Morris Tp.
World’s Cresset.
 - 35 -
Mountain Grove News By “Guess Who”
Well after two weeks absence I’ll come again.
We are having some cool weather at present writing.
Harry Mitchel has returned from Kansas City.
Little Evrette Depue is suffering this week with a
very bad rising on the back of his neck.
School begins next Monday, Sept. 7.
J.D. Hull has commenced excavating for his new
residence just north of the City Limits.
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Holoway of this City have
issued cards announcing the approaching marriage
of their daughter May Goodman to Mr. Samuel II
Stephans, Sept. 9th at the Christian Church.
Miss Clara Royals as returned from Wynona Mo.
Mr. Shinkle has a new covey on his residence.
W.W. Durnell of Cabool was in town last
Mary Depue was very sick last week, but is better at
the present writing.
Labor Day Sept. 7th,
Old sister Jones is still on the puny list.
Mr. James Gaddis and wife was out at church at the
Arbor on last Sunday.
Mr. Buckley was a pleasant caller at the Cresset
office on last Friday.
Mr. Townsend brought to this Office a gift, a couple
nice heads of Cabbage. Many thanks, Brother.
Mr. Willie Volner and wife was pleasant visitors at
Mr. Samuel Merrits on last Friday Evening.
Mr. Lum Atkisson of Mountain Grove paid the Ed.
A visit on last Sunday and took dinner with him.
Mr. Eli Williams and wife attended church at Gravel
Point on last Sunday.
Mr. W.C. Shelley and wife took dinner with the Ed.
And wife on last Sunday.
Mr. Len Mires and wife attended Services at the
Arbor on last Sunday.
The reported murder of the United states consul by
the Turks was a mistake.
Fred Akeman of Bado was in this city one day last
We notice Mr. Salsman, wife and son and daughterin-
law at meeting at the arbor on last Sunday.
Mr. Thomas McCall is attending meeting regular
nowadays at the arbor.
Lydia Patterson our Post mistress paid this Office a
pleasant call on last Monday, bringing a nice bucket
of Tomatoes.
Miss Pearl Inman and little Brother from Mountain
Grove visited Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin last
Saturday night and Sunday, and attended church at
the Arbor.
On the 15 of Sept. at eleven o’clock in JAH-Ville at
the Arbor the Ed. Shall preach a special sermon on
the matrimonial tie.
There is expected other special services at that hour.
We give a special invitation to all who desire to hear
what the Bible has to say of the married man and
Mr. Linthicum and Mr. Thomas McCall went to
hear the funeral sermon of Mr. Tates’ at Rock
Springs on last Sunday.
Miss Ora Kendall of Mountain Grove one of Texas
County’s best teachers paid friends and her former
scholars a visit attending the Bible School at the
 - 36 -
Arbor on Thursday evening, Miss Ora is teaching
the Grammer room at Cabool this term. Miss Ora is
more than a teacher in the common schools she is a
teacher in the high school of Christianity-
Both in walk and talk you will find her a teacher in
the Sabbath School, in the prayer meetings, and in
the regular services of any Christian meetings. This
should be the example of all teachers, but we must
say we miss in our services Miss Ora.
 - 37 -
Sept 10, 1903
Local Lore
Cresset is only a half speck this week.
Every body bring their bibles to preaching this
Mr. Lonzo Russell and wife was moved to the wood
c? near Cabool by Mr. W.? Shelley their father-inlaw
this week.
Any body ?? sample copy of the ?/more ? follow, ??
nothing; thin it ?while the Cresset longer
There are those who would not believe the truth
though it was told them a thousand times over. But
a big falsehood is what they glory in.
Johny Bowers and wife members of the JAH-Ville
Colony left JAH-Ville for to visit the father and
mother of Johny Bowers living in Douglas County
eight miles of Willow Springs and intend on
bringing the old folks back with them next Friday.
Roy Kenney called at this Office a few days ago and
gave us a pleasant chat. He is canvassing for a
medical firm. See Add in another column. We
believe Bro. Kenney to be one of our best citizens.
One buying of him will get the worth of their
Next Sabbath after Sabbath School at the Arbor
Rev. L.S. Garrett will preach a special sermon on
the marriage life. After which he ? to join in Holy
Matrimony ? H. Dawson and Miss Lucy Sales. The
Ed. Would like for every body ? hear the
sermon…come one, come all.
Mr. Love and wife from Kansas city who have been
visiting Mrs. Love’s father and mother Mr. and Mrs.
Murry and Mrs. Love’s sister Mrs. Len Myers both
were out at church at the Arbor to last Sunday to
hear the Editor preach. Mr. Love and wife left for
their home in K.C. on last Monday wish they could
have staid longer.
There was an apple cutting at Mrs. Pax Delano’s on
last Thursday, and there was nineteen bushel of
apples peeled and cut one of the large apple
cuttings, where there was lots of work done, it can’t
be beat.
On the same day Mr. Delano raised his new barn 32
ft.. by 62 when finished, Mrs. Delano set a fine
dinner, Mr. Delano and wife belong to the
enterprising farmers of Texas Co.
Mr. Thomas McCall is still a regular attendee at
church since his wife is on a visit to her son.
Mr. W? Voiner who has been quite sick for the past
few days is a little better at present.
There was an apple cutting at Mrs. Pax Delano’s on
last Thursday and there was nineteen barrel of
apples peeled and cut. It was one of the large
cuttings where there was lots of work done. It can’t
be beat
On the same day Mr. Delano raised his new barn 32
ft by 62 when finished. Mrs. Delano set a fine
dinner. Mr. Delano and wife belong to the
enterprising farmers of Texas, Co
Quilting Bee was at the Arbor on last Monday
quilting a quilt by the ladies of the Theological
School at this place taught by Rev. L.S. Garrett.
The two quilts are gotten up in honor of
Freemasonry and Oddfellowship, will be put up in
the near future, and drawn as a prize by a number.
 - 38 -
BADO ITEMS By “Little Row”
Well Miss Girty Harill has got a new Sewing
machine, and I suppose she has got it to sew R.W.H.
britches with.
Mr. Liman Brown has returned home from Col.
where he has been for the past three weeks and his
father William J. ask him if his mother had changed
and he said, but little. Limon bent to look at his
little dog Sharp and he begin to wag his tail and
bark and says I am glad you got back before dark.
Misses Lizzie Jane and Maud Harrill was at the
party last Tuesday night and returned home very
I will quit for this time.
Correspondents must always send their ? in if they
want their items published.
Mountain Grove News By “Guess Who” Sept 8, 1903
Dry and dusty.
B.F. Durnell of Cabool ? this city ?
Miss Nellie Green visited in Willow Springs last
Riley Depue is on the sick list this week.
Mrs. Dave Oxley of Cabool attended church her
Will Hall is building a new porch to his residence.
Mrs. Burnette Melton of Bado is visiting her sister
Mrs. Hull.
Misses Dollie and Daisy Horton of Cabool were in
Mountain Grove Thursday.
Mrs. J.J. Green and daughter Mrs. Clara Harrey of
Grandby Mo. Called on Mrs. Arrillia Depue
Thursday Eve.
Mr. R. F. Rose received a telegram last week,
stating that a niece had been run over by an ice
wagon and killed in Vinton ? The child was
expecting to come here in a short time and maker
her home with Dr. Rose and family.
Henry Hall of Roubadioux formerly of this place,
has purchased him a house in this city and will
move in a short time. We welcome them back.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Depue of Indian Territory are
visiting their parents M.S. Depue and wife.
Miss Laura Beighley began a term of school in
Douglas Co. last Monday. Miss Beighley taught in
the same District last winter and her employment
indicates that she gave entire satisfaction to her
Mrs. N.T. Reed and Grandson little Frank Fancy,
are visiting in Carroll Co.
A nine pound baby girl has come to bless the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Rollen Kelley.
Mr. Herrin of Plumvalley visited the family of D.F.
Sullivan Saturday and Sunday.
The New Band is progressing nicely. It will be but
a short time till Mountain Grove will have a band to
be proud of.
I will close by saying what has become of all the
correspondents hope they have not left our circle.
So bye- bye till next week.
 - 39 -
Alice Ramblings By Rosco
Hello kind Editor and correspondents as I have not
saw any news from this part. I would like to enter
your cozy parlor for a short chat.
The farmers seem busy preparing their wheat
Fred Freeman the merchant of Alice made a
business trip to Springfield last week.
Monday morning Aug. 31st dawned and between
eight and nine o’clock the children of Murr District
began to gather at the school before with smiling
faces to greet their teacher Mr. O.A. Johnson who
had a kind word for each and every one. About nine
o’clock he rung the bell which called in fifty eight
to enroll for the first day. He made quite an
interesting talk after which he assigned each one
their lessons for the remainder of the day. We wish
the teacher and scholars much success during the
ensuing term of six months of school.
Misses Lola and Omo Coble visited Ben Coble of
Astoria last Sun.
Mr. John Rogers has been sawing regular for the
last week, he thinks he will complete the sawing at
his residence this week, after which he will move
his saw over near Dykes.
Mr. R.A. Rogers’s wife and children are making
preparations to start to Wash. To him the first of
Oct. where they expect to make their home in the
future.Let each and every one of us attend the
Sunday school at Rock Springs and try to make it a
school of success, for there is nothing more
pleasanter than a successful Sunday school in each
Miss Antha Rogers and David Morris called on
Miss Ada Bailey last Sunday evening.
There will be preaching at Roc Springs next Sat.
and Sun. at 1 o’clock. Every body come.
Well ”Florentine” wake up and tell me, but don’t let
Lou know you told me.
Hurry up Mr. Nelson and answer “Silly Boy’s”
murmurings for I don’t think he knows what he is
talking about.
Well as this is my first and news is scarce I will ring
 - 40 -
September 17, 1903
On last Sunday at half past Eleven O’clock, Rev. LS. Garrett united in Holy Matrimony Charles Dawson,
son of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Dawson, and Miss Lucy Sails, Daughter of Mrs. Alice Sails; in the presence of
several hundred people; after he had preached a sermon on the matrimonial life teaching the young couple
that man and wife were not united together for just a day or a year, but for life, and that they aught not to
allow any thing to come between them to separate them, until death severed the cord.
After the ceremony was over a large table was spread with the refreshments of life, and one hundred and
four pertook and dined—
And among the rest, we noticed old Bro. Buckley and wife who are in their eighty’s and have been married
sixty six years. Also Grandpa Patrick, Mr. Ely Williams and wife, James Gaddis and wife Mr. Mose
McGown and wife, Mr. G.D. Townsend and wife, Mr. Jesse Fogerson and wife, Mr. Linthicum and wife,
Mr. Wallas Townsend and wife, Mr. Andrew Williams and wife, Mr. Wm. Patterson, P.M. and wife, Mr.
Geo. Myres and wife, Mr. John Volner and wife, Mr. Wm. Volner and wife, Mr. Johny Williams and wife,
Mr. McCall: Mrs. Sails, Mrs. Pax Delano, Mrs. Salsmon,
And Mrs. Fate Sigmon from Simmons: Also a boat of others of the young folks of our neighborhood.
What God hath joined together let not man put asunder.
Astoria Items By “Walter”
Wheat sowing is the order of the day in this
What a fine rain, farmers sure went to work in a
Miss Mamie Green who has been sick is on the
mend now.
Mr. Oscar Merchant and Grace Fletcher are Going
to marry next Sunday. Everybody invited to the
Mr. Pullen is going to leave Astoria Monday for
Springfield to run the rest of the season.
J.A. Murr returned to Astoria last Wednesday to his
happy home where he will remain.
Any one wishing to buy any scales or show cases,
call on AJ. Murr.
Astora school is getting along fine with 90 scholars
for two teachers; Miss Hattie Brill teacher in high
room and Miss Dollie Gaither assistant teacher.
 - 41 -
Wellston Okla. Items By “Mayflower”
As this is my first I will not write much, I hope this
will e seen in print.
Mr. Dan Hostetler has returned from Okla. City a
few days ago.
Mr. and Mrs. West of Cushing, attended the
Reunion at Wellaton.
Miss Burtie Green of Wellaton returned home from
a two weeks visit at her sisters of Erinsville,
All the folks at the reunion had a nice time last
Will I will ring off if I see this in print I will come
Sargent Items By “Carrie Nation”
Kind Editor:
Here I come again with my little budget of news.
We have had several good rains lately, but it didn’t
come to soon for we were needing rain as it has
been to dry for the farmers to plow.
Mr. Greeley called at Mr. Sniders Sunday evening,
wonder what the attraction is?
Mr. Meagher, wife and daughter Bessie visited at
Mr. Shryock’s Sunday.
“Silly Boy”, I think you are to hard on Missouri.
And by what you said I thought you was never
coming back to Mo. Ha! Ha! That’s one on you.
Mr. and Mrs. Darter have returned home from a
visit to their daughters, Mrs. Will Jones, of
Springfield Mo.
Mr. Snowden received the sad news Friday, of the
death of his son Andrew who has been working in
Lousianna. There remains arrived here Saturday
evening, and were entered in the Sargent Cemetery,
the deceased leaves a father, mother, two brothers
and a host of friends to mourn his loss. The
bereaved parents, and brothers have the heartfelt
sympathy of all.
Will close with best wishes to all.
 - 42 -
Mountain Grove News By “Guess Who”
Well her I come again with my little handful of
Lute Cain a Cabool printer was in town last week.
Misses Mary and Dollie Depue visited relatives and
friends at Mountain Home Sunday they report a
pleasant time.
Oscar Akeman and Albert Crawford were up from
Bado last week after “goods” for the Akeman and
Crawford Store.
During the Electric storm Thursday four cows were
killed by lighting one belonging to Tom Russell and
one belonging to Bud Williams the writer hasn’t
learned who the owners of the other two were.
Mrs. Lulu Vintin started for her home in
Pennsylvania Friday after a month’s visit in this
There were only three weddings in this city last
week. Carrie Nation hows that for weddings?
The canning factory is doing some good work, it has
not steady work at present, but will put in full time
about this week.
Hello Carrie Nation glad to see you in our little
circle, please come again, “Guess Who” is coming
to see you and have an other good old sociable talk.
Yes I am satisfied if we hadn’t of talked till 12
o’clock we would of left something unsaid.
Sherman Ellis departed for Wisconsin Wednesday.
I read in the Sargent Items where Maynerp McCulla
called at Shyrock last Sunday wonder if Tom
Stogscbill didn’t call too. How about Katie?
Sunflower wake up and let us hear from you right
Well for fear the Ed. And readers will get tired
reading much nonsense I’ll close wit best wishes to
Ed. And correspondent. The same old girl.
 - 43 -
Fowler Local Lore
We will soon hear again the toot of the Colony saw
Mrs. Fate Sigman from Simmons is visiting her
parents this week near this place.
Dr. Salseman is still in the neighborhood tending to
business and visiting friends.
The Quilts for the Theological School
Entertainment is about completed and it will be
decided this evening when the entertainment will
On last Tuesday Mrs. Lucy Franklin had a Quilting,
where were quite a number of her neighbor woman
in attendance and all enjoyed a fine dinner.
The Cresset will be a half sheet this week and next,
on the account of the Ed. This week not being able
to labor much throwing his back with his work.
Mr. Pax Delano and Wm. Brinegar went to
Raymonville after a load of Shingles on last
Monday, returning on Tuesday. The shingles were
for the covering of Mr. Delano’s new barn.
On last Tuesday Mrs. Lucy Franklin sent to this
Office a peculiar Sweet Potato weighing 5 lb. 3 oz.
there were five potatoes growed together at each
end forming just one potato and yet it was plain to
see that there were five of them
Rev. Courtney from Mt. Grove stopped at the Arbor
on last Sunday
Evening on his way home from Rock Springs where
he filled his appointment as pastor of the church at
that place made the people that gathered at the
Arbor for four o’clock meeting a fine talk for a few

 - 44 -
September 24, 1903
Mountain Grove News By “Guess Who”
Miss May James of Cabool was the guest of Miss
Dora Sherrills last week.
Paul Goldaberry was in Cabool Saturday.
Mrs. Myrtle McDowell and son Wilda of Elreno
Oklahoma are visiting her parents W.B. Hull and
Miss Mary Depue is visiting home folks this week
Miss Jennie LongAcher of Kansas is visiting friends
in this City.
Jeff Green is sick at this writing.
Those visiting at riley Depues at Sunday were
Henry Hall and family Miss Lulu Reaves Miss
Maud Simpson Miss Lizzie Fielden Miss Cordelia
Sullivan and Mr. Berry Reaves.
The meeting is still progressing at Mt’n Home this
being the fourth week.
Misses Mary and Dollie Depue, Lulu Reaves, Lizzie
and Maudie Simpson, Lizzie Fielden and Berry
Reaves attended church at Mtn Home Sunday night.
Oh I wonder if it isn’t about lassos making time east
of Cabool.
Mr. Fieldens have moved to town.
Quite a number of houses are being built in our little
booming City Mt. Grove.
“Carrie Nation” have you received a letter from
“Guess who” since the picnic? If you haven’t there
is one at Cabool for you, “Guess Who” make a
mistake in addressing it
There were only two cows killed by lightning
instead of four.
Well as News is so scarce and “Guess who” is so
sleepy she’ll close hoping for more news next week.
Bye bye to our little Band of writers till next week.
 - 45 -
Theological School Entertainment
Com(mitee) to sell tickets. Mr. John Williams,
Charley Horton, Roy Patterson, Misses Lulu
Linthicum, Lulu McGown, Annie Smart, Nora
Shelley and Mrs. Pax Delano.
Committee’s on Program, Mrs. Lydia Patterson,
Nellie Swerngin, Lucy Franklin, Mattie Rowers,
Elia Myers and Mrs. Len Myers.
Committee’s on Arrangement. Mr. Jessee
Fogerson, Pax Delano, Samuel Merritt, Walter
Patterson, Charley Horton, Mose McGown and
James Smart.
Officers of the Day, Mr. John Franklin, Mose
McGown, John Bowers, Wm. Swerngin, High
Shelley, Co. Simons, W.E. Dawson, T.H. McCall.
Ushers, Wm Brinegar, Charley Dawson and Johny
President f the School, Rev. L.S. Garrett.
Sec. f the School Mrs. Nellie Swerngin.
Mr. John Williams Treas.
Mrs. Lulu Garrett organist.
Local Lore
Lucy Dawson is on the sick list at present.
Mrs. Patterson the Post Mistress is very sick at
Friend Cooper was at the Office on last Tuesday not
feeling the best as to health.
Mr. Len Myers and wife were seen at evening
services at the Colony Arbor on last Sunday.
Miss Lulu McGown was a pleasant visitor at this
Office on last Tuesday.
Mr. John Williams and wife were out to services at
the Arbor on last Sunday and took dinner with Mr.
Samuel Merritt.
The Theological School Entertainment at JAH-Ville
Fowler Mo. Will be on the 3rd Saturday in October,
every body invited.
Hon. Judge Dodson of Plato was at the evening
services at the Colony Arbor on last Sunday and
remained in the neighborhood over Monday.
Pax Delano, Wm. Hoffarth, and Wm. Brinegar
made a trip to Raymondville and back the first of
the week after shingles for Mr. Delano.
Elder C.P. Keeney passed through our little Ville on
last Monday stopping a few moments giving the Ed.
A pleasant chat, the elder is selling medicines and
doing all the good he can both spiritual and
 - 46 -
Samuel Merritt, Johny Bowers, Charley Dawson
and Johny Garrett have gone after the colony saw
mill and the puff of the engine and buzz of the saw
will be heard before our next issue of the Cresset.
The two first Bicycles that visited the meetings held
at the Colony Arbor were rode by Mr. and Mrs.
Edgar Williams man and wife both school teachers
one of them teaching the Brushy Knob school came
over to the wedding ceremony on last Sunday a
week ago and the reason we did not mention it last
week was for the entertainment given at this place I
the Theological School on the day of Oct. 1908.
We understand that Miss Ora Kendall opened her
school teacher in the Grammar department at
Cabool with fourty more scholars, under her
instructions. We understand that the scholars all
like Miss Ora. Her former pupils and patrons
Shelley Ridge can’t see how anyone could do
otherwise that like Miss Ora, she taught three terms
at Shelley Ridge and she is very wonderfully missed
the fourth term.
Yet it is wished that our ? here of her teaching both
in the school room and Sabbath School and church,
will be the gain of her scholars at Cabool.

 - 47 -
October 1, 1903
Fowler Local Lore
Colony saw mill is buzzing once more.
Mr. Wm. Euster is working for the Colony at present.
Mr. Samuel Merrit is on the puny list this week.
Mr. Wm. Volner is recovering slowly from a severe
spell of sickness.
Sister Patterson sick still sick hope her recovery soon.
The Cresset is to the people for the people and by the
Any one wanting to read the Cresset can read it,
whether the can pay for it or not.
Mr. George Hoffarth and his little family were out at
Sunday School on last Sunday.
Mr. Frank Horton has purchased the farm of Mr.
Cooper near JAH-Ville.
Sister Jones was out to meeting on last Sunday at the
Arbor sickness has kept her away part of the time, glad
to see her out again.
Mr. Buck Shelley and Thomas Shelley have come
back from Arkansas and we under stand Mr.
Thomas Shelley has rented the J.A. Murr farm
and Mr. Buck Shelley is staying with his father
Mr. High Shelley.
Bro. Eli Williams made us a pleasant call on last
Tuesday and reported family well.
Mr. John Williams and Mr. Col Simons paid Mountain
Grove a business trip on last Wednesday.
Old Bro. Buckley paid the Colony saw mil a visit on
last Tuesday the old brother is getting very feeble.
Mr. John Franklin has had a rising in his head which
has caused him much misery for the last week.
Mrs. Sails was a pleasant caller at this Office on last
We understand that the Mr. Halaburten that has
the suit with George Hoffarth had quite a scrap
with one of the Mitchems on last Sunday at
Brushy Knob School house during Sunday School
Convention. Shame is it not! No place to have
trouble. We did not learn the reason of it.
World’s Cresset.
 - 48 -
Brushy Knob Items By “Dew Drop”
Wheat sowing is the order of the day.
The Sunday school convention held at Brushy Knob
last Sunday was a great success with a large
There will be a pie supper at Brushy Knob Oct. 10,
1903, every body come and all the girls bring pies.
Mr. Harvey Dake is on the sick list this week.
The party at Mr. Oxleys last Wednesday night was
well attended. Friends report a good time.
Mr. Sandford Walker and family leaves Tuesday night
for Washington, Mr. Walkers have lived here for
many years, and will be greatly missed by those that
knew them.
The Brushy Knob school is progressing nicely and
Mrs. Williams our teacher is liked will.
Miss Dora Melton was the guest of Miss Frankie
Robertson Sunday.
Will quit for this time hoping these will escape the
waste basket.
All correspondents must send in their names if they
want their items to escape the waste basket.
October 8, 1903
The Dunsmore School News By Sophia and Lulu
Two months of our School have glided by under the
guidance of our able teacher Miss Dora Fielden.
Present attendance 32.
Don’t forget our motto, “Always do your best.”
The First and Second Reader classes are improving
rapidly in their writing.
Beautiful thoughts make beautiful lives.
Reta Tate and Blanche Myers have joined the B.
Geography class.
The A Geography class is having some very
interesting lessons now.
Miss Sophia Woods and Aron Neely are attending
school now after two weeks absence.
These are some of the lessons studied by C Language
class for the last two weeks. The crow, The apple,
hickory leaf, The peach, The grasshopper and The
Paul Tate who has been very sick for the last three
weeks is much better ad we hope he will soon be inn
school again.
The Fifth reader class is having some interesting
lessons this quarter on patriotism.
We are all glad to have visitors come one and all, we
will welcome you.
We hope this will escape the waste basket.
 - 49 -
Fowler, Missouri Local Lore
Cindy Merrit was on the puny list on last Wednesday.
Mr. John Franklin is still bothered with a rising in his
Mr. John Williams paid the Colony a visit on last
The Cresset will never loose its interest for mans
eternal welfare.
Old Sister Patterson is still sick.
Mr. Mose Mcgown paid the colony a visit on last
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Ruth Delano and children paid this Office a visit
on last Tuesday.
Mrs. Lucy Franklin paid this Office a visit on last
Mr. G.D. Townsend brought to this Office a fine
bucket full of late cucumbers. Many thanks.
Mr. A.J. Patrick the grandfather of Mrs. Lucy Dawson
was visiting his Grand daughter Mrs. Dawson at JAHVille
The first load of rock was hauled for the foundation of
the new church in JAH-Ville on last Wednesday.
Our School teachers can teach by their every day life.
It is just as necessary for the School teacher to teach
morality in his every day life as much so as in the
School room to make a Noble Success.
Mr. Lee, and Albert Derryberry from off Flatwoods
paid the colony folks a visit on last Sunday staying till
Monday the boys were old Sabbath School Scholars
when the Colony lived on Flatwoods. Come again
We learn that young Mr. Northcut the Brother-in-law
of Mr. John Williams came in on a visit arriving at Mr.
John Williams on last Monday as a sheep buyer as a
joke on Mr. and Mrs. Williams who had not saw him
since a little boy.
Dunsmore News By Sophie and Lulu
Oh! Say Effie why was you absent from school
Thursday, making your wedding dress I suppose,
when is that coming off; don’t forget to send an
invitation to all of your friends we will accept with the
greatest of pleasure.
I wonder why our teacher does not visit us on Sunday
afternoons, it must be a visitor from Brushy Knob that
takes her time.
The party at Mr. McGowen’s house on last Friday
night was well attended and all report a nice time. We
hope Sam enjoyed himself.
What about that milk Lum Ha! Ha! Miss Sophia
Woods visited Misses Grace and Lulu McGowen on
last Friday and Saturday
Mrs. Lon Myres and Mrs. Jon Holden visited the sick
at Mrs. Tenny Tates on last Friday afternoon.
I wonder how the merchant’s son-in-law is getting
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Neely paid relatives in Cabool a
visit on last Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Harve Murr and Wesley Neely visited Will
McGowen on Sunday evening.
 - 50 -
Oct 15, 1903
A Pitiable Case
Prosecuting Attorney Hiett went to Upton township
Monday to hold the preliminary examination in the
case of the State of Missouri against Eliza Richards,
who is charged with concealing the birth of and
murdering her babe.
From the facts developed it appears that the girl, who
is only 16 years of age, gave birth to the child, and
hoping to shield herself and friends from disgrace tried
to conceal its birth, she therefore choked it to death,
and afterwards, fearing the unfortunate child might not
be dead crammed its mouth full of straw.
From the facts disclosed at the preliminary this is
another case of “loved not wisely but too well.” This
poor unfortunate girl, in our opinion, is to be pitied,
and should have the sympathies, rather than the
condemnation of the people.
And the miserable wretch in human form who is
responsible for this poor girl’s downfall should be
caught and summarily punished with the extreme
penalty of the law. There are too many such incidents
happening in our midst, and it is no wonder that an
outraged father takes the law into his own hands and
commits crime himself.
And if a man is excusable under any circumstances for
violating the laws of his country it would be in a case
like the one mentioned.
The friendless and unfortunate girl was bound over to
circuit court in the sum of 1,000, in default of which
she was brought to town Tuesday and turned over to
Sheriff Farris and at present is in his custody, though
not yet committed to jail.
(Houston Herald)
Lundy Items By the Happy Circle
Health is generally good but little sickness
Sowing wheat is the order of the day.
Singing at Union every Sunday at 9 o’clock,
everybody invited.
Messirs Kelley and Harrison are the champion
Messirs Fred Akeman, K. Hargis, and Losson Allen
attended singing at Union Sunday, ha, ha, boys.
Mr. Ulis Crawford left Wednesday for parts unknown
to us, success to you.
Mrs. S.J. Crawford visited at Mrs. Higginbotham’s
Pink Hargis was a pleasant caller at Mrs. Allen’s
Sunday how about it Cora and Althea.
Miss Lou Allen called on Mrs. O.E. Gourly Sunday
The musical entertainment at Mrs. Allen’s was well
attended among those from this part who attended
were Misses Ivy and Cora Smith, Minnie and Nancy
Crawford, Messrs Robert Smith, Ulis Mark and
Anderson Crawford all report a nice time.
Walker Higgenbothan will move his family to Cabool,
we are sorry to loose them, for they are good
Ivy and Cora Smith visited at Mrs. Allens Saturday
night and Sunday.
Nancy Crawford visited at mrs. A.C. Coats Sunday.
How about the show Miss Metta, guess Jim thought it
was all right, ha, ha.
Will ring off and do better next time.
 - 51 -
Brushy Knob Items
The pie supper at Brushy Knob was well attended. We
would judge between 300 and 400 people were
About 8 o’clock there were 60 pies numbered. A short
Program was rendered which showed the willingness
and capability of the pupils.
A large cake, fine looking and as good as it looked
was presented, and taken by Miss Joy Simons, of Mt.
Miss Joy Simons is an accomplished and model young
lady and fellow teacher and we were all glad to see her
receive the cake
We believe if the “cryer” had not called time on the
cake so soon several more “fives” would have been
added. However our proceeds were $31. Enough to
furnish us with a a good bell. We wish to take this
opportunity of thanking all those who so kindly helped
us and we cordially invite all to listen to our bell and
come visit our school and Sunday school which will
continue all fall and winter.
Brushy Knob is a progressive little district. Watch it
grow! It can’t do anything else when everyone is so
willing to assist.
We wish to accept the invitation to attend the JAHVille
Entertainment Sat., Oct, 17th. But are not sure
we can take part in the program.
Yours Very Respectfully
Mrs. Ada Williams
Sargent Items By Carrie Nation
As I haven’t seen any items from this part of the
country for several weeks, thought perhaps “Carrie
was either in jail or out Joint smashing,” so “Polly”
thought she would take her place for awhile.
We are having some pretty cool weather at present.
Mrs. True Stewart who has been quite sick at the home
of her parents Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Anderson, is reported
being some better at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Jones have moved on the Jon. O.
Savage farm, recently vacated by F.E. Shryock and
Mrs. Snider visited Mrs. W. Shryock one evening last
Lee Snowden and Charley Blake Jr. were out hunting
turkey or was it “dear,”say?
Mr. Darter, wife and family were visiting their
daughter, Mrs. Anna Jones Sunday.
Mrs. Yancey and daughter Madge, called on Mrs.
Lemons, and daughter Sunday.
Master George Blake left recently for Springfield to
attend school there.
Will bring my items to a close wishing success to the
Cresset and correspondence.
 - 52 -
Dunsmore School News “By Sophia and Lulu”
We have lost three of our pupils Earnest, James, and
Laura Wren, they have moved to another district.
The fourth Reader Class have written some very
interesting compositions on seals this week.
The little folks are anxious to learn more about
Tuesday the C. Geography studied the Klondyke Gold
The pupils are preparing some recitations for the close
of the third month.
Grace McGowen was absent last week on account of
The C. Language class is progressing nicely.
Martha Tate, and Bird Salsman are in school again
after a spell of sickness.
Dunsmore News By “Sophia & Lulu”
George Young and John Maybe got into a fight the
other day, John came out with a swollen wrist; be
careful George, John might hurt you.
We understand that Jim Robinson is putting up a new
house, which looks rather suspicious considering he is
a widower.
Miss Dora Fielden visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
McGowen one day last week.
You are all cordially invited to attend the spelling at
Dunsmore school house on the night of Wednesday
the 10th.
Miss Myrtle Freeman was the guest of Miss Dora
Fielden last Sunday.
Wonder where the merchant’s son-in-law was.
Joe Tate made molasses last week. We are proud it is
lasses making time. For some one of the girls may
want to make a wedding cake soon.
Grace McGowan was on the sick list last week.
Mr. Riley Tate who is teaching the Rose school was
home on a visit last Sunday.
Birthday Dinner
Given in honor to Mrs. M.V. Robertson, Oct. 8th 1903.
It being the 54th anniversary of her birthday. To show
the appreciation of her neighbors, the following
persons met of her house with baskets well filled and
partook of one of the grandest dinners ever served n
Clinton Township.
P.A. Frye and wife, W.S. Halliburton and family.
Rufus Haliburton and family, Marion Haliburton and
family; T.M. Patterson and wife, H.M. Dake and
family, T. Michum and family, A.T. Rucker and wife,
Mrs. Mary Oxley and three daughters, Mrs. Mary
Mrs. Mary Ore, and two daughters and son, Mrs.
Culton and children, Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Bartholo and
sons, Mrs. Amos, Mrs. Lane, Mrs. Della Canada, Mrs.
Cora Hoffarth, Mrs. Jane Stubbs and family, Mrs. Jim
Melton and family, Mrs. Burrows and family; Eld.
J.A. Jordan and Master Marvin Parker. Making 70
persons in all.
All these parties acknowledge a good time, and join in
wishing Mrs. Robertson many anniversaries.
By one that was there.
 - 53 -
Fowler, Missouri Local Lore
Try McConnon’s Extracts Spices. Call on C.P.
Kenney, Agent for Texas Co.
Mr. John Robison is talking of going West in the near
Mr. Wm Easter and wife visited Mr. Col Simons and
wife on last Sunday.
Mr. High Shelly has been cutting corn for several
farmers in the Murr settlement.
Mrs. Lulu Garrett was a visitor of Mrs. Luc Franklin
last Tuesday.
Mr. John Robison took dinner with Mr. Franklin last
Mr. Eli Williams and wife were out at preaching on
last Sunday and took part in the Sabbath school at the
Mr. Mose McGown and wife took dinner with M.W.
Brinegar and wife Sunday.
The Colony mill is now set on Mr. John Ragan’s farm
and will cut lumber for farmers in that neighborhood.
Mrs. Len Myers was chosen as Teacher for the
Juvenile Sunday School class, of the JAH-Ville Union
Sabbath School on last Sunday.
Three of the Compositors of the Cresset Office Misses
Beulah Oliver, Leona Simons and Maudie Dawson,
have completed their work on a book, and have started
to school again.
Miss Dora Fielden, the school teacher of the
Dunsmore school was out at the Arbor on last
Thursday night at the practicing for the Theological
School Entertainment; Miss Fielden is one of Texas
County’s best teachers, and she is teaching a
successful school this term. As we understand.
Mr. George Hoffarth passed along through the little
Ville, on last Monday. Mr. Hoffarth is considered by
the many who have been acquainted with him for a
number of years to be one among the civil class of
citizens of Texas county, and as we stated in the article
which we chronicled from what we had learned of the
trouble between him and Mr. Hallaburten, that in the
future we would try to do justice to all parties. And as
far as we can learn from different citizens and from
what we see, Mr. Hoffarth is not a man that is apt to
cause any body trouble. Although going to Mr.
Halliburton’s, as we understand he did, was a mistake.
He has since we have known him been a Sabbath
School and church going man, bringing his little
family of children to where the gospel is being
preached. And taking such part as any moral man
could take to hold up society. This we must say
speaks well of him in our estimation.
 - 54 -
Mr. John Bowers and wife took dinner with Mr. Wm.
Swerngin and wife last Sunday.
Harvey Dake paid this Office a visit on last Tuesday,
Harvey is one of Texas’ best citizens.
Mr. Dawson and wife took dinner with their son
Charlie Dawson last Sunday.
Thomas McCall left on last Friday eve for Ash Grove
where his wife has been for some time.
Mrs. Dellie Vollner was a pleasant caller at Mrs.
Samuel Morritte last Tuesday.
Mrs. Alice Sails visited her daughter Lucy Dawson at
the Colony on last Monday.
Mr. John Williams and wife were visitors of Mr. John
Franklin’s on last Sunday going inn Company with the
Ed, and wife.
The Theological School Entertainment at JAH-Ville
on the 17th have a large program and prominent
speakers are expected. Come one, come all. There is
two quite to be sold for the purpose of getting Bibles
at this place.
Mr. Ed. Courtner and wife arrived home from O.K. on
last turesday, from a summers stay. They are at
present with his father-in-law Mr. Vollner.
Mr. Johnie Williams from off Beaver Creek, was a
pleasant visitor at the Editors on last Tuesday. Taking
Little May Sails was visiting her sister Mrs. Lucy
Dawson last Tuesday.
Kind words are as cold water to a thirsty man. They
cool the parched temper, they satisfy the longing heart,
and give rest to a wearied and agitated mind.
J.R. Canada of Brushy Knob was at the Cresset Office
on business with the Ed. and performed as that the
school of Brushy Knob would attend the
Entertainment on the 17th, which we shall appreciate
very much, “for in union there is strength.”
Fertilizer For Sale
Mr. James Smart is the man to buy your Fertilizer from. Any one wanting fertilizer cannot better themselves
any where for he is the man who will treat you just right.
 - 55 -
Oct 22, 1903
The Entertainment at JAH-Ville
The 17th has come and gone and it cannot be looked
back to in any other respect, but a day to be
remembered by the people of JAH-Ville and all who
chance to be here.
The day was cool and the Arbor most beautifully
decorated, and at ten O’clock, according to previous
arrangements the program was commenced by
singing. After a song had been sung the Brushy Knob
School in connection with a few scholars from Stubbs
School numbering in all about 10 scholars headed by
Mrs. Williams teacher of Brushy Knob and Mr.
Williams her husband teacher f the Stubbs School;
marched into the large Arbor single file. In front of
the School was born a large American Flag by Mr.
Charlie Dake, which was handed to the Ed. Of the
Cresset for safe keeping during the exercises. The
Flag was received and cared for by placing it in the
center of the rostrum I view of all. An in this act,
there was one of the grandest displays of Union that
man could witness.
1st The Flag represented the Grand Union of the
United States. 2nd The two Schools headed by their
teachers who were man and wife, represented the
Grand Union, that God Himself spoke of to man and
wife, saying they are twain in one heart. 3rd the two
Schools joining in with the Bible School and our
School and Teacher at this place in the Entertainment,
made another Grand Union worthy of note is After the
two visiting schools were seated the choir sang in
greeting to them this song.

 - 56 -
November 5, 1903 Mountain Grove News by “Mary”
Good morning Mr. Editor, here I come again with
my little budget of news.
Mrs. Sechrist is visiting in Wynona this week, the
guest of her daughter Mrs. Beele Stevens.
Miss Bertha Green of Cabool visited in this city
last week.
Mrs. Anderson and children departed Friday
morning for Newport; Maryland, where she will
join her husband, Mrs. Anderson.
Miss Lillie Bailey of Alice Mo., who has been
here for some time having her eyes doctored,
returned home Monday and am glad to say her
eyes are very much improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Riley Depue visited at George
Ellis’s Sunday.
Miss Lizzie Fielden visited relatives and friends
in Cabool last week.
Miss Florence and Maymie Burton returned
Saturday to their home at Winona, Mo.
W.H. Loomis was in town last week, and while
here he leased his Printing Office to Joe
Hackworth and W.A Hilsabeck.
Quite a number of the people of town and vicinity
were summons to Hartville in the Green Divorce
The work of removing and placing position the
Depot was completed Tuesday evening, The
house gang left at once for Wilson, Arkansas.
H.F. Snowder and Wm Sherrill of this place will
have a steady job, with the Frisco, and went with
the crew.
I wonder what in the world has become with so
many of our correspondents, hope they haven’t all
married and left the country.
Wonder what has become of “Sillie Boy”, haven’t
heard from him since he arrived in Old Missouri.
Well as I haven’t time to write any more, I’ll
close with best wishes to all. As ever the same
old girl.
World’s Cresset.
 - 57 -
Fowler, MO Local Lore
Mrs. Ella Myers is still on the sick list.
Mr. Frank William’s the son of Eli Williams
left for the Western country on last Monday.
Old Br. Jones was a pleasant caller at this office
on last Tuesday.
Mr. Eli Williams was a pleasant caller at this
Office last Tuesday.
Mrs. Thomas McCall called on Mrs. Dawson
one of the Colony on last Tuesday.
Our school is now in a prosperous condition
under the teachership of Mr. Piercy.
Mr. Hull from Douglass Col, in passing through
to the Roger’s mill, stopped over night with the
Ed. On last Tuesday.
Mr. J.N. Garrett presented to the Ed. And wife
a fine sack of potatoes on last Monday on his
way to the Mountain.
We had a good Sunday School on last Sunday.
Large attendance. Sister Len Mires was seen at
the head of her class as teacher.
The twenty sixth day of Nov. is Thanksgiving
Day declared by the Hon. President of the
United States.
Dept. Sheriff Upton was in our little Ville, last
Wednesday summonsing witnesses for next
term of court which convenes on next Monday.
J.N. Garrett is the Old Reliable organ Man: If
you want the Best Organ made; call on or write
him at Turley Mo. Or you may leave word at
this Office, and he will get it.
Mrs. Winnie Sappington returned home from
Sweet Springs where she has been on a visit to
see her son and brought with her, her Daughter
Mary Goodfellow who buried her husband a
few months ago.
The Mail carried by Squire Huggins from
Huggins to Mountain Grove made his first trip
over the new Established road, Via, Fowler in
the place of going Via Gravel Point. Gravel
Point will be fed from Fowler from this on
Squire. Huggins need much praise for getting
the change, this route is so much better on this
main road and it doesn’t injure Gravel Point
one bit the first trip was made on time.
Our Correspondents will do us a favor to get
their Items in, by the Tuesday’s mails, as the
mail at this place is changed so as we have to
get the Cresset in the Post office by 9 o’clock
Thursday morning. Therefore our paper has to
be made up by Wednesday 3 o’clock; this
deprives the Wednesday evening mail of
getting in the paper.

 - 58 -
Mr. High Shelley was a pleasant caller at this
Office Wednesday.
John Williams is building him a hew house, he
has it nearly completed.
Mr. John Franklin is helping Mr. Pax Delano
on his new barn.
We noticed Mr. Salsman out at church last
Theological School was changed from
Thursday night to Saturday night early lamp
“Fear God and keep His commandments for
this are the whole duty of man.”
Little deeds of kindness, With many little
words of love; are like the good friends left
behind us,
That some day we’ll meet above.
J.N. Garrett of Tarley on his way home from
Mountain Grove stopped with the Ed. Over
night on last Tuesday.
Miss Susan Smart paid Mrs. Merritt a flying
visit on last Wednesday. She is working for
Old sister Buckley.
Mr. D.W. Bailey in company with a part of his
family, passed through JAH-Ville on last
Mr. Frank Horton was a pleasant caller at this
Office last Wednesday.
Prayer meeting was changed from 10 o’clock
Sunday to Saturday evening at 3 o’clock
Mr. John Booker moved to his new home near
JAH-Ville on the Mountain Grove road, last
Mr. Cooper moved to his home near David
Scagg’s Tuesday.
The Theological school moved that the money
collected on the quilts to be used to get Bibles
with for the benefit of the school. The Ed. Was
selected to get them.
School teachers; do set a moral example every
day of the week including Sunday. For much
depends on your influence over the young
coming under your watch care.
Mr. John Fogerson is putting himself up a new
house on the Mountain Grove road that leads
from JAH-Ville to Mountain Grove; he has it
pretty well completed.

 - 59 -
Nov 12, 1903 Alice Items by Flower
Kind Ed. Here I come again after a few weeks
absence with my little chat for this week.
We are having some cool weather at this
There has been a protracted meeting going on
at Rock Springs for the past week but I think it
will close soon.
Mr. Jennings, Mr. Bill Douglas, and Mr. Henry
Howdard is attending Court this week.
Mr. D.W. Bailey and wife Mr. Robert
Stanislaw and family was the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Jennings Sunday.
Mr. Jacob Sutton and family are selling out to
move to Mountain Grove.
Mr. Lewis Edgar and family and Mr. Marion
Forrister and family are going to start for
Oregon in a short time we are sorry to have
them leave us as they are good neighbors.
The Murr school is progressing nicely.
Next Sunday at eleven o’clock Prof. Woodford
of Cabool will be at Rock Springs to give the
people a talk.
Mr. Sam Mabe returned from St. Louis Friday
after two months absence.
Will close with best wishes to Ed. And
Mountain Grove News By Mary
Lute Cain a Houston Print was in this city
Mr. Sing of Alice Mo. Visited at Riley Depue’s
Miss Annie Lindholm of Mt. Home is attending
School in town.
Mr. Booker is building a new addition to his
We are sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. W.P.
Hale of this city, who a few weeks ago left here
hearty and well to visit her daughter in New
York City. Her body will be shipped here for
J.W. Butley and J.K. Palmer, of this place left
for Oregon last week where they will make
their future home.
The Mountain Grove girls always win when
they go after anything – Whether a Piano or a
We are sorry to state that Mrs. Will Ellis of this
place has entirely lost her mind. The husband
and children have a host of sympathizing
Riley Depue and wife spent Sunday at
Mountain home, The guests of Mr. ad Mrs.
M.S. Depue’s.

 - 60 -
The Miss Yorns and Lulu Reaves, Mary and
Dellie Depue, were guests at George Ellis’
Sunday, also Mr. Bill Reaves and Mr. Vasteen.
Preacher Henderson and son were in Mt. Grove
last week seeking for a home, and while here
they called at Riley Depue’s.
Joe Hackworth and wife are the proud parents
of a fine baby girl.
Miss Lillian Key of Mountain Grove was the
successful competitor in the recent Plato
contest conducted by the Kansas City world
and will receive an elegant $370 piano.
Charles Farris, Jesse and John Roberts, Walter
Becker and Sam Mabe, who have employment
in St. Louis passed through this city last week
on their way to Cabool where they will visit
with home folks and friends. The writer
welcomes them back.
As news is scarce, will ring off till next week.
 - 61 -
Texas County News By One Little Girl Cordelia
Kind Ed. As I haven’t seen any items from the
surrounding part of Texas Co. thought if “Little
girl” would write some items maybe she would
not sit around with her face all on one side on
the account of not being any items for the
World’ Cresset.
Mr. Robert Hartgroves has been quite sick for
the past three weeks with typhoid fever; we
hope to hear of his recovery soon.
Wm. Vandiver’s baby has been sick with
pneumonia fever but is reported better at this
Rev. Charley Wright filled his regular
appointment Sunday night at Pleasant Ridge.
We understand that Mr. Lewis Edgar has sold
his farm to Mr. Simmons and will leave soon
for Oregon Co.; we are sorry to lose them as
they are good citizens.
Mrs. Mollie Mitchem of Mt. Grove is visiting
Mrs. Idell Pierce this week.
Ask Berry and Guss what the attraction is at
JAH-Ville town every Sunday; don’t look like
Isabel would like that.
Ed. Tuttle is still chilling him and his child are
at W. Vandiver’s at present.
Wake up correspondents and give us some
more of your news.
Singing every Sunday at Union every body
Lone Star school is progressing nicely as we
have one of Texas co. best teachers.
Rufus Simmons was seen down on Rocky
Branch Sunday what is the attraction Rufe, I
guess Myrtle don’t know.
Ask Milissie who that letter was from the other
day if she don’t tell; just ask Althea and Lizzie,
I think they will tell.
Lawson Allen made a flying trip to Houston
one day last week what about it Lawson.
The girls from off of Piney that attended supper
at JAH-Ville the 24th of October reported a nice
Tailor Combs has returned from Kan. And says
somebody else will be ?
I notice in the Cresset where Charley Tyrrell is
going to Mt. Grove pretty often say Charley
‘The Little Girl’ don’t like to hear of that so
often, maybe you don’t go I don’t know and
maybe this “Little Girl’ is mistaken. I hope so.
Sir I will quit for I know the readers of this
valuable little paper is tired of my chat, so good
bye to all of the readers and correspondents.
Church every first Sunday at Pleasant view
brother Andrew Herrol is our pastor.
 - 62 -
Gravelpoint Happenings
Editor Cresset.
Rev. Freeman and wife of Bado spent Sunday
with Mr. Irvin and family.
Rev. Wright filled his regular appointment at
this place Sunday and Sunday night.
Ed Kenney and family visited with C.P.
Kenney and family Sunday evening.
Miss Katie Williams spent Saturday and
Sunday with home folds.
Miss Ida Fry visited with home folks Saturday
and Sunday.
Misses Emma and Lottie Hunter were the
guests of the Misses Melton’s Sunday evening
Mr. Cowley who has in Houston for some time
been, spent Saturday and Sunday at home.
Several of the young people of this
neighborhood attended meeting at Brushy
Knob, and New Hope, Sunday, they report
great interest in the meetings.
Mr. R.T. Hunter and family spent the first of
the week at R.M. Hunter’s.
Mr. Jessee Booker spent Saturday night at Will
Mrs. Ben Atnip is visiting her parents in Wright
County at present.
 - 63 -
Dunsmore News By Sophia and Lulu
Kind Editor will you please allow us a little
space in your valuable paper.
Mr. Oliver Salesman is making molasses this
The protracted meeting which began Saturday
the 31st at Rock Springs is progressing nicely.
Grace says John isn’t very pretty but he is
awfully good.
The teacher of the Dunsmore Schools miss
Dora Fielden is now boarding at Oliver
Mr. Isaac Melton was seen taking the cross
road leading to Salesman’s last Sunday
morning week. His intention must have been to
take dinner with someone, but he must have got
there in time for breakfast.
Miss Nora Dart of Dallas, Texas who was the
guest of Miss Sophia Woods for the past two
weeks, has returned to Mt. Grove where she is
visiting her brother.
The party at the home of Mr. Sam Goddard’s’
was well attended, those present report a nice
Paul Tate is recovering from his long illness.
Mr. Len Myers finished sowing wheat last
Friday week.
It kind of puzzles us to know why Mr. Arthur
Dunsmore visits the Dunsmore school so much,
there is sure to be some attraction.
Oh! Say John when is that day coming off, we
are getting hungry for some molasses cake.
Sophia and Lulu in company with Grace and
Effie went nutting Saturday.
Mr. Mose McGowen killed a hog Saturday, he
says he is tired drinking butter-milk.
Wonder where J. was Wednesday night, I guess
G. knows.
Oh! Doug did you have to walk home that
Sunday night? I heard your horse got loose.
We hope these will escape the waste basket.

 - 64 -
Fowler, MO Local Lore
There was Baptizing near the Ragon ford on
beaver last Monday.
The Colony mill is running in a complete
manner at present.
Mr. Bob Green was round selling beef on last
Mr. Eli Williams and Mr. High Shelley spent
some time with the Ed. On last Monday.
Rev. Courtney has been holding a very
interesting meeting at Rock Springs for the past
week or more.
There will be preaching at the Arbor on
Thanksgiving Day at 11 o’clock a.m.
We understand that Mr. George Hoffarth plead
guilty and was fined twenty-five dollars.
Mr. Walter Patterson passed through the Ville
last Tuesday. Walter is one of our best young
Mr. Thomas More and wife from Mountain
Grove paid the Colony folks a visit on last
Sunday. Mrs. More presenting the Ed’s wife
with a fine bouquet bringing it from her home
with her. The Colony people thing a great deal
of Mr. More and wife.
Mr. Johny Middleton and wife, the son-in-law
of Mr. Thomas McCall has moved from
Barrow Tex, to his father-in-laws; Arriving at
Mr. McCalls on last Thursday. We welcome
him and family to our midst.
Old Sister Sales sent to this Office 3 of the
nicest kind of ears of corn measuring 11 inches
in length, hard to beat.
Mr. Thomas McCall in company with Mr.
Linthicum and Mr. Courtney gave the Ed. A
pleasant chat on last Tuesday.
Mr. Salsman and wife stopped at the Cresset
Office last Tuesday and left a name for the
Cresset which was entered upon its list.
We understood that Mr. Folk, the St. Louis
Atty, has declared himself to a fact in favor of
justice law and right, in spite of boodlers and
There has been quite a number of people went
from this neighborhood to attend court this
Mr. Jessee Fogerson is one of the Jurymen at
Houston this term of court.
The Colony folks with many of the people of
Shelley ridge visited the meeting at Rock
Springs last Sunday night. And a good meeting
and a very large crowd of people was there.
And Rev. Murr labored very hard in his sermon
to bring sinners to repentance. He filled the
place of Rev. Courtney who has been laboring
hard for several days at that place with good

 - 65 -
Nov 19, 1903
Brushy Knob items Brushy Knob News Boy
Kind Editor will you please allow me a little
space in your valuable paper.
We are having some chilly weather at present.
Killing rabbits is the order of the day.
The protracted meeting at Brushy Knob has
come to a focus at last.
Mr. Earnest Robertson of south Dakota
returned home Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Williams visited with Mr.
and Mrs. John Clary, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Fry visited with Mr. W.H.
Fry Sunday.
People of JAH-Ville, listen! You will soon hear
the Brushy Knob school Bell ringing.
The Pie supper at Mt. Zion was well attended
and all report a good time. About $21.00
(dollars) was made on the pies and cakes. Miss
Ella Carter won the cake.
Wonder who that was out riding Sunday
evening, the driver had his back to his girl. I
wonder what was the matter I guess it was
because they were too late for Sunday School at
Brushy Knob. Well come again good people.
Mr. and Mr. Earnest Robertson spent Sunday
with James Fry.
We hear that Doug Melton had to walk home
from Mose McGown’s the other night, that is
quite a walk isn’t it Doug?
Jess Fry and wife have moved to their home
one half mile South of Brushy Knob.
Mr. Phillip Fry has begin working on his new
Mr. and Mrs. Young of Mt. Grove called on
Phillip Mrs. Young of Mt. Grove called on
Phillip Fry and wife Sunday evening.
 - 66 -
Local Lore
The Cresset is only a half sheet this week.
Mr. Pax Delano called at this Office last
Theological School at the Arbor and not at the
school house as given out on last Sunday.
Bro Townsend and wife took dinner with the
Ed. And wife last Sunday.
Sunday School at the Arbor next Sunday at 3
o’clock and not at the School house as was
given out on last Sunday.
Mr. Jesse Fogerson arrived home from Houston
on last Sunday. He was one of the Petit
Juryman, this last term of court
The Astoria Merchant Mr. J.H. Murr passed
through JAH-Ville on last Monday stopping
and giving the Ed. A little chat.
Prof Woodford of Cabool will lecture at the
Arbor at JAH-Ville Fowler Mo., on next
Sunday at 11 O’clock come one, come all.
J.B. Ashford M.D. Arrived at JAH-Ville
Fowler Mo. On last Tuesday eve. And is
stopping at present with W.A. Hoffarth, he is
thinking of locating at this point..
Mr. L.K. Henry the Barber of Mountain Grove
in company with his Brother, Wm. Henry of
this place and Old Bro. Jones in company with
his son Ed, who has just returned from the West
visited this Office on last Monday.
We have the privilege of perusing the Second
Number of the Wright county Clipper,
published in Mountain Grove a neat 16 page
paper, published by M.S. Gen, we believe that
if it gets the support from the party that it is an
organ for its success is sure. Yet a good paper
like as it is good for all parties.
The JAH-Ville Union Sabbath School was
treated to a fine and pleasant talk by Prof.
Woodford of Cabool, the principal in the
Cabool High School, and who is our present
County Commissioner a man worthy of the
position he holds. The people of this district
esteem him very highly.
Mr. Woodford visited our Sunday School at
this place on last Sunday and wile here agreed
to come back and give the people of JAH-Ville
and the people that surround it, a lecture on
next Sunday at the Arbor at 11 O’clock. Come
one, come all and hear something that will
benefit you all your life.
 - 67 -
Mountain Grove News By Mary
Winter is coming bye and bye and it won’t be
The persimmons crop is ripe but not very
Come to Mountain Grove to do your trading.
James Milligan visited friends in Cabool last
Mr. Beighley departed for Oklahoma Saturday
where he has employment.
Will Ellis of Cabool was in this city Sunday
visiting with home folks and best girl.
George Depue and family of Pittsburg Kansas
spent Sunday at Riley Depue’s .
Sam Mabe of Alice Mo. Is quite a frequent
caller at Jim Fieldens now days.
Mr. and Mrs. Bailey and daughters Misses Ada
and Lillie of Alice Mo. Were the welcome
visitors at Riley Depue’s Friday night.
J.F. Duff is erecting a barn on his farm to take
the place of the one destroyed by fire recently.
J.F. Burns has been seriously ill the past few
The cabbage and sweet Potato crops were im?
In this section this year.
Miss Ida Green was the pleasant caller of Miss
Mary Depue Sunday evening.
Oh, I was so glad to hear from so many of the
Correspondents last week, hurrah for every one
of you, and please come often.
Some one said in the Texas county news last
week that they guessed Myrtle didn’t know
what the attraction was with Rufe Simmons last
Sunday. Wonder if Katie knows?
Well if the Editor and readers of this little paper
will excuse my bad Items this week, I’ll try and
better in the future. Bye, bye.
 - 68 -
Alice Items By Flossy
Good morning Mr. Editor here I am with my
few Items for this week it is so cold that I can’t
get out to find many news.
Mr. Jim Sropsure and wife are the proud
parents of big boy.
Some few of the people near JAH-Ville
attended speaking at Rock Springs Sunday we
hope they reported a good time.
Ask Myrtle what is the cause of Rufus
Simmons moving near Alice maybe that she
Oh, “Mary” what do you suppose has become
of “Sunflower”, is she dead or asleep, if she’s
asleep we must go down and wake her up and
tell her Thanksgiving is about here.
The Murr school is progressing nicely as we
have one of Texas Co’s best teachers.
The party at the home of Renal Bailey’s was
well attended, those that were there reported a
nice time I hope Will C. and john B. didn’t get
a whipping, did they Dora and Ollie?
Well “Mary” and “Flossy” had company last
week. I hope they will this week.
I think “Mary” must have had Charley and Tom
off of her mind last week any how she thought
of a good many items to write, Maybe she was
not thinking of them while she was writing.
I hear that “Sunflower” had the head-ache
awful bad the other night “Flossy” hopes she
will get better so she can send in some more of
her news.
Mr. D.W. Bailey has gathered three hundred
bushels of corn and has got about that much
together yet, we hope the owner of the corn will
not starve of corn cake.
Well as news are scarce I will close till next
week with best wishes to Ed and
correspondents Bye-bye.
 - 69 -
Nov 26, 1903
The wife of John Stoddlemar as we glean it passed this life on last Sunday. Mrs. Stoddlemar was
beloved by all who chance to form her acquaintance, they live near Dykes.
PROF. Woodford at JAH-Ville
On last Sunday the 22nd Prof. Woodford of
Cabool, principal of the High school
commissioner of schools of Tex. Co. a refined
and accomplished instructor. Not only in the
common and High schools of our country But
also in the fields of morality and sociability—
and in the vineyard of religion. We believe his
life is a fine pattern for any young man to take
as their criterion.
At 15 minutes of 11 o’clock the people began
to gather at the Arbor. And within the next 10
minutes following the Arbor was nearly full.
The choir sang several hymns for the large
audience assembled awaiting the arrival of the
Prof and at half past 11 o’clock he made his
appearance and took the stand And his subject
was: The Exercise of the Will Power of the
Young Man or Young Lady to Make a success
In Life” “No” In Favor of the Two Theory
standard.” For nearly two hours he held the
large congregation in great interest. And we
trust from the grand instructions given by him
that the young and old may be greatly
Mountain Grove, Mo Nov. 22, 1903
Mrs. W.P. Hale wife of the Pastor of the Christian church of this city passed from this life to the
great Beyond, Tuesday Nov. 5, 1903. Age 54 years 2 months and 15 days. About the middle of
Oct. Mrs. Hale received a telegram stating that her daughter in New York City was dangerously
ill; she started at once for New York but was seriously delayed on the journey and could not get
any word from the sick, causing her much worry. Arriving at the daughter’s bed-side she was
found much better. The strain had been too much for the mother and she collapsed physically and
never recovered.
She leaves a husband and two children, a son in California, and a married daughter residing in
New York; who are all broken to pieces with sorrow and grief, because of so great a loss. But the
dear one has gone to join the heavenly Redeemed in singing Tis so sweet to be with Jesus. Oh
how sad indeed the thought of being deprived of a loving wife. At this sad moment our heart goes
out in sympathy for the brother whose sorrow is great, and we do earnestly pray that the great God
who ruleth in heaven and death his work among men will comfort him in his bereavement. When
we see him bending over the lifeless body of a loving wife our hearts break and we weep; and
now to the sorrowing family, I say weep not for her who is gone; for your loss is her eternal gain,
and while the cold waters of Jordan have called her to its dark and dreary tomb, yet finally in the
resurrection day she will be triumphant.
 - 70 -
God Almighty and Jesus His son,
Has taken our mother that precious one; Her spirit is lifted to worlds unknown,
From its house of clay it just has flown.
Can it be possible our mother is gone,
That mother that God has spared us so long;
Gone and never again to return.
That loving face we cannot discern.
Our dear loving mother so good and kind,
Leaving her cares and temptations behind;
Gone to eternal bliss and to be blessed there,
Where the weary their rest do share.
She is missed at the table and in her room,
Our homes are entirely o’er shadowed with gloom;
And dear ma is missed in her old arm chair;
Oh! It seems it is more than we can bear.
But our loss we’re sure is mother’s gain,
Se is free from sorrow sickness and pain;
Yet it is so sad to lay her by,
And know that dear mother had to die.
God help us to live a true Christian life,
Putting away all malice, envy and strife.
Knowing with us she can no more stay,
But we want to meet her some future day.
With Jesus and loved ones their joys to share,
Were all are pure and perfect and fair;
Up yonder in heaven she reigns sublime,
In a glorious land of purer clime.
For those who knew our dear mother we know,
Could see the love of Christ in her sweet face glow;
She never was known to murmur nor fret,
Her exemplary life we’ll never forget.
Dear brother and sisters let us say to you,
Our dear mother has anchored through
To the better shores of the spirit land,
Numbered there with the angel band.
Another treasure laid up above,
For us in heaven where all is love;
Oh! Let us strive while here we wait,
To meet dear mother at heaven’s gate
Miss Mary Depue.
 - 71 -
Fowler, MO Local Items
Old Br. James has put him up a new barn.
Mr. Cross, wife and two little children arrived
at the Colony on last Monday.
Mrs. Dr. Hoffforth and her daughter Anne have
just returned home from a visit to Maries Co.,
to her son.
Mrs. Lucy Franklin was visiting her sister Ruth
Delano on last Monday.
Mr. John Fogerson has his new house nearly
Mr. Joseph Walker was up to JAH-Ville on last
Sunday morning.
God will reward us for the good we do But
punish us for the wrongs we do.
Mr. Ed Courtner is building him a new house
near his stepfather’s Mr. Linthicum.
Let us be kind to all, and do good to all, and
harm to no one.
Pax Delano and wife was in the Mountain on
last Saturday shopping.
Mr. Volner is our faithful mail carrier from
Fowler to Gravel point.
Mr. Lum Atkison from Mt. Grove was with the
Ed. Sunday.
Would it not be a fine thing for everybody to
attend to their own business
Ed. Is Roy Patterson a going to build him a new
house heard he bought one hundred feet of
lumber at the Colony mill? Looks a little like if
some Mother was going to get a home for her
daughter, Roy is a good boy.
 - 72 -
Many of the Reaver Creek people was out at
services at this place on last Sunday.
Kind words can never lie they will live after the
life of the one who spoken them are passed
away and forgotten.
Mrs. Thomas McCall and daughter Mrs.
Middleton paid the Colony folks a visit on last
Mr. Johnie Williams looks very proud now-adays,
his wife gave birth to a large boy last
Mr. Cal Simons steps very high these days.
Why, its only a 10 pound boy. Mother and
Babe dong well.
Mrs. Ellie Mires who has been sick for some
time was out at the lecture in JAH-Ville on last
Sunday shaking hands with her friends.
Young men there is nothing more worth than
good characters, work for it, live for it, and act
in such a way that you may obtain it.
Those who failed to be out to hear the Lecture
of Prof. Woodford on last Sunday lost a chance
of hearing some of the best instructions on
morality and a success in life.
We noticed a lot of Brushy Knob people at the
Lecture given in JAH-Ville by Prof. Woodford
on last Sunday. Amongst the rest were Teacher
Williams and his wife who teaches at Brushy
We understand that North of here some 7or 8
miles there was a large barn burned down last
week and several head of horses and a lot of
corn and feed and a lot of farming implements
the name we could not learn. It was the work
of incendiary.
J.N. Garrett stopped with the Ed. On last
Wednesday a short time on his way from
Turley to Mt. Grove.
Mr. Hull was in the Ville on last Tuesday and
informed the Ed. That he was having some
trouble with Mr. Purdy, about a shingle mill he
sold Mr. Purdy.

 - 73 -
Dunsmore News By Sophia and Lulu
Snow! Snow!! Snow!!!
Winter is with us at last, If you boys who are
but so late on Sunday nights don’t watch out
you will et your toeses and noeses froze so
you will not be able to appear next Sunday.
Mr. George McKinzey, of Kansas City Mo.,
has returned to his home, taking with him his
two small daughters who have been visiting
with their Aunt Mrs. Len Myers.
Mr. Sam Mabe who has been home on a
weeks vacation, returned to St. Louis,
The coming and going of the birds is more or
less a mystery and a surprise. It is certainly
true that very few birds of richly colored
plumage are found here now.
It is about time for the Northern birds to
return to their Southern home.
We won’t say anything more about A as we
don’t know how to spell his name.
Mrs. Hoffarth visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Wood last Sunday
Miss Lulu McGowen, Miss Sophia Woods
and Mr. Author Dunsmore attended church at
Rock Springs.
Effie M. You ought to set your cap for Henry
he is sure a good worker. “He is not very
pretty but he is awful good,
Oh, say! Lulu what made you and dug in
such a hurry last Sunday! Dug has my
sympathy poor fellow his cheeks were all
pale. Lula have you got tire of Frys and gone
to digging for a living. You must learn to
labor and to wait Lenord.
The gentleman from Mountain Grove who
called Sunday to see Sophia left Sunday
afternoon for his home, Alas, poor Youric, I
knew ..Him. That he is wealthy seems
probable. I think his intention was to get a
cook, each one should try to succeed in
whatever he undertakes.
Prof. Woodford gave s an excellent address
Sunday morning at Rock Springs and we ask
him to come again and to visit our school.
Mr. Mose McGowan made a business trip to
Mt. Grove Wednesday.
Mrs. Dunsmore visited at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Oll Salsman’s Monday.
 - 74 -
Charley Tyrrell made a business to
McGowen’s Tuesday but Grace was at
Wonder who was to late for singing Sunday
evening up about “Brushy Knob?” I guess
W.C.. And D.M. knows.
Mr. and Mrs. Salsman and Miss Dora Fielden
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Holden
Sunday evening.
Mrs. Mose McGowen and little Brother
McGowen visited Mr. and Mrs. Buckley,
There must be some attraction down about
Astoria Henry as your travel that road often.
Wes McGowen killed hogs Tuesday.
We hope these will escape the waste basket.
To late for last week: Items must come in by
Tuesday evening.

 - 75 -
Piney Creek Items By Red Rose
Kind Editor as I have not written for some
time though I would try again don’t know
much to write but will do the best I can.
Mr. Nate Timle and family were welcome
visitors Sunday at Mr. W.E. Vandivers.
Bro. ? disappointed several young folks by
not preaching Saturday night after quite a
spell of typhoid fever.
Mr. Robert Hartgroves is better and up able
to go visiting.
Mr. Tom Vandiver Berry Baney and Miss
Catherine Nurve and Isabell went over to see
Hubert but he was not at home. So they went
to Mr. George Kelly’s and what do you
suppose they seen there was Robert and
Charley Johnson
look out Mrs. Kelly you are liable to have a
girl.I saw Evert wonder where Minnie was.
I suppose Mr. L.A. Edgars family will start
for Oregon in a short time we will miss them
in this part as they are good friends and
neighbors but hope that they will enjoy their
trip and be satisfied when they get there.
Miss Lillie and Elsie Vandiver visited at Mrs.
Lulu Reaves today.
Well as I am almost a new hand I had better
quit and if this escapes the waste basket I will
try to write again.
To late for last week: Items must come in by
Tuesday evening.
Mountain Grove News By Mary
Christmas is coming. Oh, every body knows
that tho. So I better write something that
they don’t know.
Riley Depue moved back to the Brightley
farm last week.
Mr. Gulley and little daughter Ruth of Hutton
valley visited at Jeff Greens Friday night.
Mrs. Allen Sechrist has returned from a visit
to relatives in Winona.
There will be a box supper at Mountain
Home Friday night Nov. 27. Boys bring
your girls and get the cake. Oh, Flossy come
over and go with Mary.
Mary Depue visited home folks Sunday
Say Flossy I’ll bet they or thinking about
getting married and forgot all the Items.
Don’t you suppose that’s it? You know there
has been so many Weddings here of late, so I
guess the are thinking it is their time next.
Oh, yes Flossy I’ve got something else to tell
you, my good old uncle John Moon of
Toronto Kansas has invited me to come to
his home this winter he says he’ll feed me on
hogshead and corn bread; my wont that be
larrapin, now you see he thinks more of his
old niece than uncle John Ferguson does ha,
Well as news is scarce this week I’ll close
and try and do better in the near future
hoping the editor and readers will excuse my
nonsense bye-bye.
 - 76 -
Belle Items By Well Digger
Dear Ed. As I became a subscriber to your
valuable little paper through the efforts of
George Hoffarth, I thought I would give you
some Items to publish.
Belle consists of 2 Livery Barn 5 Hotels, 2
Saloons, 10 General stores, 2 Jewelry stores,
1 Bank, 1 large flowering mill, 1 news paper,
2 barbershops, 1 butcher shop, 3 doctors, 1
dentist, 2 milliner stores and about 600
inhabitants 1 Church house.
Belle is situated on the west side of
Galliways Prairie in NE. corner of Maries
Co., Mo 2 years ago Belle consisted of 4
houses all told. We have 2 mail trains daily
besides the Locals.
By the way I seen George Hoffarth in town
the other day shaking hands with his many
friends who was very glad to see him back
again as he has been around Belle the greater
part 2 years and has many friends among rich
and poor.
As I do not want to worry the Ed. Of the
Cresset or its readers I will ring off for this
time and come again if this should miss the
awful waste basket.

 - 77 -
Dec 3 1903
Brushy Knob Items By “Dewdrop”
Misses Frankie Robertson and Elsie Bartholow
were the welcome guests of Miss Mabel Clary
Sunday night.
Mr. Arthur Dake was at Mr. John Clary’s Sunday
night. Be careful Arthur you will be among the
boys that get their nose froze off.
Mr. Earl Bartholow and Miss Ola Walker were the
guests of Mr. Jesse Fry and wife Sunday.
Some of the Brush Knob boys went to JAH-Ville
Sunday evening. There must be some attraction
down there.
The Brushy girls are getting jealous because the
married women are about to get a head of them.
How about it Alonzo?
Mr. Earl Bartholow returned home from South
Dakota Thanksgiving.
Miss Ella Culton visited home folks Sunday.
Mr. Willard and Miss Georgia Phillebaun
entertained several guests Saturday evening in
honor of their 16th birthday. All report a good
Mr. Phillip Fry is building a new house.
Mr. Charley Dake was seen going south Sunday.
Say Charley where was you going?
Miss Dora Melton is on the sick list this week we
hope she will soon recover.
Mr. Elmer Burress was sick Sunday. Elmer there
must have been a worm in that tobacco.
Mr. Potter and family were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Bryant Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Williams returned from town
Sunday where they spent Thanksgiving.
Miss Laura Robertson was the guest of Miss Eva
Green Sunday.
Miss Frankie Robertson spent Sunday night with
Elsie Bartholow and they had a fine time.
Miss Laura Robertson was the guest to Miss Eva
Green Sunday.
Mr. Winfere Culton lost a fine horse one day last
World’s Cresset.
 - 78 -
Mountain Grove News By “Mary”
Mr. Nichols is reported very sick at this writing.
Miss Mary Depue spent last Sunday with Miss
Lulu Reaves.
Miss Sara Baney of Bado is staying at Mr.
Eggs are 22 cts at the Grocery Stores in or town.
Mr. Bill Reaves is sick with La Grippe.
Johnnie Reaves is among the carpenters that is
working on the Hull building.
George Ellis went a persimmon hunting last
Sunday, wonder if he found many? But I think he
likes tomatoes better than simmons, don’t you
think so Della?
Will Ellis of Cabool is still a frequent caller at Mr.
Beighley. Listen for the wedding bells this winter.
Charley Holloway and Charley Shelenberger is
seen every Sunday evening stopping at Jeff
Green’s. What’s the attraction boys? Bet I know.
Mr. Langaton’s houses caught fire Friday morning
was burned down; they saved part of the house
hold goods.
The box supper at Mountain Home Friday night
was a success a nice time was enjoyed by those
present total amount cleared $15.00
Mrs. Vaughan and children of Cabool visited at
Riley Depue’s last Sunday.
J Kenreigh has established a sawmill on the land
belonging to G.C. Killam East of Bald Knob.
The work of cupid still goes on several Couples
have been wedded recently and we anticipate quite
a number of others before the year closes.
Well as its bed time and tomorrow is one of
Mary’s busiest days, she’ll close hoping for more
news next week. Good night to all.
 - 79 -
Gravelpoint Happenings
Rev Wright preached to a large congregation
Sunday morning.
Presiding elder Foster preached a fine sermon at
this place Sunday night, he also held quarterly
meeting Monday morning.
M.R. Hunter and family and Miss Ida Fry spent
Sunday at John Irvin’s.
Charley Booker and wife are on the sick list at
Miss Katie Williams spent Saturday and Sunday at
Several from this part attended the box supper at
Mt. View school house last Friday night, they
report a nice program and a good time was had by
all present.
Several boys were seen down on Piney Sunday
evening, ho, ho! – boys some attraction eh!
Mr. Sidney Melton returned home Sunday from
Moline Dan. Where he has been for some time.
Rev. Wright and Ed. Kenney and family were the
welcome guests of Mr. Cowley and family Sunday
Mr. Simon and wife spent Sunday evening at Jas.
There were quite a number at the Thanksgiving
dinner at Ed. Kenney’s, all present enjoyed
R.T. Hunter and family took Thanksgiving dinner
at R.M. Hunter’s.
Miss Katie Williams spent Thanksgiving at home.
Brushy Knob School Notes
Dec 12, 1903
We had our pictures taken today and in spite of the
snow there were 48 pupils present.
A contest will be given by the young ladies of the
L.T.L. of Mt. Grove Mo. Sat. evening 7:30 Dec. 5,
1903; at Brush Knob. Admission 10cts. Please
Prof. Woodford gave us an excellent talk Nov 21st;
Every pupil and patron, certainly appreciated it.
I think, if you will listen you can hear Brushy
Knob bell ringing three times a day. We are will
satisfied with the bell and the beginning of the
 - 80 -
Brushy Knob Items By Brushy Knob News Boy
Mr. Huggins was seen going through our country
Thursday surveying out a mail route we learned
that he is to put a hack on the route soon.
James Fry and T. Micham returned home from
Raymondville Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Williams went to Cymour
Mr. and Mrs. John Greenwood, Mr. and Mrs. J.D.
Stubbs, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Todd spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Fry.
Charley Haggain and wife spent Saturday night
with Jess Fry and wife.
The Belfry at Brushy Knob is almost completed.
Mr. Earl Bartholow of South Dakota has returned
Wonder where W.C. and J.B. went Sunday they
seemed to be in a hurry.
Miss Bertha Edgar spent Thanksgiving with Miss
Jessie Stubbs.I saw Mable Sunday wonder where
Arthur was.
Prof. Woodford of Cabool lectured at Brushy
Knob on Saturday night at the 21st and his Subject
was Public Schools.
Say Dug you had better cope that prize if you can.
Most all of the Brushy Knob boys were in town
Saturday wonder what was going on.
Say Lulu what time did you get home Saturday
night from town.
We hear that Jim Gearheart happened to bad luck
the other day while trying to get on his horse from
off the fence he jumped to far and fell flat on his
back, How about it Jim?
Mr. Lon Nelson was out to prayer meeting
Wednesday night and was about to take a married
woman home. Your eyes must have failed you
Well come again and next time you will know
Stubbs School Items
The number of pupils enrolled for the term is
There are thirty four girls and twenty boys present
The “A: Arithmetic class is getting along very
nicely. Our lesson is on page 372 to page 377.
Mr. Chalico Clary started to School Monday.
Hurrah! For the Stubbs School they have a new
stove now. I guess we will not freeze any more.
Do you?
We heard the Brushy Knob bell ringing Monday
morning at school.
The “A” Algebra class will soon complete the
book and then they will take the Highest Algebra.
There were only nine pupils tardy this morning.
We hope “tardies” will soon be a thing of the past.
I think if any teacher is trying to do his or her duty
it is ours; Mr. Edgar Williams.
Messrs. James and Jay Stubbs are back at school
again. We are glad that they are back again.
School will be dismissed Thursday and Friday on
account of Thanksgiving.
To late for last week.
 - 81 -
Dunsmore Items By “Mitten and Sack”
We once more grab our pencils to give a few items
for the World’s Cresset.
Mr. Aldridge barn burned down last Saturday
night three horses and many of his farm
implements were consumed in the flames. Mr.
Aldridge has our sympathy.
Say Isaac M. why did’ent you stay for dinner after
taking your girl home last Sunday week from
Mitten and Sack caught a bunny in their traps,
wonder what they are going to do with all of their
money. Get their fellows a Christmas present I
Mr. Sam Maybe did not go to St. Louis after all.
He must have changed his mind.
The Dunsmore School is progressing nicely under
the care of Miss Dora Fielden who is one of Mo.
Best teachers.
Howdy, Arthur we heard you were going to leave
us. Our united efforts can not prevent you going,
we don’t guess. Good bye.
Henry has tried over and over again to get a stand
at M’s but in trying to make a date he has utterly
failed. The above inqury has been received from
Mr. Len Myres made a business trip to Mt. Grove
last Wednesday.
Mitten and Sack may differ widely with each
other. An girl can easier give a boy a Sack than a
Mitten neither the Sacks not the Mittens give the
boys any pleasure.
Mrs. William Murr accompanied by her little stepson
Author have gone to Aurora to spend
Thanksgiving day with her children.
Wonder what is the matter with Sam. He don’ent
turn his steps eastward quite as often as of your,
what is the matter Lillie.
Mitten I know author wanted to see you before he
left, will you permit him to hop to you?
Sack missed four days from school last week.
Quilting she says I wonder what is up now? I
guess Dug knows.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Holden, Oba Adams, and Mr.
Jno. Ellis visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Dunsmore’s last Sunday.
 - 82 -
Alice Items By “Flossy”
We are sorry to state that the wife of Mr. John
Staddlemar at dykes Mo. Departed this life
Sunday evening we hope her soul has reached that
blessed place above where there will be no
sickness sorrow or pain her children and relatives
are left to mourn her loss.
The barn of Mr. George Aldridge near Huggins
Mo. Was burned down Friday might there were
three head of horses burnt one buggy a reaper a
mower a binder a cultivator and about two tons of
hay about a hundred bushel of corn.
The spelling match at Lone Star schoolhouse
Friday night was well attended.
I see “Sunflower” has changed her name to one
little girl Cordelia hurrah for her just so she writes
items for this valuable paper.
Pink Hargis has returned home from Cas City
Kan. Where he will visit home folks and friends
the writer welcomes him back.
Astoria Items
Dear Editor and friends will you allow me a little
space in your valuable paper.
We are having cool weather at present.
Health is good now in this vicinity.
Astoria school is progressing nicely there is going
to be a ciphering match at Astoria Friday night the
27 both teachers Miss Hattie Brill and Dollie
Gaither is getting along nice in the school.
Miss Nettie Brill was the guest of Miss Allie and
May Murr Sunday.
Mr. L.C. Ingraham is doing Mr. J.A. Murr
freighting at Mt. Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hutsell arrive back from I. T.
has moved on Henry Hutsell farm.
Mr. Ben Cable went to Mt. Grove and bought a
new wagon.
Will Denton is moved in from Marktree Ark. To
his brother Lewis Denton.
Mr. Walter Murr is going to leave Monday
morning for Fowler to spend a week on the
orchard n the farm.
If this will escape the wast basket I will write
again bye e to all happy correspondence.
 - 83 -
Fowler Local Lore
Old Bro. Shelley took dinner with the Ed. On
Thanksgiving day.
We hear the sound of the Brushy Knob School bell
at 9 o’clock each morning Mrs. Williams the
Mr. Buck Shelley is numbered with the proud
ones; and well he might be, It’s a bouncing big
Bro. Eli Williams and wife took dinner with
Samuel Merritt on last Sunday.
There was a large turn out on Thanksgiving day to
hear the Ed. preach, especially when we think of
the weather.
Master Lany Merritt and Master Jimmy Simons
are the boss boys. They brought the Ed. a sack of
hickory nuts a piece a short time ago. Thanks
Mr. Jerry Velner and wife from Ill. Arrived at his
fathers on last Saturday evening they are in on a
visit to see friends and for the sake of his wifes
And the Ed. and wife was sorrow that they could
not give hem a better entertainment.
Old Bro. Charles Cooper was a pleasant caller at
this Office last Tuesday.
Mr. John Irvin and wife from Gravel Point was at
the Cresset office on last Tuesday Mr. Irvin and
wife are sociable and kind we was glad to meet
A country or neighborhood can not be substantial
built up y misrepresenting it, or fooling somebody
to it by giving them taffy before they locate and
then after they do conclude to locate, feed them
gall or wormwood.
Mr. J.W. Amos and wife in company with Mrs.
Harvy Dake and the Sister of Mrs. Amos, all
living near Brushy Knob, except Miss Maud
Stevens the sister of Mrs. Amos who live near
Cabool made a pleasant call at the Cresset office
on last Friday.
We will not be able to get the Arbor fixed for
services by Sunday coming so the meeting will be
postponed until the following Saturday evening
and Sunday.
There will be a pie supper at the Arbor in JAHVille
on Friday night the 18th come one come all; a
good program will be given by order of
 - 84 -
Dec 10, 1903
Brush Knob Items By “Dewdrops”
I saw Mabel Sunday I wonder what she was a
grieving about.
Say Charley why was’nt you at Brushy Sunday
Elsie was there.
Say John the next time you take Frankie home be
sure and walk on the right side.
I wonder why W.C. and J. B. didn’t go all the
Ed. Spurlock arrived home Thursday.
Elsie Bartholow and Mabel Clary was the guests
of Sarah Bryant Sunday.
Charlie Clary was seen grieving yesterday wonder
what’s the matter got heart disease I guess.
Charley I think you are getting almost equal to
Charley next time you take your girl don’t go to
sleep on the way home.
Dale Wehr must have been in a hurry Saturday
Dunsmore Items By “Socks and Shoes”
We are having very cold weather at present.
Arthur Dunsmore left for his home in Tenn. Friday
we were sorry to see him leave but some winsome
girl may be the cause of him returning again
before long so Sack and Mitten must be on the
look out.
Wanted a good sweet singer to help us in our
entertainment and box supper which is to be about
the 19th of Dec. Come one and all and bring well
filled boxes.
The reason Henry could not make no date at Mr.
M’s is because he never got no Mitten.
Mr. Oliver Salsman has perchased the farm of
W.C. Shelly
Martha Tate spent Saturday with Gladys Myers
she reports a nice time.
Mr. Jo Tate and wife visited at Len Myers
Mrs. Salsman has been very sick but is some
better now.
Miss Sarah Brown is staying at Len Myers just
This is all the news for this time. I will write
again if I see this in print.
 - 85 -
Dunsmore School Items By “Lulu”
Here I come again to give a few Items for the
World’s Cresset.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tate visited at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Len Myres one day last week.
Mrs. Tenny Tate was the welcome guest of Mrs.
Barnes last Monday.
The Dunsmore school will give a box supper
Saturday night Dec 19th. The proceeds will be
needed for school purposes. All the girls and
women are requested to bring boxes. Write your
name on the underside of the lid. Come boys there
will be a nice Christmas present for you and your
best girl.
Wiley Zirchekey and Henry Tate visited Will
McGowen Tuesday night.
Mrs. McGowen accompanied by her two
daughters Grace and Lulu called on Mrs. Salsman
and Miss Dora Fielden, Sunday.
Mr. Arthur Dunsmore from Tenn. who has been
visiting his uncle Thomas Dunsmore for the past
four months, has gone back to his old home. He
gained many friends while he was here and says
he likes this country fine. Come again Author.
Grace McGowan is on the sick list this week we
hope she will soon
Yes Charley L. got home all right that day from
town. Hope you did.
Don’t’ forget the box supper.
I hope these will escape the waste basket. Be Bye
until next week.
Gravel Point Happenings By “Texas Rover”
Sunday School was well attended on last Sunday.
Mrs. Kenney and her mother have returned home
from Okla. Where they have been visiting.
Prayer meeting is held at Gravel point every
Thursday night every one is invited to attend.
Mr. Irvin and wife spent Sunday evening at R.M.
Several of our young folks attended the contest at
Brushy Knob on last Sat. night.
There will be preaching Sunday morning and
Sunday night by Rev. Wright.
Preaching on the third Sunday by Rev. Murr.
Ed. Kenney and wife spent Sunday evening with
C.P. Kenneys.
Little Piney Creek Items By “Red Rose”
Windy weather, cold and dry.
Born to John Freeman and wife Tuesday evening a
baby girl, parents are proud of their baby.
Isibel Vandiver Visited at Luly Reaves today.
Mr. Tate, Tom Vandiver, K. Harggus and Bill
Baney were guests of W.E. Vandiver.
Berry Baney and Jess Booker were seen on the
road to JAH-Ville this morning, wonder who it is
up there that they are going to see, who is it boys?
Some pretty girl I guess.
I guess Sunflower has been hid for some time Red
Rose hasn’t seen her lately. It is getting pretty
cold any how isn’t it Sunflower?
Wonder how the singing went at Jesse Harrald last
Sunday night, pretty good I suppose.
 - 86 -
Fowler, Missouri Local Lore
Mr. Lum Atkisson of Mountain Grove was a
pleasant visitor at the Ed’s last Sunday.
Mr. Cross and wife visited Mr. Simmons and wife
on last Sunday.
Wm. Brinegar and family visited Mr. Andrew
Williams on last Sunday.
Wm. Swerhgin and wife and mother-in-law and
sister-in-law visited old Bro Jessee Fogerson on
last Sunday.
Samuel Merrit and wife and son Lenny visited old
Bro. Eli Williams on last Sunday.
Johny Garrett and family visited Johny Bowers
and wife on last Sunday.
E. Rateree visited Mr. David Skaggs last Sunday.
Ed. is a good boy.
Squire Huggins passed through our little Ville on
last Sunday Maud visited Towndson’s folks on
last Saturday.
There is one thing we shall note, not yet spoken of
by us a short time ago Mr. Albin Perkins of Mt.
Grove as correct a surveyor as you can Find
passed through our Ville surveying he new mail
rout from Huggins to Mt. Grove, and it was found
to be only a little over a mile shorter than the old
rout but a great deal more convenient. Squire
Huggins was with the gang. The Squire is one
who love to see improvement for the better.
Lucy Dawson and her husband Charley visited her
mother Mrs. Sales on last Sunday.
Dr. Ashford moved back to Mountain Grove the
last of last week. We believe the Dr. to be worthy
of his calling.
Ed Curtney is not quite walking on his ear, but he
steps very high. No wonder, it’s a great big girl;
mother and child doing well.
Last Sunday chance to be a day of recreation to
the Colony folks as there was no meeting or
Sabbath School in JAH-Ville.
The World’s Cresset is the paper for young and
old, it is instructive, full of good and it is intended
to no harm but to send peace to every family who
chance to read it.
Squire Huggins and Mr. Wm. Young and a young
man whose name we did not learn. Stopped in the
Cresset Office to warm on last Friday evening.
They had been at the Grove.
Mr. Crosswait passed through JAH-Ville with
over two hundred head of sheep, locating them on
a farm a little north of here, who is expecting to
bring in another car load soon. He hails from
Mr. Amos and wife and three young folks from
Brush Knob came out on last Sunday to be at
meeting at the Arbor in JAH-Ville there being no
meeting they stopped at the Cresset Office and the
Ed. was made acquainted with the young sister of
Mrs. Amos. We trust that they will not be
discouraged but come again. Young Mr. Dake
was in the number.
Nettie Garrett the Ed’s wife visited her father and
mother on last Sunday.
 - 87 -
Bro Townsend was a pleasant caller on last
Wednesday at this Office.
Sister McCall the wife of Thomas McCall was a
pleasant caller at the Cresset office on last
John Williams was seen in the Ville on last
Sunday evening.
Lucy Franklin called at the Cresset Office on last
Monday and gave the Compositors a nice little
The Theological School at JAH-Ville, has
received a lot of new Bibles gotten from the
proceeds of the quilts sold at the Entertainment,
sometime ago; and with the rest ten in all, one the
school bought and presented to the Principal, Rev.
L.S. Garret. A fine teachers bible with both
versions and charts and maps, for which the
principal expressed his many thanks, and wishing
the school to know his appreciation of the gift,
stated that if they would have presented a good
horse to him, they could not in any way a pleased
him better than with the beautiful Bible.
Hopwood Morris was a visitor in the Ville on last
Sunday evening in company with Bud Williams.
Geo. Myres passed through our Ville stopping at
the Cresset Office on last Tuesday.
The heart of Bro. Eli Williams and wife were
made glad on last Thursday night by the return of
their son Bud Williams and then again Monday
evening the return of their son George Williams,
the two boys have been working out in Kansas all
J.N. Garrett the organ man from Turley in
company with a young man who was halling two
fine organs for Mr. Garrett Organs to sell.
Stopped over night with the Ed. on last Monday
night on their way home from Mountain Grove.

 - 88 -
Astoria Items By “Cora and Allie”
Kind Editor here I come with my little chat for this
We are having nice weather at present.
Miss Belle Montgomery was the welcome guest of
Miss Orphey Fletcher Sunday.
Miss Myrtle Murr was absent from school this
“B” Why didn’t you go to the debate Friday night?
I bet I know the reason why Mr. “W” had to stay
at home and cut wood all day, oh yes he is looking
for cold weather.
Miss Allie Murr, and Miss Nettie Brill attended
Sunday School Sunday at Green Mt.
Rabbits 121/2 cents, Just call on Mr. E. at Manes
Miss Cora Overfelt was the welcome guest of
Miss Martha Montgomery last Sunday.
J.J. Overfelt was quite sick last week with la grip,
but is some better now.
Munro Fletcher and Florence Kirk got in a fight
and Monroe got hurt.
Brushy Knob Items By Brushy Knob News Boy
We are having some lovely weather at present.
The contest given by the I.T.L. ladies of Mtn.
Grove at Brushy Knob Saturday night was well
attended some over $6.00 was taken in.
El Spurlock of Sioux City returned home
Bro. Light preached at B.K. Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Ed Spurlock spent Monday with James Fry.
Miss Nora Ballard Mt. Zion school teacher, Miss
May Ballard, Miss Bertha Edgar and Miss Jessie
Stubbs took dinner with James L. Fry Sunday.
Say Will how is the boot factory?
Say Dug I guess you heard about Sack staying at
home last week to quilt. I guess there will be
something doing about Xmas, don’t you?
Mr. Roy Patterson was out to Brushy Sunday I
guess he was looking for a cook to put in that new
house of his he built out of that 100 ft of lumber
he was seen hauling.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Williams were the guests of
Charley Starks and wife Sunday evening.
Wonder who that was with Miss Mabel Friday
night? Better look out Arthur.
Wonder what happened to Charley Melton the
other night? Can’t you stand up Charley?
Joe Micham is still on the sick list.
Mr. Harrison of St. Paul Minnesota was the guest
of P.A. Fry Monday morning.
Say Earnest you had quite a crowd Sunday night
didn’t you? Where was Clary.
Say I wonder why Annie isn’t going to school?
Say boys I think we might get our guns and bells
ready for Xmas for there will be something going
 - 89 -
Mountain Grove News By Mary
Kind Editor this beautiful Monday morning I’ll
attempt to write a few more happenings.
Mrs. Melton of Bado is at present visiting her
sister Mrs. W.B. Hull.
Misses Hattie and Dora Sherrill attended the box
supper at Lone Star Saturday night.
Mrs. K.C. Depue and Mrs. John Sing visited in
Cabool Saturday and Sunday the guests of James
Farris and wife, and Wash Roberts and wife.
A quiet Wedding accured in this city last
Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
T.J. Green their daughter, Miss Eupha, was united
in marriage to Chas. M. Holloway, Rev. C.V.
Shulenberger officiating only relatives were
present. We all join them in congratulations.
Rev C. P. Hale is very sick at this writing.
B. Rudd was presented with a new over coat from
Oklahoma last week hurrah for you B.
Mary Depue say’s she has got the grit to read now.
We have a new Photograph Gallery in our town.
Every body come and get their beauty snatched.
Miss Merle Graves has accepted a position at
Randals Rackets as sales lady.
Miss Lue Green has resigned her position at the
Shinkle Millinery store and is now a clerk at the
Grand Leader.
Well as news is scarce in this town I’ll close with
best wishes to Ed. And Correspondents. Bye bye
till next week.
Alice Items By “Flossy”
We are having some nice warm weather at this
There will be a box supper at Racket Ridge Sat
night Dec. 12th. Oh, Mary come by and go with
Say Mary, Sunflower is not dead or asleep or froze
to death either. I seen her the other night she was
asking me about M.D.
I hear that Lulu has got tired of Frys and gone to
digging for a living. What is Dug a going to do?
Wonder what is the matter with A.H. he didn’t
appear Sunday did he A.B.?
Mr. George Bailey made a business trip to
Houston Saturday.
Mr. Delose Francis is working for D.W. Bailey
this week.
Mrs. S.W. Bailey has been on the sick list for the
past two weeks but is some better at this writing.
I hope these will escape the waste basket.
 - 90 -
Dec 17, 1903
Fowler Missouri Local Lore
John Q. Tyrell called at this Office on last
Geo. Myers called at this Office on last Tuesday
and informed us of the delicacy of his wife.
We had the priviledge of seeing Wider Kenney
Pass through our Ville on last Tuesday
The Arbor will be ready for meeting next Sunday
at 11 o’clok Sunday School at 8 o’clock.
Mr. Eli Williams from Beaver was up at the
Cresset office on last Monday.
Old Bro. Townsend wife, son and daughter-in-law
passed through JAH-Ville, going to the mountain
on last Wednesday.
Mr. Tucker passed through our Ville with his large
Engine and Clover Huller going North. Mr.
Tucker is a man that will do you good work.
Mr. W.C. Shelley and wife visited the Colony
folks and took dinner wit the Ed. On last Tuesday.
The Ed. Got the boss molasses of Mr. Shelley.
Jesse Fogerson called at this Office on last
Monday. Mr. Fogerson is one of our citizens who
loves to see morality and religion built up in the
Murr School Items By “Pretty and Ugly”
Kind Ed. Will you allow us space in your valuable
We are having some cold weather now.
Ellen Murr has been on the sick list this week, we
hope she will soon recover.
The meeting at Gravel Point was well attended
Murr school is progressing nicely as we have one
of Texas Co’s best teachers.
John T. is traveling that straight and narrow path
that leads to F. Murr’s how about it John.
Oma Murr stayed out of school last week, hope
she didn’t stay to quilt.
All who want good grinding call at J.A. Murr’s 1
and one half miles south of Alice P.O.
Hurrah! Xmas is coming we’ll be there D. and L.
you bet, bring your bells boys.
Wonder if E. and O. will get to go to the box
supper at Dunsmore.
Well as news is not very plenty we will say good
bye. If this escapes the waste basket we will come
The correspondents must send their names with
items if they want to see them in print.
 - 91 -
Dutch Town Items By Chatter Box
Mr. Gordon had a barn raising last Saturday, there
were about thirty men there.
We are having a debate at the Rose school house
Sixteen to one chalanged the Rose school for a
debate. We except their challange, and will have
the contest the night of the 18th of this month.
This week ends the third month of our school, the
school has been progressing nicely so far.
The box supper and entertainment at the Rose
school house was a complete success, everybody
reported a good time.
They say that Nellie Baker and Rufus are about to
burst up. Wonder what is the trouble.
The people were all wondering what Geo. E. was
chasing Nellie B up and down the aisle at church
the other night for, but we have just found out he
was wanting to go home with her.
When I go to marry
You can bet,
I wont hurry
Nor I wont fret.
I’ll take my time
As I go through
And write a ryme Of the good I do.
I want a girl
That’s nice and cue,
With dark brown curls
And a very plain suit.
I want one that’s merry
And not always sad.
I want her to hurry
When I get mad.
I want her to mile
And wash the dishes
She can be the boss.
But I’ll wear the breeches.
Miss Mattie Walker says John Cunningham is
much calm and cunning.
Mr. Riley Tate is tall and slim.
But you bet your life he has a vim.
He would walk five miles in rain or snow, Just to
see Miss Susie Trumbo.
Dunsmore Items By Sunshine
Mrs. Wm. Murr has returned home from visiting
her children bringing with her, her son Gar Alsup
also her little grandson.
Mrs. Thomas Dunsmore and Mrs. John Holden
visited at Lynn Myers on Tuesday.
Mrs. Oliver Salsman has recovered from her
sickness and was helping Mrs. Lynn Myers to
quilt Miss Brown and Mrs. Myers are doing some
very fine work and can’t be beat when it comes to
quilting, give them a call.
Dealia McGowen has been very sick, but is some
better now.
Mr. Bob Ellis of Gearldine made a business trip to
Oliver Salsman’s Tuesday.
We were sorry to hear that the pie supper was
changed, but we hope we shall have a nice time
for “Sunshine” is going and going to take a pie.
Remember the box supper at the Dunsmore school
house the night of the 19th of Dec.
The changing of the pie supper goes to show that
there is no selfishness about Bro. Garrett, and we
hope to show him respect in all of his works that
he may build up our country and make it what it
once was.
This is all the news for this time so good bye to
 - 92 -
Dec 24, 1903
Little Piney Creek Items By Red Rose
It is a nice sunshiney day but cold.
Christmas is drawing near and I don’t know how a
bout Santa wheather he will come around are not.
Bro Write failed to fulfill his appointment at
Pleasant Ridge Sunday. I guess the weather was
to bad for him Saturday as he would have had a
good ride, his home is in Houston.
Bro. Kenney preached a very interesting sermon
Sunday morning.
I wonder if Berry has got in a good humer yet
have you Berry? I hope so for I don’t like to see
him mad and pouting do you Sunflower?
If Mary knew what we did she would laugh
wouldent she?
Mr. Robert Hartgroves is working at Mr. Tom
Mr. Charley Hartgroves has wrote for his folks to
meet him in Cabool he has been gone for several
years and we will be glad to see him in this part
again. I guess his folks will be glad to see him
again. Robert is going to meet him at Cabool
Wednesday I suppose.
Mr. Fate Vandiver and Robert were welcome
callers at Mr. W.E. Vandiver Sunday night Mr.
W.E. went to the sawmill Tuesday.
Here and There Pick Ups By Sun Flower
Misses Catherine and Isibell Vandiver and John E.
and Jessie B. were pleasant guests of Miss Minnie
and Mr. Berry Baney last Sunday night.
Miss Bell Baney visited Mrs. Lulu Reaves
Mr. Berry Baney come home bareheaded last
Sunday, you had better be careful as you may lose
your head next.
Misses Lizzie Jane and Maud Herral were seen up
on little Piney one day last week.
Well “Flossy” you must come and go with
“Sunflower” to the candy breaking next week and
we will have a hog killing time wont we.
Mr. John Kenney will start soon for Kansas we are
sorry to see him go but he has Sunflowers best
Hello Mary come and spend Xmas with sunflower
and eat candy with her.
Hello “Red Rose” Minnie was at home when you
saw Evert.
Well “Flossy” “sunflower” has go something to
tell you but don’t you tell “Mary” or she will cry
her eyes out, ha ha, I don’t care.
Well I wish all the people a happy Xmas I guess
we will all go to Fowler and see the Xmas tree
wont we correspondence.
 - 93 -
Dunsmore Schools News By Sack
Oh, Xmas is coming but we won’t forsake it, Big
boxes of candy and enough to eat it.
Willie, and Theador Salsman, Henry Tate, and
Obie Adams visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
McGowens last Sunday week.
The party given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Smarts Thursday night was well attended and all
report an enjoyable time.
Miss Lillie Bailey was the welcome guest of Lulu
and Grace McGowen Saturday night and Sunday.
Miss Ada Bailey visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Neeleys Saturday night.
Miss Alice Smart who has been visiting her sister
Miss Susie Smart for the last week has returned
Ada Bailey, Arthur Huggins, Riley and Henry
Tate, Mr. Aul Salsman and small son and Orvey
Clark visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
McGowens Sunday.
John Garret and wife and Mrs. Merritt were the
welcome guests of Mr. and Mrs. McGowen
I will quit for this time so bye-bye
Gravel Point Happenings By Texas Rover
Rev Murr preached a nice sermon to a large
congregation Sunday morning.
George Melton and family attended meeting at
Stubbs school house Sunday.
Quite a number of young people from this part
attended the pie supper at the Weatherman school
house last Friday night. They report a nice
program; the proceeds amounted to $25 and will
be put toward purchasing a bell for the school.
The school at Mt. View taught by Miss Katie
Williams closed last Friday.
Mr. R. Booker and family visited at John Irvin’s
Sunday eve.
Miss Eunice Atnip is visiting her sister-in-law Ada
Atnip this week.
John(?) Tucker passed through this neighborhood
with his clover huller last week.
Two boys were seen on Piney Sunday evening
how about it J.K and J.B.
Miss Ida Fry is spending this week with home
Rev. Parker of Mt. Grove will preach at this place
next Sunday morning everybody invited to attend.
 - 94 -
Fowler Missouri Local Lore
Preaching at the Arbor Xmas Day at 11 o’clock.
Cresset only half a sheet printed one day earlier on
account of moving Office.
The Ed. And wife took dinner with Mr. Patterson
and wife on last Sunday.
Mr. John Williams treated the Ed. To a fine lot of
spare ribs for which we are very thankful for.
Mr. Salsman was among the people shaking hands
at the Arbor on last Sunday.
Mr. Eli Williams treated the wife of the Ed. With a
fine lot of spare ribs. Thanks Brother.
We saw Mr. Riley Tate the teacher of the Rose
School out at services at the Arbor on last Sunday
at 11 o’clock.
Mrs. Lucy Dawson run a nail in her foot on last
Monday and suffered severely with it before
Mr. George Williams and the Bro. Bud was in
attendance at services on last Sunday at the Arbor.
Mr. Otto Johnson who is teaching the Murr School
was at the 11 o’clock services at the Arbor on last
Mr. G.D. Townsend and wife left on last Monday
morning for Hastings Michigan to pay his brothers
and friends a visit we regret the absence of friend
Townsend and wife but we are confident that our
loss in their absence will be gain to their friends.
Dec 31, 1903
From my premises: Two bay pony mares, both shod all around, a piece of rope around neck, anyone
finding one or both ponies will do me a great favor to inform me of the same. J.B. Steely, Elk Creek
Mo. Or leave word at this Office.
 - 95 -
Little Piney Creek Items By “Red Rose”
Very nice weather at present.
Well how was Xmas with all the correspondents,
Red Rose had a very nice time.
The party at Mr. Ben Atnip’s was well attended
and all report a nice time. J.B. and J.K. took a
wagon load of girls from his part.
Mr. Murr is going to hold a weeks meeting.
Mrs. Lon Hill come on a visit to see her father and
sisters Lon is welcomed home her many friends
will welcome her she is the daughter of W.H.
Hollins, she has been gone for 3 or 4 years.
Mrs. Vandiver visited Mrs. Simmons.
Mrs. Lon Hill and Mrs. Fry visited at Mr.
Vandivers Monday eve.
Misses Len and Myrtle Baney were the guests of
Lillie and Elsie Vandiver Sunday.
I wonder if Monro Fletcher has forgot the night
that he went to Chappel and got scared at the
white cat, Red Rose has not and she has not
married yet.
As I hav’nt much time to write this time I will quit
hopping to see all of the Correspondents items in
this weeks paper. Bye bye to all with a happy
New Year.
Fowler Local Lore
Health in this part of the world is tolerable good.
Mrs. Lum Atkinson was a pleasant caller at this
Office last Saturday and taken dinner with the Ed.
Mr. Henry Tate from near Rock Sprgs was a
pleasant caller at this Office on last Wednesday.
Henry is one of Rock Springs best young men.
We had the privilledge of seeing the teacher of the
Dunsmore School, Miss Dora Fielden, one of
Texas Co’s accomplished teachers, in company
with Mrs. Salsman, at 11 o’clock services on
Christmas Day.
Mr. Salsman from Beaver Creek was a pleasant
caller at this Office on last Tuesday. Mr. Salsman
is one of Texas Co.’s best citizens.
Our merchant Wm. Hoffarth and wife was out at
services on last Sunday at 8 o’clock.
Mr. Joe Walker from Beaver Creek in company
with young Mr. Atkinson, the son of Lum
Atkinson of Mountain Grove was pleasant callers
at this Office on last Tuesday.
The Cresset Office is now located in the Arbor,
where the Cresset will be printed thereafter, until
there is an Office built for it. It is much pleasanter
for visitors and typoes than it was in the old log
hut, but it is not what it will be yet
 - 96 -
Mountain Grove News By Mary
Well I hope every body had a merry Christmas.
Charles Farris of Cabool spent Xmas night with
Mt. Grove friends. Come again Charles.
Mary Depue attended the Xmas tree at Mt. Home
Thursday night she reports a pleasant time.
John Fogerson was over from Fowler Mo. one day
last week he reports his little son Wade very sick.
Dollie and Evert Depue spent Xmas in Cabool.
Will Ellis of Cabool is spending holidays with
home folks and his attraction is this city.
Miss Lizzie Fielden was the guest of Mary Depue
Sunday evening.
M.S. Depue and wife of Mr. Home spent Xmas
day at Riley Depue’s.
Jim Fielden and family are contemplating on
moving to Kansas. James Farris of Cabool was in
Mr. Grove last week.
Oh, Flossy did Santa come to see you he come
clear from Oklahoma to see me now is’nt he good.
Ask Mary Depue and Lulu Reaves which one
thinks the most of Bill, poor Bill the writer thinks
your cake is dough at either place.
Well as news is scarce in this little town I’ll close
wishing every body a happy and prosperous New
Astoria Items By “Snow ball”
We are having changeable weather a present.
The singing was well attended at Mr. Tom
Beckham last Sunday night.
Mr. Dorman Ingraham made a business trip at
Hartville last week.
Mr. Dick Roboran of Worsham Mo. got his barn
burnt down last Tuesday week.
Mr. J.A. Murr has received a large bill, of good for
Mr. Murr is counted one of the best merchants in
Wright county.
Miss Minnie Green Mr. Henry Motin was married
last Wednesday evening at four o’clock.
Astoria school closed last Tuesday until the first
Monday after Xmas.
There will be a singing at Mr. John Hutsell next
Sunday night.
 - 97 -
Belle Items By Wood Chopper
There has been considerable work done on the
county roads in Osage Co: Just for an illustration
I will give an account of some of the work, the
road running from Belle to Byron a village 8 miles
North of Belle in Osage Co., there has been $800
spent on one half mile, the reason it costs so much
they grade the road like a R.R. and then put gravel
about one foot deep o top.
I could give an account of a great number of
marriages, births and deaths, but it would be o no
interest to the readers of the Cresset. So I will just
give an account of one wedding to show how they
do down here; a short time ago Mr. Frank
Bentlague’s daughter married and to celebrate the
wedding they hire a special cook invited 200 or
more guests, served dinner and supper with a
lunch between, also ten kegs of beer on tap.
Xmas has come and gone but we had a joyful time
while it last.
There is two congregations or churches in Belle.
A Baptist and a Christian, the Baptist use the
school house, while the Christian own the church.
Both churches celebrated Xmas, the Christian
church had a Xmas tree for the Sunday school,
there were about 300 people in attendance; a good
time we had with songs and speeches and then
distributing the gifts, while doing so in walked a
Real Santa Clause in the person of Edgar Luster,
such screams of delight as came from the little
ones I never heard before; this taken place on
Xmas eve.
The Methodist church at Byron celebrated on
Xmas day at 2 o’clock p.m. with windows blinded
and lamps lit and the usual program of songs,
speeches, Xmas tree distributing of gifts and a real
Santa Clause in the person of W.R. Wilson, who
was the most comical Santa I ever say.
For fear of the waste basket I will close by
wishing the Ed., correspondents and readers of the
Cresset a Happy New Year.
 - 98 -
Dunsmore News By Sophia and Lulu
We once more grasp our pencils to add a few
items for the Cresset.
The box supper which was given at the Dunsmore
school last Saturday night, came off with flying
colors. The Album for the prettiest girl brought
eighteen dollars. There was 183 votes on our
teacher Miss Dora Fielden.
Wiley did you get lost the other night going from
the candy breaking with Ann Smart?
When George pays five dollars for Eff’s box and
gets his new buggy to take her down to Rock
Springs, say George aren’t you afraid of
puncturing the tire going that straight and narrow
Mr. Rile Tate, teacher of the Rose school visited
home folks last Saturday and Sunday.
The candy breaking given at the home of Mr.
McGowen last Tuesday night was well attended
and all reported a fine time.
Oh yes, George and Arvel did you kill any thing at
the shooting match Tuesday night? We don’t
think you are very dangerous at any rate.
John Baty has bought him a big black horse I
guess Dora will take lots of nice rides now. Didn’t
you know John thatBuggies were all the style
now? I wouldn’t blame Dora if she refused to take
a ride on the big black horse.
Mr. George Young’s baby expired last Friday
afternoon was buried at Rock Springs Saturday
afternoon 2 o’clock.
Mrs. Tennie Tate called on the sick at Mr. Youngs
Monday afternoon.
George Edwards Sr. called on Mrs. Tennie Tate
and Sack wishes he would call on her again.
It seems that Effie got her Xmas on Wednesday
instead of Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Holden visited Mr. and Mrs.
Dunsmore on last Wednesday.
Mrs. McGowen is still on the sick list we hope she
will soon recover.
Garfield Alsop who has been visiting his mother
Mrs. Wm. Murr for the last three weeks has
returned to his home at Aurora come again Gar we
will miss you.
Sophia Woods was the welcome guest of Lulu and
Grace McGowen last Tuesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. McGowen visited Mr. and Mrs. John
Franklin Sunday.
 - 99 -
Dunsmore News By Sunshine
We had a most pleasant time Xmas by receiving
many nice presents and done great honor to a large
Xmas dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Murray spent Xmas with their
daughter Mrs. Lynn Myres.
We were sorry we did not get to go to church at
the Arbor Xmas for we did not get to hear it in
Miss Sophia Woods made a short call at Lynn
Myres Wednesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hensly of Ark. now has been
visiting friends and relatives returned home
Effie Shelley visited at Oliver Salsman Sunday
Blanch Myres is on the sick list but is some better
Well we had a bad night for our box supper but
done very well as we hear from good authority
that the album brought $9.35. Minnie Gaddis was
awarded the album for being the prettiest.
Miss Fielden has got orders from one of the board
to hold to the money till she see what the school
needs the boxes brought $2. 15ct.
Mrs. Jno Holden visited at Lynn Myres Sunday
Oh, M. did you get back what you put in, I hope
This is all for this time a happy new years to the
Cresset and its many readers.

 - 100 -
Abel, 1
Absather, 5
Adams, 93
Akeman, 2, 3, 10, 15, 27, 31, 36, 42, 50
Aldridge, 82
Allen, 4, 10, 13, 50, 61
Alsop, 98
Alsup, 91
Amos, 52, 83, 86
Anderson, 22, 51, 56
Archer, 24
Ashford, 66, 86
Atkinson, 17, 95
Atkison, 71
Atkisson, 35, 86
Atnip, 62, 93, 95
Bailey, 39, 56, 58, 59, 67, 68, 89, 93
Baker, 91
Ballard, 88
Baney, 2, 13, 18, 29, 31, 75, 78, 85, 92, 95
Barnes, 85
Bartholo, 52
Bartholow, 77, 80, 84
Barton, 12
Baty, 98
Becker, 60
Beckham, 96
Beeler, 22
Beighley, 38, 67, 78
Bentlague, 97
Biggerstaff, 9
Birth Notices, 12, 16 26, 29, 38, 40, 60, 72, 83, 85, 86
Bishop, 1
Blake, 51
Bodine, 1 27, 30
Boney, 18
Booker, 58, 59, 62, 79, 85, 93
Bowers, 34, 37, 45, 46, 54, 86
Bradshaw, 22, 23
Brand, 22
Brill, 40, 82, 88
Brinegar, 16, 33, 34, 43, 45, 53, 86
Britton, 3
Brown, 13, 38, 84, 91
Browne, 33
Bruce, 27, 30
Bryant, 77, 84
Buckley, 20
Buckley, 11
Buckley, 35 40 47 58 74
Budd, 9 22
Burns, 67
Burress, 33, 77
Burrows, 52
Burton, 56
Butley, 59
Cable, 82
Caddys, 6
Cain, 59
Canada, 32, 52, 54
Carter, 65
Clark, 93
Clary, 65, 77, 80, 84
Coats, 10, 28, 50
Coble, 39
Coleman, 28
Combs, 61
Conaway, 19
Cooper, 45, 47, 58, 83
Corbin, 33
Courtner, 54, 71
Courtney, 43, 64
Cowley, 2, 5, 7, 16, 62, 79
Crawford, 13, 18, 42, 50
Cross, 26, 71, 86
Crosswait, 86
Culton, 52, 77
Cunningham, 13, 18, 91
Curtney, 86
Dake, 6, 48, 52, 54, 55, 77, 83, 86
Dart, 63
Darter, 41, 51
Dawson, 21, 37, 40, 45, 46, 49, 53, 54, 57, 86, 94
Dayton, 3
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29, 31, 38, 41, 59, 69, 82, 98
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Delano’s, 37
Denton, 82
Depue, 3, 9, 12, 22, 23, 24, 25, 35, 38, 42, 44, 56, 59,
60, 67, 70, 75, 78, 89, 96
Derryberry, 49
Dewitt, 26
Dodson, 33, 45
Douglas, 22, 24, 59
Dowson, 5
Duff, 67
Duncan, 12, 22, 27, 30
Dunsmore, 1, 63, 73, 84, 85, 91, 98
Durnell, 3, 17, 35, 38
Easter, 30, 53
Edgar, 33, 61, 80, 88
Edgars, 75
Edwards, 98
Ellis, 3, 12, 17, 24, 25, 42, 59, 60, 67, 78, 91, 96
English, 23
Eupha, 89
Euster, 47
Farris, 22
Farris, 9, 18, 22, 23, 25, 28, 50, 60, 89, 96
Feece, 25
Felden, 3
Fielden, 3, 9, 12, 31, 44, 48, 52, 53, 56, 63, 74, 85, 95,
96, 98, 99
Fielder, 29
Fielding, 22
Fletcher, 40, 88, 95
Flowers, 1, 28
Fogerson, 17 21 30 33 35 40 45 58 64 66 71 86 90 96
Folk, 64
Forrester, 29
Forrister, 59
 - 101 -
Foster, 79
Francis, 89
Franklin, 2, 5, 32, 33, 36, 43, 45, 47, 49, 53, 54, 58,
71, 98
Freel, 21
Freeman, 19, 39, 52, 62, 85
Freemans, 21
Fry, 62, 65, 77, 79, 80, 88, 89, 93, 95
Frye, 52
Gaddis, 35, 40, 99
Gado, 30
Gaither, 40
Garret, 87, 93
Garrett, 20
Garrett, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 16
Garrett, 34 37 40 45 46 53 57 58 72 86 87 91
Gatty, 24
Gearheart, 16, 80
George, 15
Goddard, 5, 63
Goldaberry, 44
Goldsberry, 24
Goodfellow, 11, 14, 57
Goodman, 35
Gordon, 91
Gourly, 50
Graves, 89
Greeley, 41
Green, 22
Green, 9, 11, 12 22 38 40 41 44 56 64 77 78 89 96
Greens, 75
Greenwood, 80
Grey, 22
Guelley, 9
Gulley, 75
Hackworth, 56, 60
Haggain, 80
Haggard, 6
Halaburten, 47
Hale, 59, 69, 89
Hall, 9, 12, 38, 44
Hallaburten, 53
Halleberton, 30
Halliberton, 29
Halliburton, 52
Hanggard, 6
Harggus, 85
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Harrald, 85
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Harrill, 38
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Henderson, 60
Henry, 5, 66
Hensly, 99
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Higginbotham, 10, 50
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Hilsabeck, 56
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64, 66,71, 73, 76, 95
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Hollins, 95
Holloway, 78, 89
Holoway, 35
Holschousen, 27, 30
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Kelly, 75
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Lane, 30, 52
Langaton, 78
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Lemons, 51
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Lightfoot, 9
Lindholm, 59
Linthicum, 17, 36, 40, 45, 71
Lintholtos, 22
LongAcher, 44
Loomis, 56
Love, 37
Luster, 97
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54, 64, 72, 87
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McDowell, 44
McGowan, 20, 52, 73, 85
McGowen, 49, 52, 63, 73, 74, 85, 91, 93, 98
Mcgown, 49
McGown, 8, 11, 17, 32, 40, 45, 53, 65
McKee, 17, 20
McKenney, 3
McKinney, 9
McKinzey, 73
McQuistin, 25
Meagher, 41
Melton, 38, 48, 52, 62, 63, 65, 77, 79, 88, 89, 93
Merchant, 40
Merrit, 34, 47, 49, 86
Merrits, 35
Merritt, 5, 6, 11, 27, 30, 33, 34, 45, 46, 58, 83, 93
Metta, 50
Micham, 80, 88
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Middleton, 64, 72
Miers, 30
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Shaw, 25
Shelenberger, 22, 78
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