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 Wright County, Missouri


This information was donated to Wright County Historical Society by Max and Percy Miller. It was typed for inclusion on this site by Jean Schmitt and is for the expressed purpose of genealogical research. It may not be sold by any individual or other organization. Please respect copyrights.

These funeral home records are from three which were located in Hartville---Simpson-Bledsoe, Bergman-Miller and Bogart.  Note:  These are what are known as "first call" information.  The informant was a family member, or close friend.  In some cases, this "first call" information was not accurate, got corrected in the obituary and on the death certificate.  So, please verify any information provided in them by obtaining/checking other records.  Sometimes we find, or are sent, contradicting information.  When that happens, that information will be added in red.


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