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 Wright County, Missouri

Wright Co. MO Plat Book No. I Index
Compiled/Copyrighted by Gloria Bogart Carter,
who has given permission for its use solely for the purpose of genealogical research.  It may not be sold by any other individual, nor by any organization without her consent.

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AALWINE, Mary A. 27, 30N, 15W
AARON, Edward 17-20, 31N, 14W
ABBEY, Henry 7-8, 28N, 15W
ABBOTT, Amos 7-18, 31N, 13W
ABRAMS, William M. 26-27, 30N, 13W
ABSHER, Isaac 32, 29N, 13W
ABSHER, James 33, 29N, 13W
ABSHER, John A. 8-9-27-28-34,29N, 13W
ABSHER, John W. 33, 29N, 13W
ABSHER, John A. Jr. 17-28-33, 29N, 13W
ABSHER, Manerva E. 26, 29N, 14W
ABSHER, Peter H. 33, 29N, 13W
ABSHER, Seaton 21, 29N, 13W
ADAMS, Alfred 36, 29N, 15W
ADAMS, Charles F. 31, 32N, 12W
ADAMS, David 36, 32N, 13W
ADAMS, David 6, 31N, 12W
ADAMS, David 1, 32N, 12W
ADAMS, Elias L. 34-35, 28N, 15W
ADAMS, Hugh 2, 29N, 16W
ADAMS, James B. 29-30, 29N, 12W
ADAMS, James H. 3, 28N, 15W
ADAMS, James H. 33-34, 29N, 15W
ADAMS, Jesse 30, 31N, 12W
ADAMS, Martha L. 34, 28N, 14W
ADAMS, Martin 12, 29N, 16W
ADAMS, Russia D. 30, 29N, 12W
ADAMS, Wm. J. 30, 32N, 14W
ADAMSON, John 32, 29N, 14W
ADAMSON, Samuel 31, 29N, 14W
ADAMSON, William 26, 29N, 15W
ADDISON, Joel E. 36, 32N, 15W
ADKINS, Bailey 17-18, 31N, 15W
ADMIRE, George W. 25, 32N, 15W
ADSIT, Stanford W. 32, 30N,  12W
AGEE, James S. 5, 29N, 14W
AGEE, James F. 5, 29N, 14W
AGEE, Oscar C. 5, 29N, 14W
AKERS, Lunsey C. 35, 28N, 14W
ALEXANDER, Andrew J.21, 30N, 12W
ALEXANDER, George C.1, 30N, 16W
ALFORA, John 23, 30N, 16W
ALLCOM, Robert H. 2, 29N, 16W
ALLEN, Andrew 34, 30N, 13W
ALLEN, David A. 21-22, 31N, 14W
ALLEN, Edgar B. 24, 32N, 14W
ALLEN, James J. 31, 31N, 15W
ALLEN, John 2, 29N, 14W
ALLEN, John 35-36, 30N, 14W
ALLEN, John S. 23, 28N, 14W
ALLEN, Thomas J. 6, 29N, 13W
ALLISON, George 5, 29N, 12W
ALSUP, Wyley  4-9, 29N, 15W
ALUMBAUGH, Wm. R.10, 30N, 13W
ANDERSON, August 4, 28N, 13W
ARMSTRONG, Edward 36, 28N, 13W
ARMSTRONG, Samuel 23, 29N, 16W
ARNALL, Mallory J. 25, 29N, 14W
ARNAUDT, John 22-27, 28N, 15W
ARNOLD, Albert G. 23-24, 29N, 14W
ARNOLD, Isaac N. 24, 29N, 14W
ARTHUR, John W. 20, 29N, 13W
ASH, Matthew 30, 31N, 15W
ATKINSON, E. Charles13, 31N, 15W
ATKINSON, Jesse M. 35, 28N, 14W
ATKINSON, John C. 19, 31N, 14W
ATKISSON, John M. 27, 29N, 13W
AUSTIN, Albert 18, 31N, 13W
AUSTIN, Calvey R. 23, 31N, 14W
AUSTIN, D. P. 36, 31N, 14W
AUSTIN, D. P. 31, 31N, 13W
AUSTIN, Francis M. 17, 30N, 13W
AUSTIN, Henry A. 31, 28N, 13W
AUSTIN, James L. 31, 31N, 12W
AUSTIN, Nicholas D. 1-2, 30N, 14W
AUSTIN, Philip A. 1-12, 30N, 14W
AUSTIN, Phillip A. 6-7, 30N, 13W
AUSTIN, Richard M. 30, 31N, 12W
AUSTIN, Samuel M. 6, 29N, 14W
AUSTIN, Stephen 30, 31N, 14W
AUSTIN, Sylvanus L. 18, 30N, 14W
AYERS, Barcus  3, 29N, 15W
AYERS, John H. 33, 29N, 15W
B____, Willi_ 36, 28N, 15W
BABB, Joshua 29, 28N, 14W
BABB, William C. 32, 28N, 14W
BAILEY, Ferdinand I. 36, 29N, 13W
BAILEY, George 22, 31N, 16W
BAILEY, GeorgeW. 34, 28N, 16W
BAILEY, Isaac N. 35, 29N, 13W
BAILEY, Jesse 5, 28N, 13W
BAILEY, Sarah L. 2, 28N, 13W
BAILEY, Sarah L. 35, 29N, 13W
BAKER, Albert H. 5, 29N, 12W
BAKER, Andrew 12, 28N, 16W
BAKER, Francis A. 11, 29N, 15W
BAKER, Jasper N. 10-15, 28N, 15W
BAKER, Jesse 21, 28N, 14W
BAKER, John B. 11-12, 28N, 16W
BAKER, John A. 30-31, 28N, 15W
BAKER, John 32, 32N, 14W
BAKER, John S. 34, 32N, 13W
BAKER, Robt. A. 12, 28N, 16W
BAKER, Samuel C. 36, 32N, 14W
BAKER, Susan C. 6, 29N, 12W
BAKER, Wilson Y. 8-9-17, 29N, 15W
BALEW, Stephen 14, 30N, 13W
BALL, Alfred W. 33, 32N, 12W
BALL, Cyntha I. 30, 30N, 14W
BALL, Cyntha I. 24-25, 30N, 15W
BALLARD, Guinsteard17, 31N, 12W
BALLARD, John C. 20, 31N, 12W
BALEW, Stephen 23, 30N, 13W
BALLEW, David A 10, 30N, 13W
BALLEW, David D. 14-15, 30N, 13W
BANIFORD, James 32, 31N, 15W
BANCOM, Geo. R. 26-35, 28N, 13W
BARBEE, Squire 2, 29N, 14W
BARCLAY, Thomas J.25-36, 29N, 14W
BARKER, Jesse P. 25-26, 32N, 13W
BARLEY, Wm. R. 17, 29N, 13W
BARMAN, America 13, 28N, 14W
BARNES, Elizabeth D.5-26, 29N, 13W
BARNES, Francis M. 28, 31N, 14W
BARNES, Jesse 28, 31N, 14W
BARNES, John 25-26, 29N, 13W
BARNES, John A. 25, 29N, 13W
BARNES, Unis C. 12, 30N, 14W
BARNES, William 11, 30N, 14W
BARNES, Wm. M. 25-26, 29N, 13W
BARNETT, Elza 27, 31N, 14W
BARNETT, Martha 3, 29N, 14W
BARNETT, Peter S. 35, 29N, 14W
BARNETT, Wm. 26-35, 29N, 14W
BARNHOUSE, Henry 32, 30N, 13W
BARRETT, Richard C. 20, 31N, 13W
BARROW, William M.7-8-17, 28N, 13W
BARROW, William M.18-19-20, 28N, 13W
BARROWS, George S. 12, 28N, 14W
BARTLETT, James P.20-21, 29N, 14W
BARTLETT, Mary Jane 11, 30N, 14W
BARTLEY, Isaiah 5, 29N, 13W
BARTLEY, John F. 20, 30N, 15W
BARTLEY, Mary 20, 30N, 15W
BARTLEY (?), Thomas J. 36, 29N, 14W
BARTLEY, W.R. 34, 30N, 15W
BARTLEY, William A. 3, 30N, 13W
BARTON, CO. 8, 28N, 13W
BARTON, CO. 23-25, 28N, 15W
BARTON, CO. 4-8, 29N, 12W
BASS, W.H. 35, 30N, 16W
BATEMAN, Clarkson W.1, 29N, 13W
BATES, Susan 19, 31N, 12W
BAXTER, David S. 9, 31N, 12W
BEACH, Wm.  H. 6, 31N, 12W
BEAL, Basil 3-14, 31N, 16W
BEALL, Cornelious H.3-10-11, 31N, 16W
BEALL, George T. 20, 28N, 14W
BEAN, George 1, 29N, 16W
BEAN, John   8, 30N, 12W
BEAN, Wm. H. 1, 29N, 16W
BEARD, Samuel J. 22, 28N, 15W
BECK, Frederick J. 31, 29N, 13W
BECK, Richard L. 26, 29N, 13W
BECKER, Frederick  S. 9, 28N, 15W
BECKHAM, Thomas I. 31, 31N, 12W
BEENEY, Hiram C. 33, 31N, 15W
BELCHER, Aners 34, 29N, 16W
BELIKE, Casper J. 19-30, 29N, 13W
BELL, Harwood P. 9-10, 28N, 13W
BELL, Harwood P 24, 28N, 14W
BELL, Thomas B.9-20-27, 28N, 15W
BELT, Albert W. 6, 30N, 13W
BENDER, John S. 5-6-8, 29N, 15W
BENFER, Tobias 5, 29N, 15W
BENNETT, Eli 32, 31N, 13W
BENNETT, Eli 5, 30N, 13W
BENNETT, Jeremiah 11, 29N, 14W
BENSON, John F. 35-36, 32N, 13W
BENTON, Thomas 17, 31N, 14W
BENTON, Wm. K. 3, 29N, 15W
BEONIS, Francis M. 33, 31N, 12W
BERRY, Carson M. 4-5, 28N, 15W
BERRY, Carson M. 36, 29N, 16W
BERRY, Carson 31, 29N, 15W
BERRY, Moses C. 6, 28N, 15W
BERRY, Robert D. 6, 28N, 15W
BERRY, Samuel  M. 6, 28N, 15W
BERRY, Wm. F. 21, 29N, 12W
BERRY(?), Wm.  A. 17, 29N, 14W
BEST?, William 36, 28N, 15W
BEYER, August William28, 31N, 14W
BIGGS, John 7, 28N, 14W
BIGGS, Joseph G. 7, 28N, 14W
BIGGS, Wm. 7, 28N, 14W
BINGHAM, Albert 26, 28N, 13W
BINGHAM, John 36, 28N, 13W
BINKLEY, George I. 2, 29N, 15W
BINKLEY, Isaac 2, 29N, 15W
BINKLEY, Nemrod 7, 29N, 14W
BINKLEY, Wm. 1, 29N, 15W
BISHOP, John Sr. 35, 30N, 14W
BISHOP, Richard M. 16, 28N, 12W
BLACKWELL, Martha A.35, 28N, 16W
BLACKWELL, Mary 1, 30N, 13W
BLACKWELL, Wm. A. 13, 31N, 13W
BLACKWOOD, John 29, 30N, 13W
BLADES, Whelson H. 27, 30N, 13W
BLAIR, Silas W. 2, 31N, 13W
BLALOCK, Thomas13-14, 30N, 13W
BLANKENSHIP, James 27, 32N, 13W
BLANKENSHIP, Robert D. 19, 31N, 14W
BLEDSOE, John C. 18, 30N, 15N
BLEDSOE, William 12, 31N, 15W
BLEDSOE, Wm. J. 19, 30N, 15W
BLICKENSDERFER, Jacob6-26, 30N, 15W
BLINKENDEFER, John17, 30N, 15W
BLOYD, James 27-34, 28N, 15W
BLUM, John H. 4, 28N, 14W
BOATMAN, Andrew 4, 29N, 12W
BOATMAN, Andrew 8, 28N, 12W
BOATMAN, Andrew 30, 30N, 12W
BOATMAN, Richard 17, 28N, 12W
BOATMAN, Richard H.18, 30N, 12W
BOATMAN, Robert L. 5, 29N, 12W
BOATMAN, Robert L.7-18-30, 30N, 12W
BOATMAN, Wm. H. 9, 28N, 12W
BOGART, Charles 13, 28N, 15W
BOGLES, Joseph H. 6, 29N, 13W
BOGLES, Joseph H. 32, 30N, 13W
BOHANAN, Elijah 22, 32N, 15W
BOHANNON, Abram W.7, 31N, 15W
BOHANNON, Francis M.21, 32N, 15W
BOHANNON, James A.1, 31N, 14W
BOHANNON, John A.6, 31N, 13W
BOHANNON, John A. 31, 32N, 13W
BOHANNON, Wm. 1-11, 31N, 14W
BOLIAN, James A. 3, 29N, 15W
BOLLINGER, Henry 28, 30N, 12W
BOLLINGER, James 33-34, 28N, 13W
BOLLINGER, Lewis 33-34 ,28N, 13W
BOLT, James M. 34, 28N, 14W
BOLT, John H. 34, 28N, 14W
BOOKWALTER, Eli 23, 29N, 15W
BOOTH, Benjamin 29-30, 30N, 13W
BORDERS, Christopher 26, 28N, 16W
BORDERS, James F. 35, 28N, 16W
BORDERS, Mathew O. 27, 28N, 16W
BORDERS, Samuel P. 25, 28N, 16W
BOREN, Francis M. 10-14, 31N, 13W
BORTHICK, Joseph 19, 28N, 15W
BOSLICK, Joseph 8, 29N, 12W
BOSTICK, Benjamin F. 27, 32N, 14W
BOSTIS, Joseph H. 7, 29N, 12W
BOTHWELL, Alexander W. 35-3, 29N, 14W
BOULDIN, George C. 33, 31N, 14W
BOUND, Isaac M. 11, 30N, 13W
BOUNDS, Rufus N. 33-34, 30N, 14W
BOUSMAN, Thos. H. 21, 28N, 13W
BOWEN, John W. 18, 30N, 13W
BOWERS, Green 26, 30N, 14W
BOWLIN, Henry C. 10, 31N, 13W
BOWMAN, James R. 36, 32N, 14W
BOWMAN, James R. 36, 29N, 15W
BOWMAN, James K. 36, 32N, 14W
BOWMAN, James R. 30, 32N, 13W
BOX, Charles J. 18, 29N, 14W
BOX, Robert 18, 29N, 14W
BOX, Robert 22, 29N, 16W
BOX, Robert L. 13, 29N, 15W
BOX, Uriah J. 15, 28N, 15W
BOYD, Wm. G. 9, 29N, 12W
BOYER, James 23-24, 30N, 15W
BOYER, James G. 21, 30N, 15W
BOYER, Joseph 21-28-29, 30N, 15W
BOYER, Lewis 3, 29N, 16W
BOYER, Wm. H. 20, 31N, 13W
BRACE, Francis M. 1, 29N, 13W
BRADFORD, John 3, 29N, 14W
BRADFORD, Wm. 29, 31N, 12W
BRADLEY, James H. 36, 31N, 15W
BRADLEY, Miles 33-34, 31N, 14W
BRADLEY, Thomas J. 25, 29N, 14W
BRADSHAW, Azer 26, 30N, 16W
BRADSHAW, Benjamin12-13, 29N, 14W
BRADSHAW, Elisha 26, 30N, 16W
BRADSHAW, James P. 23, 30N, 16W
BRADSHAW, Jasper C. 19, 29N, 13W
BRADSHAW, Pierce W. 13, 29N, 14W
BRADSHAW, Preston 24, 29N, 14W
BRADSHAW, Stephen 23, 30N, 16W
BRADSHAW, Wm.  H. 14, 29N, 14W
BRADY, Terrence 20, 31N, 14W
BRAKE, Jesse H. 13, 32N, 16W
BRAMHALL, Elizabeth 13, 30N, 14W
BRAMHALL, Ferando C. 8, 31N, 15W
BRAMHALL, George W. 1, 31N, 16W
BRAMHALL, Hiram D. 1, 31N, 16W
BRAMHALL, Jacob 6-17, 31N, 15W
BRAMHALL, Jacob 25, 32N, 15W
BRAMHALL, Jacob R. 5-8-21, 31N, 15W
BRAMHALL, James M. 6, 31N, 15W
BRAMHALL, Thomas J. 7, 31N, 15W
BRANN, James A. 2, 29N, 15W
BRANNON, Wm. C. 35, 28N, 16W
BRANSON, Wm. W. 32, 28N, 12W
BRANSTETTER, Charles M. 13, 29N, 16W
BRANSTETTER, George W. 13, 29N, 16W
BRANT, Henry H. 27, 28N, 15W
BRASHER, Henry 25, 29N, 16W
BRASHER, Huston B. 14-15, 29N, 16W
BRASHER, James H. 3, 28N, 14W
BRASHER, Mitchell 23, 29N, 16W
BRASHER, William A. 23, 29N, 16W
BRAY, Edmond W. 29, 29N, 14W
BRAZEAL, Henderson 31-32, 28N, 14W
BRAZEAL, Henry  S. 17-20, 29N, 15W
BRAZEAL, Milton B. 1, 28N, 15W
BRECKHAM, William C. 1, 31N, 13W
BRENTLINGER, Chas. W. 6, 29N, 14W
BRENTLINGER, Daniel 9, 29N, 15W
BRENTLINGER, George W. 34, 28N, 15W
BRENTLINGER, John W. 34, 28N, 15W
BRESLER, John H. 4, 29N, 12W
BRETT, Elizabeth 12, 29N, 15W
BREUCH, Isaac 19, 31N, 13W
BREWER, Emery W. 25, 30N, 13W
BREWER, Emery W. 30, 30N, 12W
BREWER, John D. 36, 31N, 13W
BREWER, John D. 1, 30N, 13W
BREYLESS, Catharine 2, 29N, 14W
BRIGGS, Newton C. 1-2, 31N, 13W
BRIGGS, Rufus C. 2, 31N, 13W
BRILL, Peter  30-31, 31N, 12W
BRINKERHOOF, Jacob  11-12, 29N, 13W
BRISENDINE, James L. 20-29, 32N, 15W
BRIXEY, John 36, 29N, 16W
BROCK, Elijah 8, 31N, 13W
BROMFIELD, William M. 22, 30N, 13W
BROOK, Benjamin 1, 29N, 13W
BROOKS, Elbert J. 6, 29N, 12W
BROPHY, John J. 22, 29N, 14W
BROWN, Belfield 26, 32N, 15W
BROWN, Calvin M. 2-3, 28N, 15W
BROWN, Calvin M. 34, 29N, 15W
BROWN, Ellis M. 3, 29N, 16W
BROWN, Isaac E. 15, 29N, 16W
BROWN, John W. 36, 28N, 13W
BROWN, John 4, 29N, 12W
BROWN, John W. 6, 30N, 14W
BROWN, John W. 18, 30N, 13W
BROWN, John W. 17, 29N, 12W
BROWN, Sandie 15-22, 29N, 13W
BROWN, Thomas J. 22, 30N, 16W
BROWNELL, Charles 24, 29N, 15W
BROYLES, Catherine (2?)-4, 29N, 14W
BROYLES, James G. 4, 29N, 14W
BROYLESS, Joseph H. 6, 29N, 13W
BRUTON, Cantrell B. 11, 28N, 14W
BRUTON, Elizabeth 17, 28N, 13W
BRUTON, Hazelwood S. 3-4, 28N, 13W
BRUTON, James H. 17-20, 28N, 13W
BRUTON, Jesse 3-10-7-18, 28N, 13W
BRUTON, Levi 6, 29N, 13W
BRUTON, Levi 1, 29N, 14W
BRUTON, R. R. 7, 28N, 13W
BRYAN, Mary Alice 27-28, 32N, 14W
BRYAN, Romain 22, 32N, 14W
BRYAN, Wm. H. 22, 32N, 14W
BRYANT, Ambrose H.S. 30, 28N, 15W
BUCHANAN, Chalmers 18-19, 28N, 14W
BUCK, Isaac 17, 29N, 15W
BUCK, John 31, 30N, 15W
BUCK, Stephen 25, 30N, 16W
BUCK, Wilford 8, 29N, 15W
BUCKLES, Aaron D. 15-22, 28N, 15W
BURCH, Darius 25, 29N, 13W
BURGESS, Munnroy 34, 31N, 15W
BURGESS, William 35, 31N, 15W
BURGESS, Wm. 34, 31N, 15W
BURK, Patrick E. 2, 29N, 13W
BURNETT, Benjamin 17, 30N, 14W
BURNETT, Berry 21, 30N, 14W
BURNETT, Berry 12, 29N, 15W
BURNETT, J.E. 34, 28N, 15W
BURNEY, Eli C. 31, 31N, 13W
BURNEY, John J. 11-12, 31N, 14W
BURNS,Wm. F. 31, 31N, 15W
BURRIS, David W. 33, 32N, 12W
BURRIS, John 31, 31N, 14W
BURRIS, Johntson 31, 31N, 14W
BURRIS, Johnston 6, 30N, 14W
BURTON, Levi 6, 29N, 13W
BURTON, Levi 1, 29N, 14W
BUTCHER, David N. 31, 29N, 13W
BUTCHER, David 14, 29N, 15W
BUTCHER, Ezekiel 2, 29N, 14W
BUTCHER, Isaac 5, 29N, 13W
BUTCHER, James H. 1-2, 29N, 14W
BUTCHER, John L. 6, 29N, 13W
BUTCHER, Wm. O. 18, 29N, 13W
BUTTRAM, Jas.  M. 10, 31N, 16W
BUTTRAM, James M. 13, 31N, 16W
C_ING, Wm. 30, 29N, 15W
CAFFEY, James N. 12, 31N, 16W
CAFFEY, Joseph A. 11-12, 31N, 16W
CALHOUN, G. W. 10, 28N, 14W
CALHOUN, John 10, 28N, 14W
CALHOUN, Washington 36, 29N, 15W
CALLAWAY, Newton C. 35, 28N, 16W
CALLEN, Jacob 15, 29N, 15W
CALSON, Peter 15, 28N, 13W
CALTON, David H. 12, 31N, 15W
CALTON, David H. 7, 31N, 14W
CALTON, Noah 19, 32N, 15W
CAMPBELL, Alexander 5, 29N, 12W
CAMPBELL, Andrew J. 21, 29N, 14W
CAMPBELL, Charles 17, 29N, 14W
CAMPBELL, Charles C. 19-20, 29N, 14W
CAMPBELL, Dennis 3-10-11, 28N, 13W
CAMPBELL, George 17, 29N, 14W
CAMPBELL, Hugh 15, 28N, 15W
CAMPBELL, John H. 10, 29N, 16W
CAMPBELL, Judge 07, 28N, 12W
CAMPBELL, Wm. D. 5-6, 29N, 12W
CANTRELL, Berry A. 25, 31N, 13W
CANTRELL, Charles M. 19, 31N, 12W
CANTRELL, Cleveland A. 17, 31N, 12W
CANTRELL, Felix G. 17, 31N, 12W
CANTRELL, Isaac 17-18, 31N, 12W
CANTRELL, Perry  A. 25, 31N, 13W
CANTRELL, Perry A. 30, 31N, 12W
CAPPLE, Levi 25, 28N, 14W
CARDER, Abraham L. 3, 30N, 13W
CARDER, James R. 9, 30N, 13W
CARDER, Jonathan S. 14, 30N, 13W
CARLTON, Thomas B. 33, 30N, 12W
CARNALL, John T. 3, 28N, 15W
CARR, Charles 1, 31N, 16W
CARRICK, Joseph A. 34, 28N, 16W
CARROLL, Robert W. 35-36, 31N, 16W
CARTER, Carnelas 29, 29N, 13W
CARTER, Jesse M. 2, 29N, 14W
CARTER, Robert H. 4-5, 29N, 13W
CARTER, William D. 22, 31N, 13W
CARTMEL, Corvin M. 23-24, 28N, 16W
CARTWRIGHT, John M. 2, 30N, 13W
CASEY, George W. 22, 30N, 16W
CASEY, James 21-28, 29N, 13W
CASEY, Samuel 21, 29N, 13W
CASEY, Sarah A. 6, 29N, 13W
CASEY, Sterling 21, 29N, 13W
CASH, James 3-10, 30N, 14W
CATON, Mark 3-4, 30N, 14W
CAUDLE, Ellis N. 30-31, 28N, 13W
CAUDLE, George 6, 28N, 13W
CAUDLE, James Y. 4-5-8, 31N, 12W
CAUDLE, Lewis 19, 28N, 13W
CAUDLE, Lewis 24, 28N, 14W
CAUGHRON, Eleazor 32-33, 30N, 14W
CAUGHRON, John W. 32, 30N, 14W
CAVANAUGH, Mary 30, 31N, 14W
CAWEFORD, Samuel 36, 31N, 14W
CHAMBERS, Charles L. 1, 29N, 15W
CHAMBERS, Chas.  L. 6, 29N, 14W
CHAMBERS, Delcena  8-17, 29N, 14W
CHAMBERS, Elisha W. 34-35, 30N, 16W
CHAMBERS, George 27, 30N, 15W
CHAMBERS, James T. 8, 29N, 14W
CHAMBERS, James 14, 32N, 16W
CHAMBERS, Robert 20, 32N, 14W
CHAMBERS, Sanuel J. 17, 29N, 14W
CHAMPION, Elijah 32, 32N, 13W
CHANCEY, Steven C. 35-36, 31N, 13W
CHANDLER, Mary M. 5, 29N, 14W
CHAPMAN, Luther R. 5, 29N, 15W
CHAPMAN, Luther R. 5, 29N, 13W
CHILCUTT, John B. 9-10, 28N, 14W
CHRISTIAN, James H. 7, 28N, 15W
CHRISTIAN, Obed M. 6, 28N, 15W
CHRISTIAN, Simeoon 6, 28N, 15W
CHRISTIAN, Wm. 10-15-18, 28N, 15W
CHRISTIE, John C. 27-28  32N, 13W
CHRISTLEY, Wm. P. 2, 29N, 13W

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