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Wright County, Missouri

1850 Census plus Annotations
Transcribed/Annotated/Copyrighted by Gloria Bogart Carter

Page 22

335-335   (blank)
HENDRICKS, Samuel     42  m  KY  fmr      d in 1860, he and Mary are bur in Sec 21 T32 R17,1 & 1/4  mile south of Conway  to Frank Hendrix place (1978) about 40 feet west of road in a wooded area, field  stone markers only, Peter HENDRIX a bro to Sam , and Hiram SHOCKLEY s/o Thomas SHOCKLEY are also bur there; 1830 Sangamon Co IL   males 1-0-0-0-1  females 0-0-0-0-1; 1840 Polk Co MO males 1-1-1-0-0-1  females 1-1-0-0-0-1;  1860 Webster Co MO Union Twp #733 Mary  age 51 is head of household; was m in either Fayette Co KY or Scott Co KY before moving to Sangamon Co IL then ca 1837-39 to MO;
    Mary              41  f  KY          nee: DURBIN; d 1872 bur by Samuel; d/o Philip S. DURBIN Sr  b 12 Jul 1781 MD, s/o Christopher DURBIN, went to Madison Co KY with his parents,  ca 1788, and Lucy LOGSDON, d/o Edward LOGSDON & Polly BROWN; Philip S. DURBIN moved to Texas from MO and d there;
    Phillip           20  m  IL          b 27 Nov 1829 in Sangamon Co IL  d of typhoid pneumonia  on 4 Oct 1864 at Rock Island IL, a Prisoner, he was a Confederate Soldier, his grave is #1545 at the Rock Island Cem; m Mary
Druisilla CRIDER b  ca 1835 d/o Joseph CRIDER & Priscilla REED; 1860
Webster Co MO Washington Twp #132;
    Thomas            18  f  IL          b 7 Oct 1832 d 5 Dec 1911  bur Reed Catholic Cem Webster Co MO; he m ca 1858 to a PRICE, she is listed as Nelly, Millie and Magdaline on different census, and on her tombstone  Mary Magdalen  b 7 Feb 1839 d 3 Feb 1906 bur Reed Catholic Cem; 1860 WEBSTER Co MO Union Twp #733 he and his family are living in the household of his mother;
    Margaret          17  f  IL          Peggy b Dec 1832  d 28 Jul 1888 bur Reed Catholic Cem Webster Co MO; m John Wesley DECKARD 6 Sep 1835 d  6 Aug 1918 at Springfield MO, s/o William DECKARD & Elizabeth Emeline
HILDENBURG; 1860 Webster Co Union Twp #729;
    Lucy (Ann)        12  f  MO          m 29 Oct 1856 to James T. CLEMMONDS in Webster Co MO;
    Analiza           10  f  MO          Ann Elizabeth m on 17 Nov 1859 Webster Co MO to Joseph C. CRIDER s/o Joseph CRIDER s/o Daniel CRIDER; his mother was Druisilla REED d/o John REED & Drusy DURBIN;
    John (C.)         06  m  MO           b 3 Jun 1845 d 5 Aug 1923 bur Reed Catholic Cem; m Mary V. (?) B 20 May 1850 d 28 Dec 1911 bur Reed Catholic Cem; 1870 Webster Co MO Union Twp #255-257;
    Mary              03  f  MO
    Nancy             01  f  MO          m Sim SIMMONS;
Info from History of the DURBIN Family by Wm. Jesse DURBIN 1879-1974;

336-336   (blank)
ELLIS, Alfred         30  m  TN  fmr    1860 Webster Co MO Union Twp #737;
    Mary              28  f  TN        d  before 1860;
    Martha (C.)       05  f  MO        m on 20 Jul 1865 Webster Co MO to James K.P. VITTETO s/o Stockley T. VITTETO & Rebecca B. FERGUSON who m on
18 May 1826 in Williamson Co TN, see 1860 Webster Co Ozark Twp #494;
    Polly             03  f  MO         b Nov 1846 Wright Co MO; 1st m on 2 Jul 1865 Webster Co MO to B.L. STAFFORD, 2nd m a TURNER, 3rd m as 3rd w/o
John R BRIXEY who 1st m 18 Jan 1858 Webster Co MO to Nancy Alice HAILEY,
she d, he 2nd m 04 Jan 1866 Webster Co MO to Lucinda Jane CHILDRESS b 07
Feb 1844 Cherokee Co AL, d 28 Dec 1897, d/o Robert L. CHILDRESS Jr &
Hannah LACY who m in Knox Co TN 18 Oct 1832; Lucinda and John are bur
Brixey Cem Seymour, MO; John R. served with CO G 46 MO INF VOL, 6ft,
blue eyes;  Mary "Polly" div John R. BRIXEY in Mar 1905; BRIXEY see 1850
Wright Co MO #4;
    Elizabeth         2  f  MO
    Margaret       1/12  f  MO
HENDRECKS, Sarah     09  f  MO         probably d/o Samuel HINDRICKS & Mary DURBIN household #335, it is believed she was helping with the housework and the new ELLIS baby;

337-337   (blank)
DOZUR, James (DOSHER)   24  m  TN  lab    b 2 May 1826  d 27 Jan 1901 Jacksboro Jack Co TX; James Belle DOSHER kept a diary: This is part of what he wrote:  Life of James Belle Dosher: James Belle Dosher was born in Warren County TN, May the 2, 1826. His father's name was John Dosher.  His mother's name was Rachel. His grandfather's name was Peter Dosher. His grandmother's name was Allie Dosher. He then goes on telling of his days in Tex. He went back to home to LacLeod, County, MO. In the spring of 1850 he married to Miss V. M. Eddings.  Then in the fall of 1851 they moved to TX. The rest he talks about his life as a scout.  On the last page of his diary he wrote a little story that his grandfather had told him when they were in
Indiana. I have sat and listened to my grandfather talk and tell about
being forted up in the block house in Kentucky. In 12 mi. of the old crab
orchard. I heard him tell about him and 15 others being at the old crab
orchard after fruit when the indians ran out to them and killed all but
3. Grandpa Spears was killed and the indians cut him up in little
pieces, but he killed several before they got him.  Grandpa Dosher had
just rode up, got down and hitched his horses when he heard the indians
give the yell. He wheeled and ran into the bottom, taking down a trail,
he jumped out in a bunch of green briars and sat down.  He had been ther
only a moment when two indians come right at him and stopped and talked a
few moments and went back towards the orchard.  Grandpa sat ther til
everything was quiet; then he crawled out, crossed the river, and crawled
into the bluff and laid ther until sundown.  While lying ther, the other
2 who made their escape came to the other side of the river.  There was a
big fat man and a boy.  The man said to the boy, we can both ride your
horse and the boy got down to let him in the saddle.  He got up and rode
off and left the boy standing; then grandpa let himself be known to the
boy and they went to Ft. Geather.  One day when they were killing hogs at
the blockhouse at the fort, the indian ran onto them on the branch where
they were cleaning them.  When they saw the indians, they all ran for the
fort.  Grandpa was running and cought him by the hunting shirt and he
said. "Dam it, John, turn me loose."  He thought it was John Barber.  He
looked and saw it was an indian, then he threw his arms back and let him
take his shirt and he ran on to the post. Some of the women were in the creek above and there was a patch of cornfield, pumpkin and vines. The men hollared to them in dutch to run in the pumkin vines and hide. The indians did not get any of them. My grandfather's name on my fathers's side was Peter Dosher and my grandfather on my mother's side was Samuel Spears. End.   From: "Belinda Upton"
Researcher: Cal Reinecke
    Viola (Matilda)     17  f  TN        b 1833 Rhea Co TN; perhaps a d/o Caswell EDDINGS  1850 Wright Co MO #350; one report says her name was EDINGTON, d/o James EDINGTON & Nancy L. (?) 1850 Wright Co MO #469;
    Rachel              46  f  NC        Rachel PAIN m in Rutherford Co TN to John DOSHER, Minister unknown and Daniel Dosher, Surety. 26 Nov 1823,
marriage book 1804-1837 pg 47. It appears to have been one that the county office had filled in from the record book on 22 day of March 1979, Ed (Sonny) Elam County Court Clerk and Robin D. Williams Deputy Clerk.  John did marry a Rachel Pain. Samuel Spears may have been a stepfather, or Rachel may have 1st m a PAIN. John DOSHER was b 1801 Knox Co TN  d in MO; 1840 Pulaski Co MO; 1860 Webster Co MO Union Twp #799;
    Elizabeth           07  f  MO         d/o John & Rachel;
    Nancy               22  f  MO        d/o John & Rachel; m a Drury,  1860 Webster Co Union Twp #799 she is in the houshold of  her mother Rachel DOSHER; Nancy DRURY m on 20 Jan 1861 Webster Co MO to Isaac EPPS s/o Enoch EPPS & Margaret (?), 1850 Wright Co MO #324;
    Harrison            19  m  IN  lab    John Harrison DOSHER s/o John & Rachel; m on 8 Jul 1858 Webster Co MO to Rebecca RHODES; d/o Wm. RHODES  & Elizabeth; See 1850 Wright CO MO #42-42; 1860 Laclede Co MO #585; They are in Webster Co MO in 1870 and 1880;  He is bur in Good Springs Cem Webster Co MO with a Military marker CO F 1 AR INF no dates; his dau, Rachael E. m as 2nd w/o Abner TERRY who 1st m on 27 May 1860 Webster Co MO to Mary
    Margaret (J.)       04  f  MO        d/o John & Rachel;
    Henry               07  m  MO        not with Rachel in 1860;

338-338   600
FINLEY D.C.        46  m  TN  fmr    David C.; a notice in the Springfield
Advertiser 1844-50 Greene Co MO pub by Marsha Hoffman Rising reads: 29
Apr 1845, David C. Finley, Public Admn, Notify him of claims against
S.D. or W. Wall. Wright Co MO; 1860 MO Census Index lists a D.C. FINLEY
in Pettis Co MO;
    Telitha        35  f  TN
    Mary           01  f  MO
MASON, Edward      13  m  TN

339-339   500
MAXWELL, Robert (Gordon)  34  m  IL  fmr   They moved to KS; m 4 Sep 1836 Polk Co MO to:
    Elizabeth             35  f  MO        nee: ICARD (IKERD) d/o Philip ICARD &Elizabeth CRIDER;
    Eliza                 12  f  MO
    Ann                   07  f  MO
    Joseph                05  m  MO
    Absolum               04  m  MO
    John                  01  m  MO
ICARD, Elizabeth          75  f  VA        "Betsey" nee:CRIDER/CRADER/GRAITER  d/o Jacob GRAIDER; wid/o Philip ICARD Sr.  1840 Pulaski Co MO; Philip ICARD served in the War of 1812;

340-340   (blank)
DICKARD, Jessee     40  m  VA  fmr     d 23 Nov 1887 age 74 yrs, bur Hyde
Cem Webster Co MO;
    Sarah (E.)      38  f  VA         d 15 Jan 1889 age 73 yrs, bur Hyde Cem;information from Monroe Co., IN proves Sarah Deckard was a Kinser and
her line goes way back into Germany. She is related to the Kinser family
in the edge of Greene Co. MO, Joseph and Anna McLaughlin Kinser and their
son Jefferson, etc. & it is believed they are also related to William
Kinser that married Lucinda Crigger Pendergrass of Webster Co. Sarah is
the daughter of Jacob and Ann Kinser of Wythe Co. VA and the
granddaughter of Walter and Dorthea Branstetter Kinser. Jesse (also
thought to be known as John Wesley in earlier records) is the son of
Johannes Jacob Deckard. The Deckards and Kinsers get together in Monroe
Co. IN; Jesse had fourteen children: their 3rd child, John W. Deckard, was not enumerated on the 1850 Wright Co MO census, he was b 1835, married Margaret Essary.
    Ephraim          17  m  IN         b Feb. 1832; m ca 1855 in MO to Rachel ESSARY,d/o George ESSARY and Elizabeth BARKER of Hamilton Co IL.
Monroe Co. IN.  He d ca 1908 and both are bur in Bethel Cem on the edge of Douglas and Ozark Co MO;
    Anna             16  f  IN        b 1834; m ca 1853 toAustin Honeycut of Wright Co MO; 1860 Webster Co MO Union Twp #754;
    Amanda           15  f  IN         b 1835; m ca Feb 1857 to Riley Boyd in Wright or Webster Co MO; She had a daughter, Malinda born Feb. 14, 1858; Amanda died at her birth or shortly after. Rileythen m Mary Elizabeth (?), which old family stories say she was Malinda's wet nurse and is thought to have been a family member. She died after having two sons, Columbus O. Boyd in 1859 and David F. S. Boyd in 1861; Riley then married Mary Davis in 1862 but he had already arranged for Wm. Weaver to legally take charge of the boys and they livedwith Weaver until David was about 12.  Riley died in the Civil War of disease in Little Rock in Oct. 1863.
    Jacob            13  m  IN        b 1837, m Ellen Dill, 1860Webster Co MO Union Twp #782;
    Pheby            11  f  IN        Phoeba Deckard b 1839, married George Dill 5Mar. 1857 Web. Co.
    Nancy (J.)       09  f  IN        Nancy J. Deckard born1841, married John Selvidge 8 Sep. 1862 Webster Co.
    Sarah E.         08  f  IN         Sarah Elizabeth Deckard b 1842, married Geo. C. Essary 24 Mar. 1861 Webster Co MO
    William          04  m  MO         William Albert Deckard born 1846, married Tilda Essary, they are buried in Laclede Co. MO in Essary Cem.
    Cascinder        02  f  MO        Cassander Deckard, born 3May 1848 MO, married Andrew Jackson Essary.
    Perlina (W.)   4/12  f  MO        The Essary's that married into this
family, Andrew, Geo. C. and Tilda were all children of James L. and
Martha McCain Essary.
  Researcher Teresa Pennington  Bill Pennington []

341-341  (blank)
LIVLEY, Jessee    46  m  IL  lab    probably him and son Jessee on 1860
Newton Co MO Lost Creek Twp #194 & #196;
    Sarah         46  f  KY
    John          21  m  MO
    Jessee        16  m  MO
    William       11  m  MO
    Martin        07  m  MO

342-342   (blank)
ICARD, Lucinda     34  f  IL     1840 Pulaski Co MO; nee:TAGGERT/TYGERT;
Wid/o William Joseph IKERD, s/o Philip IKERD & Elizabeth CRIDER she was a sister to Julia w/o John P. CAMPBELL 1850 Wright Co MO #229;and a sister to Josiah TAGGERT 1850 Wright Co MO #327; in the Springfield Advertiser 24 Feb 1849: IKERD, dated 2 Jan 1849 Wright Co MO. F.M. TAGGART, admn.; 1860 Webster Co MO Union Twp #786 Loucinda head of household;
    Riley          10  m  MO     According to the Webster Co History Book page 742, this should read "Hiley" Hila Caroline, but the above is the way
the enumerator put it on the census; Hiley C. 1st m on 20 Mar 1864 Webster Co MO to Andrew J. ESSARY; 2nd m John W. JENNINGS;
    Nancy          07  f  MO     m 25 Dec 1864 Webster Co MO to Joseph C.
    Joseph (M.)    04  m  MO    m 18 Jan 1866 Webster Co MO to Mrs. NancyAnn HOGAN;
    Fleming        02  m  MO    F. Thomas m  on 16 Mar 1873 Webster Co MO toMartha Jane RIMMER d/o Bedford RIMMER & Barbara CATES;

343-343  (blank)
IKARD, John         25  m  MO  fmr      b 1 Sep 1825 Cape Girardeau Co MO d 3 Aug1895 College Springs, Page Co Iowa; s/o Philip IKERD & Elizabeth CRIDER; marr 11 Sep 1845;
    Riller          20  f  MO           nee: ESTES;
    Francis         07  m  MO
    James           06  m  MO
    George          04  m  MO
    Cordealien      03  f  MO
    Betsey        6/12  f  MO

344-344   500
DAUGHERTY, Joseph  38  m  VA  fmr   1860 Webster Co MO #738;
    Sarah            36  f  VA
    Elizabeth        16  f  IL        Mary E. 1st m on 20 Oct 1858 to GeorgeLEUALLEN; 2nd m on 20 Apr 1870 Webster Co MO to Andrew Thomas ANDERSON;
    James (E.)       14  m  IL        m on 19 Oct 1858 Webster Co MO to Mary M.CAPLE; 1860 Webster Co MO Union Twp 739;
    Moses            12  m  IL
    Sarah B.         09  f  MO
    John             07  m  MO
    Sirvilla         04  f  MO
    Malvina          01  f  MO

345-345  (blank)
ICKARD, Daniel      28  m  MO   fmr   s/o Philip IKERD & Elizabeth CRIDER;
    Loucinda        24  f  TN
    John            08  m  MO
    Caroline        02  f  MO
    Daniel          01  m  MO

346-346   (blank)
ICKARD, Henry    38  m  MO  fmr     s/o Philip IKERD & Elizabeth CRIDER;
    Ruthy        21  f  IN
    Sarah        01  f  MO

347-347   (blank)
ICKARD, George      48  m  NC  fmr     d 5 Oct 1857 Webster Co MO; s/o
Philip IKERD & Elizabeth CRIDER; m on 10 Mar 1831 Cape Girardeau Co MO
    Nancy (D.)      38  f  TN         nee: WILLIAMS; she d 1858;
    June            14  f  MO
    Alfred          12  m  MO          1860 Webster Co MO Ozark Twp #467 in household ofJames BURFORD, the rest of these children were in the Alfred FINLEY household #795 in Union Twp; m 15 Feb 1863 Webster Co MO to Mary Jane BOLES;
    John (C.)       10  m  MO         1st m on 15 Jun 1862 to Nancy C. TERRY, 2nd mon 22 Aug 1878 to Mary Malinda LARIMER;
    George A.       08  m  MO
    Caroline        05  f  MO         Nancy C. m on 15 May 1864 to William TABOR:
    Lucinda         05  f  MO          Anna L. m 27 Nov 1870 to Nathan PIERCE;
    Pernetta        02  f  MO         P. Adoline m 18 Apr 1867 to Richard AusburySTOKES;

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