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Many brave men have fought and died for what they thought was right.  Many  wives and children have been forced to endure tremendous hardships because the men  "went off to war."  As traumatic as war is, in the annals of America, there has been no more tragic event than the Civil War.  Families were torn apart, not just by the deaths that all wars bring about, but by the pitting of family members against each other.

As a border state, Missouri was subjected to extremes from both north and south.  All eligible males were fair game to whichever side was "conscripting" in the area at any given time.  A tale is told of one mother who buried her two sons, side by side, beneath a peach tree.  One wore blue and the other wore gray.  The fortunate ones, who returned home, were often able to live side by side without rancor.   Such a place was Wright County.

As John Dunne wrote:  "No man is an island entire of itself, but each is a piece of the continent, a part of the main...."  This page is dedicated to all those who served, for they are truly a part of what makes us what we are today.