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Wright County, Missouri

We will be able to be of more help to you,  if you ask us specific questions and tell us what sources you have already checked.  That will save us from duplicating your efforts and allow us to use our limited time to check other sources we might have.

,Research Team:  Virginia Long, Phyllis Rippee, Carol Robertson and Gloria Bogart Carter.  Will look in our personal collections of records pertaining to Wright County.  No charge unless copies and postage required.  Also, if you want your query put in the free genealogy columns done by two of the team member, be sure to give your okay.

-Gloria Bogart Carter will do lookups.  Gloria has a fantastic library of research material and many publications of Wright County records, which she has compiled (see publications list on main page), or purchased. She also requests that you be specific with your queries.  Gloria does a genealogy column for the Springfield, MO newspaper, so you can also send her queries for inclusion in it.  These queries can be more general than the lookup requests, but do require your name and mailing address.

-Virginia Lawson Long, 2852 Highway MM, Mountain Grove MO 65711 will also do lookups.  Virginia has a large collection of research material. Please be specific with your queries.  Virginia does a genealogy column for the "Mansfield Mirror", a county newspaper.  Snail mail queries can be more general than the email lookup requests.

-Jim Admire will do lookups for McBride Cemetery.  Although this cemetery is located in Laclede County, many of the folks buried there were from Wright County.

-Jackie Mackie Campbell writes "I recently acquired a book titled "Missouri Marriages Early to 1825".  This book covers all of Missouri.  Will do lookups to share information from this book."

Wright County Historical and Genealogical Society when open.

Your host: -Phyllis Rippee
Updated November 2010