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Joel Bird Hembree (Nov. 26, 1804-April 11, 1860) married Sarah "Sally" Wilhite Jan. 28, 1830?.  His father is Joel Bird Hembree (1755-Feb. 16, 1825) married Mary Hannah Pettit (1757-Oct. 11, 1839).  His grandfather is James Hembree (abt. 1723) married Sarah Bird (abt. 1723).  Mary Francis Tate (abt. 1844 MO-abt 1885 Hartville MO) married about 1869 to Joel Bird Hembree (Jun 20 1845/6 Roane County TN-1921 OK).  William S. Vineyard (July 1818 VA) married Nancy LathenMary Elizabeth Carson (Aug 15, 1847 Washington County MO-Jan. 4, 1924 Springfield, Greene County MO) married Thomas G. Vineyard (Oct. 1850 Washington County MO-Nov. 24, 1922 Springfield MO).  Would appreciate information on any of these and will share what I have.
Betty Matheney  June 22, 1999

I am trying to locate the names of the 14 children born to John P. and Ellen Morehouse Smith.  The only names I have found so far are Jacob, Dora, Susie, Herbert, Newel, Doshia Mae and Verla.
Al Smith   June 22, 1999

I am trying to obtain information regarding Woodrow Early.  His mother was Ada Curtis Smith EarlyWoodrow was born Dec. 21, 1914 in Wright County.  Ada's first husband had died in 1910.  She married David Humphrey Early around 1915.  He was not the father of Woodrow.  I have been told that Woodrow's father's last name was Wilson.
Al Smith   June 22, 1999

I am trying to locate the burial place of Earl Smith, s/o Jacob and Ada Curtis Smith.  The Shaddy Cemetery records show that Earl is buried there and that there should be a flat stone marking the grave.  I have been unable to find the burial plot or the marker.  Does anyone have information about the date and place of death of Jacob Smith or his daughter EuniceEunice would have been born and died between Oct. 1904 and the 1910 census.  Jacob was also the father of Alfred who was born March 9, 1909. Jacob was not listed on the 1910 census.
Al Smith   June 22, 1999

Looking for any information on this family.  Clara was my great-grandmother.  What information I have comes from some research that my family did some years ago and I'd like to pick up where they left off.  Cyrus Andrews/Anderson (1851-1909) married Mary Davies/Davis in Osage County MO on Feb. 12, 1879.  She died from TB.  Their children were: Clara Almyra (Dec. 15, 1878 Mansfield MO-Nov. 30, 1969 Lancaster County NE) moved to NE and married Charles Wells in 1899; Frank; Cyrus; Edward.  Family story says that Clara helped raise her three brothers.  She was Pennsylvania Dutch and 1/32nd Indian.  She is buried in Blue Springs Cemetery, Blue Springs, Gage County NE.  Any help would be wonderful.
Virginia Lyons-Ratterree   June 22, 1999

John J. Atnip was born Feb. 15, 1842, DeKalb County TN and married Sarah C. Ellis born about 1850 in MO, d/o William and Nancy Sharp Ellis.  Need parents/siblings of John J.   Does anyone have Bible or obit?  Appreciate any information on the Atnip surname.
Liz   June 22, 1999

William Williams arrived in Wright County in 1838, was born in 1782 NC and had five children John (1808), William Jr. (1810), Larkin (1812), Priscilla (1813) and Bartley (1816).  The children's mother was Kissiah J. and they were married around 1806.  I would like to locate information on parents/siblings of William and on Kissiah's maiden name.  Family moved from NC>TN>MO>Wright County.  Bartley, John, William, Joseph and Henry Mack fought on the Union side during the Civil War.  Also, have lots of information on peripheral lines and will be willing  exchange.
Paul J. Williams   June 22, 1999

Seeking information on family of Simon and Matilda Stacy.  Children were Susan, Sitha, Rhoda Eveline, Elizabeth, Eda and BenjaminRhoda Eveline may have been one of my husband's ancestors, as her death certificate lists her father as Simon Stacy.  Her first husband was Samuel Smith who was also born in Wright County.  Samuel's father may have been Frank.  Any information on these Stacy or Smith familieswill be greatly appreciated.
Carolyn Bowers  June 11, 1999

I am trying to discover more information about my Walker family heritage because so very little is known.  This Walker family spent a great deal of time moving from place ot tplace, therefore it may be hard to keep up.  Beginning with Garner Mack Conco Waker (1829-1906) and his first wife Jane Dowden (--1872) were born in TN.  Nothing else is known about her.  Apparently the family moved back and forth between Jefferson County IL and White County TN as their children's birthplaces seem to indicate.  Their children were Amanda, George, W. S. "Doc", Robert, Freeman, Mary, Charles and Susan.  By 1879 the family settled to stay in Van Buren Township, Wright County MO.  Robert Lewis Walker married Florence Tucker, possibly born in Jefferson County IL.  Nothing is known about this Tucker line.  I have information about Robert's life in Wright County, but the Walker and Tucker families in TN and IL are lost to this line of the family.  Can you help me?
Berna David Hunter  June 10, 1999

I am looking for information on the family of George William and Mary Lee.  I have located them in the 1900 Wright County Census, but would like to know if they were there earlier.  I'm also trying to find George's parents name and Mary's maiden name.  I know that at least 5 of their children were born in Wright County.  Their children were Gertrude (Gertie), Maudie, Pauline (Janie), Bessie, Andrew (Andy), Jacob (Jake), Roy (Leroy) and Ernest (my grandfather, born in 1900).  I have hit a brick wall.  The only other information that I have is that George was born in Clark County IL and moved to KS from Mansfield MO in 1910.  He was a smelter worker in KS.  Any help would be appreciated.
Michelle Hammett  June 9, 1999

Searching for info on Franklin Stevens who married Marinda Dake.  They lived in the Mountain Grove MO area all of their lives and are buried there.  They were my great-grandparents.  Frank and Marinda had a son Ufa and a daughter Mamie. Mamie Stevens married Henry Hayden Atkisson and they had 4 children:  Don Manuel (June 15, 1918 Wright County MO) my father; Marcella Idora married Ben Long; Thelma Beatrice married Pete Hicks; John F. married RoseMarcella and Beatrice have lived all of their lives in the Mountain Grove/Hartville area.  John F. lived in New York and Don settled in Arkansas.  Any information appreciated.
Carolyn  June 7, 1999

I am looking for ancestral information on my father Edgar Ottis Scott born on July 19, 1908 to Andrew and Nancy Coday Scott.
Muriel Scott  June 7, 1999

Looking for information on Richard J. Walker, 1769 VA - 1856 Texas County MO and Norvel Walker,  Jan 12, 1809 KY - August 1, 1892 Mountain Grove, Wright County MO.
D. Hyde  June 4, 1999

My grandfather, Gaylord Kenney was born in Wright County "11 miles east of Mountain Grove" on May 31, 1894 or 1897.  Family oral history says he was raised by grandparents Cyrus Perry Kenney (Methodist minister) and Anzeletta Holmes Kenney.  Mormon records spell it Kinney.  A daughter of theirs, Nellie, married Leander Fred Stuckey in 1897 in Texas County.  Willing to trade info.
Bruce Kenney   June 4, 1999

Will appreciat any information on John Marion Miller (b. March 25, 1853 Astoria MO-Nov. 22, 1924), son of Enos H. and Anna Pofilen(?) John is buried in Dutch Chapel, Texas County MO.
Cheri DeGeere  June 1, 1999

Looking for information on Francis Marion Long and his second wife Sarah Ellen Lewis.  They were married about 1896-97 and had about four or five children.  All I have been able to find is info on his children from his first wife.  Also looking for any information on Sarah Ellen Lewis family.  My grandmother was Ona Leota Long Leach, one of the children from Francis and Sarah's marriage.
Pamela K. Brown  June 1, 1999

Looking for information about Thomas Jefferson Salsman and father Green Wilson Salsman.  They were in Wright County from ca. 1850 until their deaths.
Pamela K. Brown  May 29, 1999

Searching for the family of James J. KelleyJames married Dora Richmond.  I can place the family in Hartville, MO in 1889 when their daughter Myrtle Alice was born.  Other children were Jack, Ona and Ray.  Thank you.
Pamela Dollarhide  May 28, 1999

I am searching for the parents of my great-grandfather, George Henderson Findley, a Civil War veteran on the Union side, who lived in Wright County.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, as we live in Colorado and distance makes the research slow.
Jack Findley  May 25, 1999

My great-grandfather, John Graham Headley and wife Priscilla Larea Neal Headley came to Wright County, MO in 1874.  His son, my grandfather, George Washington Headley, married Ida Mae Lathrom in MO.  And my father, Berley Hayden Headley was born in Hartville, MO in 1922.  I am looking for any information, or relatives.  Thanks.
Bette Trent   May 19, 1999

My great-grandmother was Roxie May Crane (May 31, 1891 Mansfield, MO), d/o Benjamin Franklin Crane and Tursia Jane Tate.  Trying to find out where her parents came from.  Roxie married William Bloom(e) Best (April 9, 1888 in OK) s/o William Carlton Best and Amanda Elizabeth Bloome(e)Roxie and William raised their family of 3 children in the Joplin area and eventually they all moved to CA in the mid-1930s.  Thanks.
Cindy Cowles   May 17, 1999

I am desparately seeking information on William Henry Mansker who moved to Wright County, MO with his wife Adeline Elizabeth Rae in 1870.  I would like info on William and Elizabeth's ancestors and descendants.  Their children: John Henry, Ollie Rayborn, Laura Belle, Icy and Benjamin F.  I understand they lived in the Manes and Hartville area.  I believe they have descendants in Hartville today.  Any information that anyone can provide will be appreciated.
Joanna Wilson   May 17, 1999

Searching for family of Don Manuel Atkisson (June 15, 1919 Wood Township, Wright Co. MO), son of Henry Hayden Atkisson and Mamie Idora StevensDon Manuel married Annie Pate on August 15, 1939 in Faulkner Co. AR.  Henry H. and Mamie had children: Don Manuel; Marcella Idora (March 17, 1921-June 30, 1937); Thelam Beatrice; John F.Henry H. was son of John Miles AtkissonMamie Stevens was d/o Franklin Stevens and Marinda Dake of Mountain Grove, MO.  Any information appreciated.
Carolyn Moore   May 17, 1999

My great-great-grandfather, Lazarus Nichols, was one of the first settlers in Webster County.  Even though is has been said that Lazarus was an orphan I would like to know any information concerning his parents.  In fact, any Nichols family information would be appreciated. Lazarus Nichols was born July 5, 1809 in NC, after his parents' death he married Elizabeth Morris in KY about 1828.  They started a family and moved to Louisiana then Webster County.  They had several children and after he death he married Mary McClure and had several more, for a total of 16-20 children.  He died in Wright County March 31, 1878.  One of his granddaughters, Eliza Nichols Campbell was my great-grandmother.
Berna David Hunter  May 11, 1999

I am looking for information on my great-grandfather Andrew Johnson Campbell.  I have looked for several years but can find little information on him.  Andrew Johnson (also called John and AJ) was born in Clayborn County, TN on June 15, 1855.  His father Charles Campbell and mother Dorcas Calloway moved the family to Wright County during the war.  Andrew first married Cora Quillen and they had a son named Frank. Andrew later married my great-grandmother Eliza Nichols in 1905 in Hartville.  Eliza gave birth to my grandmother Eunice Nichols Campbell in 1907 also in Wright County.  Andrew Johnson Campbell lived most of his life in Wright County and is buried there.  I hope you can help me.
Berna David Hunter  May 10, 1999

I am seeking information about my father and family members.  His name was Paul Taylor (Feb. 15, 1924 Bowling Green, MO), his mother's name was Ida Bell Stewart, and his father's name was Thomas Taylor. My father died Dec. 2, 1949 from electrical burns and is buried in Norwood.  I want to find out what cemetery he is buried in.  I was born 4 days later in Norwood, MO.  My father had a brother named Walter married to Dorthy and an unmarried sister named Elizabeth.  My mother, Doris, passed away and I have not had any contact with any members of my father's family since my birth.  The information that I have is from my mother and some documents that I have.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Pamela Taylor Meyers   May 5, 1999

Looking for information on William Beardsley Hull married ? Holt.  A daughter Willa Etta Hull (ca. 1862) married Lewis Manville Thomas about 1833 in Mountain Grove, MO.  Lewis and Willa Etta had a daughter Alberta Thomas (May 9, 1885), a son Louis Otis Thomas who is my great-grandfather born July 12, 1891, William, Edna and another infant.
Kathy Bridges  April 13, 1999

Jacob Chambers married Elizabeth Stacy and at least one child, Andrew Jackson Chambers, was born to them.  Andrew married Mary Ellen Baker, daughter of William Berger Baker and Grace Ellen BrownMary had a sister Elizabeth "Becky" Baker Caldwell.  Then, I have the elusive James Murphy/Morphew who married in TN but came to AR.  His son John married Merica Chambers--back to Wright County.  Andrew J. Chambers was said to have been raised by his grandmother Catherine Kelly/Kelley Stacy in Wright County.  Years 1850-1890.
Polly Murphy  April 12, 1999

Looking for info on William Casey (1850s-1902 Wright County, MO) married Joanna Vance (1855).  Thanks.
Bev  April 12, 1999

I would like info on Clara Eudora Reed and Pearl Reed.  They were both married to Jacob Franklin Meyers/Myers.
Cheryl  April 12, 1999

I am researching Reeves and Brook.  Looking for information on Oscar C. Reeves and Sarah Hazel Brook. Oscar and Sarah were married (I don't know when) and had two sons that I know about: William Homer (Sept. 9, 1911-April 17, 1979) and Joseph.  I have no dates on Joseph but do have an attendance award from "Public Schools of Wright County", Hartville MO dated Feb. 17, 1930.  Having a hard time finding information on this family.  Can anyone out there help me?
Denzel Reasoner Jr.  April 12, 1999

I am searching for James Young (ca. 1807) married Rhoda ca. 1835.  Their daughter Margaret Frances Young (Dec. 24 1852 Hartville, MO) married Erasmus Manford FindleyMargaret and Erasmus are my great-grandparents and married in Wright County.  I would appreciate any information on James and Rhoda Young.
Judy Hill   April 12, 1999

Leondias "Lew" Emens and his wife Emma J. were living in Boone Twp., Wright County MO according to the 1900 Federal Census.  Their children were Charles J., May B., Maud C., Albert B. and Mary H.  I am searching for information on these people.  They may have had an elder daughter, whose married name is not known to me, living in the county.  If anyone knows of the marriages of any of these people I would appreciate having it.  Social Security records indicate that Albert Emens died in Portland OR in 1976.
JoAnn Johnson  April 9, 1999

I am looking for information about my grandfather, Griggs Edward Landers.  He was supposedly born in Salem, Dent County, MO.  His father was James Ervin and Mary Smallwood Landers. Mary died before he was 9 years old.  Any information about James and Mary would be greatly appreciated.
Sidney Swinney Polley  April 8, 1999

I am looking for Susanna Canby who was supposedly born in Wright County around 1842.  She was the daughter of Dr. Canby and her uncle was General Edward Canby, killed by the Indians.  She was orphaned at a young age, as I find her on the 1850 Pulaski County census, at the age of 8, in the home of William and Nancy Malone.  I would like to know who her parents were, who William and Nancy Malone were and what happened to her parents.  By the 1860 census she is in the home of John and Mary Eliot in Bell County, TX.  She married John White Smart in 1861.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sidney Swinney Polley  April 8, 1999

Tolbert Happold Scott is my father, Joseph and Ida Scott were my uncle and aunt.  I would like to know Joe and Ida's birthdates and the names of their and my father's , mother and father and where they were from if possible.  My father was born there in November of 1892.  He died in February of 1958.  My mother would not give me or my sister any information concerning who any of my relatives were or where they came from.  She was very secretive about it and took it to her grave.  Me and my sister have been trying to find out anything we can about our ancestors.  My father died in CA not in MO.  The family from what I can find out moved to OK while my father was fairly young.  He was the middle child I think.  I don't know for sure.  So any help you can give me will be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
Jerry Scott  April 1, 1999

Seek additional information on Samuel E. Trimble, born Hartville, MO, son of Samuel C. and Laura B. Freeman, grandson of John C. Trimble of KY and Webster County MO.  The given names in this family match those in my husband's Trimble line, proven back to Samuel Talmage Trimble of Beaver County, PA, who married Matilda Betsey Appleton and moved to Louisa County, IA.  Samuel E. was VP of Union Bank of Springfield later, married Ada Greene formerly of NC.  One child, Elizabeth, married Dr. Fred Farthing of Springfield, Samuel T. of PA's son, James Etherington, married Isabella Munger of Hannibal, MO.
Frances Trimble  March 30, 1999

Looking for info on Jacob, William F., James, George and Mary Emaline Emmerson who lived in or around Hartville in the late 1870s through 1888, when some of them William F. Emmerson, John Westley Fincher, Mary Emaline Emmerson, Margaret Hutsell and her father headed for Idaho.  Would also like info on Fincher, MO a settlement no longer there.
Judy Boring  March 29, 1999

Searching for my MO roots.  Great-grandfather John Franklin Stevens married Miranda Idora Dake and had children: Mammie married Henry Hayden Atkisson son: Ufa.  I have always heard the Miranda was descended from the Cherokee Indians.  I have heard that she was 1/2 Cherokee and have also heard she may have been 1/4 Cherokee.  They lived around Mountain Grove, MO.  Any info appreciated.
Carolyn Moore  March 29, 1999

I'm looking for any information on my grandmother and her family, seen in the 1900 census.  Her parents were Levi W. Millikan and his wife Malinda Daniels Carter Millikan.  They moved to the area by 1890 from Franklin County, AR and left in 1901 for Atchison County, MO.
Sue McLean   March 24, 1999

Looking for parents of Charles Wesley Brown (ca. 1855 IL), married about 1877 in Mountain Grove, died 1929.  He was married twice and fathered 12 children.  Will trade info.
Jackie Foster  March 24, 1999

Seeking any information about William B. Ipock who married Martha Dudley.  They had Doll, Vianna, Docia, Lola Jane, Deborah and Sophia ArleeDocia and Lola both married Rippee's, Tom and Jim.  Any clues would be great appreciated.
Jim Alexander  March 22, 1999

My great-great-grandfather, John F. Findley (April 11, 1847-June 30, 1883), came from Roane County, TN in the 1800s and settled on a farm four miles east of Mansfield in 1879.  John J. Findley and Arty E. Rhoe (May 13, 1845-Dec. 11, 1904) were married Dec. 1, 1869.  They had 7 children:  Ulysses S. (Dec. 23, 1870-Feb. 26, 1953) m. Linda Sharp Feb. 20, 1896; Rolla D. (March 29, 1872-Sept. 15, 1956) m. Nina Gray April 27, 1902; Ollie B. (Nov. 27, 1873-Nov. 6, 1874); Mary L. (May 4, 1875-Feb. 17, 1966) m. Jessie Deaver Nov. 16, 1900; James H. (April 2, 1878-March 8, 1956) m. Minnie Coday Nov. 25, 1906; John J. Jr. (Oct. 3, 1879-July 11, 1957) m. Theodocia Calhoun Aug. 18, 1907; William O. (Jan. 27, 1882-June 25, 1965) m. Aline Black May 18, 1940.  I would appreciate any information on John J. Findley's parents or siblings.
Teresa Maples  March 20, 1999

My great-great-grandfather, Clark Freels  born 1811, was married to Sarah (?) born 1818.  They were probably married in 1840 in Anderson County, TN where they had 4 children; Mary C. (1846), P.P. (1847), Isaiah (c. 1850), Lewis Clark (1853).  They moved to MO, near Mountain Grove and had 2 more children; Margaret J. (1856) and John W. (1859).  My great-grandfather was Lewis Clark Freels who married Mary Alice Middleton (May 5, 1861) and they had one son who I know about, John William Freels (August 25, 1877).  He married Ellen Magnole Brown (Oct. 5, 1876) from Texas County.  They had 4 children; Mayme (Sept. 26, 1900), Virgil Henry (Dec. 19, 1903), Grace (August 25, 1908) and Velma E. (August 14, 1919).  They moved to CA sometime between 1908-1919.  Any information appreciated.
Virgil Freels  March 19, 1999

I am searching for information about my great-great-great-grandmother, Julia Miller, born Feb. 27, 1874 in Norwood, MO.  She was the daughter of Eli and Sylvia Ann (Holt) MillerJulia married Morgan Elihu "Hugh" Cundiff of Camden County, MO prior to 1892 (place unknown).  Julia died Dec. 15, 1928 in Clayton, St. Louis County, MO.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone who is related to or has information on these relatives.
Sherri Rinderer   March 18, 1999

Researching these families. Contact me for my home page URL and let me know if you have any information that I may add to my files.
Daniel Haynes   March 18, 1999

I am looking for burial record for Charles Denton who died 1875 in Texas County, MO.  He may be buried in Wright County since other family members were living around Mountain Grove.  He could be listed as Charles, Chester or Charles Jackson Denton.  His wife was Nancy Melissa Donohoo and they were from Monroe County, TN.
Carolyn Whitaker   March 18, 1999

Looking for information on Andrew Jackson Alexander and family. Alexander was born Feb. 10, 1865 in Mountain Grove, MO.  He married Amanda Jane Robertson Nov. 17, 1887 in Mountain Grove.  They appear in the 1900 Federal Census in Van Buren Township, Wright County.  Their children were: Walter R. (May 16, 1891); Fred N. (June 16, 1893); Della May (Jan. 13, 1898); Ava (July 11, 1900); Minnie G. (July 20, 1895); Omar Lester (April 28, 1889).  Any additional information someone could provide will be appreciated.
David W. Wyble Sr.   March 18, 1999

Looking for parents/siblings of Arley Smith, Hartville MO.
Kaye Brewer  March 18, 1999

Looking for info on Yocum family in Mountain Grove, MO.
Melinda McPherson  March 18, 1999

I am looking for information on the families of William Prock who married Milley Elizabeth "Bette" Looney (also looking for proof of marriage).  They had children: Liney (died young of TB); James; Julia Ann (b. 1880 Wright County), my grandmother, married John Charles Robinson; Pearl (1884 died in Roswell, NM at near 100 years old); JohnWilliam was killed by lighning and Milley married James Laxton in 1894.  Milley had Clara Mae and John, but I don't know if they were Procks or Laxtons. I'm also looking for the family of John Charles Robinson.  His parents were Joseph Robinson and Mary ClineJohnCharles was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.  William may have been the son of William Rufus Prock, JrMilley may have been the daughter of Thomas R. Looney, s/o Hugh Quinn, but I need proof.
Barb Brown  March 18, 1999

My great-great-grandfather and mother are buried in McBride Cemetery.  Their names are Kizzy Randolph who married William Marion Adams.  I know of one daughter Laura Adeline Adams who married Charles Edward CrispCharles had 2 brothers, Jack and DanDan may have been a lawyer.  He had a sister Adda Crisp and another one I have no name for.  One of the sisters was a school teacher.  He also had a half sister name Buller Mae CrispLaura Adams had 2 sisters, one married my grandfather Crisp's brother and one married his nephew.  My mother Nita Crisp was born in Wright County.  She and her parents moved to Fort Gibson when she was a small girl.  I was told my grandmother Adams was born in an Indian camp.  I seem to run into a brick wall wherever I go.  I would be forever thankful for any help anyone can give me.
Irene Renniger   March 18, 1999

Nepthalian Goss served as constable at Manes, MO for several years before his death.  He is supposed to be buried at Manes, MO.  Does anyone have any information on either Nep or his wife Elizabeth Young?  Any help appreciated.
Julia Matney Bixler   March 4, 1999

M Ryan    March 4, 1999

I am looking for anyone that may be connected or have information on the Wells family that lived not far from the New Hope Church and Cemetery in the Hartville area.  My first Wells in this area was Peter James Wells and wife Laura E.  They had 9 children: MayCora Belle, James Pearl, Maggie May, Captain Clyde, Rosie Delphia, Laura Ettie, Shellie, Lyle and Percy Mac. James Pearl married a MalloryLaura Ettie married a RushingPercy never married, he died in his early 20s.  Captain Clyde married a SmithShellie married a Wyatt.  The others I have no information on as of yet.  Peter James died in 1921 and is buried in the New Hope Cemetery and his wife Laura died in AR, but is also buried in New Hope.  Peter had an aunt who also lived in the area. Mary See married to Andrew See.  Also Albert Care Wells son of Mary and wife Amy.  They too are buried in New Hope Cemetery.  Any help on any of thes families would be much welcomed and appreciated.  Will share my info with anyone who can connect to these lines.
Elizabeth Wells   March 4, 1999

Who were the parents of Harry Leach (Feb. 7, 1888 in Mountain Grove, MO)?  I think his mother was an Archer, born in England.
Bob Doerr   March 4, 1999

Seeking info on Andrew Jackson Cody (March 11, 1863) who was born in MO or Indian Territory.  He married Tabitha Angeline Hampton (Oct. 27 in Waldon, AK).  Father of Andrew, possibly John Cody born in Mansfield, MO.  Mother of Andrew, Elizabeth Butcher.  No other info.
Barb   March 4, 1999

Samuel B. Thompson (ca. 1791 NC-Feb. 26 1867 Wright County, MO) owned land early in Wright County.  Would like to correspond with anyone researching the Thompson line.  I would like to prove that he was the father of Jane Elvira Thompson (Dec. 1825 TN)) who married Jeremiah Mayfield Nunn; Margaretta Thompson (1829 TN) married Zepheniah Rice Nunn; Samuel B. Thompson Jr. (July 1830 TN) may have died in Ozark County in 1902.  Samuel Jr. married Margaret R. (Sept. 1841 MO).  Two sons of Samuel and Margaret Thompson were Elisha (Feb. 1863) and Elijah W. (July 1869).  Elisha was in Carter County in 1900.  Elijah was in Ozark County listed next to his father in the 1900 census. The Nunn family migrated from Maury County, TN and were also early land owners.
LaJuan DeBarbieris  Nov. 16, 1998

Any information on these Freeman brothers who came to Wright County, MO between the years 1840 to 1853:  Bazzill (1804-1885), Sylvester (1807-1865?), Littleton (1809-1891) and Brittain (1818-1863).  These four brothers came to Wright County from Roane County, TN.  Also would like to hear from descendants.
Victor Clay Freeman   March 4, 1999

Would like any information on the Arnetts who lived in the Hartville area of Wright County in the 1940s.  Names included Lois & Virginia.  Would like to hear from any relatives still living in the area.
Melvina Arnett   March 4, 1999

Searching for infomation on the families of Squire Goldsmith, James Stilley, Columbus McGuire, Carol Roper, Henry Rustic Savage and I am looking for information on Aletha Miller and Della Miller, both former wives of Oney Miller.  Also seeking the identity of A. C. Prock, second wife of Squire Goldsmith.
Danny Goldsmith   March 4, 1999

I am seeking information about my great-grandparents:  Peter Sanders married to Kate Sanders, grandfather Walter Monroe Sanders (August 17, 1896), father Walter Lloyd Sanders. August Mitchell married to Flora Bell Cash, grandmother Ola Rosetta Mitchell Sanders (Oct. 22, 1901).  Any help greatly appreciated.
Walter Loyd Sanders  March 4, 1999

Seeking info on James Garfield Chadwell who is evidently from Norwood, MO.  His son,  William Arthur Chadwell, was born in Hancock County, TN.
Bill Carter    March 4, 1999

Researching Madison Robertson/Robinson and his wife Mary "Polly" Rinker.  I believe they both died between 1850-1860 and are buried somewhere in Wright County, MO.  Later they changed the name Robertson to Robinson.  They had six children: Amanda, Elizabeth, Caroline, Samuel, Rebecca and James. Rebecca and James both died in childhood and are believed to be buried in Wright County.
Carol Bishop   March 4, 1999

Searching for any and all information anyone has on Joel Martin and Janie Davis Martin.  They are in Wright County on the 1920 census with their children being gone from home.  Can anyone find them in the cemetery listings of Wright County?  I'm at a loss here being in the state of IA.  I don't know how to try to find any more info.  Their children were Olive (1893), Willard (1894) and Hobart Martin (1898).  All help will be greatly appreciated.
Deanna Klobnak   March 4, 1999

I am searching for any information on Henry Jefferson Haynes, who ws born June 26, 1887.  Although he originally resided in Douglas County, Henry lived out his last years in Mansfield, Wright County. Henry was the son of Henry Jefferson Haynes (Jan. 26, 1854) and Oma Parleah Billingsley (April 3, 1857).  Henry was married to Margret Maude Hutchins and fathered four children, Gladys Haynes, Vurbel Haynes Detherage, Lorene Haynes Dixon and Henry Murphy Haynes.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Daniel Ray Haynes   March 4, 1999

I am looking for Whitaker family that came to Mansfield about 1900 to about 1909/10.  They were born in Cocke County, TN.  I have suspicions that Gerdine/Girsline Balch may have been with them.  Samuel S. Whitaker is my great-grandfather and his wife's name was Mary.  Their oldest daughter's name was Daisey.  They had two children born there Loretta 1906 and Alva Nov. 1908.  My grandfather Ugene Whitaker would have been about 10 years old at the time and he had a brother Donald Bruce Whitaker about 4 years older.  Ugene and Donald's mother died in Cocke County, TN.  They left Wright County, MO and went to Iola, Allen County, KS sometime between November 1908 and August 1910.  If anyone has any information, I would like to share too.
Carolyn Whitaker  March 4, 1999

Researching Wright County for info on relationship of John B. Crisp to Harmon, Rufus and Squire Crisp all found on 1850 Wright County census.  John B. and Harmon Crisp left MO and went to AR, Washington County.  Suspect they are brothers but need proof.  Looking for parents of above.
Pat Thompson   March 4, 1999

My great-grandfather lived in Wright County and is buried in Mansfield Cemetery.  His name was James J. McMullin and he died April 4, 1911.  Any information or references you can tell me about would be appreciated.  Thank you.
William McMullin   March 4, 1999

Looking for info on Daniel Hull Jr. and wife Mary Ann Eliza Beard Hull.  They left VA and were in Wright County, MO 1860 through 1880 census.  Daniel died 1865 and Mary in 1888.  She's buried in Swedish Cemetery, Mountain Grove.  Their son Newton Hull, born 1851 in VA and died in Wright County in 1904.  His three marriages were to: Zelpha Brunetta Stillwell in 1872, daughter of Henry Stillwell and Cynthia Elliot, all buried in Fairview Cemtery near Henderson; 2ns marriage ot Martha Mayberry in 1890, daughter of William Mayberry and Rebecca Gideon, do not know where Martha and her children are buried; 3rd marriage to NancyVergennie Coffman Woody in 1904, daughter of William Coffman and Susan Presley of Sweetwater, TN.  Nancy was first married to John Woody and is buried in Denlow Cemetery with Newton.  Would like to know more about Vergennie's first marriage, children and parents.  Would like to know more about Newton's life, marriages and children.  He fathered 18 children, 8 died young, what happened to the rest.  He owned a lot of the land that is now Mountain Grove, MO.
Alicia Hull   March 4, 1999

Searching for information on the family of Don Manuel Atkisson, born June 15, 1918 in Wright County, Wood Township.  Mother, Mamie Stevens Atkisson.  Father, Haden Atkisson.  Maternal grandparents of Don Atkisson were Miranda and Frank Stevens.  Any information greatly appreciated.
Carolyn Moore   March 4, 1999

My grandfather Henry M. Hall was from Mashall County, TN.  He had two sisters Ann Hall, Martha Hall, a brother Joseph "Joe" Hall.  All born before 1855 in Marshall County, TN. Joe and Henry both worked on the Fresno Railroad, last date of employment 1907.  His mother remarried (1865?) Haslip was his surname.  His mother was buried in Leasburg, MO and was refused burial in Church Cemetery because of her Indian blood.
Nancy Anderson   March 4, 1999

Searching for info on Marion Clingman Elliott, born 1897 in Mountain Grove, MO.  Parents were Andy and Eva Rhodes Elliott.  He married Elva Wooldridge, had a child Barbara and divorced about 1928.  Any information about the history of this family would be appreciated.
Jackie Foster  March 4, 1999

Seeking information on ancestors of: George Washington Rayborn (1861 McMinn Co. TN- 1896 Tulsa OK); Henry Horn Rayborn (1830 McMinn Co. TN-1918 Manes MO); Adeline Elizabeth Rea (1849 Franklin Co. IL-1921 Manes MO); John Jackson Dake (1819 Sheanadoah Co. VA- 1896 Mountain Grove MO); Lucenda Bell H. McGuire (1833 IN-1904 Norwood MO); Rev. James C. Morgan (1844 Danridge TN-1897 Mountain Grove MO); Priscilla Alice Foote (1840 Clayton Co MI-1907 Mountain Grove MO); Edward Manery (1790 MD).
Bill Rayborn  Jan. 27, 1999

Does anyone have information on John A. Allen (1812 Scott Co. TN-Dec. 1868 Wright County, MO) and Nancy Carson (1814-1898 Wright County)?  I was told the family came from Mountain Grove, MO and maried into the Long and Love family line.
Robert Allen  Jan. 22, 1999

Interested in information on Anna Baldwin Housley (March 20, 1870-Dec. 4, 1951), who died in Mountain Grove.  She was buried in Clifty Hall Cemetery in Douglas County.  Also looking for information on John Alfred and Leona Housley of Mountain Grove.  Thanks in advance.
Frances Housley Ellison  Jan. 22, 1999

I am searching for the family of James M. Davis (1851 NC) and wife Edith.  They moved from AR to Wright County, MO around 1880-90.  They had sons Thomas, Henry and Omer Davis. Henry and Omer were born in MO.  Last known in Wright County in 1910.
Randall Davis  Jan. 22, 1999

I'm looking for information on these families who were in Wright County from about 1850 to 1920.  If anyone is researching these families, please contact me.
Alinda M. Miller  Jan. 22, 1999

Interested in these families who were in Mountain Grove and Wood Townships 1880-1900.
Vance A. Bailey  Jan. 22, 1999

I am particularly interested in exchanging Bland and Casey information.
Pansylea Willburn  Jan. 22, 1999

I'm Robert Alton Allen, son of Robert Lee Allen (born with the name Bobbielea Allen). His brothers were Merle, Darrel and Frank.  Their parents were Theodore Montgomery Allen and Estella Long.  They moved to CA in the early 1900s from Mountain Grove, MO.  My grandfather had a brother named Edgar and my grandmother had a half brother named Henry and a sister whose last name, I believe, was Yokum.  Both the sister and her husband (Yokum) died in Mountain Grove, MO. She was supposed to have been the society page editor of the local newspaper.  Would appreciate any information.
Robert A. Allen  Jan. 10, 1999

I have been researching Simeon, Martha, Albert and Franklin Burleson for years. Recently got info that Simeon B. Burleson died in 1892 and I believe is buried at Cedar Gap.  He and his family were in Crawford County census in 1880 and all trace of him was lost after that.  Simeon's son James denied he had a father and said he was an orphan, which most people in the family still believe.  I have proven that he was not an orphan and that Simeon was his father.  What happened to Simeon?
Jodi Stewart  Jan. 9, 1999

Researching William Stewart Wooldridge (Feb. 15, 1832 KY), married Nancy Jane Gentry (1847 Chariton County, MO).  Possible this was a second marriage.  Moved to Mountain Grove area.  Children: Matilda, Sarah E., Ada, Mary E., Luncinda J., William A., John S., James Edward, Ida Dee.  He was known by his famiy as Stewart.  Any info appreciated.
Jackie Foster  Jan. 8, 1999

Hezekiah Chaney with wife Parthena was in Mountain Grove, MO.  There were children born there from 1832-1858.  Would like any information.
Don Holden  Jan. 8, 1999

Looking for Joel G. Martin (1871) married Frances Jane Davis in Douglas County in 1891.  They were in the 1910 and 1920 Wright County census.  Their children: Olive (Jan. 1893); Willard (Aug. 1894); Hobart (Jan. 1898).
Norma Karter  Jan. 5, 1999

I am searching for information of Turner Climer who married Parmelia Carter.  Also, information on his son, Jesse Climer (March 25, 1840 Webster County) who married Elizabeth C. Coffier (Oct. 20, 1845 Wright County), d/o Modikier and Cynthia Coffier. Jesse and Elizabeth lived near the Wright/Webster County line most of their lives.  Most of their children were born in Wright County: Luvina married Solomon Alexander Weaver; William married Nancy Jane Montgomery; James married Vada Perryman; Mary Ellen married George W. Owens; Frank married Tilda Long; Leva married Samuel W. Alexander; Houston married Lucy Perryman; Oscar died young.
Donna Climer  Jan. 3, 1999

My father Benjamin F. Varner moved to NE from MO in the early 20s. His father was Jacob Varner.  His grandfather was Newton Jefferson Varner, whose wife was Margaret J. Conn.  My father would never talk about his family and I am trying to find some of my heritage without much success.  Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Dave Varner  Jan. 3, 1999

Am seeking any and all information on the Pinkstons of Wright County. Berry Pinkston married Martha Wilson.  I haven't a clue as to when and exactly where they married.  They had children: George Washington, A. J. (possibly Joseph), William, Jasper (?), Frances (?) and Arleia (?).  I am interested in knowing why George W. Pinkston left the beauty and splendor of MO and headed for the barren wilds of West Texas.  Appreciate all input.
Don R. Cheairs  Jan. 2, 1999

Researching the Allen family that resided in Hartville, Wright County MO.  Noah Frank Allen and wife Emma lived in a log cabin close to the old schoolhouse, probably from late 1890s to 1915. All five children were born there; James, Mabel, Earl R. (Feb. 4, 1902), Harry Virgil (August 26, 1908) and Sarah Larue.  During the last month's pregnancy of their last child, Noah Frank, left and went to Joplin MO, never returning to his family. Noah Frank and Emma divorced, she went to AR and remarried.  He remarried in Joplin.  Emma had a sister Sarah who married Andrew RileyNoah Frank had a sister named Susie.  Either the mother of Emma or the mother of Noah Frank lived in Seymour, MO and some of the children lived with her for a while until she died.  After her death, the house burned down.  Can you help me?
Linda Parker  Jan. 2, 1999

Sylvester Avery Freeman (1807-ca 1865) and his wife Ann Eblen moved westward to Wright County, MO from Roane County, TN in 1853 along with their children; Columbus M., John, William Houston, Sarah Adaline, Martha, Henry Clay, Susan J., Frances A., Joshep G. and Mary E.  I believe Sylvester Freeman left after his father, John, passed away.  Several of Sylvester's brothers had already moved to Wright and Webster counties.  Some of his brothers were Bassell/Bassill, Littleton,Brittian, James, John and ThomasSylvester, his brothers and his father were Indian Fighters in TN.  The Freeman families were all large in number and married into families of Wright, Webster and Douglas counties in the 1800s and 1900s.  It you have pictures, places of burial or any information about these people or their descendants, please let me know.  Will share information.
Victor Clay Freeman   1999

My grandfather Orval Hunsaker had four brothers Atlas, Henry, Arthur and Elmer, when his father died.  His mother Josephine Smith married a man named Moore.  They had two children Oscar and Clara. Orval married Bessie Hall, d/o Joe Hall and Mary Goss. These people lived in Bryant, Wright County, MO.  I would like to hear about any of these names.  I have information and am eager to accept or give aid to anyone researching an of these names.
Larry W. Bunch   1999

I am searching for the above surnames.
Donna Kennedy   1999

Wanda M Lechner   1999
I need the marriage date of my gr-grandparents, Marion Eldridge Long and his wife Sarah Tibitha (Roberts) Long they lived someplace near Hartville Mo. Wright Co. They were listed in the 1880 census as Elridge Long age 36 and Sarah age 32, children were Mary S. William S. James A.& Susan . I also need birth, marriage and parents and siblings for Sarah Tibitha (Roberts)Long according to the census she was born in Mo. Elridge was a chainman for a surveying team in the year of 1881. Thank you

Charles Sartwell   1999
WILSON Who was husband of Rebecca WILSON, born ca 1790, NC? In 1850 census of Laclede Co., she is listed with in household of her son, John Wilson, who had married Narcissa BURNEY, 19 Oct 1848, at Oakland, Laclede Co. Others listed in that census record were a much younger Rebecca WILSON, age 6 months, daughter of John and Narcissa, as well as two daughters of the older Rebecca, Ally WILSON, born ca 1834, TN, and Susan WILSON, born ca 1839, TN. Ally married Alfred MOORE, 20 Feb 1851, in Laclede Co. Some of these people lived in Wright Co. after 1860.

Sharon McBride   1999
My 2nd ggrandfather Luke David Hill FINLEY had two marriages. In the first marriage he was married to a women named Sarah (?) b Dec 31, 1808 d. Mar 11 1837. These dates were taken from her tombstone. I would like for someone to find out who she was and where there any children in this marriage. Family stories say there were two sons. I believe one was in the 1850 census. What happened to the other? I have a picture of the tombstone but no name for the cemetery, other than it is in Norwood, Wright Co., MO. Would also like to find, if possible, what LDH was doing in Norwood at this time period. His second marriage took place in Stewart Co., TN in 1844. The first
four children of this marriage were born in Crittenden Co., KY, the last two in Norwood, Wright Co., MO. Why did he leave the first time and then return many years later?

 Charles Sartwell   1999
I wish to make contact with anyone knowledgeable about Albert Grogan and descendants. Albert and family moved from Polk Co., TN to Wright Co., MO between 1850 and 1860. Perhaps best known of Albert's descendants in Wright Co. is Ambrose Grogan, son of William E. Grogan and Mary A. E. Ballew. Polk Co., TN is preparing a heritage book like Wright County, Missouri, History and Families. Deadline for submissions is 5 Dec 1996. Albert Grogan was listed in the first census (1840) of Polk Co., and it seems appropriate that he and family have an entry in the Polk Co. Heritage Book.

Chuck Davis   1999
Researching these sons of Uriah (Hugh) DAVIS who were in Wright County by 1870: James M. (b. 1819, Vanderburgh Co., IN, d. 1900, Norwood, b. in Retherford Cem.), Ellison Mitchell (b. 1823, Weakley Co., TN, d. Wright Co. 1884, b. Retherford Cem.) and William Jenkins (b. Weakley Co 1828, d. Mt. Grove 1908, b. Fairview Cem.).

Richard B. Harper 1999
Jonathan HARPER, b.TN 1815, d.Ozark Co. 1902, in Wirght/Webster Co.1850, Webster Co. 1860, Christian Co. 1870, Ozark Co.1880 Amos SMITH, d.Webster Co. Seymour 1889, Webster Co. 1860.

GOADE, HELLUMS/HELMS,MOSES I am doing research on Nathaniel GOADE B: 1860 Mo D: 1881(Civil War) and Elizabeth HELLUMS/HELMS B: Feb 14, 1863 Wright Co, Mo D: Nov 21, 1933 Lebanon, Ok. After the death of her first husband, Elizabeth Hellums/Helms married John MOSES. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!

Barbara Johnson  1999
right Co., MO - I am searching for information on the Nicholas AUSTIN family who lived in Wright Co. in 1860. Nicholas AUSTIN was born about 1829 in Tennessee. He moved with his father, Phillip West AUSTIN, and several other brothers to Wright Co. Nicholas AUSTIN was married to Mary Perkins. He may also have been married to Maggie DUGAN JOHNSON. He served in the Missouri Confederacy. About 1880 he moved to Cooke Co., Texas. In 1884, he deeded a town lot there to a fourteen year-old in girl named Cordelia JOHNSON, daughter of Maggie. He may have died there about 1885. I believe he may have been her father. Also interested in any information on William E.? JOHNSON and wife Margaret or Maggie. They may have lived in Wright Co., MO in 1870 before moving to Indian Territory where Cordelia JOHNSON was born. If you have any information about this family please let me know.

Glenn McAnarney   1999
RUSHING, Henry T. b.Jan30, 1861 in Wright County, Father: Minos C. Rushing b.Oct 23, 1833, Bedford Co, TN Mother: Josephine Brasher B Dec 25, 1836 Livingston Co.KY. Trying to determine whether Minos & Josephine migrated to Wright Co with Hudson Brasher Family in 1857.

Nancy M. Boyd   1999
Looking for any information of Steve C. or Steven CHANCE appeared in Wright County 1880's married Alice BALLEW 1880's, they had eight children, Plez, Mainey, George, Ernest, Della, Clella,Mabel and Pearl. He died about 1904. Family and origin unknown. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Knight    1999
BARKER & KINCHELOE. Seeking death dates and place of burial for Amos Barker and his wife Alveta (Kincheloe) Barker and her father Thomas Albert Kincheloe. Amos and Alveta Barker lived in the Mountain Grove area many years where Amos and his family were in the lumber business. Alveta Kincheloe was born abt 1900 in Laclede Co., Mo and died abt 1983 in Mountain Grove, MO. Thomas Albert Kincheloe was born 10 Nov 1887, Laclede Co., Mo and may have been in his daughter Alveta's home at the time of his death. All information appreciated. Many thanks.

Grace Reynolds  1999
I am searching for info on Thomas WYNNE b.1838? TN and Amanda Jane (BEAN) WYNNE b.1830s TN. They came to Wright Co. from Sweeten's Cove, TN shortly before the Civil War. Thomas served on the confederate side. They had a son William Obadiah WYNNE b.1856 Wright Co. MO, my ggrandfather. Any info on this family greatly appreciated.

Nancy M. Boyd 1999
MORRIS: I am seeking information on John W. MORRIS b. July 6, 1847 in Mo. His family may have lived in WRIGHT Co. in that area which later became WEBSTER Co. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated or would like to correspond with those researching the same.

Cheryl Kenter  1999
I am looking for the rest of the Nicanor PILKINGTON family and the Joseph Wesley RAGAN family. NICANOR PILKINGTON and his wife LUCINDA MOORE, moved to MO (Pulaski-Wright-Webster Counties) in 1839 from Giles County, TN. They settle near Hazelwood township, Webster County. Lucinda died in abt 1850. Nicanor then married Matilda SARTIN in Green County, but they lived in Hazelwood Township until he died in Dec of 1859. Lucinda and Nicanor's children were: Mary Jane b. Nov 8, 1827, Giles Co., TN (married Jacob LAKEY); Martha Elizabeth, b. Nov 8, 1827, Giles Co., TN (married Henry POTTER); Almiry Elenor, b. Feb 9, 1830, died bef. 1840; William R., b. May 24, 1833, Pulaski, Giles Co., TN, (married Mary Catherine RAGAN, Nov 16,1854, Hartville, Wright Co., MO,) died Dec 27, 1910, Cushman, Indepedence Co., AR; James D., b 1836, Giles Co., TN, (married Mary Magdaline KRIDER, 1856, Wright Co.), died ?; Susannah, b. Feb 9, 1839, died bef 1840; Asa Moore, b. Dec 3, 1839, Wright Co., MO, (married Sarah Frances Sartin) died Feb 8, 1911, Clear Springs, Texas Co., MO; Benton, b. Jun 27, 1842, died Dep 28, 1863, Duvall's Bluff, AR (Union Army, 8th MO. State Militia Cav.); Jesse, b. Aug 15, 1843, died Nov 1, 1862 (of Civil War related illness, MO 8th State Milita Cav.); Rebecca Ann, b. Apr 3, 1846, Seymour, Webster County, MO,(married Zachariah Williams, Dec 17, 1865, Webster Co., MO, divorced in Texas Co., MO), died Jun 11, 1925, Burdine, Texas Co., MO; Matilda, b. 1849, died bef. 1859; Meriel S. b. Jul 13, 1851, died bef. 1859; children of Nicanor and Matilda Sartin: Albert Clay, and Noah Pilkington. RAGAN/TURNER: Joseph Wesley Ragan married Rachel Turner on Aug 29, 1832 in Dickson Co., TN, they were the parents of the following children: Lusetta, b. 1833, Dickson Co., TN; Sarah, b. 1834, Dickson Co., TN; Mary Catherine, b. May 2, 1836, Dickson Co., TN (married William R. PILKINGTON, Nov 16, 1854, Wright County, MO) died Nay 29, 1915, Cushman, Independence Co., AR; Nancy, b. 1837, TN; William, b. 1839, TN; James, b. 1840, TN; Martha, b. 1842, TN; John D., b. Nov 20, 1846, Dickson Co., TN (married Mary M. Willett, AR); Joseph E., b. 1847, TN; Solomon E., b. 1849, TN; David Gray, b. 1853, Texas Co., MO; Letta F.,b. 1854, Texas Co., MO; Rachel A., b. 1857, Texas Co., MO; Arena E., b. 1858, Texas Co., MO; Benjamin, b. 1860, Texas Co., MO. I am looking for other members of this family, I am from Mary Catherine and William R. lines. We would like any information on any of these other family members and their lines. Thank you. You may contact me at or my cousin

Heidi MacAfee  1999
</B> I am looking for information about the parents of David Macklin HENSON, born 4/22/1857 in Wright Co., Missouri. Siblings of David are Billie; Danial; George C.; Zimariah J.; Curtis; Mary; Alice; Martha; Bill; and Emma. His parents are Philip H. Henson and Nancy M. I would be grateful to learn any information possible!

Jeff Ferguson  1999
I am looking for any info about the SMART familiy and the families actions up to 1852. My family records show that they left Wright County in 1852. Some of the records suggest that it was not Wright County, but Taney County, on that I'm not sure. Names include:BRYCE MILLER SMART, AMY COX SMART, JOHN WHITE SMART, MARTHA SMART, BRYCE MILLER SMART JR. Any help would be gratly appreciated. Thanks

Melvina Arnett  1999
RANDOLPH Searching for mother of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth RANDOLPH, who married Jacob DELK in Laclede County on 21 Jul 1859. Elizabeth was born 8 Apr 1840 in TN. Her father's name is known to be James RANDOLPH. Could her mother have been Mahalia/Mahala? Jacob & Elizabeth's first child was named Mary Mahala DELK. Jacob & Elizabeth lived in Wright County afte 1860. Jacob died in 1901, Elizabeth in 1923. Both are buried at Shaddy Cemetery near Grovespring.

Don G. Kirk  1999
My ancestor, Garret KIRK came to Wright Co. from AL. He and wife, Cintha (CHOAT) had 8 children that we know of. He is buried near Hartsville. We are looking for information on his sister, Mary Jane (Alisey) Kirk who was born about 1835 in Jackson Co. Ala. and migrated to Missouri, possibly marrying a YOUNG. She is a long lost relative and needs to be found.

Jimmie Wilson 1999
Looking for William T. Norcross Born abt 1873 in Norwood Missouri. Married Maggie E. last name unknown. Children were Jewell G., Lura O. , W. Ralph, Ruby E., Freda S. William T. Jr, and Vivian L., living in Mansfield around 1920. William owned a drygood's store in Mansfield. any information would be very helpfull. Thank you for your time. Jim Wilson

Jimmie Wilson 1999
Looking for Alexander WILSON b:1779 In Kentucky, Jefferson County. Married to Nancy E. ANDERSON B:1780 Kentucky. Moved to Wright County area around 1820. Their children were James A., Elizabeth, William Copling, Squir J., Zachariah, and George Alexander. There Children live in the Wright County, Webster County and Texas County area's. any information on them and there decendant's would be Appreciated. Thank you for your time and Interest. Jim Wilson

Carol Boykin 1999
1860 Phelps Co, MO census the following family enumerate twice (Little Piney Twp & Rolla Twp). J.B. SULLIVANT, 62 born SC?GA?, Elizabeth (nee Burton?)61 born GA, Hubard 38 born TN, Mary 25 born TN?MO?, Elizabeth 22 b MO, B.(Blassingame?)20 born MO. Is B. the John Blassingame SULLIVANT Jr, b 1840 Maries Co, MO who married 18 Dec. 1872 Rosetta Elizabeth HAMMONDS Maries Co, MO. They were married by Jas. BEESLY at the residence of Martin SEWELL. JB SULLIVAN homesteaded in Wright County, MO 1890 &1893. Hubbard H.married Mary C. BECKHAM 12 Feb 1874 in Phelps Co, MO pg. 219, book 2. JB & Rosetta and Hubbard and M C are buried in Montgomery Cemetery, Wright County, MO. Can anyone help?

Joseph Sunderland 1999
Seeking more information on the families of Henry Allen GREEN(E) and Ida Ellen LONEY. Henry was born in Wright Co. and their first eight children were probably born there. I am most interested in the parents of Henry but am also seeking the names for the parents of Ida. Would appreciate any help.

Steven A. Rippie  1999     Looking for information on William Ira RIPPIE born 1885, son of Truston RIPPEE(born in Wright County in 1858), son of Sarilda and Garnett RIPPEE. Truston was married to Tennesse Rosetta ROYSTER, Blanche PATTERSON, and Minnie ROGERS. Looking for information and gravesites of the above. Thanks.

Larry R. Henson 1999
I am seeking information about Isaiah Henson, born 1818 Casey Co., Ky., and wife Rachel W. Price, born circa 1826 Casey Co., and their descendants. Information I have indicates both died on 2 January 1891 in Mansfield, Wright Co. Any information about cause of death would also be appreciated.

Gene Jackson  1999
I'm seeking information on William GUMFERY (GUMFORY) who married Cuynthia JACKSON in 1900 in Mansfield, Wright Co, MO. At that time, he was a resident of Cedar Gap, Webster Co. Any info on this man or this surname would be much appreciated.

Angela Miller  1999
I am trying to find a death date for my gggreat grandmother. Her name was Cinthy (or Cinthia) Carson ZIRSCHKY. The latest I found her alive was on a 1920 US census in Wright Co. MO. She was living with her eldest son, William ZIRSCHKY. Any info would be helpful.

John Long  1999
I am looking for information on my Grandmother Ruby Rae BOWSER LONG b. Oct 13, 1894. Her father was John BOWSER (or BOWZER). Ruby was married to John W. LONG and they lived on a farm in Grovespring MO in the 30's. I have the birth dates for John and Ruby LONG, but know little about her parents. I currently live in Broken Arrow, OK and can drive to Wright County MO if needed to obtain more info. I would also, like to know more about the LONG side of my family but may need to send it in a seperate query. I would also like to know any info about land records for the LONG family in Wright Co. I have some family info on Thomas Nelson LONG and George Washington LONG.

Mike Main  1999
TEAGUE. I'm looking for information on my ggrandfather, Oscar Fitzallen TEAGUE. His funeral record (from Wise Co., TX) says he was born in Lincoln County, Missouri on 22 Jun., 1845. He later lived in Wright Co., MO, where several of his children were born. His wife's name was Sarah Ann HOWARD. Have you run across a TEAGUE or FITZALLEN family in Lincoln County research of the 1840s decade? [ Wright County is much more difficult, as the courthouse there burned down twice.]

Carol Vidales 1999
I am tracing LAWRENCE descendants. Walter LAWRENCE is on 1870 Wright,MO census, age 30, with wife Nancy & 2 children. In 1880 AuGlaize twp.,Camden,MO age 36, Nancy 27, Sydney (dau) 12, David, 8, Oscar, 6, Edward, 5, Nora, 2. 1900 AuGlaize,Camden,MO I found John C. ROGERS, 42, wife Sidney, 32, Robert A., 10, Henry J., 7, John, 6, Florence, 8/12, and sister-in-law, Alva LARRANCE, 17. I lost everyone in 1910. Would like to contact descendants.

Suzette Thompson 1999
Looking for Caroline GAY md. to Moses Hurt BOGAR. She died in Mountain Grove, Wright Co., Mo. and was buried there. He was born Nov. 1842 in Tazewell Co., Va. She was born July 1857 in Carver Co., Minn. He died Oct. 1901 in Licking, Texas Co., Mo. She must have outlived him, but I don't have her death date. They had 11 children. Thank you. Suzette Thompson

Suzette Thompson 1999
My gr. grandfather, Moses Hurt Bogar died in Licking, Texas, Mo. 26 Oct. 1902. He is buried in the Licking Cementry. He was married to Caroline Gay. She died and was buried in Mountain Grove, Wright, Mo. He was born Nov. 1848 in Tazewell Co., Va. and she was born July 1857 in Carver Co., Minn. They had 11 children. Thank You. Suzette Thompson

Dwayne Crandall 1999
CRAIN or CRANE. Looking for any information on James (Jery) S. CRAIN shown in 1850 Osage County, federal census. Spouse was Rachael ______? they had at least 2 sons, Stephen and John. Family is in First Maries County, census, Jefferson Twnshp. Daughters included Nancy, Mary Ann, Milly, Martha, and Cynthia. Curious about J.S. CRAIN buried in Travis Cemetery. Age is about right for the above, although, lots of the family went south to Wright and Douglas Counties.

R. B. Elgin     1999
Looking for information on Manaly T. Elgin Born Mansfiled Feb 1950 to Alphonzo Elgin and Martha Elizabeth Bradley.. Married Artessima Lucrecia Bradley 17,Nov 1869. Most of children born in Browington, Mo. Last child born in North Station, Mo. Unable to locate either town on current map. Any help appreciated. E-mail to

Melba Dobbs   1999
Searching for the parents of WILLIAM F. RUSSELL born in Allen Co. KY, 1844. William served in civil war from that co. He was in WRIGHT Co. Mo in 1866 and m. Cynthia Young 4/15/1866 There were 9 children all born in Wright Co. WILLIAM m.Nora Nellie Sparks in 8\17/1883 with 1 child..WILLIAM m. Nancy Charlotte Sills in Webster Co. 12/18/1890 with seven more children all being born in WRIGHT co. the last being b. 1906 Have information that WILLIAM F. RUSSELL'S father was also a William and Mother Margarett. Two of the RUSSELL brothers married BURNS sisters, one marred a THOMAS, one a JONES. my information shows them all to have been from Wright Co. Most of this immediate family moved to OK in the early 1900's.

Donna Kennedy   1999
James CHANDLER born 1840 in Crawford County, Missouri. Married Mary "Margaret" CHAPMAN12-22-1859 in Crawford County, MO. The children were George, William, Andrew J., Mary Ella, Zilla or Zella and Gib. I can't find this family after the marriage until 1878 in Wright County, Hartville, Missouri and Mary Margaret is a Widow. What happened to James? His siblings were Samuel, Elizabeth, William, Mary, Willis Hiram, John, Mary Jane, Lydia, George. The Chandlers and Chapmans lived in Dent County off and on. I have some information on his siblings.Thanks!

Etta Hughes Shepherd 1999
Need information on Josiah NANCE b. 1826 and his brother Wright NANCE b 1828 and their sister, Minerva Elizabeth NANCE. Josiah and Wright married DOTY sister, Catherine and Frances and appeared on the 1850 Wright County, MO Census. Who were their siblings and parents? Will be glad to share information on these family after their removal from Wright County, MO. Etta Hughes Shepherd

Trish Martin  1999
Looking for any info regarding Frank A. BROTT s/o John Andrew BROTT. Believe Frank BROTT was in Mountain Grove from 1901 until ?. b 1864 in Iowa, lived in Red Willow County, NE. from 1890 until 1904. Have much info to share regarding this family.     1999  I'm looking for information on the TYSON family in Wright County. ABRAHAM TYSON left Mo. in 1900 for MI. He m. SARAH(SALLIE) SLUSHER in VA and they had d IDA MAY TYSON,HATTIE ELIZABETH TYSON,EVA A. TYSON(m GEORGE EDWARDS) and S GEORGE C TYSON, CLINTON CONWAY TYSON and HERBERT RAY TYSON. Any info would be appreciated!

Richard Voigt  1999
Richard GRIFFITH and his wife Anne (nee WILLIAMS) came to Wright County during the Civil War (1861-65) from Butler County, Ohio. They brought with them four children, Jane, Winifred Margaret and Ellen. They had four more while in Wright County, William, Edward, Ann and Alice. I am trying to find more about Winifred, who was born in Butler County, Ohio March 25, 1857. She came to Wright County and married George Henry CAMPBELL, who was born in Kentucky in 1844, but lived in and around Wright County as I have found him in Green county in 1880, and Texas County in 1890, but cannot find out where and whne they were married, or any other details of his parents. Any help would be appreciated.

 Becky Elliott Holman 1999
Am seeking any information about my grandfather, Harrison Mitchell ELLIOTT and his sister, Eva, brother Tom and half bro, Walter EDMONSON. They were born in Wright Co. near Mansfield. I do not have a date but would be mid 1800's. My grandfather married Rebecca Jane Patterson from Arkansas and they moved to Miss, where he worked for Yazoo & Miss Railroad. He was injured and died in 1908, 3 months after my Dad was born. I would love to know their parents names, ect.Thanks, Becky Elliott Holman

Julia Bixler  1999
WILEY COPLEY is in 1850 census Wright County Mo. Buried Star cemetery 1900. Daughter was Susan. Do you know who he married, Nancy ??. Any information would be appreciated.

Chuck Davis  1999
The DAVIS brothers Thomas, George, John T., James M., Larkin, Ellison M. and William J. are listed in the 1850 census of Castor Township, Stoddard Co. This clan migrated from Weakley Co., TN, about 1843. By 1855 most had left for Benton Co., Arkansas, but by 1870 James, Larkin, Ellison and William were in Webster and Wright Cos., MO. Chuck Davis, 2359 S. Eldridge St., Lakewood, CO 80228 is researching the descendants of these men.

Looking for information about Michael DOSS b. 1867, m. Sarah C. HILL in Ark in 1894 and moved to Wright County, where he lived until about 1950. Sarah died in 1936. Both are buried in LaRue Cemetery near Mountain Grove. Michael and Sarah had one son who died 1900 and eight daughters, who lived in Wright CO at least until the 1920's. I am seeking the name of Michaels father and the place of his birth. His mother Mary, remarried a Charles CISZEWSKI and had three more children and lived in Wright county at least in the early 1900's. Would like to know when she died. The Hill family lived in Wright Co from about 1870's. Sarah's father was James C. Hill, mother Mary. Several children in this family, some of whom stayed in Wright county, part of family moved to Sharp County AR. Any information on DOSS, HILL, or Ciszewski will be appreciated. Would also like to know the family connection to the LaRue family. Believed to be related.
Cara Russell-- 1999

Am looking for information on the DENNIS family, (i.e. birth, military, death, burial records). My great-great grandfather served in the civil war (William John DENNIS). Lived in Wright County. Was supposedly killed in Arkansas during war. Need (any) info can get about him. Also looking for information about Oliver Foster DENNIS (my great grandfather). Have no birth, or death date. Also do not know where he was buried. Do know he was a freewill baptist minister somewhere in Wright Co. Do know he was very young when his father died, and he died somewhere around 1913-1914, when my grandfather (Foster Lee DENNIS) was a toddler. My father (Edwin Lee DENNIS) has given me the info above. He still lives outside of Norwood. Also looking for military records of my great-great grandfather Jacob Harrison KELLEY. Know he served the Union Co B 8th Reg. of Mo Calvary Volunteer. Any info I can get will be greatly appreciated.
Pamela (Dennis) Cook-- 1999

LEE, Andrew Jackson;
LEE, Andrew Jackson, B. bet. 1796-1816. in VA or KY. son of Mary and John LEE. Died in Wright Co. MO 18 January 1886. Know he had children, want any information. Name of spouse not known
Joan Mullen-- 1999

Searching for any information regarding the family of Lewis Edward McMILLEN (b. 1845 MO) and Hennrietta Ann (HARRISON) (b. 1848 MO). Their children: Sarah Ellen b. 1867 MO, Dora b. 1869 MO, Allice b. 1872 MO, and Jacob Ingram b. 4/18/1876 in Hartville, Wright Co. MO. They are all listed in 1880 Census for Wright Co., MO, however I cannot find where they were prior to 1876. Would like to find names of parents for Lewis Edward McMILLEN, all I have is that they were from Tennessee. Thanks for any information you may have on any of these people.
Jeanne Marks-- 1999

Watson; Pine, Merchant, Peachee, Durham,Smith
Thomas WATSON (1830-1914)and wife, Salina Carolina SMITH (1840-1913)moved to Mt.Grove, Wright County in the 1880's. Five children, Clinton Thomas WATSON (1869-1950)who married Cloah Jane MERCHANT, Robert Limon WATSON (1874-1954) who married Esther A. PEACHEE, James A. WATSON (1877-?? ), Ida Ellen WATSON (1880-1960)who married Amos Nelson PINE and Luther Franklin WATSON (1884- ?? ) who married Lena Belle DURHAM. Looking for descendants of Thomas and Caroline or any information on their children's spouses, families, etc. Have much information on the PINE family and more than happy to share. Any help would be appriciated.
William Pine-- 1999

CRAMER, John P., born about 1861 in Washington or Dodge Co., NE, son of John K CRAMER and Frances B. WEST CRAMER. Estate papers from his father's death say he was living in Dawson in 1894. His brothers and sisters included Lucratia WEAVER who was living in Hill City, SD, Fulton who was living in Kirksville, MO in 1894, Metellah HAVENS who was living in Lake Charles, LA, Orestes Charles who was living in Hill City, SD, Pearley, Emma McBRIDE living in Chicago, Emmett living in Chicago, and Robert L. living in Fremont, NE Have not been able to find any marriage records o John P CRAMER. In 1925 he was reportedly living in Oklahoma. Any and all information welcome.
Karon Mazie-- 1999

I am seeking information for my gg grandparents DR.CHARLES F. GREENE and NANNIE A.GEE GREENE. Charles was a medical physician - He died 5 March 1937 in Mt. Grove, Wright Co. MO. Thanks!
Calli Sloane Davis-- 1999

Looking for family history. ROWE, John (born 8-19-1917) in Wright County. His father was Edward ROWE, and was a deputy sheriff in that county. From what I understand, he was shot at a July 4th (year unknown) by "Turkey Jake Smith". This was in Houston, MO. After the death of Edward ROWE, his widow, Ona Upton Rowe, remarried a JOHNSON (a dentist) and moved to California. When Edward ROWE died, both sons, John ROWE and Roy ROWE were put into the Children's Home in Liberty, MO. There was some of this information in the newspapers, but I don't know which one. If you have any info, please contact me. Thanks alot.
Rita Hawthorne-- 1999

Seeking information on Barbara CALHOUN (b.12-25-1853 or 55 in Wright Co. Mo. d. 05-02-1889 Arkansas) who married Joseph YOUNG (b. abt 1847 PA. d. 10-15- 1889 Ark.). Believe they married in Wright Co or St.Charles CO. MO. Barbara's parents were we believe George Washington CALHOUN and Rebecca SANDERS. and Joseph's were Josiah YOUNG and Mary ELLIS
Connie Young-- 1999

I am searching for ANY links to the surnames of:ABSHIRE/ABSHER, ATKINSON,BRUTON,CALHOUN,GOADE,HELLUMS and SANDERS.All but GOADE lived in WrightCo,MO. And GOADE is from MO, but unknown county. Thank you!!
Joy Goade Zowie-- 1999

Joseph DENNIS, Jr. b. 1802 Roane Co., TN. - d. 1880 Wright Co., MO. m. Mary "Polly" BROWN on Mar. 6, 1823 Grainger Co., TN. She was b. 1806 ? and d. 1878 in Wright Co., MO. Known DENNIS Children: Edward, William S., Gideon M., Joe, John, Henry. They moved from TN. to Wright Co., about 1868 Any thing look familiar? Thanks. Sandy Eskew
Sandy Eskew- 1999

Would like information about BUTCHER's (David, Ezekiel, Isaac, James, John and William O.) who are listed in the Index to Wright County Plat Book I.
Fran-- 1999

Seeking information on The CALHOUN Cemetery. I was at the LDS center the other day and found some information on the CALHOUN's, it showed several of them buried in CALHOUN Cemetery, Wright Co, MO. Does anyone know what town it is in or address?
Connie Young-- 1999

Eldred W. Melton  1999
BUTT(S) family information being sought. Looking for descendents of Ambrose Butt and Sophia Curl, who were married1 July 1803 Caswell Co., NC and migrated to Pulaski/Casey Co., KY area ca 1820. They became the parent of 12 children, several of whom moved westward. Searching especially for descendents of Ambrose Green Butt and wife Lydia Humphrey, thought to have had son Walter Butt(s) who made his home in Wright Co. Have Butt genealogy to late 1600's and willing to exchange information with Butt cousins.

Searching for decendants of: James H. Brazeal, Thomas S. Rosevear, Nicholas A. Crippen, Hiram Crider, William O. Dennis, Amy Hoover and Frances Newton.  All lived in Mansfield, Wright County, MO area, starting around 1850--maybe earlier.  Would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who is also searching these names, or has any information.
Betty Buckner-- 1999

I am looking for any information on Ella Caroline Lathan.  Last date I have for her living in Wright Co. is Feb. 1923.  Help appreciated.
Ronald Tramm-- 1999

Shirley Davis Warren 1999
Hanson H PHILPOTT in Taney Co in 1840 census shown as Anson Filpot. Wife Elizabeth MAHAN. Came from Rhea Co TN abt 1838.

My grandmother's birth certificate states that her mother was born in Mountain Grove, Mo. I have found this to be in Wright County. Her name was Antonia SHEMONIC, (or could be Christena). Her parents were John and Anna KORANDO SHEMONIC. Antonia was called Tena and born Oct. 1880. The family moved to either Jackson Co. or Randolph Co., Illinos. Any info appreciated and willing to share what I have.
Diana Cole-- 1999

Searching for descendants of Daniel SANDERS and Jane LYONS, Peter SANDERS and Marchial TARBUTTON, John A. SANDERS and Mary "Polly" Minerva ROBERTSON (or ROBINSON), Andrew J. SANDERS and Sarah Catherine GROGAN, Albert E. "Allbird" GROGAN and Mary (unknown). All these families were early residents of Wright Co., MO, in the 1850s. John A. SANDERS and Peter SANDERS bought land in Pleasant Valley Township in 1853 and 1854. John A. SANDERS was a minister of the Free Will Baptists, and many of the SANDERS families seem to have been active in this church. John A. SANDERS and his wife, Mary "Polly" Minerva, are buried in Mountain Valley Cemetery, as are several of their children and spouses. We've never been successful in locating the graves of Albert GROGAN and his wife, Mary. The GROGAN family came to Wright Co., MO, from Polk Co., TN. The SANDERS families came to Wright Co., MO, from Lawrence Co., TN, via Illinois, then Greene Co., Arkansas. Any and all connections would be helpful and gratefully received.
Wilene Smith in KS-- 1999

STACY/STACEY - Looking for any information on John Wesley STACY/STACEY. Born abt. 1856/57 in Missouri...very possible Wright County. I understand there were a few STACY/STACEY families here. I do not know John's parents' names; I do know they too were born in Missouri. It is believed by some members of my family that there was a large STACY/STACEY farm where they lived. John married in 1891/92 a 15 year old Texas girl, Emma (possible name: Frances Emmeline THOMPSON). In 1892/93, the couple had a daughter in Missouri; her name was Lee. By 9/23/1896, the family moved to Waco, TX where my grandfather, William Wesley, was born. If anyone has any information pertaining to this family, please contact me at my e-mail address: y'all very much for any help you can provide. R Stacey
R Stacey--  1999

M. D. Richman; Andrew J. Richman - other Richman's
I am looking for anyone with knowledge of the M. D. Richman family. I have stationery with the following heading - M. D. Richman, Dealer in General Merchandise, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Etc., Cedar Gap, MO February 17, 1921. He may possibly be the son of Andrew J. Richman.
Karen Richmond-- 1999

Seeking info on Israel Green Smith (b. 1823) and Lydia Renner (b. April 29, 1834) both buried in Dennis Cemetery, Wright Co. MO.  Children: Franklin, Sarah, Lora, Barney Lewis, Francis, Mary, Mike, Charles, William, FronieMary married a man named German; Barney married Anna Davis Sanders.  Also seeking contact with Dianna Anderson who placed similar posting in 1997.
William A. Wilbanks-- 1999

My name is Phil Slate, 1313 Greenleaf Circle, Plano, TX 75025.  I am looking for information on Slates who lived in Wright, Webster and Douglas counties just before the Civil War.  My great-grandfather was Henry Chesterfield Slate.  He served in the Union Army during the Civil War.  My grandfather was John William Slate, born in or near Mansfield, MO.  My father Claude William Slate was born Dec. 9, 1904 near Ava, MO.  Grandfather used to teach at a small school located west of Hwy 5, on Slate Road south of Mansfield.  Would like to communicate with anyone who might be connected.
Phil Slate-- 1999

Searching for Ernest L. Buddy (b. 1891 MO), son of Charles H. Buddy/Buddaugh (b. 1861 IA) and his wife, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Fort (b. 1870 KS).  They were all on the 1910 census in Wright County, MO.  Lizzie died before Nov. 1937.  Can anyone help us?
Lorene Fort-- 1999

SYMPSON, Lee Ellison
Lee Ellison Sympson died in Mountain Grove, MO on March 15, 1973.  He was born Sept. 4, 1893 and I am trying to find out where (possibly Douglas County, MO).  Also, trying to find date of his marriage to Verna Hicks, probably around 1917.
Connie-- 1999

JULIAN, Lydia C.
I am looking for information about Lydia C. Julian born in Wright County, MO about 1859-1864 and her sisters Elizabeth A. Julian, Sarah A. Julian, Josephine Julian and Parthena M. Julian. I would also like the sisters' husbands' names.
Alisa Carnall--  1999

Marla Schwiethale 1999
I am searching for information concerning Shadrack and Eliza Ann (Hoar) SNELL family. They had seven children living in Missouri: Elizabeth A. (Snell) WRIGHT and husband Tom WRIGHT. John David SNELL and wife Amy A. (REDFIELD) SNELL. Lillian A. (SNELL) LEMLER and husband (unknown) LEMLER. Shadrack Arthur SNELL. Lida (SNELL) RENEKER or RENIKER and husband John RENEKER. Rachel SNELL. Eliza G. SNELL. This family moved to Wright County, MO. about 1880 from Richland Co., WI. They moved to Christian Co., MO. about 1893; and to Taney Co., MO. about 1895/6.

Shropshire; Belcher,Cowden,Renfrow,Woody
I am researching my Shropshire and Belcher ancesters who lived in Wright co during the 1870-1900,s also Renfrow,Cowden and Woody. David and Delila Shropshire and family were on 1870 cencus .They came from Marion co Tn. Richard and Matilda Belcher were in Douglas co .1860 Richard died and Matilda was in Wright co in 1880-1895 .Granville Renfrow family and John P Cowden family both lived in Wright co in 1880's and into 1900's.Woody family lived Wright co from late 1800's till 1950's.Seeking information on all these families. Barbara Ennis Sisco
Barbara Sisco-- 1999

Looking for information about David Alexander Baxter (b. Oct. 24, 1833).  He married Maryann Elizabeth Sanders (b. Nov. 6, 1836).  They had 10 children of which I have been told 3 were born in Wright Co. MO.  They were: Joseph Skiles Baxter, James Martin Baxter and Lou Ellen Baxter.  I don't know birthplaces of others.  Any information will be helpful.
Catherine-- 1999

Joanna Pointer (b. June 18, 1842 Osage Co. MO) married Elias Tilford on May 8, 1864.  She was the daughter of Thomas Pointer (1817-1880) and Nancy Jane Gilmore (1819-1880).  Am searching for connections with the Five Civilized Tribes for any of these family names.  Would like to correspond with anyone connected to these families.
Kathy MacGregor Donahue-- 1999

I am a descendant of Laffeyette Simmons.  I have found records of a Laffeyette Simmons purchasing land in Wright County Oct. 30, 1874.  I am wondering if anyone else has any records of him or has seen him mentioned in a census?
Mark Simmons   1999

Would like to exchange family data with any descendants of Leonard Crider (1800-1862) or his son Daniel Crider (1824-1897) who resided in Wright County, MO circa 1850 to 1900.  Leonard's children include:  Daniel, Mary, Hiram, Sarah, Pleasant, Jeremiah, John, William, Alexander and Leoniah.  Daniel's children include: Margaret, Sarah, Martha, Louisa, Elizabeth, Daniel Pierce, Julie, Leonah, Huldah and Leonard Spencer.  Civil War period experiences of this family are of particular interest to me.
Robert Downen   1999

I am looking for my grandfather's half brother, Jesse M. Davis (abt. 1852 in Stoddard County, MO).  Wright County newspaper dated August 27, 1885 reports his marriage to Nancy Griffy of Randolph County, AR.  Jesse's parents were William Jenkins Davis and Clarissa White Davis.  Last record I have is 1900 Wright County Census, Wood Township.  Jesse and Nancy had four boys: Robert (1889), Troy (1891, Lee (1894) and Thomas (1896).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ruby McNabb   1999

I am researching the Stillwell family who arrived in Wright County via Douglas County, MO and TN prior to that.  Henry A. Stillwell, Samuel Ross Stillwell and John Thomas Stillwell are of particular interest.  Information appreciated and will share what I have.
James T. Stillwell   1999

Looking for any info on Florence Elizabeth Baker, born in or around Hartville in 1867.  She married Joseph West and may have owned a store at one time.  Also looking for Cornelia Nunn.  She had three older sisters, I think, who all became school teachers.
Melissa Horn   1999

Frances Hickman, daughter of Micajah Hickman, married John B. Rippee (1848).  He and Frances are shown as having two children, William and James, in 1880 census.  Also living with them is James' mother-in-law, Frances.  Where did this family go after 1880?  Desire correspondence with any descendants. Alford Young (1806 VA) and Ruth Rippee Young lived in Wright County from 1840 on.  Alford was the son of Samuel Young and Mary Newton (I have been told).  Does anyone have information about the Samuel and Mary Young family?  Any information would be helpful.
Pauline Huffman   1999

I am searching for insight on the following family:  Jeremiah M. "Jerry" Tate and his wife Martha A. Pierson and their children Hattie, Rosina, William, Martha, Rosa and three unknown children lived in Wright County for at least 20 years.  Help appreciated.
Lesli Bell   1999

Looking for Rethford, DeLacy Joanna Criger, Rachel Matilda Wester and Milda D. Delozier.  Have info on Delozier and Wester families, but need info on Criger and Rachel Matilda Wester.  I have Rachel Matilda as a daughter of George Washington Wester and Milda D. Delozier.  As far as I can determine, they had two sons--no daughters.  Who was she?  Also am unable to locate James Retherford who purchased land in Wright County.  The Rethford "boys" were born in Fordland, Webster County, MO in the late 1800s, early 1900s.  There must have been a name change along the way.  Thanks.
Elaine Rethford   1999

I am looking for John Rose, my grandfather.  Any information would be helpful.
Nancy Anderson   1999

Lewis Parkinson Harding was born Dec. 26, 1846 in Lafayette County, MS and died Feb. 23, 1921 at Mountain Grove, Wright County, MO.  He married Emily Hudson on Nov. 18, 1872.  Family lore has it that he ran away from a mean stepmother in Mississippi and joined Union troops passing through the area at the time.  He fought for the Union and settled in MO.  I would like verification that the previous dates and marriage are true and need children's names and any other information that might be provided.
J. Flowers   1999

Aunt Mary I. Woods raised at least two of Henry Mac Williams' children, John Adolphus and Elizabeth.  She was married to an O'Dell, John (I believe) before becoming a Woods.  What was her maiden name and who was her husband who was a Woods?
Pauline Huffman   1999

My great-grandmother, Lula Ann Calhoun, was born Sept. 28, 1897 in Wright County, the youngest of 14 children.  Her parents were Martha Moody and William Calhoun.  When did they come to Wright County, or were they born there also?  My grandmother was also born in Wright County, at Mansfield, so I have reason to believe the family lived in the area for some time.  William Henderson Pasley, born Nov. 20, 1896, married Lula Ann, but I am not sure of the date.  His parents, Martha Jane Trail and John Brown Pasley, were buried in Norwood.  I have no knowledge of their parents or where they were born.  Did they live in Wright County all their lives, or did they move there?
Rebecca Eggers   1999

Seeking info on two of George Washington Calhoun and Rebecca Sanders' daughters:  Elizabeth "Betsy" (Oct. 9, 1846-June 20, 1917) married Thomas Moody and had two children, Anthony born about 1874 and ?; Martha L. (Jan. 1, 1858-May 20, 1900) married General Jackson Strunk. Does anyone know name of Elizabeth's other child and if Martha had any children?  Would like to hear from anyone who can give me info on this line.
Connie Young   1999

William Marion Holt, born in 1837 in KY came to Wright County, MO and married Talitha C. Lathrom in 1863.  He was married before.  Who was his wife?  Thought to be Elizabeth in Whitley County, KY and who was their child?  Twenty-six years later in 1894 William Marion found out his divorce was not final.  How did he find that out?  Would a Daniel Wilson Holt and wife Mary Ann Leach have anything to do with the news?  They moved to Mountain Grove about that time and had a son named William Marion Holt.  Marion got divorced from an Elizabeth in 1895 and remairried Talitha in 2 days at Ava, MO.  Their son Sherman Holt and bride Margaret Ellen Woods, daughter of John Seviour Woods and Louisa Sluder were married the same day in Ava, MO.  Marion and Talitha had 9 children.  Would like any info about this family.
Alicia Burke   1999

Looking for info on Danuel Hull Jr. and wife Mary Ann Eliza Beard Hull.  They left Virginia and were in Wright County, MO 1860 through 1880 census.  Daniel died 1865 and Mary in 1888.  She's buried in Mt. Grove at Old Swedish Cemetery.  There were 8 children listed in the 1860 census.  Where are they?  Their son Newton Hull died in Wright County in 1904.  His three marriages were to:  Zelpha Brunetta Stillwell in 1872, daughter of Henry Stillwell and Cynthia Elliot, all buried in Fairview Cemetery near Henderson; Martha Mayberry in 1890, daughter of William Mayberry and Rebecca Gideon, do not know where Martha and her children are buried; Nancy Vergennie Coffman Woody in 1904, daughter of William Coffman and Susan Presley of Sweetwater, TN.  Nancy was first married to John Woody and is buried in Denlow Cemetery with Newton.  Would like to know more about her first marriage, children and parents. Would like to know more about Newton's life, marriages and children.  He fathered 18 children, 8 died, what happened to the rest?  He owned a lot of the land that is now Mountain Grove, MO.
Alicia Hull Burke   1999

My great-grandfather immigrated to Missouri and I have found a lot of Ryans, etc. say they are buried there?  I need to find the connection.
Linda Garner   1999

I am searching for information on my great-grandfather Chris Graff and wife Louisa Neser who lived near St. George, Wright County, MO from 1884-1889.  They were married in 1884 in Laclede County.  Three children were born there; Lula in 1885, Ida or Alice around 1887 and Frederick in 1888.  Any information as to where they lived, the births of their children, or of their second child's (Ida or Alice) death aroud 1887 would be greatly appreciated.  One article about my great-grandfather said a town was named after him.  Is there any record of this?  Chris left in 1889 to make the run into Oklahoma.  He returned for his family a few months later. Chris and Louisa were both immigrants from Switzerland.  Some of Louisa's family immigrated with her.  Is there any record of the Neser family?
Martha Newman   1999

I am searching for any information on Thomas Jefferson Hogan (Feb. 14, 18??-Oct. 17, 1887), buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis TN.  Who did he marry?  She was born July 1, 1846, died May 1, 1903 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery.  Their children: Thomas Jefferson Hogan Jr. (Jan 9, 1876); Lillie Hogan (August 21, 1878-June 3, 18??); William Louis Hogan (Nov. 26, 1861-April 14, 1930 buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Ft. Worth, TX), married Annie Sumpter (Dec. 30, 1874-May 5 1914 buried in Greenwood Cemetery).  I believe the Hogan children were born in Cedar Gap, MO.  This is all I have on my father's dad and mom.  I would appreciate any help.
Lera Hogan Oldham   1999

Is anyone researching the Stillwell brothers, John Thomas (1881-1946), Albert Ross (1886-1951) and Everett Benjamin (1888-1950), who moved to Mountain Grove from Douglas County where they were born?
James Stillwell   1999

Seeking data on Anna Davis Sanders, born Jan. 16, 1864 in Wright County, daughter of Benjamin Sanders and Nancy J. Lovelady.  Anna married Barney Lewis Smith on Feb. 5, 1880 in Wright County.  Cora Del Smith, born July 27, 1883, married Aciel E. Selby.
William A. Wilbanks   1999

Looking for information on my father and uncles, John and Wallace Wilkerson.  Their mother's name was Edith Ellen Foster Wilkerson Bayne.  Thanks for the help.
Lynda Richardson   1999

Looking for more information on the following:  Calvin M. Brown (b. July 21, 1848) married Eliza Ferguson Brown I assume around 1872 in Mansfield, MO.  Their children: Lilie J. (Nov. 10, 1873); Lizzie S. (July 6, 1876); Ina L. (April 5, 1878) married Thom Roberts, died of consumption in Judsonia, AR; Auston Everett (Jan. 25, 1881); John Talbert (1884) married Annie Bell who died of consumption, then married Minnie and possibly moved to the San Francisco CA area where he died in his late 90s; Joseph H. (Oct. 7, 1886) died about 1906 when he fell from a tree and broke his neck; Myrtle Melissa (Sept. 8, 1889) my grandmother; Arie Josie (Jan. 14, 1892) died around 1967/68 and is buried in Mansfield.  I do not know Aunt Josie's married name, but she had a daughter named Ruth who married Robert Pruett and lives in Springfield.  She also had a brother named Joe who died last year.
Doris Fitzgerald   1999

I am looking for any information on the Parhams or Shockleys around the 1850s-60s-70s-80s.  Also Felix Sallee who maried Mary Catherin Parham.
Loren Parham   1999

Looking for info on Aaron Westley Scott, born in Mountain Grove--date unknown.
Joe Fleetweed   1999

I am looking for any info on my great-grandfather Francis Marion Huffman.  He married Suffronia Garrison on Dec. 3, 1859 in Webster County, MO and was living in Wright County in 1870.  Family story I have is he had some trouble, left MO and moved to TX.  Would appreciate anything anyone might have on him.  Suffronia is buried in Thomas Cemetery at Norwood, MO.
Geneva   1999

Need info on wife's great-grandfather.  Ambrose and Martha Matney, living in Cedar Gap (1820 census), also son James and James' children Minnie 16, Roy 14, Clifton 10, Dora 7 and Earl 5.  Ambrose and Martha would be in their 60s.  Wife's grandfather, oldest son of Ambrose and Martha, Uriah married Jane Householder and Mary Fleetwood.  He was a wanderer and was in TX, OK, AR and MO in a 20-year period. Ambrose had 2 sons John and Ben, living in K.C. MO on Penn. Avenue.  Thanks for any information.
James L. McMillin   1999

My ancestor, Garret Kirk (1801-1867) came to Wright County from AL.  He and second wife, Cynthia Choat had 8 known children: John D., Francis A., Amanda C., Thomas J., James M. (twin of Thomas), Rachel C., Andrew J. and Nancy J.  Cynthia had two sons from a previous marriage, Riley and Squire Choat. Garret Kirk is buried in Coon Creek Cemetery near Hartville.  His sister Eliza Jane Kirk (183401914) also came to Wright County.  She first married Nathaniel Hayworth with children, Lydia A., Joseph and Nancy Jane.  She married second, Eli Young with a son Nevels and daughter Nancy Adeline.  We are interested in further information, stories and old photos concerning Garret Kirk and Eliza Jane Kirk Young.
Don G. Kirk   1999

Looking in Cedar Gap, Wright County, MO for the family members of Fredrick Morris married to Sarah Thompson.  Other family members were: Andrew Morris married Nancy Caroline Matney d/o Elijah Matney and Mary Whitacker; Martha Caroline Morris married Jerry Miah Loftin; Fred Morris married Kissie, 2nd wife Linda Black; Sarah Morris married Ed Goss; Mary Jane Morris married James Matney; John Morris married Ida Peacock; Burl Elijah Morris married Orphelia; Jessie Morris married Ira Goss; Essie Morris married William Paul Marler; Lester Ray Morris married Abbie Lee.
Evelyn   1999

I am looking for anything I can get on Elijah Barnes.  He was married to Martha Bell Haddock.  They are both buried in Topaz, Douglas County MO. I would like to know anything about my great-great-grandparents. Elijah (August 6, 1852-August 6, 1924) and Martha (Feb. 5, 1858-March 16, 1929) had 12 children. My great-grandmother Allie Rosetta Barnes married Charles Nelson Headley on Oct. 7, 1898 in Topaz MO. Any info about any of these families would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Loretta DeWitt   1999

Peter Franklin Dellinger born about 1834 in NC was on 1860 Wright County census.  He died in 1915 and is buried in Rutherford Cemetery.  Looking for information on him and his descendants.
Katherine G. Sullivan   1999

Almeda Mode was born in Wright County on July 22, 1886. She married George T. Cochran who was born in Pennsylvania in 1884 and died in Monett, MO. Almeda had 3 or 4 children, later married another man (name unknown) and moved to Houston, TX where she died in March 1943.  I do not know if she was divorced or a widow when she remarried, nor do I know where she remarried.  Any help/clues would be appreciated.
Loring Hutchinson   1999

Looking for information and descendants of Valentine Garner and his wife Sarah E. Edinton, daughter of James and Nancy Edington who lived in Wright County from the time of their marriage in 1835 until Sarah's death in 1851.  They had 8 children, all born in Wright County: GriNancy Garner Linn, John Riley Garner, William Garner, Martha Garner Sheilds, Dialtha Garner Gri, Grisby, Jane Garner Elmore, Susan Garner Calloway, Frances Garner Schook. Would love to hear from descendants of Valentine Garner or Sarah Edington.
Donna Carmichael   1999

Looking for information on the James Edington family that came to Wright County in the mid 1830s and then migrated to Pulaski County. James and Nancy Scott(?) Edington had the following children: Luke (1810) married Mary Stockton in May 1836; Mary E.; Lucinda; Sarah E. (1817) married Valentine Garner in 1835; Nancy (1819) married George W. Penland and moved to Webster County; Jane (April 20, 1819) married G.W. Crowey and migrated to Napa County, CA; James M. (1822); John F. (1826) migrated to Napa County, CA; Viola (1826) married James Bird Dosher in 1850; William L. (abt. 1827/30); Philip (abt. 1830) migrated to Napa County, CA.
Donna Carmichael   1999

I read the other query for Shemonic and it sound like possible relatives of mine. I am interested in any information concerning this family, especially any John Shemonic which was a family name passed down several generations (my great-grandfather, grandfather and uncle). I would like to get in touch with Diane Cole and share information.
Chris Yone   1999

Researching the Andrew Jackson Tinkle family of Clark Township, Wright County.  His wife's name was Crenarie Ann Hammer and one of their daughters was Abbie Tinkle.  She married John William Woody of the Henry Bogart Woody family.  Would love to share any information on these families.
Cyrus Dodd   1999

Searching for any information on Florence Light and wife Almedia who settled in Mountain Grove sometime after 1900.  Florence died there in 1966.  Interested in obits, children, burials, marriages, etc for this family and any descendants.  Thank you.
Leah McCalmon   1999

Nellie D. Middleton was on the 1910 census living with Marion Middleton in Texas County. Hurley Middleton (her brother) and her father are buried in Wright County. She was nine on the census. Any information would be helpful.
Cameron Cox   1999

I am searching for information on Mary Jane Lennox (abt. 1826 KY), who appeard on 1870 Texas County, MO census, age 42, with two sons William (abt. 1850 MO), age 20, and Francis Marion, age 18, born in MO.  Sources have said that her maiden name was Frail.  There was a Frail family in Wright County, MO which had some of the members born in KY.  Would anyone know anything about any Frail family which might be connected to Mary Jane Frail?
Rose M. Spencer   1999

Richard Voigt, 16939 Glen Oak Run, Rockville MD 20855, is needing help tracing George Henry Campbell prior to arrival in Wright County.  His death certificate states that both parents were born in IN, while the 1900 census indicates he was born in KY.  George Henry Campbell married Winifred Griffith sometime between 1872 and 1875, probably in Mountain Grove as his father-in-law was very involved with the Friendship Church.  If you have any information, Richard would appreciate hearing from you.

Researching Charley F. Findley, born in Wright County, MO in 1879/80.  Parents may have been John and Ida Findley.  May have been nephew of Erasmus M. Findley married to MargaretYoung.
J. Kamman  1999

Searching for information about my ancestor Jesse Ridens who appeared on the 1850 Wright County, MO census, household #400, age 55 NC, his wife Susannah, 42 KY.  They have nine children with them in 1850.  Who were their other children?  Need Susannah's maiden name, her parents and siblings.  Their daughter, Lucretia, age 17 in 1850, married as 2nd wife of James Rippee (abt. 1830), son of Joshua Rippee and Sarah Hicks.
Gloria Bogart Carter   1999

Looking for information on Elijah Harris (ca. 1828 TN) and his wife Mary Prock (ca. 1828 TN).  Their daughter Mary Ann Harris married Joseph Williams.  They were in Wright County by at least  1850.  Any help will be appreciated.
Judy McMichael   1999

I am searching for information about the parents of my grandmother, Hattie Ann Brown (Feb. 2, 1888 Mansfield, MO).  The only information I have so far shows that her father was George Washington Brown (Feb. 1857).  He was born in Gasconade, MO and I do not know if this was a town or county.  Hattie's mother was Martha Jane Moore born in Mansfield.  The 1900 census shows a new wife, Melinda M. (1870).  There are three siblings: Samuel R. (Oct. 1889), HarleyL. (July 1895) and Cora A. (June 1898).  The census indicates that George was a section foreman, which leads us to believe he worked for the railroad.  Does anyone know anything about any of these people?  I am especially interested in Martha Jane Moore, who her parents were, etc.  Also, does anyone know of any history books that talk about the building of the railroad in that part of the country around the turn of the century?
Connie Hood   1999

I am looking for anyone related to David Hampton Wade (1854) originally from Harding, TN.  His daughter Nymtha married John Rose (my great-grandparents). Also, looking for anyone related to John's parents, Hiram and Rachel Rose from Cherokee County, NC.  I am also looking for anyone related to my grandfather Henry M. Hall.  His family was from TN.  He married several times.  My grandmother Lizzie Rose was his last wife.  He had at least one daughter, Leona Miller, from  his former marriages. These families were connected by marriage and were in Wright County around 1860.
Nancy Anderson    1999

Joanna Pointer (1842 Osage County MO) married 1864 in Osage County to Elias Spurgeon who died in Wright County, MO in 1883. Joanna was the daughter of Thomas Pointer (1817-1880) and Nancy Jane Gilmore (1819-1880).  Thomas was the son of George Pointer (1785-1823) and Joanna Tackett (1785-1850). Nancy Jane was the daughter of Thomas Gilmore and Eda.  I would like to correspond with anyone having links to these families.
Wanda Sanders   1999

Am interested in any information on John Alfred Housley family, Cones family and Floyd Stacy family.  They were mainly in the Mountain Grove, Hartville and Norwood areas.
Frances Housley Ellison   1999

I am looking for any connections to a Solomon A. Royal in Mountain Grove, MO or to a Pearl Volner also living in Mountain Grove, MO.
Jennifer Chaltas   1999

I believe my grandmother, Mary Magdeline Williams, was born in Wright County in 1886.  Her sister Laura Williams may also have been born in Wright County, but I'm not sure.  Their parents were Lewis/Louis Williams and Martha J. ?  Laura Williams was married to W. J. Bailey in Wood County, TX in 1898.  I do not know if Mary and her parents still lived in MO in 1900.  I cannot find them in TX in 1900.  If anyone has any information at all about this family I would love to hear from you.
Judy    1999

I am trying to find anything about my great-great-great-grandfather, Presley Askins. He had a land patent in Wright County in 1848.  He was the husband of Mary Finch Askins.  I found Mary and her children in the 1850 census of Laclede County, but did not find Presley listed.  Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Allen Green Wilson.  I would like to know when he died and where he is buried. Any information greatly appreciated.
Phyllis Wilson Carpenter   1999

Looking for any information on Lee or Lea families who were living around the Hartville area in the 1840-1860 time frame, or any related descendants of same.
Bill Lee   1999

Any information concerning the surname Crisp and Prock would surely be appreciated.  The dates would have been during the years of 1870 to mid-1880s.  Thanks.
Bill Cairns   1999

Looking for information about the family of John Henry McClellan and Deborah Endsley who moved to Wright County, MO abut 1876.  The children who married in Wright County were Adelia R. McClellan who married James Anderson Mackey in 1893, and Newton Crosier McClellan who married Margaret Catherine Brashier, probably in about 1884.  This family moved from White County IL and I have much information about them in IL from 1816 on.  This branch is found at the FHC.
Cindy Birk Conley   1999

Searching for names and dates of these families from the Manes and Embree area.
Danny Goldsmith   1999

Seeking descendants of Bill (b. 1851 IL) and Hannah Jane Chambers Smith (b. 1861 OH) of Hartville and Brush Creek Township.  They had children Almeda Hickman, Dollie Hickman, LeeA., Frank, Owen, Merton, Inis, Dicy and Anna Belle Scott.  Appreciate any information about these children.
Pauline W. Huffman   1999

Looking for information on John Kendall and Catherine "Katie" Clark Kendall.  They are my great-grandparents.  John was born in 1833, Catherine in 1852, both in IL.  They had land in Wright County where he was a farmer.  He died about 1897.  Need death dates and burial location for both.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Kevin S. McMullin    1999

Searching for information regarding my great-grandparents, Jonathon Moody (Jan. 20, 1858) and Mary Jane Barnett (Nov. 2, 1866) married in Hartville, MO on August 10, 1882.  Married at home by Peter McKinley, witnesses Billy Moody and William Barnett.  Jonathon and Mary Jane had 13 children, my grandmother being Esther L. Moody.  Also, need information on great-grandparents Charles and Susanna McIntosh, found in 1880 census in Hartville, MO.  At that time they had three children.  My great-grandfather Eli McIntosh (April 1856) was born in Clark Township, Wright County MO and later married Sarah Catherine Smith (1860) born in MO.  Any information greatly appreciated.
Lynda Turner    1999

Samuel H. Brown married Adaline Littleton in Fulton County, IL in 1846 and moved to Mt. Grove, MO around 1877.  He died there in 1887.  His eldest son, William Thomas, was living in Mt. Grove with his wife, Frances Saunders Brown.  Their children, some, if not all were born in Mt. Grove.  They were Florence, John, Harry, Clint, P.K., Walter S. and Clarence L.  I would appreciate hearing any and all informatin about this family.  Thank you.
Barbara Hawkee   1999

Seeking information about the marriage of George P. Lee to Edith S. Lay on June 11, 1903 of Mountain Grove, MO.  Married by JP M.E. Needham in Mountain Grove.  Seeking information on George Washington Lee born Nov. 23, 1833 in Haddenfield, Camden County, NJ. His wife was Mary Ann Green who died April 10, 1910 in Norwood, MO.  She was listed as a widow in the 1910 census.  George W.'s siblings were: Rebecca P. (Nov. 23, 1825), Mary B. (July 18, 1835), Joseph George (Oct. 10, 1836) and William Edward (August 12, 1838-August 14, 1839).  Descendants of George W. and Mary Ann Lee were: Elmer Alvin (August 25, 1862 Lake County, IN), Allie J. (June 25, 1866 Lake County, IN), Anna Hulda (March 28, 1868 Lake County, IN), William King Paris (March 26, 1879 in Lake County, IN), Lucinda Margrett (March 3, 1873 Chicago, IL), Edith Maryann (Dec. 5 1876 Lake County, IN-March 12, 1891 Wright County, MO) and George Pierpont Lee (August 25, 1878 Lacke County, IN-Norwood MO).  Any information will be appreciated.
Louis R. Lee    1999

Looking for any information regarding Marion Roberts, his wife Julia (Allpress) Roberts b. 1878, or any of their descendants. Julia is my great-aunt.  The only information I have is from a letter posted Feb. 19, 1927 from Mountain Grove, MO.
Bob Allpress  1999

 I am looking for information on Moses Whelchel and Eliza Jane Russell.  Settled in the area about 1870 and had children 9 (?):  Rettie, Julia, Carrie, Pearl (?), Nard, Norman and Oscar are the only names I know.
Richard Ellis   1999

Seeking connection with others researching surnames Lacy and Patty of Wright County MO.
Doris Pickering    1999

I would like any information concerning these families.
Kay Birkett   1999

I'm looking for any information on Henry Garrison Nevels Newton and his wife Mary Almeta Jane Brentlinger.  They are my husband's great-grandparents.  I've just started researching this line.  He remembers visiting them with his grandparents in the late thirties, maybe forties.  They lived near Mountain Grove. Their children were Charles A., Oscar D., Orin N. (Oscar and Orin were twins), Jesse O., Henry V. and Lester F.  My husband's grandfather was CharlesCharles married an O'Dell.  I have no other information on Mary Brentlinger.  Thanks in advance.
Grace Newton   1999

My grandfather was Junius Earl Scott and my grandmother was Emma Louise Scott.  They lived in Mountain Grove, MO.  Grandpa died in 1957 and grandma died in 1967.  They are buried in California.  That's all I know about my dad's side of the family, so any help will be greatly and gratefully appreciated.
Michael Scott   1999

My great-grandfather, Levi Prock (1853-1925), was born in Wright County, MO.  Levi, son of William Prock, had a number of siblings that I have no knowledge of.  Does anyone have any information on:  George Prock (1843), Margaret J. (1845), Amanda (1847), Julia (1848) and Marthena (1851)?  Any information will be appreciated.
Dennis Keeton   1999

We are very interested in information regarding Kirk Buttram who was born in the Grovespring area in the 1880's. We know he had a lot of siblings, but know little about them. Also, any information relating to Viola Priester Buttram's ancestors would be helpful. We do have some information on her, however. Let me know if I can share what we have with you.
Kay Baillie--1999

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