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The brave men who served in the 19th Mississippi Infantry deserve to be remembered.  Please send me anything you can about your 19th Mississippi Infantry ancestor.  Don’t let our ancestors disappear into the shadows of the past.  Underlined names are links to other web sites or e-mail addresses.


BAGBY, Marcus (Marquis) A. -- Private, Company H, born March 5, 1833, died May 11, 1864, buried Near Canaan Cemetery, Benton County, Mississippi.


BARNETT, Harvey or Henry B. -- Private, Company K, died May 23, 1863, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


BECK, Thomas M., Private, Company K


BOWDEN, Pleasant M. -- Private/Assistant Surgeon, Company K, born March 20, 1839, died December 11, 1924, buried Ashland Cemetery, Benton County, Mississippi.


BOGARD, Jacob S. -- grandfather, served in the 19th Infantry, Company H, from 1862 until his release at Federal prison, in Point Lookout, Maryland in June 1865, He served in the Virginia Area ,  during his total time  in the CSA. He was wounded in 1862 and was in hospital at Lynchburg, but was back on his Company's Muster two months later. He was wounded again in the battle of Spotsylvania, Va. on May 6 1864, returning to his unit several months later.  He was at Petersburg in 1865 and was captured at the Battle of Petersburg.  He was imprisoned at Fort lookout until Lee surrendered, then took the oath of allegiance and was released.  He returned Home to Tippah County Spring Hill Community, near Salem Post Office, He then married Virginia Diane Woodson, and lived on Family Farm three miles south west of Grand Junction, Tennessee near Michigan City, Mississippi.  He raised his family there and went to be with the Lord in 1909.  He was buried in his Confederate uniform in the Family cemetery.  He still carried a mini ball in his leg. Harry Bogard


BOGARD, Jacob S. -- great, great grandfather was Private Jacob S. Bogard of the 19th Miss. Infantry, Co. H. He mustered in on February 25, 1862 in Canaan, Mississippi. The officer that enlisted him was Lt. John B. Hall. From July 1862 until October 1862 he was hospitalized in Lynchburg, Virginia. On the May and June 1864 and July and August 1864 muster rolls he was listed as absent with leave on wounded furlough. According to the receiving records of the Wayside Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, he was admitted on May 8, 1864 for a wound to his face. On May 9, 1864 he appears on the register of Howard's Grove General Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. On April 5, 1865 he is registered as a prisoner at Point Lookout, Maryland, having been captured at Petersburg on April 2, 1865. He was released June 9, 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance to the United States.  He married Virginia Diane Woodson and they resided in the Spring Hill community near Michigan City. They had three children, Lula Granville, my great grandmother, Benjamin Horn and Allie Mae. Jacob Bogard died 1-26-1909 and is interred in the family cemetery nearby the residence at Spring Hill which is listed as being 3 miles east of Michigan City.  I am searching for someone who might know where this location is. Various family members over the years have been there, as late as the last decade so I know it is extant but, I have not had any luck finding someone who can direct me to it now. I also have a picture of Jacob in his uniform but, do not have capability to generate it over a computer. Anyone with information is welcome to e-mail me or to write me at 111 West Main St, Blue Mountain, MS  38610.  This biographical sketch is drawn from information received from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History from primary source documents and from Mr. Harry Bogard who is also a great, great grandchild of Jacob S. Bogard.  Thank you, Maggie Reese


BRADWELL, E. W. -- Private, Company G, died February 25, 1863, buried Alton, Illinois.


BRANDON, Jesse B. -- Private, Company H, died July 10, 1862, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


BRYANT, Andrew J. -- Corporal, Company I, born November 24, 1837, died July 31, 1922, buried Ellistown Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi.


BRYANT, Needham B. -- born May 24, 1837 in Tennessee.  He was the fifth of eight children born to Needham Bryant and Margaret Black.  He married Louisa King on November 20, 1856 in Itawamba County, Mississippi.  They had two children, Charles A. Bryant and Needy Ann Bryant.  Needham never saw his daughter Needy who was born February 21, 1862, a mere three month before he died on May 27, 1862.


CARTER, Thomas W. -- Corporal, Company G, born February 14, 1838, died May 12, 1923, buried Ingomar Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi.


CLOPTON, John D. -- Sergeant, Company E, died July 3, 1862, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


ELLIS, Robert R. -- Private, Company I, died May 26, 1862, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


EVANS, James A. -- Private, Company H, born March 21, 1827, died March 6, 1881, buried Woodson Family Cemetery, Benton County, Mississippi.


FITZGERALD, William G. -- Private, Company I, died November 15, 1864, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


FOUST, George -- Private, Company F, born November 19, 1839, died September 1, 1925, buried Salem Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi.


FRAZIER, T. J. -- Private, Company A, buried Lynchburg, Virginia.


GODSEY, Alfred H. -- Private, Company H, died June 19, 1862, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


GRIFFITH, Benjamin D. -- Private, Company H, born June 2, 1838, died January 8, 1912, buried New Hope Baptist Cemetery, Benton County, Mississippi.


GUYTON, John K. -- Private, Company K, born 1833, died 1912, buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi.


HALFHILL, Frances M. -- Private, Company C, died May 26, 1861, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


HAMER, James Gillespie -- Captain, Company H, born September 28, 1825, died July 3, 1906, buried Hamer Cemetery, Benton County, Mississippi.


HARDIN, Thomas Joseph -- born July 27, 1829 in Monroe County, Kentucky.  He was a farmer in Marshall County, Mississippi.  Elected Captain, Company I, 19th Miss on May 25, 1861, he was promoted to major on May 5, 1863, lieutenant colonel on July 17, 1863, and colonel on January 20, 1864.  He was killed at the "Bloody Angle" during the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse on May 12, 1864 and is buried in the Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery.  He also has a monument at Hill Crest Cemetery, Holly Springs, Mississippi.


HARRIS, John G. -- Private, Company K, buried Lynchburg, Virginia.


HARRIS, Nathaniel Harrison -- born in Natchez, Mississippi, on August 22, 1834.  He was a law graduate of the University of Louisiana (now Tulane) and settled thereafter in Vicksburg to practice his profession.  In 1861 he organized the Warren Rifles, which was mustered into Confederate service as Company C, 19th Mississippi Infantry.  He rose from captain to colonel in this regiment and was commissioned brigadier general on January 20, 1864.  Following the war, he resumed his law practice in Vicksburg and later became the president of the Mississippi Valley & Ship Island Railroad, also serving for a time as registrar of the U.S. Land Office in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  After 1890 he made his home in California, where he engaged in business with John Hays Hammond.  He died in Malvern, England, on August 23, 1900, while on a business trip.  He never married.  At his own request, his remains were cremated, and the ashes conveyed to the Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, for burial.


HOLT, Thomas L., Second Lieutenant, Company G


JEFFREYS, Thomas A. -- Private, Company I, died April 19, 1865, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


JENKINS, Walter N. -- born in 1832 in Tennessee, one of five children of Walter S. Jenkins and Agnes P. Stone.  He enlisted in Company I, 19th Mississippi on March 8, 1862.  He married Eleanor (Ellen) Peel on February 19, 1864 in Chulahoma, Marshall County, Mississippi, while on furlough.  He was captured at Spotsylvania Courthouse on May 12, 1964 and died on May 25, 1864 at the Stanton General Hospital in Washington, DC.


JOBE, John W. -- the youngest child of Samuel and Sarah Frank Jobe. The family moved to Tippah County, Mississippi, when he was a small boy.  He was the first of the 6 Jobe brothers to enlist in the Civil War.  When he was just 19 years old he went to Canaan, Mississippi, and signed into the Confederate services for the duration of the war.  Enlistment date was Feb. 25, 1863; discharge date was June 28, 1865. He was a Cpl. Co. H 19th MS. Inf. C.S.A.  In the early part of the war he was wounded, however he continued to serve. He was taken a prisoner of war on April 2, 1865 and was released at the close of the war. After the close of the war, he returned to his hometown and became a postmaster at Antioch, Mississippi.  The post office was located in his home and the neighboring patrons came once or twice a week to pick up their mail. He obtained the mail by riding horse back to Ripley, Mississippi, once or twice a week.  On October 18, 1865 he married Julia Ann Peeler, daughter of Joseph Daniel and Amanda (Mandy) Peeler.  They moved to near Texarkana, Arkansas, but did not stay there long.  As they were on their way back to MS their oldest child died, and was buried in Arkansas.  He was a farmer and lived the remainder of his life in Tippah County, Mississippi.  He died in 1904, and he and Julia are both buried in Antioch Cemetery, Tippah County, Mississippi. (from information contained in "Samuel Jobe and Y'all by Willard Davis Kent and Virginia Davis Kent) Leslie C. Buchanan


KRESLER, Joseph R. or S. -- Private, Company K, died January 19, 1863, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


KIDD, Ensilous Fletcher -- enlisted in Co. H, 19th Mississippi Volunteers “for the war,” on May 18, 1861, in Canaan, MS, 9 months before being joined by his brothers. This unit was variously known as the Salem Cavalry, the Salem Dragons, and the Dick Wright Rifles. E.F. was born in 1842 in Dinwiddie Co., VA, the son of William and Mary Ann Stell Kidd.  He came with the family to Tippah Co., MS by 1850.  He was wounded at the battle of Williamsburg, VA on May 5, 1862, and apparently didn’t survive the war. Reiley Kidd, MD, 5152 54th Avenue S., Seattle, WA  98118-2114


KIDD, Eutimous Elaneous Canaugh “Tim” -- enlisted with his brothers in Co. H, 19th Mississippi Volunteers “for the war,” on Feb. 25, 1862, in Canaan, MS.  To do so, he lied about his age, claiming to be 18, when in fact he was not yet 16. Tim was born Oct. 10, 1846 in Dinwiddie Co., VA, the youngest son of William and Mary Ann Stell Kidd.  A private throughout the war, he was captured at Spotsylvania on May 12, 1864, and was a POW at Fort Delaware, DE until the end of the war.  After the war, he married Barbara Elizabeth “Betty” Stroup in 1869 in Tippah Co., MS, and they had twelve children.  Tim died Oct. 13, 1906.  He and his wife are buried in the Bethlehem Cemetery, just outside Ashland, MS.  Reiley Kidd, MD, 5152 54th Avenue S., Seattle, WA  98118-2114


KIDD, James F. -- along with several nephews and one brother, James F. enlisted in Co. H, 19th MS Infantry on Feb. 25, 1862.  Captured at Gettysburg, he was sent to a POW camp at Ft. Delaware (on Pea Patch Island in the Delaware River), where he died Sept. 14, 1863. He is buried in Finn's Point National Cemetery at Ft. Mott State Park, Salem Co., NJ, on the New Jersey side of the river. James F. was the son of Lodawick and Lucy Kidd, and was born abt. 1830 in TN.  He’s buried at Ft. Mott, NJ.   Reiley Kidd, MD, 5152 54th Avenue S., Seattle, WA  98118-2114


KIDD, Kinchin Leroy -- enlisted with his brothers in Co. H, 19th Mississippi Volunteers “for the war,” on Feb. 25, 1862, in Canaan, MS. Kinchin was captured at Germantown TN September 18 (other records say December 2), 1863 and was in a military prison at Alton, Illinois, then later transferred to Fort Delaware April 4, 1864, until released at the end of the war on June 11, 1865. Kinchin was born in Nov. 21, 1837 in Dinwiddie Co., VA, the son of William and Mary Ann Stell Kidd.  He came with the family to Tippah Co., MS by 1850. Kinchin married Susan E. Smith before the war began, and they raised 8 children.  He died July 4, 1912 in Benton or Tippah Co., MS.  Reiley Kidd, MD, 5152 54th Avenue S., Seattle, WA  98118-2114


KIDD, William K. - mustered in Feb. 25, 1862 as a private in Co. H, 19th MS Infantry, along with an uncle and several nephews.  He was probably the son of Robert and Mary Sorrels Kidd of Tippah Co., and was born about 1844 in TN.  He surrendered at Appomattox with Lee’s army, and was paroled there. Reiley Kidd, MD, 5152 54th Avenue S., Seattle, WA  98118-2114


LAMAR, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus, Lieutenant Colonel


LOWE, John M. -- Private, Company F, died June 15, 1862, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


LYONS, W.S. -- Corporal, Company A, died October 31, 1861, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


MCCLURE, W. H. -- Private, Company G, buried Lynchburg, Virginia.


MCKENZIE, John Winfield -- First Lieutenant, Company K, born March 22, 1843, died November 19, 1907, buried McKenzie Family Cemetery, Benton County, Mississippi.


MOTT, Christopher Haynes -- born in Livingston County, Kentucky, on June 22, 1826. He attended Transylvania University, was a Mexican War veteran, and before the war practiced law in Holly Springs, Mississippi. He was appointed a brigadier general in the Army of Mississippi by the Mississippi Secession Convention but resigned to be commissioned Colonel, 19th Mississippi on June 11, 1861. He was killed during the Battle of Williamsburg on May 5, 1862.


MULLINS, John Bailey -- born in Tennessee in December 1829.  He was appointed to West Point from Mississippi, graduating in 1854.  He resigned his US commission on March 16, 1861.  He was commissioned Captain, C.S. Cavalry and was scheduled to be Major, 5th Virginia Cavalry, but that unit was never fully organized.  He was appointed Major, 19th Miss on December 11, 1861, lieutenant colonel on May 5, 1862, and colonel on November 24, 1862.  These last two promotions were later nullified since he never returned to the 19th Mississippi after being wounded during the Seven Days Battles.  He resigned in July 1864 because of the effects of a severe abdominal wound.  After the war, he lived in Norfolk, Virginia, and died on October 3, 1891.  He is buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk.


MURPHY, William K. -- Private, Company I, died May 22, 1862, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


PEARSON, Henry -- Corporal, died 17 Jan 1864, buried Alton Illinois.


PHILLIPS, William H. -- Private, Company I, died July 18, 1862, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


PHIPPS, Richard Wright -- born in Marshall County, Tennessee, on October 1, 1883.  He moved with his parents to the vicinity of Oxford, Mississippi, in early 1843.  He entered the University of Mississippi the first day it opened and graduated as valedictorian in 1852.  He studied law at Cumberland University and practiced in Oxford until the beginning of the war.  He assisted in raising what became Company F, 19th Miss in Oxford and was elected its first lieutenant.  He was promoted successively from lieutenant to colonel and surrendered his brigade at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865.  After the war, he was elected a delegate to the Mississippi Constitutional Convention and later to the state legislature.  He died in Terra Ceia, Florida, on October 21, 1912 and is buried in Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Tampa, Florida.


RAY, Robert A. -- Private, Company G, died January 29, 1863, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


RHODES (RHOADS, ROADS), Felix Murray -- born in Tippah, Mississippi. in 1841 to William and Mary "Polly" Armour Roads.  Mary was the daughter of Davis W and Elizabeth Lively Armour. Davis served in the war of 1812,  Second Regiment West Tennessee Militia.  Felix volunteered for service May 26, 1861, at Baldwyn Mississippi, at the age of 19.  He was assigned to Company K 19th Regiment, Capt Wm H. H. Tison's Co., Mississippi Volunteers.  He served as an Ambulance driver and was sent to General Hospital in Richmond Virginia July of 1862.  Records show him assigned to Chimborazo Hospital #5 In Richmond as well as Wayside Hospital Richmond, General Hospital Petersburg, VA and Episcopal Church Hospital, Williamsburg VA.  At one point he was hospitalized for Varicocele Rheumatism. Evidently Felix was imprisoned twice as War Records show that he was admitted to the General Hospital in Petersburg, VA July 17, 1863, for Orchitis and was ordered to surgery.  It lists him as a paroled prisoner.  He was also captured at Petersburg April 2, 1865, and was released at Point Lookout, MD June 17, 1865 after taking the oath of allegiance to the United States.  Records list Felix as Light Complexion, Lt. Red Hair, hazel eyes and 5'10". Felix returned to Tippah Co. MS. and Married Hettie Lucinda Vandiver on August 14, 1865.  Hettie was the daughter of Elisha Vandiver and Lucinda Melton Vandiver. Elisha was a Baptist Minister and the son of George H. Vandiver and Ascenith Welch. George was the son of Edward Vandiver, Revolutionary War Patriot from Pendleton Dist South Carolina. Felix and Hettie relocated to McLennan Co. Texas in 1874.  He attended a Confederate Veterans reunion in Sardis Coryell Co. Texas in 1899.  He applied for, and received a veterans pension in 1915.  Felix died January 17, 1916 and is buried at Davidson (Old Blackfoot) Cemetery near Gatesville, TX.  Hettie Lucinda drew a widows pension and died July 4, 1927, and is buried beside Felix. Doris Cook Dodson


RILEY, Richard T. -- Captain, Company B, born May 15, 1837, died February 15, 1837, buried Candy Hill Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi.


ROBINSON, Cyrus A. -- Sergeant, Company F, died October 25, 1862, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


RODGERS, G. W. -- Private, Company A, born April 4, 1823, died May 25, 1897, buried Damascus Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi.


ROGERS, George W. -- Private, Company K, buried Lynchburg, Virginia.


ROGERS, Levi -- Private, Company K, born March 27, 1802, died July 4, 1879, buried Oak Plain Cemetery, Tippah County, Mississippi.


RUSSUM, Henry Basomb, Rev., Private, Company H, born December 8, 1843, died October 6, 1929, buried Canaan Baptist Cemetery, Benton County, Mississippi.


SCHETZINGER, Josh -- Private, Company D, died July 7, 1862, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


SHEPARD, John M. or W. -- Private, Company G, died May 3, 1862, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


SINGLETON, James H. -- Sergeant, Company F, died October 2, 1864, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


TERRY, Charles M.D. -- was born 10 May 1837 in the Greenville District of South Carolina.  In 1842 his father and mother, Asbury and Winniford Terry, moved the family to Tippah County, Mississippi.  They lived on Oak Lawn Plantation near the town of Salem.  Asbury died 17 September 1850 and is buried in the old Salem cemetery. Winniford and the 10 children worked the land and made their living.  The family of 5 boys and 5 girls did well for themselves; they had 11 slaves. Charles wrote a diary covering the period 1856 - 1860 covering life on a farm/plantation in Mississippi.  It is full of references to daily routine and neighbors.  Charles ran the farming operations for the family.  His middle name might have been "McDowell"; his father's mother was Rebecca Ann McDowell. Charles joined Captain Thomas J. Hardin's Mississippi Volunteers 25 May 1861 at Chulahoma, Mississippi.  This company subsequently became Company I, 19th Infantry Regiment Mississippi Infantry. Hospitalized for pnuemonia General Hospital, Camp Winder, Richmond, Virginia 20 February 1863.  Released 17 May 1863. Private Terry was shot in the face.  Casualties List says "6th Brigade, Longstreet's Division, engagements before Richmond 26 June - 1 July 1862."  Medical report says "age 24, gunshot wound at right angle nose coming out angle left lower jaw, health good." He was promoted to Corporal after returning to duty.  He was wounded in the left thigh and captured at Spotsylvania, Virginia on 12 March 1864.  Hospitalized at Lincoln Hospital, Washington D.C.  Sent to prison in Elmira, New York 23 July 1864. Charles M.D. Terry was exchanged as prisoner 29 October 1864. The family moved to Dallas, Texas after the War in 1866.   Charles married Martha Ellen Clark in June 1869.  He made a fortune as a cotton broker and merchant.  His daughter, Maidie Terry, would grow up to marry T.L. Bradford who was the first mayor after Dallas was incorporated.  Mr. Bradford was also a founder of Southwestern Life Insurance Company. Hugh Corrigan IV


VICK, Edward S. (A.T.) -- Private, Company G, died January 19, 1863, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


WALLACE, Henderson C. -- Corproal, Company I, born January 22, 1839, died July 11, 1892, buried State Line Cemetery, Tippah County, Mississippi.


WALLACE, James -- Private, Company K, buried Lynchburg, Virginia.


WHITE, Thomas O. -- Private, Company K, born March 14, 1838, died August 14, 1905, buried Dumas Cemetery, Tippah County, Mississippi.