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Major Robert Aaron Dean

The following is a write-up on him.  His birthday is December 29, 1836.

Lewis Shell, Mississippi, Dec. 29, 1836.  He was a son of Russell and Louisa Ann (Alsup) Dean.  His paternal ancestors were English and his maternal were Irish and Welch.  Elizabeth (Edmonson) Dean, was the first white child ever born in Huntsville, Alabama.

Major Dean was educated in the public schools of his native county and engaged in farming during his long public life.  He enlisted as Sergeant, in 1861, with the Marshall county riflemen at Chulahoma, Mississippi, and was soon assigned to the 19th Mississippi Regiment of Infantry, in the army of North Virginia.  Here he was soon promoted to 3d Lieutenant and 1862, 2nd and then ed Lieutenant.  In 1863 he was made captain of his company and before the close of the war he became Major of the 19th Mississippi Regiment.

After the war he settled in the north western section of LaFayette County near the home of his childhood.  Here he retired to a quiet successful farm life where he became a valuable leader and a deacon in the Primitive Baptist church at Glenville in Panola County.  In 1878 he became a member of the state legislature and served one term.

He became a member of the Senate in 1886 where he remained until 1896.  He served as a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1890 and was the chairman of the committee of the penitentiary which recommended the abolition of the convict leasing system and authorized the legislature to purchase farms, which soon lead to our present penal farm system.  Major Dean also served on the Franchise, Apportionment, and Election Committees.  He had not asked for re-election to the Senate but expressed a desire to retire from public life but as a result of his proven ability and his reputation for honesty, he was unexpectedly called, by Governor A. H. Longino, to serve as a member of the committee which supervised the creation of the new State Capitol from 1900 - 1903.  His last public service was in the state Senate 1908 to 1912.  He was a loyal Democrat, a Mason, and a deacon of his church.  He was married Feb. 2, 1864 (Roland-must be an error) to Lucy Ann Langston a daughter of John! McClure and Anner (Hudspeth) Langston of Panola county.  There were eight children: Russell Langston, Thomas Greenwood, Joseph James, Robert Aaron, Jr., Louianna (Dean) Cavitt, Georgia (Dean) Waldrip, Minnie (Dean) Davis, and Hardy Mott. 

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