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Early Settlers of Attala County

The following listing of early settlers of Attala County is grouped in a very general geographical order. That is, it is shown in the same sequence that they were enumerated in the 1840 census. Unfortunately, the census did not require the enumerator to even generally identify the locale. There are eighteen segments; each segment representing a census page. It would be possible to plot the locale if one were to compare the 1840 entries against the 1850 census entries, which did identify township and range information. Perhaps that is a project for another day.

With this listing, not only can you locate your ancestor that resided in Attala County in 1840, but you can determine who his or her neighbors were. Each page of the census had thirty lisitngs. It is presumed that when a page was filled a new page was started and the last listed individual on one page would be the neighbor of the first listing on the next page. This may not prove to be the case on further investigation, but it seems a reasonable assumption.

Page 1 - D. Barrett, L. Holt, William H. Terry, James White, G. D. Boyd, R. K. Flack, John Fossett, William E. Smith, Hampton Fondoron, Alexander Roy, William Tipton, Benjamin S. Tipton, Henry Vaughan, James Fletcher, William Cottrell, Samuel Tubb, Mary Calcoat, Mathew Tubb, William S. Meggs, John Ashley, William S. Irish, James Miller, Elbert E. Day, Henry Askew, Rowland Suggs, Joseph Conn, Rachel Thames, John Coleman, Lucy Ann Bonner, Matilda Bunch.

Page 2 - John Love, James Calcoat, Hosa Crowder, George Hunt, William C. Hearst, Nathaniel Felts, Bennett Smith, Marshall Ashley, John W. Mayo, James Simmons, Jeremiah Ellington, John Allen, Andrew H. Campbell, J. T. Tinkle, Robert Brown, Ambrose Baber, John M. Brown, Daniel Taylor, A. W. Bates, Magness Tague, Isaac Tague, Elijah Walker, John Scarborough, James Scarborough, H. Leblow, Pier Durant, John R. Tague, William Ellington, James Jenkins, Martha Coleman.

Page 3 - Hymenck Nichols, Henry Brown, Washington Ellington, Mary Ellington, James Ellington, Frederick Harmon, Jacob Harmon, Joseph Wise, Mary Cade, Alonzo D. Barlow, John Jeffreys, Wilson Myers, Moses S. Matheny, John Hutchinson, Thomas Leopard, James Martin, Eli W. Crowder, Young Gilmore, William Herron, Benjamin Kitchens, Daniel C. Roper, N. H. Duke, Charles B. Roper, Benonly Kitchens, Sanders Wilkinson, Alexander Mabry, William Corey, John Jones, John R. Lunsford, Joseph Lusk.

Page 4 - Joseph Pender, Wilson Joshua, Joseph J. Wilson, James Armstrong, George Ellinburgh, Levi Alexander, William Herron Jr., Lorahorna Crowder, James Wilkinson, William C. Calcoat, Roger Barfield, Thomas Housely, Jackson Owens, James C. Choat, Thomas Wilson, George W. Mathias, Joseph Jolly, William Dodd, Indian Wallace (Indian), Benjamin Frazer, Thomas Frazer, Jeptha Crowder, L. Q. Pinkston, William Jolly, Reuben Rambo, Aaron Jackson, Green Josling, James Ables, Lorenzo Dow Myers, John Cochran.

Page 5 - Franklin Ratherford, W. B. Young, John T. Flowers, Andrew Harris, Steven Flowers, D. T. Harris, J. T. Harris, John Jolly, Robert Hamilton, Elizabeth Mc Neal,
G. W. Jenkins, John Mallett, James Mallett, James Wigley, Matthew Bane, John Rainey, Hugh Jameson, Anderson Bowles, Thomas Rogers, James Fullerton, William Thweatt, Daniel Fullerton, Charles Fuller, Reaves Bullock, Garland W. Burt, William B. Williams, D. H. Hughes, Steven Stapleton, Alfranson Allen, Richard Bullock.

Page 6 - William S. Ross, Gabriel E. Nash, Thomas Bowdon, Benjamin Knight, P. J. Burress, T. J. Atwood, John Hern, Newton S. Harrison, Lemuel Bowers, Matthew T. Harris, John Elliott, Jane Cruise, Neil Mc Kinnon, William Jenkins, Susan Lile, Alexander Gowen, Hill Smith, Job Wetherby, Lewis Harvey, B. C. Wallace, E. Kimball, Joshya Brooks, Leonard Rice, M. R. Irving, Osias Lewis, John Davis, Isam Robeson, Norman Perkins, Silas Elliott, Patsey Harvey.

Page 7 - James B. Cane, Noah Day, E. M. Wells, James Newell, Thomas J. Massy, Nathaniel Burger, James Smith, Rodes Weeks, Joseph Owens, Jabez Weeks, William G. Ekin, Shelman Durham, Nathan Tims, Daniel Ellington, Joel Harvey, John Henderson, Robert Alexander, William Robeson, John Thompson, Dennis O' Brient, John Sessions, Turner Price, Jason Watson, Robert Coleman, Allen Dodd, Woodson O' Brient, N. S. Kinebrew, William Olive, William Stucky, William Kelly.

Page 8 - John Biggs, N. G. Green, Ellison Bishop, Benjamin Davis, John Chipley, Isam Cole, J. C. Lightfoot, Daniel McMillon, John Johnson, John Standard, John A. Chisolm, Elkenah Grayham, David Eakin, J. R. Greenlea, William Eakin, N. H. Greenlea, N. M. Hodge, S. Simmons, Matthew Mc Cary, Thomas Potter, Andrew Atkinson, Samuel W. Hyman, Joseph J. Parker, Lott Tarver, J. T. Sims, Harman Graham, Robert Anderson, Zachariah Thompson, William Exum, George N. Moore.

Page 9 - John P. Ross, Stephen N. Gray, James R. Wynn, Henry T. Burnly, Murdock Bane, Isam Oliver, W.P. Armstrong, Jeremiah Maxwell, William Truett, John G. Logan, Z. Mangrum, Samuel Stanford, Jacob Lott, John B. Allen, Alanson Nash, Asa Day, James K. Love, Russell Lowry, James F. Lowry, Israel P. Harris, William Thompson, Jasper H. Harvey, John Read, Henry Andrews, Edmund Stucky, John Irvin, Jessee H. Mc Cauley, Philip W. Lowe, John W. Boyette, Samuel W. Gilliland.

Page 10 - Robert Hodge Jr., Thomas Tubb, John Ellison, David Stevens, Johnson Cole, Rolla Little, William Taylor, Brooks Elmore, Henry Musselwhite, Travis Jones, John R. Cole, William H. Brown, Randolph O' Brient, Robert Henning, Catherine Mc Millon, John Toler, John W. Cottingham, John O' Brien, Patterson Marselles, Alexander Reding, John R. Barnes, Daniel Sweeney, Henry Cooper, Lewis G. Bryan, James Herod, James White, Nelson L. Taylor, Sarah Muerhead, Henry C. Muerhead, Joseph Andrews.

Page 11 - William Reding, Josiah Bell, Mathew W. Bell, Mary Muirhead, Prestage Denman, Joel Cook, Milton Kennedy, William Cook, Walker Guess, Sydney M. Thomas, A. H. Green, William Slate, William Cagle, Willis Smith, Augustine W. Haney, James Penhall, Moses Stead, Milsey Young, John T. Short, Lucinday Palmertree, Jason W. Mooring, John Locke, John W. Locke, James Avery, David W. Bell, John E. Greene, Isaac Tindall, Thomas Cottingim, Josling Jones, Newport Butler.

Page 12 - Lethy Watkins, William P. Armstrong, Jackson Herrington, Alexander T. McDowell, Martin Mily, James Walker, Hiram Harris, Martha Kirkwood, James Kirkwood, John T. Simmons, John W. Anderson, Robert F. Sibly, John Jagers, Fisher Durant, Haney Anderson, Samuel Little, Jessee Craft, James Scott, Henry Becks, Charles S. Goober, Herbert F. Temple, John W. Guess, Enoch Simpson, J. P. Smith, S. S. Lea, William Weeks, John Little, Joseph Hayden, John Prestrage, Sarah Weeks.

Page 13 - Howell Prestrage, Steven R. Waldrope, John McIntyre, Nathan Bassett, Reubin Sanders, Sarah Craft, John A. Choate, Harman Grayham, John Stucky, W. H. White, A. K. Williams, William Geesland, J. E. Menff, Joseph P. Hughes, Abner Armstrong, Jonathan Armstrong, Mary Carr, Ephraim Anderson, Chesley Kirkwood, Simon W. Hyman, Thomas Galloway, Lucretia Moses, Jackson Galloway, John Dunford, Zebediah Guess, Samuel F. Chisolm, James Chisolm, Wyley Green, Edmund Brister, Cade Kirk.

Page 14 - John M. Williams, James Bowling, Samuel Brister, John Pierce, William D. Smith, Elam Waddle, Henry Tyler, Lewis A. Powell, Henry Brown, James D. O'Brien, Josiah D. King, William A. Thompson, Rebeca Yates, Burket M. Thompson, Thomas B. Tarver, Joseph Herrod, Jacob Herrod, William Standard, Samuel Griffith, Amos Griffith, Dudly Harvey, Zacjariah Sims, Edward Robeson, Joseph Hall, A. J. Wright, Joseph Walder, Henry W. Dotson, A. K. Glascocke, Angus McKinnon, Jessee Pierce.

Page 15 - Thomas R. Daily, Joseph J. Moorehead, Alexander Wyatt, Nimrod Wyatt, Reuben Dotson, Christopher L. Dotson, Robert Davis, Thomas Ramsey, Hitson Tolleson, John Winters, Andrew Berry, Obadiah Herrington, John Wallace, Nancy Greenlea, Lemuel J. Greenlea, William Leicester, Robert Wade, John Copeland, James C. Searight, Charlette Perkins, John R. Perkins, Catherine Warren, Daniel Doty, John Davis, Jarrett Walker, George Simmons, Lue Lopus, Wiley Simmons, William Gilcrease, Oliver M. Simpson.

Page 16 - Hugh Caldwell, Joel M. Lilly, Isaiah Vick, Isaac Tecumseh (Indian), William Gatling, Charles Ryals, Ivy G. Green, G. Dekine, Capt. Sockey (Indian), A. J. Sanders, Betsey Sanders, Allen Strickling, David Choate, James Dismukes, Joseph Ryals, John W. Harvey, Darcas Gatling, Peter Dismukes, William Kitchings, E. P. Murry, Riley Gibbs, Isam Sanders, Nathaniel Johnson, Welbourn Sanders, Travis Jones, Henry J. Munson, Irvin Boyatt, Robert Mc Murry, Richard P. Mc Murry, Thomas Gatling.

Page 17 - Job Massey, Joseph Massey, Nathan Thomas, B. D. R. Kindrick, John Ware, William Moon, Joseph Kyle, Alexander Kyle, Samuel D. Mangran, Daniel Archer, William Archer, William Bird, Abner Kelly, Morris Blackwell, Gray Sims, John J. Combs, Cornelius W. Mercer, Richard Ross, Jane Smith, Thomas Peacock, Joseph Shular, Col. Tommy (Indian), Lucy Durant, Charles Durant, William Prestrage, William Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Allen Weeks, James Little, Rosanna Russell.

Page 18 - Oksagie (Indian), Adam Oksagie, (Indian); John Smith (Indian), Ecenebulla (Indian), Old Red Dirt (Indian), James Cooper (Indian), Elicanichsby (Indian), Tom Tally (Indian). Chunkcho (Indian), Doctor Jack (Indian), Eliproca (Indian), Charles Westley (Indian), Comotohane (Indian), James Sockie (Indian), George Sockie (Indian), W. Wilson (Indian), George (Indian), O' Pollie (Indian), Teagen Bomby (Indian). Choctaw Wallace (Indian), Washington (Indian), Ebom Toby (Indian), Dickie Diu (Indian), Doctor Tommy (Indian), Adam Foster.


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