Bernard Romans Chapter




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Current Chapter Officers


Regent:  Alice Stallworth Lancaster

Vice Regent:  Mary Belle Bonner

Chaplain:  Sandra Kay Moss DePriest

Recording Secretary:  Josie Shumake

Corresponding Secretary:  Josie Shumake

Treasurer:  Louise Carter Munson

Registrar:  Glenda Kay Jobe Box

Historian:  Jane Garton Smith

Librarian:  Melody Vydas

Rosalie:  Teleah Guyton Carter


Past Chapter Regents


*Mrs. Howard King  1913-1914

*Mrs. F. R. Sims  1914-1917

*Mrs. Battle Bell, Sr.  1917-1919

*Mrs. Dan Gaston  1919-1920

*Mrs. T. Bailey Hardy  1920-1922

*Mrs. E. S. Moore  1922-1924

*Mrs. J. Allison Hardy  1924-1926

*Mrs. Battle Bell, Sr.  1926-1927

*Mrs. L. E. Mayfield  1927-1928

*Mrs. J. W. Slaughter, Sr.  1928-1930

*Mrs. S. T. Pilkington, Sr.  1930-1932

*Mrs. S. L. Hollingsworth  1932-1936

*Mrs. Bessie Tucker  1936-1938

*Mrs. A. L. Clopton  1938-1939

*Mrs. S. L. Hollingsworth  1939-1940

*Mrs. S. R. Ledbetter  1940-1944

*Mrs. M. D. Gilchrist  1944-1948

*Mrs. J. H. Johnson  1948-1950

*Mrs. M. D. Gilchrist  1950-1953

*Mrs. Glynn Shumake  1953-1956

*Mrs. Russell Husband  1956-1959

*Mrs. Helen Turner  1959-1962

*Mrs. C. A. Pilkinton  1962-1965

*Mrs. S. S. Dale  1965-1968

*Mrs. D. C. Stephenson  1968-1971

*Mrs. J. W. Jarrett  1971-1974

*Mrs. D. Raybourne Fraser  1974-1977

*Mrs. Sara Fontaine Cattle  1977-1980

*Mrs. George C. Ford  1980-1981

Mrs. J. Dennis Hudson  1981-1983

*Mrs. Russell Husband  1983-1986

*Mrs. Sara Fontaine Cattle  1986-1989

Mrs. J. M. Murphy  1989-1992

Mrs. Larry Llewellyn  1992-1994

Mrs. J. B. Brumley  1994-1995

Mrs. H. C. Johnson, Jr.  1995-1998

Mrs. Richard Duston  1998-2001

Mrs. Elna West  2001-2002

Mrs. Claude Carter  2002-2004

Mrs. Ron Smith  2004-2008

Mrs. Charles Box  2008-2012

Mrs. Robert Lancaster  2012-


* - Deceased




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