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1906 Dixie Herald


Charter of Incorporation of town of Calhoun City, Mississippi.

To His Excellency, James K. Vardaman, Governor of Mississippi

The undersigned qualified electors of the hamlet or village designated as CALOUN [Calhoun] CITY, of Calhoun county and State of Mississippi and embracing the following described lands within its boundaries, to-wit:--

The sw qr of sec. 13, t 23, r 9, east; the south 1-2 of the nw qr. sec. 13, t 23, r 9 east; 18 acres of the west side of the s e qr sec 13, tp 23 r 9 east; the east 1-2 of the s e qr of sec 14, tp 23, r 9 east, and 39 acres of the north part of e hf ne qr sec 23, tp 23, r 9 east; 136 acres of the north part of nw qr, sec 24, tp 23 r 9 east; 9 acres of the n w cor. n e qr, sec 24, tp 23, r 9 east, and comprising 172 people and not only 2-3 of said electors, but all of them without exception respectfully present to Your Excellency, Jas. K. Vardaman, that the proposed village contains more than 100 persons, that this petition has been posted in three places within said village for three weeks and prays that you issue proclamation in corporating same.
We would further request that W. B. Byars, be appointed mayor, A. J. Zinn, marshal and A. J. Ruth, T. B. Wooton, B. Murphree, selectmen to complete the organization of Mississippi.
This, April 20, 1906.                                                               A. J. Zinn, and 30 others.

{State of Mississippi Calhoun County.}
The undersigned a only qualified Notary Public appointed for the first supervisors district of Calhoun county do hereby certify that the above and foregoing petition contains the names of the qualified electors of the proposed hamlet, that the actual number of persons now residents in Calhoun City is One Hundred & Seventy-Two, that the accompanying map correctly describes the proposed corporate limits, that no other village or town is located within 1 mile thereof, and that the assessed value of the property of Calhoun City, as shown by the assessors books, is ---.

Given under my hand and seal of office, this, the 25th day of May, 1906.  T. E. Goza, Notary Public



State of Mississippi, Calhoun County}
BY virture of a decree of the Chancery court of said county, and state, rendered at the May term, 1906, thereof, in case No. I922, expartee, G. W. Sisler, et al, I'm to sell for...  [rest not copied]


Cherry Hill    By "Theophilus." {Meant For Last Edition.}


We're pleased to note that most of those who were sick at our last writing are either improved or no worse.  Some of our young ladies are smiles this week. Well, the reason is that some one from Reid was here Sunday.

Messrs C. N. Thorn and G. W. Blissard of Wooldridge were in town Sunday.
Our farmers are certainly making good use of the beautiful sunshiey [sunshiney] days.

MIDWAY MEMORIAL: -- Ye scribe and family and Mrs. Annie Mooneyham attended the memorial service at Midway Sunday and took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Rish. We spent the afternoon most pleasantly with several relatives and friends whom we had not seen in a long time, altogether we enjoyed our trip immensely, except about one half mile of Yalobushia [Yalobusha] bottom and, oh, ye gods and little fishes, Cane Creek bottom never was a mudhole compared with it.

Poplar Springs camp, W. O. W. hustled in 3 good sound logs Saturday the 19th inst. We now have a forest of 60 flourishing Populars [sic] and are getting more popular every month.

HE WALKED -- On a certain Saturday night recently, a preacher and a clod-hopper went to a W. O. W. meeting together in the preacher's buggy and while the camp was in session the horse got away and the parson stayed all night with one of his church members and the poor old clod-hopper had to walk home thru the dark, a distance of 6 miles. 'Tis the way of the world.

Now, that our last items found their way to the waste-basket, we will try to be on time this week, not because we think our writing of so much importance to the paper nor interesting to its readers, but since the kind editor condescends to publish what we write, it encourages us to try again.

{They're produced above, Theo old man, "incarnate."

Hurrah for Marcus and his bear tale, "The Man Behind."

The Children Day service at Sharon Sat., was largely attended, and an appropriate program was carried out.  The several days rain that we have had, will be a great advantage to crops especially oats and clods and will give our farmers plenty to do for some time.

We're sorry to note that Dr. J. B. Enochs is very sick at this writing and trust he may soon recovery [recover] his health.   Harry Sweeney and Willie Fox gave us a pleasant call Sunday.

JUST THE SAME-- Sunday at 12 m., we heard a great splashing of mud and thinking someone's horse was running away, we looked and saw saddle stirrups flapping, but upon closer examination it proved to be Will Sulivan carrying a 50 lb. saddle on his back, [rest of story not copied]

May 1906: Calhoun City Community News


Well, news is very scarce so I guess our budget will be rather short. The steele [steel] likes a little of being laid to the depot site. Guess it'll be finished in a few days.

E. R. Pillgreen [Pilgreen] went to Okolona Thursday to bid on building depot. He informs us that the plans for depot had not arrived, but Mr. Rowe told him he'd bring them over in a few days.

Mr. Creighton has been down all this week getting his drug business in shape. He'll be ready in a few days. He is also going to put in a nice soda fount.

C. T. Lovern has his soda fount in running order; so when you want a cold drink come to Calhoun City.

Miss Annie Dulaney, David Bryant and Miss Tillie Belle Johnson came down Sunday.
Misses Dulaney and Johnson are the guest of Miss Abbie Wooten this week.

Dr. Harlan and wife and Bailey Hardin and wife were down admiring the city Sunday.
Jim Bryant, of Pittsboro, was down on business this week.

Capt Burkett and family, of Okolona, were in town this week. They came on the first passenger train.

Hurrah for the city Editor, you should be down on Saturday and see Main St! You would think you were in Memphis.
When are we going to have the Calhoun City Commercial Club?

People looking for location, need never go east nor west; but come to this for it is the best. We'll ring off,                       [signed] Happy-Go-Lucky


State of Mississippi 
To Floyd Kimbrell, minor, residing at or near Sulpher Springs, in the state of Texas: 
You are commanded to appear before the Chancery court of the county of Calhoun in said state on the 1st Monday in November A.D. 1906, and show cause if you can, why the final account of Scott Hardin, administrator of the estate of G. W. Kimbrell shall not be made final and confirmed. 
This May 21st, 1906 
                                                                     J. A. Clements, Clerk.  (?) J. Adams, Sol. for Adm'r.

[partial copy]

If you wish to know when to carry a cape for fear of rain or chills just ask Will Goad and a certain young lady. 


Wedding Bells are ringing.
Mr. Barbee, of Toccopola, was down Sunday to get his girl, Miss Effie Graham, but failed to get her, and after he left, late in the afternoon, the old folks consented for them to marry, so he came back Monday to get her -- and was successful.

Prof. P. H. Murphy and brother made their departure Wednesday for their home in "Southern Sunny Tennessee."  They will remain at home until the 13th inst and then go to Nashville where they will enter the Peabody College for teachers.

Miss Mary Morrison was the guest of Miss Nina Helms on Sunday.
Dock Bishop accompanied by his two sisters and Miss Martha Helms were the guest of Bob Ramage and family Sunday.

DIED -- The sad news come to us this morning that Walter Cooper who left here last spring for Texas for his health, died while enroute home. He will be entered at the McDonald Cemetery tomorrow (Tuesday). Bereaved have our sympathy.

Mrs. W. W. Lamar is on the sick list this week.
At this is our first attempt and for fear of the wastebasket will ring off.  [signed] Sweet Violets
[Don't fear the wastebasket, S. V., but write every week.]

Rain, rain, is about all we've had for sometime, but we hope it'll quit for awhile and let us do some grass killing for a few days.

Rev. Newt Easly and family also Mrs. Clennie Brannon visited relatives and friends near [copy stop]

Dixie Herald - May 31, 1906


State of Mississippi Calhoun County

By virtue of a decree of the Chancery court of said county and state rendered at the May term, 1906 thereof, in case No. 1949, Expartee Mrs. Nannie J. Trussell, et al, I will proceed to sell for partition within legal hours on the 11th day of July A. D. 1906, at the east door of the court house in the town of Pittsboro, Miss., to the highest and best bidder for cash the land described as the se qr of ne qr and ne qr of se qr of Sec 8, the w hf of nw qr and se qr of nw qr the sw qr of ne qr of nw qr, 10 acres more or less, in the sw qr, described as follows: beginning at the nw corner, running thence 6.70 chains to a gum tree, thence south 23 degrees, E 6 chains thence south 10 degrees, west 4 chains, south 16 degrees, w 4 chains; thence 40 degrees w 2 ch. thence S 82 degrees, w 2 chains, thence south 70 degrees, west 3 ch. thence north 19 chains to point of [copy ends]


Calhoun City Coming Some, [Soon]


We the citizens of this little village have been keeping very quiet. In fact we have no townsite boomers, we believe in a gradual growth. We don't want the quick growth like some of the western mushroor [mushroom] towns. We came here to make this our home, believing it to be the Railroad town of the county. We think it will be some time before this is a city (only in name), but it is an unquestionable fact that we have a fine country to back it up, and a lot of good people surrounding us, wishing and working to build it up.  We will soon have a good crossing on Yalobusha river, opening up a good territory of good successful farmers. The bridges, all except the ones across the river are about completed.

Let's see how much town we have.  There are nine business houses already doing business, the T. E. Jones Hotel, the regular boarding house of Mrs. M. P. & D. E. Mitkiff, one Livery stable with excellent lot of turnouts, some good store buildings nearing completion, and will be occupied as soon as last nail is driven, a nice room for the Branch Bank of Pittsboro; which will be in operation there soon, the Eason Bros. Brick Machine that is turning out a fine lot of brick daily, a Spoke Factory that will be in operation at an early date, and already giving a lot of work to quite a number of hands, the W. C. Boland saw mill that will be ready for business at an early date.  The Clay County Cotton Oil Co. has arranged with A. J. Zinn to select a suitable location near the depot grounds to build a house to store away cotton seed and sell hulls and meal and act as agent for them. We have 33 residence already occupied, seven residences unfinished that will be occupied soon as ready.  We had a school meeting on the night of the 24th and had a very small turn-out on account of rain although we made up $200 on a school building.  We expect to have a good school building here at least by Sept. 1st.

We need more carpenters, and more day laborers.  Don't stay away inquiring if there is work there is a job here for all classes.

A first class teacher is wanted as principal of our school, who will hustle things for us, also a good assistant. Come on, we need you.

Calhoun City is coming soon.      [signed]    Citizen


Vardaman News

Our items will be short this week.  A nice rain has helped everything. Vardaman is to have plenty of water.  Who is opposed to an artesian well that will supply the needs of our people

Vardaman is the town you're [line not copied]
Health of our community is improving.  At this writing we're nearer out of something to write than heretofore.

Some sickness in our family and being engaged on our little farm has kept our mind disengaged from any subject to write of that would interest the readers of The Herald.   Drs Creekmore and Mitchell have made several calls in this vicinity recently.

T. H. Alexander recently drew $10 from the World's Accident Association of Omaha, Nebr., for 5 days lost time, by an accident happening while at work at the Golson [Gholson] Saw Mill. This company has been cried out "N. G."  We can say it has paid all claims presented where the certificate is kept in force by paying the month dues of $1.00.

Should the wet weather continue much longer, 'twill be "more rain more rest -- more rain, more grass, boss."
Prof Jones, the singing man, says we must move our US Mail box from where it is now or he'll have to quit going to Reid or Poplar Springs, as it scares his muging he rides to sing to the young people. Without this mail box we'd be shut-off from the P. O.

The Farmers Local Union of this place has been requested by the state secretary to send in the acreage planted in cotton, corn, peas, sorghum oats, etc., and also wants report of the stands, cultivation, growth and how it is compared with the crop of last season at this date.  If the farmers would only organize and act in harmony as other professions, the day would soon come that our names would be changed from "clod-hoppers," hill-billies," etc. to up-to-date practical farmers -- see-eh?

The Dixie Herald,       J. B. Going, Editor

Entered at the postoffice at Pittsboro second class mail matter.

Thursday, June 14, 1906

Official organ of Calhoun county.

Baptist - Services on 1st and 3rd, Sabbath in each month, at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Rev. J. R. Sumner, pastor. Sabbath School every Sunday evening at ?:30 A. A. Bruner, Supt.

Methodist - Services on the 2nd Sabbath at 7 ?m. and 4th Sabbath at 11 a.m. in each month. Rev. R. P. Goar, Pastor, Sabbath School every Sunday at 10 a.m. J. H. Ramsey Supt.

Masonic - Meets 3rd Saturday night in each month. J. H. Ramsey W. M..   T.L. Haman secretary.
K of P - Pittsboro Lodge No 174 meets 1st and 3rd Thursday nights. J. W. Griffin, C.C.  J. B. Going, K. R. S.
W O W - Meets first Saturday night in each month. T. L. Haman, C.C.  J. H. Ramsey, clerk.

One Year ....$1.00
Six Months …..50
Three Months ..25

County correspondence solicited. All copy to reach us not later than Tuesday noon. Don't write on but one side copy U send.

Advertising Rates.
Local Notices, 5c per line for the first insertion; 2 2-2c per line for each subsequent insertion.
Display matter, 10c per inch for first insertion; 5c per 1 inch for each subsequent insertion.

Local and Personal


We call attention to Dulaney & Tabb's adv.
Wedding bells are ringing in this neck o' the woods.

Otis Mitchell visited Vardaman on business Wednesday.
Mrs. A. J. Jackson of Reid, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Bailey Hardin here this week.

Prof. A. A. Newell and little daughter, Pauline of Coffeeville visited friends here Friday and Saturday.
Dr. Eli Powell and family moved Monday to Derma where they will reside in the future.

STUDEBAKER - the old, reliable - for sale in all sizes by Dulanney [sic] & Tabb, Houston.
We hope to please and benefit all who attend the Baptist church at 11 o'clock Sunday June 17th.

Prof. J. R. Strain, who is preaching at Byrd, Miss., spent a few days here last week with his family.
We call attention to the large ad of W. D. Lamar of Vardaman in this issue of the Herald. Read it for bargains.

Mr. J. A. Clements has our thanks for a lot of fine peaches. It’s pretty early for ripe peaches as well as corn tassels!

NOTICE - I hereby forbid anyone to employ, board or harbor Claude _am (col.) as he is under contract with me.         Thos Hall, Trusty, Miss.

Yes, the Herald still clubs with the Weekly Commercial Appeal at the same old rates $1.25 for both papers.

Several of the gentlemen who are to be connected with the work of the Stave Mill moved in this week. They are expecting the machinery to arrive soon when operations will begin.

Miss Johnie Cotham will leave the last of this week for Arkansas, where she will engage in teaching for the next few months.

Don't fail to see T. M. Westbrook before selling your chickens, eggs, wool, hides and all kinds of produce, at Calhoun City.

Several pieces of land sold here Monday under decrees of the Chancery Court. The prices bid shows that Calhoun land is becoming valuable indeed.

Dr. W. H. Hardin and family moved Tuesday to Calhoun City. The doctor and his excellent family will be missed here, but we wish them much success in their new home at the railroad town.

NOTICE.  I hereby forbid anyone employing or in any way harboring one Eek Cruthirds (col.) as he is under contract with me.      G. W. Tindall.

We reproduce in this issue of the Herald Bob Taylor's "Happy Dream of Love" from his late magazine. The closing paragraph; especially, makes a pretty true and pointed hit on the situation. Read it.

Prof. J. A. Sims of Loyd, recently went to the Delta and is now engaged in keeping books for R. R. Contractor, Golson. He writes us to send The Herald as he needs it in his business.

Take one of our Washing Machines on trail [trial], if not satisfactory of just as represented, we'll cheerfully refund the price. This machine is backed by one of the largest firms in America. Dulaney & Tabb, Houston.

A serious accident occurred at McCain, P. O. in Webster county last week. The 13 year old son of Berry McCain, while handling a gun, accidentally shot and instantly killed a younger brother that was standing within a few few [sic] feet of the muzzle of the gun.

From Pittsboro on the night o night of [sic] June 6th one black horse 7 years old, weight about 800 lbs., has wire scar on left fore leg and small notion on right hind leg. Any information as to the whereabouts of this horse will be liberaliy [liberally] rewarded.    C. S. Blount

I wish to announce to my friends that I am now located at Calhoun City prepared to do Dental work. My office for the present will be at the Jones Hotel. I will be a Slate Springs every Monday and will call on my other psactice [practice] regularly as heretofore.   Resptr, J. M. Smith, D.D.S.

FREEDOM [Community News]

Mr. J. N. Countiss made a flying trip to Water Valley returning Saturday with a brand new buggy.
We learn that Mr. J. O. Ritch is not doing so well, he has the mumps.

Mr. H. J. Langston and family of Derma was among their many friends here Sunday returning Sunday evening.

Rev. R. P. Gore filled his regular appointment at this place Sunday to a large and attentive congregation was out to hear him, [sic] he as usual preached a very interesting sermon.

Mr. T. M. Malone, wife and daughter, Misses Vannie and Vara were among the visitors here Sunday. They were the guest of Mr. J. H. Eubanks.

Mr. J. O. Kimbrell and wife, also their daugter [daughter] Miss Jane attended services here Sunday.

Mr. Ausie Stack is visiting his sister Mrs. E. J. Moore at this place. Ause is selling Gulf Port real estate. If you want some Gulf Port property see him.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Pate visited their kinswomen Mrs. D. E. Spearman of Air Mount Saturday and Sunday.  Mrs. S. is very low, her mother and brother. [sic] Mrs. M. M. Tankersley, and Willie are out to attend her in her afflictions. We sincerely hope she will yet regain her health.

Rev. Newt Easley preached at Rocky Branch school house Sunday evening. His discourse was very interesting.

It seems that mistakes are oft-times made even with printers. Last week our items read: Dr. Mitchell Cole, when we wrote it Mr. Mitchell Cole very plainly. [Yes, Dolphus, typographical errors will occur, humble us, beg your most augustly pardon.]

Mr. Alfred Smith returned a few days ago from the Delta where he had been employed for the past few months.   Ye scribe made a business trip to Vardaman and Ellzey Monday.

Mr. R. P. Howell of Reid attended services here Sunday returned with his little daughter Grace, who has spent the past week with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Countiss.

Mr. Goldman of Velma is helping Mr. Z. L. McCurley on Mr. D. C. Cooners residence.

Mr. J. S. Morgan will teach a singing school at Pleasant Hill church the 1st and 2nd week in August. We hope that parents will all send their children and encourage them in their singing as they could not pass their Sabbath in a more pleasant and profitable way than singing Gods praises. Lets all attend the singing school and profit thereby [all] wishing to attend are requested to give their name to E. L. Pate     {Signed}: Dolphus

We've a razor for $1 that we fully guarantee, will exchange it any time it is not satisfactory, we also have a strop for $1, we'll send either, postpaid, to any address. If you don't think they are worth the price we'll refund your money.                                Dulaney & Tabb, Houston


County News Items

Interesting Facts Gathered During the Week by Our Regular Correspondents.


Calhoun City.
It is rather warm this beautiful Sabbath day and a fellow cannot write much.
The R R crew commenced to put in a switch near the depot site. Don't know why they don't finish main line.

Mr. Gholson carried several from here on his train to Vardaman Saturday and brought back a car load of furniture for A. J. Zinn. All report a nice time except, T. E. Jones, who lost his hat. Guess he drank some of the Vardaman "water."

The ball game, Derma vs. Calhoun City, was well attended and was a good smooth game. That's right, boys, don't get mad and wrangle over a game. When you can't play without a fuss, quit until you larn [learn] better.

We guess we will be incorporated in about two weeks, and then, we sincerely hope so much drinking in our little town will stop. It looks bad enough for boys and young men to drink, but when it comes to men that are the heads of families getting drunk, then we think its time to call a halt. Men and boys, stop and think to what you are drifting! Men, in your hands are the shaping of the character of those precious children that God has given you, and boys some day you must grow to manhood and fill out offices of public trust, and if you drink, the vile stuff, while the brain is young and inmature, [immature] the mind could be impaired to the extent of never overcoming the evil that comes with the vile curse of drinking whiskey.

At last our Board of Supervisors have awakened to the fact that the old Free State of Calhoun has got to build levees and make good roads. If we are to keep pace with our sister countries [counties]. We can't see why the tax payers of our county are not entitled to levees if they are willing to pay for them. If it don't cost the Board only their pro rata of the taxes they pay.

Mr. Henry Shaffer and Miss Patterson were married at the home of the bride’s parents Sunday. We wish the young couple much happiness, as the little canoe glides down the stream of life.

Mr. C. S. Blount took dinner with J. C. Revis. Come again Claude, always glad to see you.

Mr. Gus Carter and Miss Lillian Cruthirds spent the day with Miss Abbie Wooten Sunday.  Also Messrs R. L. and J. W. Bennett visited Mr. Wooten's family the same day.

Miss Annie Dulaney who has been spending the week with Miss Abbie Wooten, returned home today Sunday, accompanied by Mr. Wiley Murphree.

Mr. E. R. Pilgreen received plans for depot last Monday, but have not heard who was awarded the contract for the building.

We have plans for our school building and ere many days you will hear the ring of hammers and buzz of saw on our school building so next year when you are making preparations to attend school somewhere, Come down and see our building and location, and we think you will decide to come and go to our school.

Oh! Mr. Editor, we just forgot ourselves and we know we will get in waste basket this time sure, so no more from Happy Go Luck.




The laying of the steel on the new railroad is now about completed and the work of putting in the sidings and switches has been begun. Bids on the depot were handed in last Tuesday and before long the road will have its daily passenger and freight service in operation. The specifications call for a depot forty feet wide and a hundred feet long, making this the largest depot on the road. As this point will be the chief distributing point in Calhoun County, a depot of this size will be necessary to handle the local and out of town business.

The residence of Mr. J. W. Griffin formerly of Pittsboro, is nearing completion and will be quite addition to the town. As soon possible he intends to move family to our town. [sic]

Another of Pittsboro's prominent citizens, Dr. W. H. Hardin will move in with his family this week. Pittsboro's loss is our gain.

Dr. J. M. Smith, of Slate Springs was in our city Monday, looking for a residence and an office here. He will move in here next Wednesday, and bring his family later. We are glad to have such citizens as Dr. Smith come among us.

Mr. Crum Boland is moving his sawmill here this week and as soon as he can get his machinery in operation he will begin trying to get out lumber as fast as the builders here use it up. He will have a hard job keeping up.

Mr. Tilden Pryor, of Slate Springs, was in the city Monday looking after the new hardware store he is erecting. He will have a nice building when completed, and intends to carry a full line of furniture and hardware. A store like this is badly needed here.

The building of Mr. Doolittle, of Cabaretta, [Cadaretta] is now going up rapidly and the line of general merchandise he will put in, will be a drawing card for our city.

The new building of Crighton [Creighton] and Hardin is now practically completed and they have opened their line of drugs and sundries. A handsome soda fount will be put in operation this week.

Mr. Bob Stuaddy is now erecting his post office building where he will also carry a large stock of merchandise. Mr. Stuaddy tells us that our daily mail service will be in operation within a month.

Capt. J. E. Rowe and son were visitors in the city Monday and Tuesday.

Services were held in the church arbor Saturday night and Sunday.  Rev. Riley held services.  Subscriptions are coming in, rapidly for the new church building, and the bill for the lumber will be given to the mills this week.

LOYD, MISS     Reported by "Marcus"

Crops looking fine in this neck of the woods. Oats being harvested and the energetic farmers is getting a move on himself, pushing his farm work to the utmost.

The health of the community is improving, as it is now the doctor is out of a job.

The people of east Calhoun are outspoken in favor of the boards action in squandering enough of the people money to pike Schoona and Yallobusha.

We was glad Little Ike called our attention to his being back in The Dixie Herald's band wagon; and if he don't stay with us and play his part of the band, sounding the Old Field notes, we will advise Dr. Going, of Banner, to give him a mild purgative to keep him in action. As the Dr., is personal friend of ours and Little Ikes, we believe he will take an interest in the matter.

The steam wagon made its appearance Friday at the mill of Kirkpatrick and Enochs and the town folks did flock to the mill Saturday to see the steam wagon. Please advise the Vardaman writer we wasn't alarmed, but little as we were apprised of the fact that the s. w., was soon to make its advent at Loyd. There are many ideas advanced by the people to the use this machine can be put, and we want to get our New American Harrow hitched on and get the boss to run it over our watermellon [sic] patch while the cultivator is going on, not when they begin to bear those 40 pounders.  And some of Dr. Enochs' friends say if he would hitch his buggy to the machine and take a ride occasionally he would not suffer so much with the colic when he eats a little to much good grub. Wade McDonald is to operate this machine and it is supposed he will be sending out his card to his best girl to take a ride on the steam wagon.

Chester Hardin recently killed a white squirrel in Schoona bottom and has placed the hide on exhibition at Enoch, Howell & Davis' store. [end of copying]

The Dixie Herald

July 5, 1906


NOTICE:  On the 14th day of July, 1906 at One o'clock P.M. in the village of Calhoun City, at Burkett, Miss., at the store house there lately occupied by J. T. Hood sell to the highest bidder for cash the stock of drugs and sundries of the store lately owned and conducted by the said J. T. Hood.    This is a small stock of goods, but fresh staple stock.
Prospective buyers will be admitted to examine the stock any time desired.
Mr. J. C. Mitchell of Burkett will show the stock to any one desiring to buy.  J. L. Bates, assignee

Among the former Calhoun citizens that we were glad to meet on the streets Monday morning were Mr. A. Jack Jee, [Lee] formerly of Banner and W. W. Music, formerly of Sareptar [sic]. Both now live at Water Valley. Mr. Lee was glad to meet his many friends here, and looked them all up to shake hands.

They say Mr. P. L. Dye is violating the constitution by making some new improvements to his Livery Stable in Pittsboro when all other people go to the new town to make their improve     [end of copying]


Not for office, But for Business. I've a fine line of the listed

corners, which I've bought at the lowet [sic] price and offer

them to you as low as consistant [sic] with business.


and Caskets


With me, you'll find Mr. James Bryant, and we will be glad to have our friends call on us

when in the city, and it'll be a pleasure to show you our goods wether [sic] you wish to buy

or not.  Call on us, North side Public Square, Corner of Main Street.


Tilden Pryor,  Calhoun City, Miss,



Note: These are some miscellaneous bits and pieces from The Dixie Herald newspaper that were surrounding other articles that I had copied.

I would suggest that you use the microfilm to further add to the partial information found here. Information relating to the formation of Calhoun City in 1906 is boxed in yellow, hoping to make it easier for researchers to find.
copyright: Rose Diamond 

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