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 The Monitor-Herald,                     Aug 19, 1937


Building Boom On At City Now


Residences, Business Houses Under Construction - Others To Be Started Soon.

Calhoun City is experiencing considerable building activities at this time.  Several new homes are under construction, while others are building busines [sic] houses and plants.  The city has had a gradual growth for many years and is recognized as one of the best towns in this part of the state.  The growth has been gradual and permanent, and property values continue to maintain high level, [sic] with people seeking homes and employment here in order to enjoy the benefits of good churches, a fine school, water and light service, and many other advantages.

Johnstone-Hawkins Building New Ford Agency Plant

The Johnstone-Hawkins Motor Co., Ford distributors for the county, started work this week on a fine new agency plant here. The building is being erected on Highway 8, one block east of the public square, and will be one of the largest and most modern automobile agency buildings in this section, when completed.  The building is being erected by England Tilghman, and will be a brick structure, with many modern conveniences.  The building will be 50 x 135 feet in size, with a drive-in service station on the front and the rest of the building divided into show rooms, offices, shop and warehouse.

Tom Pryor Motor Co. Building Addition

The Tom Pryor Motor Company, Chevrolet dealers here for many years, started work last week on a large addition to their building on Highway 8, just west of the square.  The building is 48 x 90 feet in size, is being constructed of brick, with concrete floor and steel window frames, and will be used for show rooms, shop, office and warehouse.  Mr. Pryor says that when this building is completed he will have an ideal plant for handling automobiles, and can then take care of his business in an efficient and modern way.

New Service Station On the Square

Mr. Edward Creekmore is having plans drawn this week for the construction of a beautiful and modern service station, which will be started within the next week or two on the east side of the square on the corner where Highway 8 leaves the square. This building will be a large and commodious one and will be one of the most modern types of service station buildings.

New Residences Being Constructed

Among the new residences being constructed at this place is a frame building on South Main Street, which is being built for A. B. Myers and will be occupied by Mr. Leo Vanlandingham, who is moving here from Vardaman and is employed by the Pryor Hardware Company.

Mr. Tilden Pryor is having a nice seven-room brick veneer bungalow constructed on the lot near the school building where the former home of Edward Pryor was burned several years ago. This new home will be modern in every respect and will be a distinct addition to the northern part of the city.

Mr. Leon Vance has purchased a lot in West Calhoun City, two blocks off the public square and will have a frame residence constructed on it.  Work on the building is expected to start within the next week or so.

Monitor-Herald,               Aug 19, 1937 

Simmons - Rodgers

A host of friends and relatives were greatly surprised when Miss Mary Rodgers became the bride of Mr. James Simmons on Aug. 12th.

The bride is the young and beautiful daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Rogers, [sic] of near Sabougla.  The groom is a fine young man, the son of Mr. Will Simmons, also of Sabougla.

We wish for them a successful and happy life.

Monitor-Herald,                   Oct 2, 1937 

Tax Receipt 67 Years Old 

E. W. Wright Displays Old Receipt, Showing Taxes $3.40 On 440 Acres Land.

Mr. E. W. Wright, farmer, of the Cole’s Creek community, displayed a tax receipt issued to his father, J. L. Wright, in 1870, while in town Tuesday, which attracted quite a bit of comment about town.

The tax receipt was issued for the sum of $3.40 and was all the taxes required on 440 acres of land.  Mr. Wright also displayed his tax receipt for 1936 on the same land which amounted to $247.72.  It would seem, therefore, that in the past 76 [sic] years taxes in this county have taken a decided jump upward.

The receipt was written out in long hand and signed by H. M. Winter, Sheriff.  Apparently in those far-off days, the Sheriff did not have printed tax receipts and wrote out each receipt on scraps of paper.

Mr. Wright said that he was born on this land which was owned by his father and has spent his entire life on it.  He is the present owner and is considered one of the best farmers in the county. The land, despite it’s [sic] long cultivation, is still fine land, having been cared for as it should have been and built up as it became depleted.



The Calhoun Monitor,                  May 5, 1921 

Barton Williams
Mr. Earnest Barton, of Derma, and Miss Pearl Williams, of near Calhoun City, were happily married [sic] last Sunday at the home of Rev. S. H. Shepherd at Derma.  Mr. Barton is the son of Mr. nad [sic] Mrs. R. E. Barton and is a fine young man who has many friends all over the county.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. Ed. Williams and is a popular and talented young lady who is loved by all her acquaintances.  We wish this fine young couple a long joyous journey through life.

The Calhoun Monitor            Dec 23, 1920 


Sheriff Nabs Large Still

Sheriff C. R. Young, accompanied by his deputies Messrs. Sam H. Smith and W. J. Reid, went over on Cowpen the other night and brought back with them a splendid specimen of the Wildcat still.  Too, they brought back about five gallons of the finished product, which, while the Editor didn’t get a chance to taste, had a most aromatic smell, and was evidently of a high class brand of Moonshine.

The still was found about 1 mile north of Lantrip schoolhouse and surrounded by a large number of barrels of mash ready for making into whiskey.  The still itself was well arranged and was a big one, fifty or sixty gallon capacity.

Sheriff Young says that contrary to the usual course, this still was given away by the whiskey men, rather than law abiding citizens.

The raiding party drove up in their car to a point somewhere near the still, but the moonshiners were evidenly [sic] just leaving.  They had finished their run, cleaned up, filled the kettle again, drawn the fire, and were laughing and talking as they moved off.

The officers immediately gave chase to them and the liquor men fled, dropping their jug of newly made liquor as they ran. The officers chased them for some half mile, but finally lost them.

Then the officers came back found the abandoned jug, and then found the still.

Besides the jug, there was a candy bucket two thirds full of new moonshine, which the heartless officers poured into Cowpen Creek, which no doubt accounts for the peculiar antics reported among the catfish lower down the creek on Sunday last.

The still and jug were placed behind the bars of the County jail here and have been the center of attraction for a number of curious people since that time.

On Monday night some enterprising and thirsty individual or individuals, introduced a pipe or some kind of hollow container through the bars of the cage and into the jug and siphoned about a gallon out of captivity, and are no doubt enjoying a “Merry Christmas.”

Nine panes of glass were broken out of the jail windows the day following the putting of this open jug into the cage, by the Bumblebees trying to get in to the scent.

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